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March 2010.

UBS Art Gallery
1285 6th Avenue New York, NY 10019 Dear Sirs, An art historian with a Masters in Communication, Culture & Technology, I have received unique interdisciplinary training that has reinforced the multitasking skills I already possess as an expert in art and art history. Having achieved many goals in my career of public programs and art promotion, I am seeking new challenges in the private sector. I am interested in a position with your firm and have enclosed my resume for your review and consideration. I am a strong writer and researcher, and an excellent planner, with experience organizing creative exhibitions and international workshops for the public sector. Recently, I completed a Master s thesis focusing on photography, a project which evolved after Cynthia Young--Robert Capa's curator at the International Center of Photography--offered me the opportunity to perform research on over 1,500 unpublished negatives recently located in what is called the "Mexican Suitcase." You can find more information on this discovery online @ Additionally, I have three years of experience working as the Assistant Communication Director at a reputable multinational company, where I gained valuable administrative and professional skills and exhibited my ability to pay keen attention to detail and work as a team player. I am a native speaker of Spanish, proficient in English and conversational French. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions regarding my experience and/or education. I can be reached via telephone at 202-368-6818, or by email at I look forward to your feedback.

Brenda Gonzalez Abagy MA. Communication, Culture & Tech. Georgetown University