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Foundation in Natural and Built Environment

Introduction to Construction Industry

Tutor: Ms. Ann See Peng
Final Project

Group Members:

Lim Peidi (0324272)

Lim Xiao Shi

FNBE July 2015

Introduction to the Site

Site Chosen
This site is located in Jalan 5/125, Desa Petaling. The site we have chosen is 50m x 50m. The
total size of the site is 2500m.
Address of the site:
Jalan 5/125,
Desa Petaling,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Desa Petaling is a township in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This townships is located between
Kuchai Lama, Kampung Malaysia and Sri Petaling. The site we chosen is surrounded by
residential area. As it is on top of the hill, there is only one road which is Jalan 5/125 to access
the site.
Site Analysis and Observation

The site can be easily accessible from several roads. The main road to access here is Kuala
Lumpur Seremban Highway. Besides, it is also accessible by Sungai Besi Highway, Kuala
Lumpur Putrajaya Highway, Jalan Kuchai Lama and East- West Highway.

Kuala Lumpur Seremban

Highway. Main access to the

Site Chosen

The main people who will access the site is the residents at Jalan 5/125. As there are 2
condominiums which are Amadesa Resort Condominium and Sri Lata Condominium. Besides,
there is also a Semi-D housing area, Desa Hills Villa which is under construction here. As the
only road to access here is Jalan 5/125, we proposed buildings and facilities which target the
residents here the most.



Site Chosen
According to Malaysias Microclimate Centre, the sunrise of the site is at 6.57 a.m. at the East
while the sunset is at 6.56 p.m. at the West.

There is a road that can access by vehicles to the site. Besides, there is also pathway prepared for
the residents to reach the site.
Entrance and Exits of Site



Elevation of the site

The entrance and exit of the site is at the same road which is Jalan 5/125. It has a wide entrance
and exit that enables two cars from opposite direction to drive through. Besides, as it is on the
top of the hill, there is only one entrance and one exit at the same road.

Site Chosen

The zoning nearby the site is just residential area. The residential area there are
Amadesa Resort Condominium, Sri Lata Condominium and Desa Hills Villa.
Amadesa Resort Condominium

Residential Area

Sri Lata Condominium

Desa Hills Villa Under Construction

Project Management Task

There are few categories of people that plays important role in the construction of the site. The
professions that will be involve in this project are:


Landscape Architect
Quantity Surveyor
Civil and Structural Engineer
Mechanical Engineer

A contractor is someone who manages or controls construction work. Contractors and the
workers under their employment have high risk of injury, since they are mostly dealing with
construction work on site. Therefore, contractors play an important role in planning, managing
and monitoring site work to ensure minimal risk happened to the workers on site.
For our project, we will need to employ a contractor for the following responsibilities:

Ensure that our client understands about the client duties under CDM 2015 before any

work starts
Plan and manage all work done by themselves as well as the workers
Monitor when construction work is carried out and take into account the risks that might
affect anyone, both workers as well as the public and the measures that are needed to

protect them
Ensure that all workers that are appointed have the skills, trainings, knowledge, enough

experience and is able to carry out work at construction site

Provide appropriate supervision and instruction to the workers working under them
Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start for the workers and

throughout the process of construction

Responsible to contact material suppliers to obtain construction materials for the project
Acquire all necessary licenses and permits from relevant entities so that the construction
project can begin


A supplier is someone who provides all the material and services needed for construction
In this project, suppliers will be hired for the following responsibilities:

Supply appropriate materials to be used for construction

Offers delivery of materials ordered by contractors

An architect is a person trained and licensed to plan, design and oversee the construction od
buildings. Architects are often involved from the earliest stages of a construction project. From
developing ideas and dealing with clients to establishing budget, accessing the needs of the
building and its users and the impact within the local environment of the construction work, a
good architect is needed to handle all the mentioned duties.
In this small construction project, an architect is needed for the following responsibilities:

Discuss the requirements and objectives of this project with client

Consult and negotiate with other professionals before carrying out work
Prepare and present reports as well as designs to the client
Advise the client on the practicality of this project
Working on this project within budget and deadlines
Specifying the nature and the quality of materials needed
Project managing as well as helping the coordinating of work of contractors
Regularly visit site to check on the progress
Manage and resolve problems and issues that arise during construction
Managing the impact of construction project to the environment and surrounding

