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IF Any Doubt on
Regarding on this


10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Work Submit
Time till 12:00 am

1. After testing DVR report you will get the job work next 24 hrs
following the Terms & Conditions
2. These are some instructs which might help you while changing
Jpg file into MS word Format by typing.
3. Please don't raise any query to Admin regarding Rules and
4. This is one kind of Sample test so we need you to understand
from your end.
5. We have covered all points from our end. If any query raised will
give negative remarks about your performance.
Type the content as it is. Appear.
1. Example: If heading is in centre, select centre, and paragraph is in left,

Select left align, otherwise put in justification .First Title or Subject should be select as
Heading 1 in Style..

2. Headings & headers should be in (by default it should be Arial, 16, Bold )
If there is second title or subject below, then please select only Heading 2 in style
Example: Copyright #1 (by default it should be Arial, 14, Bold and italic)
3. After Heading, Give 2 Enter and start the paragraph. Between the paragraph one
4. Paragraph should be Normal, Book Antiqua, and Font size should be 13 ( Type
Manually in Ms Word)
5. After Full Stop, Please give 2 spaces. If full stop after end of paragraph, no space
should be given.
6. After Comma, semi colon, colon please gives 2 spaces.

7. After Double Inverted Comma, Single Inverted Comma, Question Mark or Any Special
character. Give Only 1 space
8. Before starting every paragraph single tab
Please dont give the space at the end of the line
100 pages , in that 100 images the lines more than 25 lines you have to type , other
images you can leave
Note :If Inverted Comma after Full stop, then give one space
If Inverted Comma before Full stop, then give two space
Ignore Spelling Mistake. Please don't try to rectify. Please give space after and before
special character also, after give double enter after heading, if second heading in page
give single enter.

The 2nd party accepts the Accuracy and Payments very clearly
WORD Project
The accuracy should be
100% accuracy =

Rs.120/- Page *

Above 90% accuracy =

Rs.90/- Page *

Above 80% accuracy =

Rs.80/- Page *

Above 70% accuracy =

Rs.70/- page

below 70% accuracy = No payment

9) Go to file Menu and click on Page Setup. And set the page in for print set up
Terms & Conditions:1. The Allotment of job is purely contractual work for the duration is as per plan, and is
not, in any way related to employment directly or indirectly. Request once made not
2. Client will be activate the user account only after receiving the full registration fees
i.e. after receipt of Cash / Demand Draft or Money Order, Pay order/ upon realization of
payment. No refund of any kind shall be made by the company.
3. The assignments will be provided by Client in Rar File Format only. The company will
not accept done work in any other format. In this case user account will be terminated,
and we will not be responsible for this. Mention Registration Number and file name

clearly in the same manner that has been given in Technical Instructions. The
processed data work should be returned under the given time frame described in
Project Detail to Client otherwise user account can be Terminated.
4. The Company's system will check the accuracy of completed data and all concerned
outputs shall be notified about the same through dvr (Data Verification Report) via
5. No dispute shall be entertained regarding Data Verification Report. The accuracy will
be decided by the technical officials of the company and is final and cannot be
6. You are not allowed to use any software for converting image file to MS-Word. If
found we will terminate you. Because when you use software's it changes the Ms-Word
file codes which is not visible to us. Also these files will be immediately rejected by
company systems.
7. All files will be .jpeg files, in Rar Format. Just click the Rar files and files will be saved
on your PC. These .jpeg/.jpg can be easily open on any computer.
9. Minimum 70% accuracy allowed for getting the payment, less than 70% accuracy is
not allowed any payment.
10. Payments are made every month between the 7th and the 15th day. In case of non
receipt of payment, Re-payment is made on 22nd of every month.
11. work in different word files and save according to the page numbers which they
mentioned in image format [1 word files should be there in one folder and save the
folder name as ID number]
12.if any small letters found type in only 7 size in book antique. with the name of the project according to the image which we had given if not
your project will loss 10% of accuracy{ Means save the name of the project same as
the image}
14.after completing the project send the file only through mail, and you have to send
the image file and also word file if not the project will be cancelled and rejected
15 please dont give the project in pen drive , send only through mail.
Complaint and Jurisdiction:-In the event of any dispute or difference arising between
the candidates (User and Company) here to relating to or
arising out of this terms, including the implementation, execution interpretation,
rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission thereof ,
including the rights, obligations or liabilities of the parties (user and company) here to ,
the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration .
Further suggestions relating to this work are also in agreement with the copy, so the

request to look The Indian arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 or any statutory
amendment or re-enactment thereof is force in India, shall govern the reference.
Either party shall appoint their respective arbitrator or the arbitrators thus appointed
should appoint the third arbitrator who shall function as
the presiding arbitrator. The venue of arbitration shall be Coochbehar, West Bengal
state only. The courts in the city of Coochbehar, West Bengal
shall have exclusive jurisdiction entertain, try and determine the same.

1) The salary for your time period is given when you completed the work with not more than
your percentage of mistakes
2) I agree that I read the instructions and agreement to start the work.
3) If you completed the work according to the instructions and agreement, then your project
payment, and also the next project you will receive. After the second project your deposit
amount is also refundable.
4) If you do the work beyond the instructions, you have to agree whatever we followed.
5) If project of the mail and Bill comes at our end that work will not be cancelled at any cost.
6) If you do more mistakes without following instructions & Agreement your project will be
7) If you not following the agreement and instructions you are not eligible for the salary, deposit
amount and also the next project .This agreement is cancelled completely.
8) We agreed about the percentage calculated by the company 1%=4mistakes.
9) We have the right to cancel the agreement at any period of time.
10) If you have any doubts regarding the project you have to mail to the company for your
doubts. Because we will issue the project by different companies each company have
different instructions so by mail only we can clarify the doubts so company staff by speaking
might be happen some misunderstanding so please confirm your doubts only by mail, if
beyond by mail our company does not take any responsibility regarding this .so please
contact us only through mail ten only we take the responsibility so please try to understand
and co-operate with us.
11) If the first project is rejected you are not eligible for the second project and our agreement
will be cancelled.
12) These instructions are apply for addresses project also
13) Send your completed project to the same mail id which you received the



Thank you