Cornish (pedal) way

(An edible journey through the roads of time 08/06/2010)

Legend: A) Newlyn bay B) Polgoon vineyard C) Mara Zion D) Bissoe E) Truro Total distance from A to E, 35.5 miles

Cornish day out:
4.30 am (Newlyn bay guest house) Wake up listening to the sonorous Newlyn bay Sea gull choir. 4.55 am (Newlyn fish market) a trip of the fish market, acquire some mussels, and someone to give a guided tour… (Possibly meet Nick from Pilchard works) 7.00 am (Fishermen’s mission Newlyn) Chomping on Bacon butties and chai tea, by the sea. 8.30 am (Polgoon vineyard) Tasting, along with getting some cider to cook with. 10.00 am (Picnic Lunch at St Michaels mount) Menu du jour: Newlyn bay mussels with Polgoon sparkling cider, served with a generous helping of dripping fried chips from the local chippie. Midday: Slow cycle to Bissoe, afternoon tea, Clotted cream, and jam...a la Cornwall!! 6.30 pm Dinner in Truro at Pippas place.
Fond memories and goodbyes…