Azienda agricola Villa Petriolo

“Each experience of hospitality must invent a new language” Jacques Derrida

Once residence of the Counts Guidi and later of the noble Alessandri family, the Petriolo estate bears witness to this great past as it is still possible to see traces of the ancient residence of Messer Alessandro, which is mentioned in various documents dating back from 1574. Over four centuries, the Alessandri family transformed Petriolo into a beautiful property, rich in villas, gardens, vegetable patches, woods and brick factories such as the one belonging to the Golpaja farm, the place which today gives the name to our most prestigious wine.

In subsequent centuries the history of Petriolo developed in two ways, as a production centre and as the owner’s place of leisure, up to this day and age.

The Petriolo estate, surrounded by the Tuscan hills, is only 40 km away from Florence. It is formed by a group of farmhouses gathered around the ancient villa. Villa Petriolo offers a blend of history, winemaking and wonderful views, because it is located in a region which unites landscape beauty to a very ancient cultural tradition. Its closeness to cities and towns like Florence, Pisa, Vinci and Lucca makes of Villa Petriolo an ideal point of departure for those who want to alternate pleasant trips to the quietness of the winery. For those who like adventure, we suggest the trekking paths which lead to the winery.

The production The production area covers a surface of 160 hectars (390 acres), composed of vineyards, olive groves, orchards, woods and a huge hunting reserve. It is an enchanting environment, rich in history and charm, typically Tuscan, in which modern production structures, now indispensable to grant qualitative standards, are perfectly integrated. Example of the innovation in the tradition are the thermo-conditioned cement vats of the cellar. Today Villa Petriolo is a modern farming business capable of producing products of excellent quality. The vineyards Villa Petriolo is primarily a wine-making company, with vineyards located at an altitude of between 150 and 200 metres (330-440 feet), with a stony soil of medium texture. The grape varieties that are cultivated here are Sangiovese, the most widely cultivated vine in Italy, a small percentage of Colorino, Canaiolo nero and Merlot for the production of red wines, Malvasia Bianca, Trebbiano Toscano and San Colombano for the production of Vin Santo del Chianti. The training systems used are spurred cordon, guyot and Tuscan arched-cane. The grape harvest is made by hand in the second half of September.

The wines and the olive oil Special care goes into the vinification and the ageing of wines. The precious white grapes for the famous Vin Santo del Chianti are hand picked and placed in the vinsantaia where the drying process starts and which can last up to January/February of the following year. The wine obtained from a soft pressing is left to age in small oak and chestnut wood casks where it matures for five years. Then Vinsanto waits in the bottle for other six months. The vinification of Chianti D.O.C.G. consists in a fifteen days period of maceration with the skins in thermo-conditioned cement vats at a temperature of 28-32° C (88°F). Then the wine matures for three months in the bottle. The same procedure is used with the Golpaja, an I.G.T. wine with a great structure obtained mainly from the selection of Sangiovese and Merlot grapes. Here the days of maceration with the skin are 21 in order to extract most aromatic substances. Then the wine is racked-off directly into French oak barriques where it is left to mature for one year, while the fining takes place in the bottle for at least four months.

The IGT white wine Villa Petriolo is obtained from selected Trebbiano grapes which ferment at a temperature of 18°C (54°F). The conservation takes place in thermoconditioned vats at 10°C(30°F), and the fining in bottle for two months. A substantial part of the production of Villa Petriolo consists of an excellent extravirgin olive oil IGP. The olive trees cultivated on the estate are mainly of the Leccino and Frantoio variety. Olives are exclusively handpicked, then kept in a cool, wellventilated place and pressed (within 24 hours) so as to maintain and optimise the quality of the oil itself.

