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OUR OPPOR TUNIT Y: O ur methodology is based on an incarnati onal and relational model that affords us the oppor tunit y to ser ve others by equipping, encouraging and walk ing alongside those with whom we work . O ur goal is not to gain recognition and credit for ourselves but rather, to be a ser vant in the true sense of the word, modeling Christ at ever y turn. While we are a resource, ownership must always belong to the nationals and final decisions rest with the leaders we ser ve.

May 2009


. . .Opening DOOrs

gO HOme

Go Home! ... To What? ... Where?
Lunch had been served, classes were dismissed and the soccer practice had ended. Yet very few of the children were headed home. They just lingered with the Sports Outreach staff enjoying their company. Several times, Arthur Lumembe, a staff member, announced, “Time to go home! Children, you need to go, it will soon be dark.” All the children heard Arthur, but very few moved. One boy, Simon, spoke up and asked Arthur, “Go home, and go home to what?” Unfortunately, my experience told me just how much that question revealed… The above scenario reflect the plight of many to whom Sports Outreach ministers. To put it in context, recently a traveling team from Charlotte was on the field playing soccer with a team of young men from the Koch Goma Internally Displaced Person Camp in Northern Uganda. During the game I visited with the camp leader John Oliyo. He shared with me how the families in Koch Goma Camp were forced to move here years ago by the government of Uganda due to the civil war that ravaged the land. Rebels would raid the villages, looting, killing and abducting children. In the past few years, by God’s grace the civil war had slowly began to dissipate. There have only been a few scattered incidences of violence over the past few months. It appears that peace is slowly returning to Northern Uganda. Now, John told me, the government of Uganda has ordered all of the people in the camp (over 18,000 people who live in Koch Goma) to leave the camp and return to their home. Unfortunately, most of the people in Koch Goma have no home to go

Go Home! ... To Wha?...Where?

B y r O D n ey s u D D i t H

to. Their villages were burned to the ground, the wells poisoned or destroyed and the once productive farm lands are now overgrown with tall grass, scrub brush and small trees. In fact most of the children have never even seen their “home” as they were born in the camp. Now they are being told to go home … but where’s that? How will they survive? There is no water ... many have no skills or knowledge of farming ... they have so little. Over the past few years Sports Outreach has learned that before people in Northern Uganda can successfully leave the horrible IDP camps and return to their ‘homes,’ four key questions must be answered. 1. Is there safe, clean drinking water? 2. Are there trained people to assist them in their transition from life in the overcrowded IDP camp to life in rural Northern Uganda? 3. Do the people have agricultural or vocational skills? If not, who can train them? 4. Is there a way to get them the basic things they need to start over with: clothing, household articles, seeds for planting, etc.? Remarkably, Sports Outreach Institute has recently been blessed with four matching grants that meet each of the needs expressed in those four questions!

Now they are being told to go home … but where’s that? How will they survive? There is no water ... many have no skills or knowledge of farming ... they have so little...

matcHing grants Opening DOOrs tO gO HOme!
Sports Outreach is blessed to have recently been given four matching grants. Each of these grants is directed towards particular needs within our ministry and each grant, if matched, will enhance the quality of life for those who live in the slums as well as assist those who must move out of the IDP camps. The powerful thing about each of these grants is that each dollar given is matched by the donor—a gift of $5.00 is immediately turned into $10.00 or a gift of $50.00 becomes $100.00. Please review the four grants and if you are willing and able, please indicate the one you are would like to support. 1. Is there safe, clean drinking water? Gifts for Gulu ‘Water for Life’ $5,000.00 Matching Grant – In March, we received word that an individual from Pennsylvania will match up to $5,000.00 for wells in Northern Uganda! If matched, this grant will provide two wells for the villages that people are returning to. This ‘Water for Life’ grant will bring the most basic need for health and sustainability to people who are just beginning to pull themselves up out of the despair and hopelessness of life in an IDP camp. Your support will help provide water for hundreds who otherwise would be forced to drink from unsafe contaminated sources. 2. Are there trained people to assist them in their transition from life in the overcrowded IDP camp to life in rural Northern Uganda? Sports Outreach Ministry Team in Gulu $10,000.00 Matching Grant – The Sports Outreach Ministry Team in Gulu is in the third and final year of a matching grant to help cover the cost of training and salaries. The staff in Gulu recently completed two and a half years of training and is now being assigned villages and communities to which thousands of people will soon be returning. Each staff person will assist the villagers with discipleship, training in farming, vocational training, and public health as well as help to build schools and churches. Your support of this grant will ensure that as people leave the camps and find their way “home” they will be greeted by a trained Sports Outreach Ministry Team member who will assist them in their transition. 3. Do the people have agricultural or vocational skills? If not, who can train them? Tractor & Seeds for Northern Uganda $5,000.00 Matching Grant – In mid-March, the Ugandan Minister of Agriculture visited the Sports Outreach farm in Gulu, Northern Uganda to ask our staff leader, Aloysius Kyazze, if we would be the official demonstration farming and training center for that region. In short, would Sports Outreach help to train and equip tens of thousands of people to farm and return to their homes on the fertile, but long neglected, land of their ancestors? To help us help the people there a friend of Sports Outreach has offered a $5,000.00 matching grant for tractors and seeds. The tractor will make it possible for our staff to turn the soil and prepare it for planting, a task usually done by hand with sticks and primitive hoes. It takes four women weeks to prepare an acre. The tractor will prepare over four acres in an afternoon! In addition to the tractor, the grant will provide enough seeds to help no fewer than five villages plant and harvest enough to sustain them and make a profit to buy more seeds for the future. What an empowering and effective grant! 4. Is there a way to get them the basic things they need to start over with: clothing, household articles, seeds for planting, etc.? Sportsbridge $10,000.00 Matching Grant – Sportsbridge is the arm (literally) of SOI that partners with Gleaning for the World to send new and gently used sports equipment, clothing, shoes, household items and basic medical supplies, by ocean container, to those we are blessed to serve. For many, the clothes and equipment sent by you are the only items they have to wear or use. If we are able to raise the necessary funds to match this $10,000.00 grant, two containers with an assessed value of over $800,000.00 of goods and supplies will reach the “homes” of those who are in desperate need. Would you prayerfully consider if you can help with a special gift to one or more of these grants? We at SOI understand the economic situation we are all living in and the tough choices that we must daily make. However, these grants have the ability to double each and every dollar that you are able to send and will indeed help many people find their way “home.” Thank you and may God bless you.

