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What IGA events do you plan to attend this year? “Casserole: A Mixture of Photographic Thoughts” new work by INvision: Alliance of Photographic Artists New Show opens March 31. Til May 16. Artist Reception April 9, 5:30-8 Photographers’ Forum: 2 - 4pm April 11 – History of Photography and Alternative Photographic Processes May 2 – Business of Photography

Save the Dates for 2010 IGA events

• Collector’s Show, May 19- August 2, Artist Reception, May 21, 5:30-8 at the Bona • IGA Art Walk, June 5 • IGA Creative Art Camp, July 27-31 • The new Walk in the Park, August 21, Ellenberger Park First Fridays 5:30-8 at the Bona Thompson • April 2 • May 7 • June 4 • July 2 • August 1: Ice Cream Social

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5350 East University Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46219

Irvington Guild of Artists 5350 East University Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46219

5350 East University Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46219


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