Chianti Rosae Mnemosis 2007 confirms itself brillianty in 2008. In the prestigious Guide L’ Espresso 2009 Chianti Rosae Mnemosis is placed among 50 outsiders, wines which have reached elevated goals, each in their tipology. During the tasting made by Ernesto Gentili and Fabio Rizzari, Rosae Mnemosis 2008 has been indicated as Chianti of the Year. It is cherries fruity, flowery, soft, juicy, sapid and elegant in the evolution. Presented during the event Rosso non è solo un colore…in June 2007, Rosae Mnemosis is obtained by 100% Sangiovese grapes from the Vines of the Roses, evocated also in the fairy tale of the two sister roses, written on the wrapping of the bottle. To witness a love for land end poetry which drives its roots into a strong familiar tradition.
“A sepal, petal, and a thorn Upon a common summer’s morn – A flask of Dew – A Bee or two – A Breeze – a caper in the trees – And I’m a Rose! Emily Dickinson

Villa Petriolo’s latest born L’ Imbrunire (At dusk), an I.G.T Toscana, first bottled in May 2008, has already obtained success among professional tasters. The small grapes are selected and harvested at down. Grown in a 30 years old vineyard, the “San Martino”, it is obtained from 100% grapes of canaiolo nero, a local grape variety which, like other authocthnous, is dying out, preserving the charme of ancient taste, giving sensations of melancholy, longing and torment… as it happens at sunset in the indolent and sweet Tuscany. Good if tasted cool. At dusk…… the spirit of September A beautiful party took place at Villa Petriolo for the prizegiving ceremony of the literary awards “The days of wines and roses”, in time of grape harvesting, when it’s getting dark and the air smells of must and wine, during which L’imbrunire was the protagonist.
“En mi cielo al crepusculo eres como una nube Y tu color y forma son como yo los quiero. Eres mia! Eres mia! Mujer de labios dulces, Y viven en tu vida mis infinitos suenos. La lampara de mi alma te sonrosa los pies, El agrio vino mio es mas dulce en tus labios: Oh segadora de mi cancion de atardecer, Como te sienten mis suenos solitarios”. Pablo Neruda


The cultural project of Silvia Maestrelli
The Literary Award Villa Petriolo, centred on Wine, was created in 2007 with the title “I Paesaggi del Vino”, to promote unpublished works of Italian and foreign authors. The intention is to explore in a creative way the relationships among wine, economy, landscape, marketing and history. The literary award, with the patronage of the Tuscan region and other important bodies, is oriented towards the promotion and the valorisation of the area in which wine is produced. Many writers have participated in the first edition, widely overcome in 2008. In the second edition of the Literary Award “The days of wine and roses” writers have analysed thoroughly the overflowing evocative potential of Wine. The winner tales are published by ETS in Pisa. Every year the jury is composed of people committed in the art and in the valorisation of the Italian enogastronomic, cultural and enviromental heritage at a national level. In 2008 foreman of the jury was the movie critic Enrico Ghezzi. The prize living ceremony takes place each year at Villa Petriolo during a dinner in which artists interpret the imaginary of the wine each time in a different way. The specialized press is deeply interested in the events organized by Villa Petriolo. With the literary award 2008 Villa Petriolo has obtained the International Prize “Best Of Wine Tourism 2009”, whose national selections have been overcome also on the basis of requirements of welcome and service. The prize giving ceremony took place Last November in Cape Town, Southafrica.

Rosso non è solo un colore….. the prize giving ceremony of the Literary Award 2007

The history of this land is that of the people who live here, so closely attached to their roots. Hence the desire to create a place in which, beside the ancient art of “making wine”, also the creativity of young artists could find its expression. In Villa Petriolo painters, sculptors and creatives can exhibit their works of art. This initiative is, beyond any doubts, an attraction for the visitors to the wine estate, for young artists an occasion to show their talent and the fruits of their work and for country lovers an occasion to spend a pleasant day enjoying art, wine and nature.

Besides, as member of national organizations as Movimento Turismo del Vino, Strada dell’olio e del vino del Montalbano, Le Colline di Leonardo, Villa Petriolo takes part in various events throughout the year, in a region which is steadily increasing in terms of quality and improvement of the Tuscan heritage.

