IP Phone Set Registration in a Clustered or Resilient 3300 ICP Network

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When the IP Phone is powered up it sends a DHCP broadcast to start communication with a DHCP server. The DHCP server may or may not be a 3300 ICP Controller. The DHCP server will provide the IP Phone with an IP address, and options 128,129 and 130. After the IP phone gets all DHCP optioning it will start communicating with the TFTP server to download its firmware. The 3300 RTC IP address provided to the IP Phone is not important at this time. After the IP Phone finishes loading its firmware it will prompt the user to enter their PIN. When the user enters the PIN (IP set registration Code + DN Number) and presses Superkey the IP phone will send a Device Registration Message to the 3300 Controller. The IP Phones MAC address is also sent. When the 3300 Controller receives the Device registration Message from the IP Phone, it will check the Multiline IP Set Configuration From If the DN is found in the Multiline IP Set Configuration Form and there is no MAC address associated with it the 3300 Controller will associate the MAC address it received from the IP phone. The Controller then sends a message to the Phone to Save the PIN in its memory, set registration is complete and the IP Phone will now function. 1. If the DN is not found in the Multiline IP set Registration Form the 3300 controller will do the following:
2. Lookup for the DN in the Remote Directory Number Assignment Form, if the DN is found in the RDN form the 3300 controller will get the Cluster Element Index CEID of the DN. 3. The 3300 controller will check the ICP/PBX Assignment form to find the IP address of the 3300 Controller where DN is programmed as a local DN. It does that by comparing the CEID number to the PBX number in the ICP/PBX Assignment form. 4. The main 3300 controller will send Redirect Registration Request message to the IP Phone, which contains the IP address of the MN3300 Controller where the DN is programmed as a local DN. 5. The IP phone uses the IP of the 3300 ICP controller it received in the redirect registration message to restart the registration process (i.e., the IP phone sends its MAC to the 3300 ICP Controller in a device registration message).

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Conditions: • • • • • IP set Registration code and IP set Replacement code must be the same in all 3300 ICPs in the IP cluster configuration. Each 3300 ICP in the IP cluster uses IP trunking for communication with other 3300s in the IP cluster. If there is more than one TFTP server in the IP clustered system, all TFTP servers must have the same IP phone firmware. The IP Phone saves the PIN in the phone memory. To clear the IP phone memory from any previous PIN, press and HOLD the (*) key and reboot reset the IP phone. The Cluster Element Index CEID number must match the PBX number programmed in ICP/PBX assignment.

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