Landscape architect

Landscape architects create the landscape around us. They help to provide innovative and
aesthetically pleasing environments for people to enjoy by planning, designing and managing
open spaces including both natural and built environments.
For this project, a landscape architect will be employed to:

Discuss requirements with client

Survey site and plan the usage of spaces
Prepare site plans, specifications and cost estimation
Coordinate the arrangement of existing and proposed land features and structures
Prepare graphic presentation of proposed lands
Select and choose appropriate materials for use in landscaping designs
Analyse environment report on land condition
Control and manage landscape work to ensure it adhere to original plans

Quantity Surveyor
A quantity surveyor is responsible for the cost of a building project. Quantity surveyors are seek
to minimize the cost of a project while still ensuring that the project meets all required standard
and quality.
Quantity surveyors will be employed for our project to handle the following tasks:

Study and estimate the materials, time and labor costs

Prepare and analyze the costs for tenders and contractors
Prepare contracts which include details of quantities of required materials
Advise on legal an contractual issues
Conducting site visits
Analyzing completed work and arranging for payments

Civil and Structural Engineer

They work closely with architects and other professional engineers to ensure the efficient use of
materials in order to achieve structural goals for a building project.

In this project, they are needed for the following responsibilities:

Analyze and consider the strength and suitability of certain materials to be used for

construction purposes
Liaise with architects to agree on the safe designs and the aesthetic concept of the

Examine structure at risk of collapse and advising on how to improve the structural

Producing drawing or specifications for building contractors
Apply their expert knowledge on the forces that acts on various structures
Think creatively and logically to resolve technical issues that arise
Correcting project deficiency and ensure that all safety requirements of a building is met

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineers in construction work are needed to survey the construction sites and
design of structures related to mechanical systems in buildings and structures. They are needed to
plan, design, construct as well as maintaining these mechanical systems that are running in a
building to ensure that it comply with relevant safety regulation and building codes.
In this project, mechanical engineers will be in-charge of:

Managing the planning, designing and maintenance of various mechanical systems like

the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) in buildings and structure
Evaluate and inspect mechanical procedure during construction work to ensure

requirements are met

Prepares technical documentation, such as drawings and specifications for mechanical

engineering projects
Design and draw system schematics
Follow applicable building code when construction work is being done

Prepared by Lim Peidi
To create a space which makes peoples life easier
The objective of this project is to provide an easier living environment to the residents by
creating a commercial area in the residential area. These days, people are busy in their career and
studies. They seldom have time for grocery shopping and cooking. Therefore, by creating a
commercial area in the residential area, it will be easier for them to get their basic needs after
they get back from work or from school. The commercial area created here not just to provide an
ease for the residents to get their basic needs, but also provide working opportunities to the
residents who do not have any work. They can buy or rent the commercial shop lots here to run
their business. In our vision, it not just to create buildings, but also create a healthy, relax and
comfortable environment for the people. Hence, the commercial area that we proposed will have
some open spaces to serve the public.

The residents here will be able to live in a relaxing and convenience environment with the
provided facilities and the public spaces provided at this area. As Jalan 5/125 with 2
condominiums and 1 Semi-D residential area here, we find it reasonable and useful to create a
space for the residents to get their needs here. At the same time, this place also provide a space
that allows the residents here to chill after a long hard day. Thus, we have designed a space in
this area which can easily access by the residents.

In addition, we design this space is for the residents to have meals here when they come home
late or they do not have time to cook. The commercial shop lots here not just serve for retail
purposes, but also restaurants. The two floors building has its own function in each floor. For the
ground floor, it will serve as retail shops which sells the needs of the residents while the first
floor will be the restaurants which will solve the meal problems of the residents.
There will be a balcony at the first floor of the building. By having the balcony, the people
visits the restaurant will have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the scenery in Kuala Lumpur.
The relaxing area created here will reduce the stress of the people here. This way, our main
objective of providing a relaxing space and environment to the community and improving the
residents lifestyle will be fulfilled.

Before we design the building here, we study about the lifestyle of the residents here. We have
some interview and let them fill the survey form on what to make their living environment better.
After the survey, most of the residents said that they need more spaces for recreational purposes
and commercial blocks for them to get their needs. There are some criteria that makes the
building proposed success. They are:

Residents nearby can walk here in few minutes walk or just drive there when they are on

their way home.

