Sea of Strangers There a was a stranger in his own body How alone he felt, how long his heart

beats Made his devil his best man and his best man a devil He cried for the ocean he once bathed Reached into the waters and grabbed rose Held it to his face and looked up at the sky He cries for the ocean he once bathed Now a red sea unparsed He broke his mirrors and dearly departs There was a storm brewing in his heart And in his mind, all the time he knew it To be true, but how to outrun what’s within you? So he chiseled his way through some stones Made love on a beach and called it his home But the rain it did come down, as it often does This only made the man remember his love And how it left him so, so a lone, a dial but no phone He’d storm these walls if it meant conquering the ocean home There was others watching, some with tickets To his show, while others listen but dare not go He is a mountain in the water, in all of our waters His sail torn by the wind, his jeans worn thin With the kittens in the allies singing to the moon Let him free, oh let him free, and let him come to me But he can't hear anything but this ringing in his ears Like a clown in a rowboat with but a single fear He rolls in circles, in cycles, trying to flee Heading for the storm he says, "I need to find me" All ballets of the crickets were well received Cinderella never showed face again, she's a pumpkin queen Orange makeup from her solar plexus to her sweet I love the way you make me feel, she said, But it's too much for me to breathe So when the moon claimed the sun The only rhythm had come undone Now the tempo slows And his love does flow From a distorted artery Into the sea ~ 4.2.10