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Computer Utility Program
A utility program is a software program that performs a specific task, usually related to managing or maintaining the computer system. Many utility programs such as programs for finding files, diagnosing and repairing system problems, cleaning up a hard drive, viewing images, playing multimedia files, and backing up files are built into operating systems. There are also many stand alone utility programs available as an alternative to the operating system¶s utility programs(such as search or backup program) or to provide additional utility features not usually built into operating systems(such as a collection of security programs or maintences programs). Utility software is programmed like any other software, except that it plays a supporting role. Usually relatively small programs, they typically perform a limited number of tasks. Utility programs include file management (creating, moving and renaming folders, copying and deleting files), file search, comparing file contents as well as performing diagnostic routines to check performance and current health of the hardware. Utility programs help manage, maintain and control computer resources. These programs are available to help you with the day-to-day chores associated with personal computing and to keep your system running at peak performance.

A number of utility programs are available to users. These programs are intended to assist users to work with their computer system more smoothly and provide support to the system to performance more effectively.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Time saving Help to reduce effort Perform the command faster Protect system from virus Allow us to do new thing in a effective manner

Type of utility program
There are many utility programs available for the users. Some of the most commonly used integrated and stand-alone utility programs are discussed next. Some of the operating system utility programs are:1. File manager:- It perform function related to file management.  Search Utility :- attempts to locate file in computer  Image viewer:- displays, copies and prints contents of graphic files

2. Personal firewall: Detect and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusion.  Windows vista automatically enables the built in personal firewall upon installation.

3. Uninstall :- Removes the program and all associated files. Uninstall is available through the uninstall a program command in the control panel. 4. Disk scanner:- Scandisk is a utility provided with Windows computers. Scandisk scans your disks to see if there are any potential problems on the disk, such as bad disk areas. Since disks are magnetic media, all disks, including your hard drive can be corrupted. Many operating system include disk cleanup.

5. Disk Defragmenter:- Disk Defragmenter software assists you in keep reorganizing your disk drives. After files are saved, deleted and resaved again, the disk can become fragmented --- available space is in small blocks located throughout the disk. Disk defragmenters gather those free spots and put them together to enable you to continue to save your data in the most efficient manner.

6. Back- up software:- Backup software is software that assists you in backing up your files and even the entire computer hard drive. Copies selected files or entire hard disk onto another storage medium. Most compress files during backup to require less storage space.

7. Screen saver: Causes monitor¶s screen to display moving image or blank screen if there is no activity for a specified time.  To secure computer, user configure screen saver to require password to deactivate.

8. Virus scanning software:- Virus Scanning Software are utility programs designed to protect your computer from computer viruses. Virus scanning software needs to be updated on a regular basis (usually monthly). Updates insure that your virus scanning software will protect you from the most recent viruses.

Some other utilities program which can be used for computer system.
1. Notetab Lite:- NoteTab Lite, Free HTML Editor, For Creating Web Pages. 2. Internet Explorer Spell Checker:- This Internet Explorer add on will allow you to check spellling while using Internet Explorer. 3. Adobe Acrobat Reade :- Adobe Acrobat Reader is a freely distributed software program from Adobe Systems, Inc. used to view PDF files created with Adobe Acrobat or other programs. For the most part, Acrobat Reader is only used to view and print PDF files. It is not capable of creating PDF documents.

4. PDF2Txt:- PDF2TXT for converting files in Portable Document Format (.pdf extension) to plain text(.txt extension). The program lets you convert multiple files in a single, batch operation, either from a GUI dialog or a console-mode command line.

5. Advisor: - This handy utility program provides you with a detailed overview of your computer's hardware and software. Works with Vista as well as with XP and earlier versions of Windows. 6. QuickTime Alternative:- Allows you to play movies, web page animation and other similar files without attempting to take over your computer 7. Quick Mix: - Quick Mix Download A Very Useful Utility For Saving Your Volume Settings. 8. CDex: - CDex Download A Very Useful Utility for Ripping MP Three's. 9. End It All: - This very useful utility can close down all your running programs, while you're doing an install, with a single click. This is a zip file and requires you to unzip it. 10. FTP Explorer: - If you need a program to transfer files to and from an FTP server this program can be used. 11. PassKeeper: - If you need a program that will allow you to save your passwords securely, this is one we should try. It stores your passwords as encrypted files and requires a password to allow access. 12. WinPatrol: - This utility monitors your computer and alerts you to any attempt to add a file or make changes in your settings. 13. ECleaner:- This program simplifies the removal of those annoying greater than signs from forwarded e mails. 14. Print Folder: - This program will allow you to create a file of a directory. 15. AutoSizer 1.7:- Resize Your Programs Automatically; AutoSizer automatically resizes any window you specify. 16. Magical Jellybean Key Finder: - The Magical Jellybean Key Finder is Freeware. It allows you to locate and save the keys for Microsoft products by default. You can configure it to locate other keys also.

Now we can see, after explaining utilities program function, how it can help us to reduce our work effort and makes the work easier for us to operate in the system. Computer utilities program allow us to do new things in a very effective manner and saves our time in the operating or programming in system. Therefore, we can say utility programs are very important for our day to day work to make it more effective or easier.