Matching Grants!

From the Executive Director “Unleashing Our Greatest Power! News from SOI

“Unleashing Our Greatest Power!”

“We take for granted,” wrote Oswald Chambers, “that prayer is preparation for work, whereas prayer is the work.” (Christian Discipline, vol. 2, p.57) The humanitarian aid elements of Sports Outreach Institute—in the form of feeding programs, digging wells, medical supplies, micro-finance loans and help to HIV/AIDS heads of households—is vital not just because it saves lives, but because it keeps people alive longer so they can have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Few things in this world can be known with certainty. Even some of our theology comes under the heading of what the apostle Paul described in Romans 14 as “disputable matters.” One thing, of which we are assured, however, is that God answers prayers. “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know He hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of Him.” I John 5:14-15 Many of you have called or written to me to ask about SOI’s field staff in Uganda and Kenya. As many of you know Franklin Shelimba, our leader in Nairobi was diagnosed with testicular cancer and operated on in March. Franklin has healed from the surgery, is currently taking radiation treatments and the doctors are optimistic for a complete and full recovery! Many of you have been praying for this situation and Franklin asked that I share the following with you: “Brothers and sisters, your prayers were not in vain. God visited me mightily through your prayers when I desperately needed Him. I am feeling fine and know that God is going to heal me completely. In fact I am enjoying work again and celebrate God’s goodness in my healing every day. Thank you for being concerned enough for me to pray.” “Putting feet to our prayers,” may be an overworked cliché, but it’s true. Prayer and practice are what SOI is all about! The foundation of our ministry is intercessory prayer. In response, God answers prayers by providing food, clothes, seed, wells, tools, sports equipment, Bibles and tracts. His answers show us where to drill for water or place our limited funds. He uses our prayers to move the hearts of men and women to abandon their own dreams and ambitions to serve as shepherds for the growing numbers we serve in His name. In the last month prayer has provided more hands to help build our ministry site in Gulu, Uganda, built a school and provided resources for three new wells! And prayer is bringing the light of truth and hope into the lives of so many others. God is doing His redeeming work everywhere we labor and pray. Please continue to pray for the soccer crusade in Mexico, June 1-8, as well as our on-going work in Uganda and Kenya. Yes, there is a lot of bad news coming out of Africa and Mexico. But where sin increases, grace increases all the more (Romans 5:20). There is darkness, but in the beginning, when the earth was covered in darkness, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light (Genesis 1). Pray then with passion, faith and confidence, for the Light to shine throughout the nations we live in and serve – especially into the hearts of the government leaders. “I urge, then,” Paul wrote to Timothy, “first of all, that requests, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). And the Psalmist declares: “They cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He saved them from their distress. He brought them out of darkness and the deepest gloom and broke away their chains.” (Psalm 107:13-14). Blessings, Rodney Suddith ¾ SOI’s Aloysius and Esther Kyazze are in the United States! Aloysius and Esther are travelling across the country through May 9th visiting a number of churches and supporters: April 30-May 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina May 3-8 in Lynchburg/Richmond, Virginia May 9 - SOI Staff, Rodney Suddith and Morgan Allen, accompany Aloysius and Esther on their return to Gulu! For specific information about where Aloysius and Esther will be visiting and speaking please visit our website ( For further information contact Morgan Allen, operations & communications director, at our Virginia Headquarters office at (434) 528-2516 or