Residents here will have a morning walk up and down the hill here. After their walk, they

can have their breakfast here instead to drive to the coffee shop which is quite far.
The residents will have Tai Chi here every morning. As the public space created here with
facilities provided, they can play Tai Chi in a more relaxing environment.

As a public space is created, the teenagers can ride their bike and play Frisbee here. This

will create a healthier lifestyle among the teenagers.

The building created has balconies that face the Kuala Lumpur City. As they are having
meals, they can have a clear look at the city. This will attract not just the residents to hang
out here but also the outsiders to chill around this area.

This site is located in Jalan 5/125 Desa Petaling which is surrounded by the residential area. It
is located on the top of the hill and there is only a road to access this place. The site is
undeveloped as the site is not easily accessible and noticeable by the outsiders. So, we proposed
the commercial area with some recreational purposes space for the residents here which may
help to attract the attention of the outsiders.
Desa Hill Villas- Under Construction

Sri Lata


Selected Site

Amadesa Resort

To create a relaxing and convenience environment for the residents staying here as the
residential area here is situated on the hill and there is only a road to reach these residential areas,

Hence, the residents here need to drive to the shop lots which is situated down the hill which is
also quite far from their house. The concept of THE HILLS will like to express it by providing
an environment which is closer with nature. The commercial block built can blend in well with
the nature. There is a need for the residents staying in Jalan 5/125 to balance between their work
and life. We envision a space whereby families and friends can bond with each other at this
space. We also want the life of the residents here to be easier to carry on.

As more and more people stay at the residential area in Jalan 5/125, it will be easier for the
residents here to access the commercial block proposed here. They can have their basic needs or
having meals here by just walking to the commercial block nearby instead of driving down the
hill to the commercial area nearby which is also quite far away from where they stay. A public
area created here will be easier for the residents to chill and exercise here. Through survey, we
found that the residents here will exercise at the empty area here. Hence, the idea we proposed is
to make the life of the residents easier.


This project is built to cater peoples needs. By having a commercial block together with a
recreational area, the residents can buy things from there or have meals after they have finish
their exercise at the recreational area.
The relationship between nature and human being has been slowly drifting apart as the lifestyle
of people nowadays. We want to create a green environment which can alert the people to
appreciate nature and exercise more to keep fit as facts and figures shows that the percentage of
obesity in Malaysia increases per year.
For developer, they can gain the rental from the commercial area built. As there is a recreational
area and parking provided, the facilities provided here can attract people to come here to chill no
matter in the morning or at night.
1. More people will gather here and the traffic may be congested due to there is only one
road, Jalan 5/125 to access this road. Although there are parking lots provided, but when
it is crowded with outsiders, there will be people who parks illegally and cause traffic.
2. When it is crowded with people, there will be noises. Due to the benefits of having a
public space, the space can be used to carry out functions. When the functions are carried
out, it will disturb the residents nearby.




Side view of the site. The balcony
allows the people to look at the
scenery of recreational area.

View from the Car Park. There are

tress in front the car park. It can
provide shades for the cars

View from the open space. There

are retail shops at the ground floor
of the commercial block which
provides basic needs.

View from the open space. There

are restaurants at the 1st floor.
There is a balcony outside facing
the open space and the scenery of
Kuala Lumpur can be seen.


1. Car Park

Although there are car parks outside the site but if we put more
car parks in the site, it will be easier for the people who visit the
commercial block or the public space.

2. Commercial Block
As there is a commercial block in the site, the residents nearby
will get the benefits by visiting the retail shops and restaurants to
get their basic needs. With the balcony have at 2nd floor, the
people who visits the restaurant get chances to look at the
beautiful scenery of Kuala Lumpur. They can actually see the
KL Tower and Petronas Twin Tower.

3. Open Space
With the open space, the visitors can actually chill here after
school or work. The residents nearby can also visit here to
exercise every morning and evening. The exercises that can be
carried out are TaiChi and some light exercises. After that, they
may have some meal at the restaurants here.
With the built of the THE HILLS, we can bring an easier life to the residents here. It not just
fulfills the needs of the residents to get their basic needs, it also provides a space for the people
to chill and exercise at the green area. The beautiful scenery at the green area also provides a

comfortable environment to the people who come here. By having the green area, we believe that
more people will visit here as there are a lot of buildings in Kuala Lumpur. People prefer to stay
at the greenery area instead the concrete jungle.

