Cantrice Hainesworth

6615 Cedar Hurst Trail College Park, Georgia 30349 (678) 489-5932 or (443) 825-9534 OBJECTIVE: EDUCATION: 12/04 The University Of MD Eastern Shore Received: Bachelor of Science degree Princess Anne, MD To obtain a career where I can utilize my experience and work ethnics.

EXPERIENCE: 02/08 – 09/08 Baltimore City Correctional Center Baltimore, MD Correctional Officer I Responsibilities: Monitored inmates for the safety of the institution Check inmate mail for possible contraband; issue receipts for inmates who received money orders/ packaged mail: magazine, books, daily newspaper. Maintain a periodic patrol outside the institution to ensure the security and integrity of the institution. Monitor, supervise and screen inmate visitor traffic, maintain a record of equipment, supplies and other items; restrain methods, equipment and emergency measures; maintain knowledge of communication and other electronic equipment. Baltimore City Fire Department Baltimore, MD Data Entry Operator (Abacus Temp Agency) Responsibilities: Uploaded and backup data, updated list in database, sent emails, communicated with superiors regarding problematic issues, typed letters and memos, assisted with answering the telephone, filing, internet research and other job functions as needed. Organize and enter complex data into computer.

05/06 – 07/06

03/06 – 04/06

Baltimore City Housing Authority Baltimore, MD Receptionist (Abacus Temp Agency) Responsibilities: Maintained a professional first impression of the agency: greeted visitors with an alert and pleasant attitude and directed visitors/clients to their appropriate destination. In addition to greeting visitors/clients, I frequently answered all phone lines (5 lines), composed documents and letters, and perform other clerical tasks around the office. Facilitated a sign-log book for each day's visitations, noting arrival and departure times. I performed other duties that may include: taking down client's personal information, sorting mail, maintaining a log of employee attendance proofreading outgoing letters, reports, and e-mails, typing, filing, and keeping the reception area neat. Baltimore City Police Department Baltimore, MD Data Entry Operator (Abacus Temp Agency) Responsibilities: Entering police data into the RMS system for crime to be documented for the uniform crime reports (UCR), work flowing/intake police reports, documenting follow up reports for the RMS system, investigating complaint numbers/Cad check, prepared paper documents for passing through the scanner, scan the paper, adjust settings, as well as other related scanning functions, used the images to obtain information for data entry typed indexes, maintained quality assurance/quality control attitude at all times, images/data entered and uploaded/backed-up, updated data-list in database, communicated with different agencies via telephone and email, typed letters and memos, assisted with answering the telephone, filed, internet research, able to deal with complex data, entered all data accurately, performed other office related functions as needed.

04/05 – 03/06

09/02 – 08/04

The University Of MD Eastern Shore Princess Anne, MD Office Clerk (Work Study Student) Responsibilities: Performed routine duties which required exercising considerable independent judgment, while applying policies and procedures for tasks such as professional demeanor and appearance, excellent communication skills, answering the phone, meeting and greeting visitors, distributing incoming and outgoing mail, posting, sorting, coding, filing or copying, as well as developing, revising and implementing policies and procedures in the unit and for interpreting rules and regulations for other departmental employees and the general public.


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Cantrice Hainesworth
6615 Cedar Hurst Trail College Park, Georgia 30349 (678) 489-5932 or (443) 825-9534

I am a well rounded goal oriented problem solver, who is interested in investigative assignments. I enjoy working with others; collaborating with our skills together. I am very consistent, and knowledgeable in Microsoft Office systems. I effectively worked with diverse populations, and have excellent written and oral communication skills. I accomplish assignments in a timely respectful manor.