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Project Brief
Digital Marketing Strategy & Implementation
Segments Focus: US and Europe

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About Eagles Cocoon (EC)

We are a leadership incubator set up with the vision of bridging the ever growing vacuum of leadership in
India and globally. We exist to create leaders by unlocking the stories of individuals & organizations who
can be the next pioneers in their respective domains. The stories we nurture are as diverse as helping an
ambidextrous bowler and an all-rounder from a Punjab village into becoming India's next Kapil Dev to
helping one of Asia's acclaimed design firms revolutionize the business model of real estate in the world.
The organization is backed by several industry pioneers of the world, including Shackel Associates, a
leading North American leadership education firm established by a visionary who had redefined the level
of innovation in teaching and leadership development; Outward Bound, the worlds largest outdoor
leadership organization and Magppie Group, a global name in the field of art and design and the only
Indian company to have ever won the prestigious Red-dot award An Oscar of Design for three
consecutive years. Our leadership programs and initiatives have so far touched 3000+ lives hailing from
11 countries and diverse backgrounds including educationists, academicians, foreign and Indian
students, parents, entrepreneurs, scientists, sports enthusiasts, artists, professionals, and even monks.

The End Client

Besides investing in the stories of individuals, EC is actively involved in identifying and nurturing the
growth story of organizations who have what it takes to be the next leaders of their respective industries.
The project in question is focused on one such portfolio organization of EC that stand amongst a few in
the world that offer transformative experiences to its travelers. The organization is gearing up for a major
expansion and aims to become one of the 10 most admired brands in the travel sector globally by Yr
2020. The firm is led by a consortium of globally and nationally renowned educators, industry pioneers
and change-agents who have come together to add a whole new meaning to the concept of traveling to

Our Intent and Expectations

We are not looking for temporary staff through this project. Rather, we have established this project to
identify individuals who can assume a directorial role with EC or one of the six portfolio organizations in
the area of Digital Marketing or in any other area suitable to ones inner strengths and passion. We are
much less concerned with your age and past record than your performance in this project that should give
us confidence to entrust you with a leadership position.
That is why, we expect that you will spend these few weeks or months not as an intern doing random
tasks, but as a passionate entrepreneur who will adopt the delegated vertical as her own baby and
nurture it with exceptional passion and initiative. |

The Role
This live project will not be governed by specific set of activities and tasks mandated by us. This project
will be governed by your creativity and your entrepreneurial spirit. The selected interns will work directly
with one of the Founding members of EC and help create and execute digital strategies to expand the
global reach of the aforementioned end client. Instead of working on any pre-defined agenda, the
selected interns will be expected to and given the complete freedom to devise their own digital marketing
action plan and execute the same under the guidance of the assigned project mentor.

Nature of Project Interaction & Duration

The project will be undertaken virtually through phone / video discussions with the assigned project
mentor. We provide sufficient flexibility to interns in deciding a suitable tenure for the project as well as
the starting date. However, the minimum period expected is three weeks.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate individuals, who can assume the responsibility of taking this venture to a
whole new level with their technical skills and entrepreneurial spirits. Preference would be given to
individuals already associated with the field of social media marketing; however anyone who can relate to
at least a few of the following traits is also encouraged to apply.
1. You dont need Ratan Tata to learn small and big things of life. You are humble enough to find
learning in every situation and from every individual.
2. Instead of contributing to what has already been built, you love the idea of finding something that
does not exist and nurturing it from the scratch with your resourcefulness and passion
3. You are a self-starter who knows how to find her way ahead and can work independently with
minimal need of hand-holding.
4. You have a great comfort with digital media.
5. You can balance micro with macro. In other words, you can manage through tons of small and minor
details and still see the big picture of an initiative.
6. You may have some background or interest in one or more of areas including music, arts, dance,
design, theater, films, business, leadership, engineering, education, technology, social work, design,
traveling, healthcare, fashion and sports. |

Evaluation and Reward Policy

Your project performance will be classified into one of the four performance levels, the best outcome
being an invitation to join EC in a long-term role and the worst outcome being an eviction.

Performance Level

Phase 2

Level A
Level B
Level C
Level D


Entitlements Allowed at the level

Letter of



While there is no fixed stipend, there is an incentive package set in place that can allow an intern to
earn upto $2500 based on the quantifiable impact of ones digital marketing efforts on the earning
potential of the client organization.

How to Apply?
You have the option of applying individually as well as in a group of two individuals. In case you wish
to apply in a group, do consider the fact that this experience can very well conclude with a rewarding
career opportunity. Accordingly, you should choose to work with a partner only if you feel confident
that this decision will more than double your potential to contribute to this project.
To apply, please go through this link and share your details: |