Naruto 490 – The Preparation Starts

Written by: Naruto Addicts - Status: Predictions by: Musica (Naruto’s scene) *Naruto walking at the Konoha streets spacing out* Naruto : (What should i do now that I have the key) Sakura : Naruto…? where were you? I thought you were going to visit Tsunade-sama? are you ok? *now looking worried* Naruto : Sakura-chan… eheheheh… I was going to meet her now… dun worry…I’m ok… Sakura : Naruto… tell me what happened..? you are going the wrong way to Hokage’s tent *Stopping Naruto from walking* Naruto : Ermm… Sakura-chan… I am really clueless right now and I really wished Erosennin was here so that I can ask him a lot of question. I met with the Elder Toad Sage and he gave me something but I need some answers. Sakura : *Punching Naruto’s guts and pulling Naruto’s hand* Naruto : Erggh..!! Sakura-chan…what was that for??? Sakura : To put some sense into you… you never whined before and you never gave up and I don’t expect to see you give up now. Konoha needs you and I need you… Do you understand Naruto…. *Sakura said while smiling still pulling Naruto and runnning towards Hokage tent* The closest person to Jiraiya-sama is Hokage-sama and you might find your answers there. Kaka-sensei is there too. Naruto : You are right Sakura-chan…. Thank you… (Karin’s and Ibiki’s Scene) *Now Karin is pigging out and keeps on eating while requesting for more food* Ibiki : I know you are trying to stall time and please know that i will never fall for your tricks. Now tell me about Madara and Sasuke. Karin : I am still hungry… please get me some more food… Unknown Ninja : Ibiki-san…… Ibiki : I never thought i have to resort to this….and i have never done this to a girl before since no man has ever escaped this fate. Karin : Stopped eating and looks like Ibiki. Ibiki : Please leave me with this girl alone… if she doesnt cooperate… I will make sure she does… *Ibiki took off his bandana and revealed his scarred head* Karin : *gulps* (what is he going to do) *Doors closes as Ibiki starts walking slowly towards Karin… Ibiki slammed his fist on the desk* Karin : Ahhh…!!! ok…i will talk…. Ibiki : *puts on his bandana* Now talk girl…!! (Shikamaru’s Scene) *Shikamaru is lying down on his favourite spot watching the clouds* Shikaku : The war is coming and here you are lazing around. *Shikaku appears and sat down beside Shikamaru* Shikamaru : Dad? i know the war is coming but its too much troublesome right now and I

don’t want to think about it now. Shikaku : What are you talking about… It is important for every ninja to do their part as a…. Shikamaru : Dad… i know how important Konoha is to me and Azuma taught me that the ‘King’ is important….right now when there is time, i will enjoy the clouds on this nice day but when the war starts i will never stop fighting for Konoha even if I bleed to death. Shikaku : *Smiling* well you are not young to be in that room anymore *Both of them lying down beside each other staring at clouds* (Kabuto and Tobi’s scene) Tobi : It seems that you can make an army to lead the war yourself, I don’t see why you want to join me. Kabuto : Well i have my reasons… Lord Orochimaru has always shared with me his visions and I intend to carry on his visions even if he is gone. Tobi : How do I know that I can trust you… Kabuto : You don’t have too…cos i would have already killed you if I wanted you dead.. Tobi : ………….. *Sasuke appears out of nowhere* Sasuke : Kabuto…!!! *Activating his Sharingan* Tobi : Calm down Sasuke… he is not our enemy… Sasuke : Whoever is a hindrance to my plans is my enemy…. Kabuto : Sasuke-kun… aren’t you happy to see an old friend… looks like you got your brother’s eyes… Sasuke : You have insulted him enough by bringing his body back… I would have killed you now… don’t speak of him anymore. Kabuto : *Glaring at Sasuke* (hehe…this will go as planned) Tobi : We have a lot to talk about Kabuto…. (Naruto’s scene at Hokage’s tent) Naruto : Tsunade no Baa-chan…!! you are looking good and still faking young… *Tsunade twitched by that comment* Sakura : Naruto…!! so not be rude…!! Naruto : *Folding his arms and looking away* Tsunade : I still have not thank you brat for saving Konoha… Thank you Naruto… *Shizune in tears* Naruto : *Putting his hand on the back of his head* Heheheh… it was nothing baachan…don’t worry about it… Kakashi : Naruto…you have something important to tell us… Naruto : *nodding his head and bit his thumb* Kuchiyose no jutsu… *the frog scroll appeared* Tsunade : *looks shocked* Is that the…?? Kakashi : *Eyes opened wide* The key to Yondaime’s four elephant seal…. Naruto : I need your help Tsunade no Baa-chan…you and Kaka-sensei *scene ends with Sakura looking worried* What is going to happen next… Can Naruto decide what to do next… Will the war finally start? Next: Naruto 491 – Naruto’s Decision

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