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Assignment 1 (GA1.

a) Name of the business
Business that we choose is a street burger which its name is Hot Burger
b) Type of the business
Hot Burger Malaysia is a partnership type of business which is a legal form
of business involves two or more individuals who manage, operate, pool
money, skills, other resources and share profit and loss in accordance with
terms of the partnership agreement. Owners of the Hot Burger Malaysia are
equally and liable for the debts from the business.
Hot Burgers Malaysia is own by Wan Hafizol Wan Omar or known as Fizo
Omar the Malaysian actress which is 29 years old and its partners Rizal
Musa 32 years old and Asri Ahmad 36 years old. Hot Burger Malaysia has
been operating since 2012 which makes 4 years until now and its operating
time is from 6.00 p.m. 11.00 p.m.
c) Type of activities carried out and/ or type of goods and services
Hot Burgers Malaysia sells a lot of types of burgers such as deer, chicken,
ostrich, rabbit, beef, prawn, beef oblong and chicken oblong. Its specialty is
that its patty and bun is in square shape. It is to make the customers to
recognize its square shape burgers. Its slog is also known as Harga kaki
lima, rasa lima bintang.
Basically Hot Burgers Malaysia gives chance to youth to open its own stall
burgers. Hot Burgers Malaysia allows those who have commitment and
interest in opening burger stall on the street it also provide training and to
help those who interested to become a successful entrepreneur and this Hot
Burgers Malaysia is not a franchise. Those who interested only need to
prepare RM 1000 as deposit and it will have to go through some process to
choose those who actually have the interest, this is to avoid fraud and those
who have no serious intention in doing business.
So far, Hot Burger Malaysia operates in peninsular Malaysia and has 38
stall in Kuala Lumpur, 35 in Kelantan, 40 in Selangor and 30 in other states
which makes around 143 burger stalls. Managers and supervisors are hired
to observe the operating stall to make sure that the operating stalls follow the

standard that has been set.

However, Hot Burger Malaysia is planning to operate a Hot Burger Mobile
and Hot Burger Bites. Hot Burger Mobile is selling its burgers through lorry
that can sell from place to place and Hot Burger Bites is a burger delivery by
using 3 wheels motorcycle.
d) Source of capital and business finance
As for capital, Hot Burgers Malaysia funds its source of capital using its
own capital. It is easier to raise capital for its business which is in the form
partnership (Fizo Omar, Rizal Musa and Asri Ahmad) and its partners can
work together for the benefits of the business. Its capital for starting business
is RM 200,000 where they used the money to buy what they need for their
business such as purchasing raw materials to make bun and patty, stall and
other assets. They start by opening five stall in Kuala Lumpur in the end of
the year 2012.
Its partnership, Fizo Omar contributes RM 100,000 capital with his wealth
from its careers as an actor and he has the unlimited liability of the business
as for Rizal Musa and Asri Ahmad they contribute RM 50 000 capital to the
As can see now, its business is growing wider with they have their own
factory to produce its own special square bun, patty, chilly, tomato and
blackpaper sauce. From RM 200 000 as a beginning its business is now
worth more than it cost.
e) Number of employees
Number of employees for Hot Burger Malaysia is around 335 employees
including the owners itself. Basically the partners are 3 persons Fizo Omar,
Rizal Musa and Asri Ahmad. Around 30 managers and supervisors are hired
to observe the burger stall in each states to make sure that the operating stall
around peninsular Malaysia follows its standard set. While, the rest left is the
workers in the factory and stall.