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STEM programming is a priority of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland State Board of
Education, Maryland State Governors Task Force on STEM. STEM programming helps to keep children
competitive in the current technology driven economy. 3D printing is a very stimulating and popular way to
introduce children to principals in STEM education. By the Mountain Road Branch providing a monthly
continuing program it will enable children to learn design elements of 3D printing and the ability to plan and
execute a 3D project from start to finish.

Potential Community Partners:
Chesapeake High School
Chesapeake Middle School
Bodkin and Lake Shore Elementary Schools
3D Systems, in collaboration with the Young Adult Library Services Association, a division of the American Library
Association (ALA), and the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC).

Program Development Steps:
Branch is in the process of purchasing a 3D printer
If printer not purchased, request a 3D printer from headquarters with filament
Contact IT department to install software to convert projects to 3D printer format on branch laptop
Contact potential partners for input or coordination of dates and materials to provide
Advertise with schools (posters and daily announcements), contact PR department for posters and
submit ad for library publication, work with PR to design advertising for social media and targeted
emails and network with children and parents who frequent the library to spread the word about the
Print in advance some 3D items to show
Set-up work areas; tables, chairs, paper and pens for designing
Reserve meeting room for program
Have books about 3D printing and design available for reference and check out.

Library Mission:

Our Library mission is Educate, Enrich and Inspire. 3D printing and designing 3D projects can be educational
through learning coding and design, enriching by creating a new venue for learning, and can inspire by having
a platform to create new projects and ideas for 3D printing. This also fits with the State of Maryland, Anne
Arundel County Public Schools and Anne Arundel County Public Library Systems priority of STEM education.

Evaluation: The number of attendees and repeat attendees will help to measure the success of the program.
Also the feedback from program attendees.

Other Means to advertise: Contact schools to put up posters, put info in Monthly Newsletters and daily
announcements. Also ask PR department to send out targeted email to people in the area (about one week


Mountain Road Branch
4730 Mountain Road, Pasadena, Maryland 21122

410-222-6699 ~ Fax 410-222-6705


The Mountain Road Branch of the Anne Arundel County Public Library System
introduces a monthly Teen 3D Printing Club.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (March 1, 2016) -- Beginning in March 2016, the Mountain Road Branch of the Anne Arundel
County Public Library System will be hosting a Teen 3D Printing Club. The club will meet on the third Thursday
of every month beginning with March 17, 2016 from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. The program will provide materials
for coding and printing 3D projects.

3D printing is an engaging way to introduce teen library patrons to STEM programming. Teens will get a
chance to experience all stages of a 3D project, from designing to finished product.

# # #

MEDIA CONTACT: Jill Rodenburg 410-222-6699
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. These should be posted within a week of event and then the day
of the event.
The library does plan on implementing this program.