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1. The sentences below are incorrect, except

a. The old lady living upstairs has so many cats. I dont know how many cats
does she actually have.
b. Do you know how far is the moon from the earth? I have no idea.
c. Whether you rich or poor is not the question.
d. I wonder to know who the lady is in the black dress.
2. According to you, which sentence below represents the wrong example of an
adjective clause?
a. Old age is a problem which should concern us all.
b. The aunt who came to see us last week is my fathers sister.
c. Professor Higgins is the type of professor to whom others wouldnt consider
exactly exciting. (it should be about whom)
d. The Foreign Secretary, who was besieged by reporters when his plane landed,
held a short press conference at the airport.
3. Which one is wrong according to you?
a. Nobody has phoned, havent they?
b. Someones been taking my food again, havent they?
c. Things are really hectic, arent they?
d. I am number one, arent I?
4. The sentences below are indeed untrue in reflecting the gerund phrase, except

a. For her cleaning her house everyday is a must.

b. Our deciding not to visit Oxford seemed to be so wise.
c. Having picked the team to meet India in the final test match, the selectors
now have to wait till Tuesday to discover whether or not their choice was
d. Not doing anything might be his biggest mistake.
5. A.

Much of the research has already been completed.

This is the only one of the books that was torn.
A is correct, B is wrong
A is wrong, B is correct
A and B are both wrong
A and B are both correct

6. A. What the speaker said next was lost in the general uproar.
B. There are times when someone needs to be alone.
C. The days in which you could travel without a passport are a thing of the past.
a. All are correct.
b. All are wrong.
c. A and B are correct, C is wrong
d. A and C are correct, B is wrong
7. The following sentences are correct, except
a. The man whose coat had been stolen immediately reported the theft.
b. The damaged ship, whose crew has now been taken off, was listing
dangerously when last seen.
c. The headmaster spoke to the boys whose work was below standard.
d. George Bernard Shaw whom my father always adores died in 1950.
8. A. For them to lose their son is a great tragedy.
B. The child needs to be assured that he is loved.
C. For anyone to have been made such a mess of things is shocking.
a. A and B are correct, C is wrong.
b. A, B, and C are all correct.
c. A and C are correct, B is wrong.
d. B and C are correct, A is wrong.
9. According to you, which one is correct?
a. Close the door, can you?
b. My mother-in-law is rarely included, is she?
c. She needs to come, neednt she?
d. Lets go, will you?
10.The sentences below are untrue, except
a. That social character, which others may judge by what they saw or hear
about you, relates to the attitudes you have toward other people is known.
b. Whether the man in court was charged with obstructing the police with
intention and determination was completely out of my business.
c. The teacher insisted that the students arrive punctually for their lessons. (it
should be insisted on)
d. It has not been discovered precisely who originated the plan.
11.The sentences below are correct, except
a. Ten kilos is quite a distance.
b. Bread and butter was his only food.
c. No one knows how many bisons there are.
d. I need some advice.

12.John Smith, _______ of economic crimes, tax evasion and fraud, is being accused

attempted murder now.

who was accused
of that was accused
whom was accused
was accused

13.I need some _________. The options below are possible, except
a. advices
b. information
c. equipment
d. good news
14.Youll be punctual, ?
a. will you
b. won't you
c. shall we
d. could you
15.Which of the following is untrue?
a. I should like to retire to the town where I spent my youth.
b. I should like to retire to the town in which I spent my youth.
c. He got what he wanted.
d. I cant think of any reason which you should take all the blame for what