In this very special natural setting, we organize guided visits to the vinification and ageing cellars, to the vineyards, the orchards and gardens which sorround the Villa. Then follows the tasting of our wines: Chianti D.O.C.G. Vila Petriolo, Chianti D.O.C.G. Rosae MnemoSis, Rosso I.G.T. Toscana L’Imbrunire, Rosso I.G.T. Toscana Golpaja, Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C. Villa Petriolo and of our extravirgin olive oil I.G.P. Villa Petriolo, with typical specialties of the region: from appetizers based on bread, cheese and cold cuts to light lunchs and dinners with country soups and roasted meat.

visit at vineyards visit at vineyards during the harvest visit at the vinification cellar visit at the ageing cellar barriccaia visit at the ageing cellar vinsantaia visit at the olive yards wine tasting in vineyard wine tasting in wine cellar wine tasting in the garden surrounding the villa wine tasting in the Villa grapeharvest, wine tasting, cooking class at Villa Petriolo cfr: theme tasting snacks in the Villa lunches in the Villa dinners in the Villa seminars, meetings, presentations and events dedicated to wine and other themes only rent of rooms initiatives for children: ”Bread crumbs”, baking workshops for children and mothers “the animated fairy tales of Padellina and Professor Forchetta”, cooking classes for children cooking and photo classes yoga courses for mothers and children old agriculture tools making workshops “L’alchimia del vino”, painting workshop (hands and wine instead of brushes and paint) “Faccia di cuoio”, making of sculptures and masks made of leather, with craftsmen of the area of leather, Tuscan excellence of the made in Italy ceramic decoration workshop of Montelupo Fiorentino “Trio Mila” (flute, harp,soprano) and “Trio DiVino Wine Women and Singing”, event dinner with music/or theatre entertainment on the wine theme. “Music&Wine”, tasting with innovative music and wine pairing cards. Live music on request. “Contastorie in vigna, the vineyard poets. Motti…divini”, creative writing workshops and show lessons on wine and literature “The mistery wine”, challenge wine tasting, held by sommeliers. Showrooms and selling of our wines “Villa Petriolo“ and of our gastronomic products “San Martino a Petriolo” “WeWine”, house-to-house wine tasting

Available activities

Villa Petriolo also becomes School of Painting, placing itself as a point of reference for young artists who intend to show their art.


individual wine-lovers business groups tourist groups Associations operators of the sector

Minimum number of participants: Minimum: 10 persons and maximum: 100 persons (the number can vary depending on the chosen rooms) From 2 to 10 persons addition of 40% on the prices of our list From 10 to 19 persons addition of 20% on the prices of our list Days: from Monday until Saturday (Sunday on request) from 10 to 19 Closure: the week of ferragosto (15 August), from 15 until 31 December, of each year. In these periods it is possible to book on request, but min. 60 days before the requested date. Languages spoken and written: English, German, French

1) Guided visits We organize guided visits to the vinification and ageing cellars barriccaia and vinsantaia, to the vineyards, the orchards and gardens which sorround the Villa as well as tasting of our wines and of the specialties of our area.

2) Cooking classes It takes place in the kitchen of the Villa and made by our professional cook and translated simultaneously. Recipes will be than distributed to our guests.

Tasting of wines with lunch or dinner
Wine tasting with AIS (International Association Sommeliers) wine-food matching method. Light lunch Tasting of our wines: Golpaja I.G.T. Toscana, Chianti D.O.C.G., L’Imbrunire I.G.T. and our extra-virgin olive oil I.G.P. served with: Crostini (slices of toasted Tuscan bread) with typical Tuscan sauces, that can vary depending on the season; Homemade Tuscan bread with mixed Tuscan cold cuts and Pecorino cheese; Typical Tuscan bread soup (minestra di pane or pappa al pomodoro) And to conclude: tasting of our Grappa del Chianti and Vin Santo del Chianti D.O.C. served with typical small almond biscuits. Complete lunch or dinner Aperitif under the gazebo in spring/summer and in the Villa in autumn/winter. Tasting of all our wines: Golpaja I.G.T. Toscana, Chianti D.O.C.G., “Chianti of the year 2009” Rosae MnemoSis, L’Imbrunire I.G.T. Toscana with a complete Tuscan menu from appetizers to dessert, accompanied by our dessert wine Vin Santo del Chianti and Grappa del Chianti. The dinner takes place in the Villa, where there is a typically Tuscan big kitchen with a huge chimney made of stone, wood sculptures and paintings.