Prepared by Lim Xiao Shi
To create a recreational area for leisure purposes

The objective of this project is to create a space for recreational reasons. In this fast moving
world, leisure is seen as a luxury. People are moving at a quick pace, together with the
advancement of technology, mainly to earn a living. Often, many tend to forget that other than
trying to live and make a living, one have to know how to live before making a living. It is no
lie that through various types of work that is carried out now that had shaped our world into what
it is today. A day without doing work would bring great impact to the surrounding. However, a
day without leisure and relaxation will also bring impact to ones body. It is often neglected by
people about the importance of spending some time solely for their body, mind and soul. Hence,
this proposed project aims to create a chance for a small group of people to have the awareness
of staying healthy. Aside of working in a hectic city life, it is essential to know some other better
ways of treating themselves. Through recreational activities, it is one of the best way to relax and
prepare one for another days challenge. It is our vision to create not just a recreational park but
to create time and space for the busy workers who are working to maintain a living and making
the world a better place.

This selected empty land is surrounded by family based residential areas. It provides easy
access for residents to this empty space through its main road, Jalan 5/125. Situated towards the

end of the road, I realized it is a suitable place to be developed into a gathering spot for the
nearby residents, mainly from Amadesa Resort Condominium and Sri Lata Condominium, which
is already built and is accommodating many residents, and Desa Hills Villa, which is in the
construction stage now.
Therefore, I would like to propose the idea of making this empty land into a recreational
area, a recreational park. The three residential units around the proposed land are two
condominiums and one semi-detached housing area. From my observation and research,
currently these houses have only small parks in them and both condominiums only have a
swimming pool in their parks. There are no facilities such as playground or court there.
Grabbing this opportunity by building a new recreational park, namely ThreeDesa Park, it
aims to improve the living of residents nearby. This new recreational park will be a public park,
open to all residents without having to pay for the various facilities prepared. Facilities that will
be provided includes:

a basketball court
a playground with suitable playing equipment
an open gym area
sitting areas with benches and gazebo
open space area
car park


Desa Hills Villa


Sri Lata

Amadesa Resort

Jalan 5/125

The empty site is surrounded by three residential areas, which are two condominiums and one
semi-detached housing area undergoing construction and can gain access through the main road
which is Jalan 5/125.
ThreeDesa Park targets to provide a leisure and recreational place for residents from this three
housing area, seeing as there is no existing recreational parks that can cater the needs of all the
residents there.

The two pictures above shows the existing parking along Jalan 5/125. Although car parks will be
built in ThreeDesa Park, these available car park will be a benefit.

A recreational area is selected instead of other areas to be built in this empty space comes with
several reasons:
1. Seeing that it is surrounded by residential areas, this park aims to be the new meeting
place for residents of different areas. Since most of the residents here are of family
groups or individual, this new park will become their center or point of gathering. By
fostering social contact, this park also aims to combat urban social problems like
loneliness as well as isolation.
2. From my observation, there is no park with suitable equipment nearby these three
residential areas, the one available in each areas are small and with limited equipment
which is only swimming pools that are open to that specific residential block. Hence, this
new park will soon add more greenery to the existing area and a choice of place for
leisure and exercising times. It will be well equipped with suitable facilities provided for
residents of various ages.
3. Since it is surrounded by residential areas, building a new recreational park there helps in
spreading positive and enjoyable experiences to decrease stress and psychological
tensions of the busy working groups now. Located near to residential areas, it aims to
decrease the stress one face from work and helps to add more positive vibes in ones life
by creating a space solely for recreation purposes.

1. Health benefit
As aforementioned, Amadesa Resort Condominium, Sri Lata Condominium and Desa
Hills Villa only provide small parks that consists of swimming pools and resting areas for
the residents. There is no proper equipment such as courts or playground for the
youngsters to play around. ThreeDesa Park aims to provide a chance for the nearby
residents to improve on their health. This new park targets to provide facilities for
citizens of all ages. A playground for the children, a basketball court for the youths, a
gym and relaxing area for the adults and a sitting area for the older ones. By building a
recreational park there, ThreeDesa Park will be the new gathering place for residents who
wishes to be fit as well as a gathering hub for recreational activities. This recreational
park will boost up ones health and keep the people around fit and healthy.
2. Social importance
ThreeDesa Park also aims to strengthen relationships between neighbours of that area. It
will be built with 12 parking spaces, meaning at least 12 families or individual will be
able to meet around and get to know each other. Residents of different housing areas
within that area can now access to this park, as it is available to public, and provide a
chance to meet up and know different people. There are no other leisure activities around
this neighbourhood. Therefore, a park is the most suitable place to be built to strengthen
bond between neighbours.

