April 12-15, 2010

Dear Families,
Hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break. We are so excited to have Ms. Cowherd coming from UK extension office today. She will be sharing a story about planting seeds and then each child will get to plant their own flower seeds afterwards. She will also being leaving each class with a plant to care for. I think everyone will really enjoy this project. Egg Hunt: We would like to have an egg hunt this Wed., April 14th. Please bring 8 filled eggs with whatever treat you would like to put in there (examples: candy, stickers, tattoos, ring, plastic animals….) by tomorrow. This way everyone will find the same number of eggs. If you aren’t able to do this please let us know so that we can make sure everyone has eggs. Kindergarten Registration:

We are sending kindergarten packets home today; you do not have to come in for the registration dates. Just fill out the information and send it back to school. Also, you do not have to resubmit your child’s birth certificate, social security card, eye exam, physical, and immunization (as long as everything is up to date). We will be sending all that information on with your child.
Activities to do at home: Next Thursday is Earth Day. For a family activity, REUSE household items and make an art project. Send it in next week, so your child can share it with the class! Here are some other ideas: plant flowers, start a vegetable garden, go on a nature walk and discuss

all the changes you see happening and listen to all the sounds of spring, and fly a kite! Enjoy
Important Dates: April 14th Egg Hunt (bring 8 filled eggs by the 13th) April 13-14th- Kindergarten registration (we will send packets home, and you can return paperwork in your child’s backpack) April 22nd- Parent training “Preparing your child for Kindergarten” 5-6:30pm at Bridgeport April 28th- NO PRESCHOOL (early release day) May 18th- NO SCHOOL (election day) May 28th and June 4th- Preschool screening (don’t have to rescreen your child if returning) June 8th- Last Day of Preschool Have a great week! Ms. Sara, Ms. Mary and Ms. Teresa 

*Please remember to return your library book.

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My email address is sara.noble@franklin.kyschools.us I will be posting newsletters on the blog again so make sure to check it out (it will take me a few weeks to get everything updated on it but there will be newsletters) http://preschool-families.blogspot.com

Monday Arts and Humanities Language Arts/Fine Motor Math Science/Social Studies Small Group Circle Time Enrichment
Planting flower seeds
Ms. Cowherd will be reading story about planting seeds Day 1:PE

April 12-15, 2010 Tuesday Cut out diamond shape and decorate Rhyming file folder games
Flower count

Wednesday Finish making kite Build letters with blocks

Thursday Draw rainbow Write letters with chalk boards

Guest speaker

Season sort
HWT build and write letter U V It Looked Like Spilt Milk
Day 2:Art

Number puzzles Flower seriation (smallest-biggest) Sort soft/hard and Weighing and rough/smooth measuring objects objects Finish HWT
What Makes a Rainbow Day 3: Music

Measuring Tiny Seed
Day 4: Library

Dramatic Play: Housekeeping, Blocks: General, Sensory Table: split peas and transportation vehicles, Easel: paint

Kentucky Early Childhood Standards (goals we will focus on through activities above)

Arts & Humanities: 1.2 Develops skills in appreciation of dance Language Arts: 3.3 Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet; 3.4 Demonstrates emergent phonemic/phonological awareness; 4.3 Explores physical aspects of writing Health Education: 1.4 Shows a sense of purpose (future hopefulness) Math: 1.1 Demonstrates an understanding of numbers and counting Physical Education: 1.4 Performs a sequence of several motor skills with control and balance Science: 1.3 Uses a variety of tools to explore the environment; 1.4 Collects, describes, records, information through a variety of means