“Trio Mila and Trio DiVino“

Villa Petriolo organizes cocktails, event-lunchs and dinners with music or theatre entertainment on the wine theme.

“Wine, women and singing”
Soprano: Delia Palmieri Flute: Federica Baronti Harp: Diana Colosi Songs: Lorenzo il Magnifico (1449 - 1492): “Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna” C. W. Gluck (1714 - 1787) : “La danza degli Spiriti Beati” F. Chopin (1810 - 1849): “Szynkareczko, szafareczko” F. Morlacchi (1784 - 1841) : “Il pastore Svizzero” E. Dinelli (2007): “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Sir. Henry R. Bishop (1868-1939): “Lo! Here the Gentle Lark!” G. Rosini (1792 - 1868): “L’Orgia”- Arietta da Les Soirées Musicales P. Mascagni (1863 - 1945): Intermezzo da “Cavalleria Rusticana” G. Verdi (1813 - 1901) : “Il brindisi” G. Verdi (1813 -1901) : “Libiam nei lieti calici” J. Strauss (1825 - 1899): “Vino, donne e canto” G. Toja (1830): “Notturno Op. 9” - Introduzione, Tema e Valzer J. Offenbach (1819 - 1880): da “La Périchole”- “Ah! Quel diner“ G. Gershwin (1896 -1983) : “A Gershwin Sampler“

Yoga courses for mothers and children from 6 to 12 years

Reading fairy tales and legends and inspired by nature and the animals, thanks to yoga the child’s potential develops itself. Children and their mothers begin to know their body, balance and breathing, and reach relaxation in a comfortable and suggestive place. Snacks with healthy food of the area.

Cooking and photo courses for adults and children

At Villa Petriolo you can learn how to prepare tasty recipes, learning how to use various spicies and aromas, herbs and fruit raised in our farm. Before eating the coloured fruits and vegetables will be engraved.

I poeti vignaioli The vineyards poets
The words of wine told among the rows of vines, the cellar and the barriccaia. The history of our land, our glorious past, Isabella de’ Medici, the Alessandri family, Leonardo Da Vinci’s agriculture inventions. Talented actors will lead us to the discover of tradition. The association of the farms from Empolese-Valdelsa area, in Florence province, with the contribution of the Tuscany region, has published a new Guide Book called "La Fattoria della Cultura" (The Culture Farm). The text lists the 31 farms that, on that territory, have developed didactic paths aiming to enhance the concept of "short distribution chain" and direct shopping at the farms. Villa Petriolo, getting more and more involved in the promotion of the wine of the Montalbano region by matching it with culture, participates in this initiative proposing 2 educative projects for tourists: "I poeti vignaioli" (The wine makers poets. Story tellers in the vineyards) and "L'Alchimia del vino" (wine alchemy).


“Crumbs bread” baking workshop

Bread means love, home, family, work, tradition and passion… and why not also play and adventure? We discover again what for our grandparents was the king of the table with wine: bread. The participants are provided with flour, wheast, water and salt and can realize their form of bread. With educator/animator Andrea Vagnoli

Workshop for the creation of agriculture tools, toys, handicraft for children and boys