1. Traffic

As it will soon be a new gathering place for residents there, traffic issue will arise. Other
than walking to the park, there will be residents taking car there as there might be older
people who cannot afford to walk for great distance from their homes. The amount of car
along the road will increase. Therefore, to handle this issue, car parks will be provided at
the entrance of the park. It has ample amount of space for cars and since there are already
car parks allocated along Jalan 5/125, minimal amount of car parks will be prepared for
the park users.
2. Noise
Since it is a recreational park, people will start gather and noises can be heard as children
and teenagers play around.



The diagram above shows the layout plan of the areas in the park. Each area will be built
based on the arranged places with proper equipment.


The sketches below roughly shows the activities that can be carried out in the park from four
different direction.

From direction 1 The entrance and

the car parks

From direction 2 The basketball

court, targeted for teenagers

From direction 3 The gym

area, targeted for adults and
elderly people

From direction 4 The

playground area, targeted for

1. Car park

The two photos above show the existing car parks that are available along both sides of
Jalan 5/125. This road is the main and only entrance and exit to gain access to the park. It
is used currently by residents or visitors of the residential areas.

However, when a new park is built, there might not be enough of parking spaces for
people who comes solely for the park, therefore, an amount of 12 carparks are proposed
within the selected site. The amount of car parks will be enough to cater the visitors that
prefer taking the car rather than walking to the park. It will also be helpful to those who
might have elderly or children and is safer to go to the park by car. It will be located at
both side of the main entrance before entering the park to reduce amount of noises or
pollution from the playing and exercising areas which are located further away from the
main entrance.

2. Open space area

This open space will be provided a place for children to run and for adults to walk
around. Proper path will be built to help ensure a smooth walk for the adults. Grass or
turfs will be trimmed and maintained short so that it is comfortable to step on and looks
nicer. This area will also be covered with taller and suitable trees surrounding it to
provide shade and add more greeneries to this site.

3. Sitting area

Located next to the open space area and the gym area is the sitting area. A gazebo will be
provided to provide seating for residents. This area allows people to relax, sit and eat. Rows
of benches will also be prepared to provide more seats for the people who are tired from
walking around, or provide a place for parents to hang out while supervising children who
are playing in there. This sitting area also aims to be a place for the elders to sit and talk, as
from my observation, elderly are seen to be walking along Jalan 5/125 in the early morning.

4. Gym area

This gym area targets to provide a place of exercise for adults and the elderly. It has gym
equipment that help those who are preparing for a short jog or acts as a place for a light
workout. A reflexology pathway will also be provided. Located next to the playground
area, where mostly children play, this spot is the best place for parents to supervise and at
the same time do some exercise. It is near and within minimal time, parents can reach to
their children if any accident occurs.

5. Playground area

A playground will be built to cater the need of children. While parents go for a walk, children
will have plenty amount of equipment to play around with. This area is provided as there is no
proper playground within the parks of the residential areas there. This playground has the basic

amenities it needs for the children, see-saws, swings, and slides. It should be located deeper in
the area, far away from car parks and roads, as it can be dangerous for children running near
vehicles. This play area is also near to the gym area, where the targeted people are adults. It
becomes easier for adults to supervise them without interrupting their childs playtime. Trees
should be build surrounding it to provide shade and prevent direct sunlight on the children.

6. Basketball court area

A basketball court should be built to cater the need for teenagers. A basketball court is proposed
as there is no other courts available near this area. With proper court and equipment, teenagers
will be more willing to spend time outside of their houses and away from modern technologies,
like smart phones. This court should be built inside and away from the sitting area, to reduce the
risk of hitting the people sitting and resting in the sitting areas. Trees should be planted to form a
barrier between this court and the playground, to avoid harming the children playing in

ThreeDesa Park is not just a park for children and adult, it has a bigger aim, which is to create a
place and surrounding for both generations to mix and spend time together. With the thought of
strengthening relationships, ThreeDesa Park will be the best spot to do so. With a place to spend
time together, I have faith that with this project, it will only bring the mentioned benefits to the
surrounding residents, both physically and mentally.