A workshop to discover the craft activities, like the working of baskets, the making of small toys using natural materials. A way to learn by amusing in the farm, immersed in nature. A different way to let children and boys participate in the life of a Tuscan farm, in an ecological way of life, following the natural cycle of seasons. During wheat harvest you can make tools like ploughs, sowing machines, transport carts, canes, old threshing machines, measures, fans. During grape harvest you can create bins, handpress, barrels, alembics. In the old Villa a big chimney made of stone gives a suggestive atmosphere to the kitchen activities: kitchen cupboards, for the baking of bread and cooking of pasta, various tools like the press, the tool to roast barley, the pan for cooking focaccia bread on the flame, old baskets for the water. Outiside, there is a small museum of the Peasant Art, with agriculture machinery and cars, which reflect the changing in the past hundred years in agriculture due to the mechanization. The material used are wood, clay, straw. There is also the possibility to visit the Museo Ideale Leonardo Da Vinci, only a few kilometres away from Cerreto Guidi, where you can see the agriculture machines created by the genius of Leonardo: inventions for the grapes, barrels for the wine, the robotic crusher.

“The alchemy of wine” Painting with wine and hands instead of colours and brushes

On the big table of the kitchen or outside under the patio pieces of chipboard of different forms are placed …. to be spotted with wine and hands! We use only the natural pigments of wine, the tannins and the anthocyans of red wine and flavones of white wine, which, penetrating the chipboard, after the evaporation of the alcoholic and water part, give the ultimate colour. The colour, by drying out oxidizes and is fixed on the cellulose. You can painting whatever you like, with the grapes raised in Villa Petriolo!

A pleasant day playing with food and wine pairing, to know and taste together Tuscan wines, with an expert sommelier, directly to your home. You and your friends could learn to appreciate the different nuances, the aromas, the taste, the personality of three great wines produced in Villa Petriolo in Cerreto Guidi, in the heart of the medicean Tuscany with the tasting of high quality food, ideal to enhance the taste of these wines of ancient tradition. Wine tasting will last about two hours and consists of a guided tasting of the following wines: L’Imbrunire, IGT Rosso Toscano from 100% Canaiolo nero Chianti DOCG Rosae MnemoSis from 100% Sangiovese (defined Chianti of the Year by the prestigious Guida ai Vini dell’Espresso 2009) Golpaja IGT Toscana, from Sangiovese and Merlot Chianti DOCG Villa Petriolo, from Sangiovese and Colorino Vinsanto del Chianti DOC Villa Petriolo The wine tasting will be accompanied by a selection of Tuscan cheeses and cold cuts, bread, extra virgin olive oil IGP Villa Petriolo and honey. The We wine experience takes place in Tuscany and lasts about two hours. The maximum number of people is 8. In every period of the year, on request, at least two weeks before Time of the wine tasting 8 p.m. To the participant will be given: glasses, wine tasting cards, Villa Petriolo brochures and gadgets. We don’t provide tablecloth and water glasses.

Video: On request, possibility to prepare together a real Tuscan dinner with wine tasting to your house, with qualified chef and sommelier.

Faccia di cuoio

Creation of sculptures and masks made of leather
You can create your own sculpture made of clay, on which you spread the wet leather Than you beat the surface with a horn hammer and paint with the chosen colour your furnishing or theatrical masks and sculptures. A workshop with craftsmen of the tan art, attested since the Middle Ages in the close area of Leather, still today Tuscan excellence of the made in Italy. On request, visit to a leather factory, where you can admire the Tuscan handicraft tradition and buy precious bags, shoes and handmade articles. On request, visit to a factory outlet, where you can buy branded bags, shoes and leather clothes.

Laboratory of ceramic decoration
At Villa Petriolo you can learn how to decorate the famous ceramic of Montelupo Fiorentino, under the guide of expert craftsmen, to carry home a piece of history! This art originated in the 1300. From 1430 to 1530 the creations had been exported worldwide. At the beginning of 1900, the local ceramic had a new impulse, with the flourishing of many small activities which, after 1950, have drawn great artists and designers like Bruno Bagnoli, Aldo Londi, Eva Zeiseled Ettore Sottass. On request, in the afternoon you can visit a craftman’s workshop at Montelupo, only a few kilometres from Cerreto Guidi, where people work at the lathe and decoration.

You can also visit the Museum della Ceramica at Montelupo Fiorentino. Here you can buy the famous Arlecchini, a precious colletion of artistic ceramics. Funny charachters made of ceramic.



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