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A proc ess driven, client focus ed Manager with a unique ability to not los e sight of the " big pict ure" yet still be o bs essive about det ails particularly when it comes t o communication, documentation, t rans ferring knowledge, s haring information, and analyzing dat a in an effort to achieve targeted and meas urable results. Over 10 y ears of varied levels of res ponsibility w orking in both B2B and SaaS focus ed start-up and turn-around int eractive marketing environments helping t o deliver s olutions to cust omers t hat have a real impact on their business. Consist ently rec ogniz ed for acc omplishments stemmed from quickly and effectively identifying and res olving problems or their potential by utilizing a wide variety of tec hniques and being able to foresee, adapt, and produce positive res ults in a landscape where a c hange in priorities t hen had to occur to quickly match business n eeds.
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Adept at developing and deploying effective service delivery, call c ent er, and quality cont rol st rat egies Effortlessly recognizes patt erns and us es the skill to manipulate dat a for wrangling, research, analysis, and val idation Has provided sales support through c ompetitive res earch, lead generation, and pipeline management Maintains active partners hips wit h various A ffiliat e Mark eting providers to advertis e ec ommerce s ervic es and products Experienc ed wit h developing print ed mat erials, fac ilitating trainings, and c reating policy and proc edure manuals Knowledgeable in the principles and proc esses for providing cust omer s ervic e, inc luding needs assessment, meeting quality standards, and evaluation of cust omer s atis faction

MICROSOFT OFFICE | Word, Excel, Publisher, Outlook, & Powerpoint
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Advanced knowledge of efficient met hods for using functions of Microsoft Office applic ations, including: Writing, utilizing, and testing mac ros t o inc rease productivity Arranging data by including pivot t ables, formulas for c ell references, vlook up, and if/then logic Creating lists with s orting/filtering enabled and protecting s pecific areas of a worksheet

CRM | Salesforce.com
SFDC A dministrat or level access for import ing, de -duplicating, merging, converting, and cleaning up of system dat a

OPERATING SYSTEMS | Microsoft Win98 Win95 WinME WinNT WinXP Win2000 Vista & Win7
Experienc ed with performing extensive tec hnical support, general t rouble s hooting of soft ware and hardware failur es, and identifying net work problems when relat ed t o work station configurations including: hardware installations, soft ware configuration changes, registry repairs, and regular maint enanc e

Marin Soft ware's SaaS offering is the " Marin Search Mark eter" -- an enterprise-class paid searc h management application that analyzes, manages, and optimizes large-scale SEM/PPC campaigns of companies with a minimum online mark eting spend of $100k per month on paid search ac ross Google, Yahoo, and MSN's Bing

MARIN SOFTWARE | Research Associate, Team Lead

SALES SUPPORT 0 8. 0 8 - 09. 0 9 Coordinated a t eam of 5 in conducting c ustom strategic invest igation of pros pective clients t o identify and ve rify related information of the appropriat e cont acts responsible for t heir c ompany 's key word bidding. Trained new employ ees to underst and the standard operating proc edures and us e of t he CRM t ool Sales force.c om. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

Det ermined best practices as the resolution t o das hboard and data reporting issues aft er researc hing and identifying applic ation s olutions, enhancements, and system integrations while granted temporary S alesforce.com A dministrat or access Provided several new resources and met hods of investigation for analyzing t he exi sting online advertising pres enc e of prospects that bec ame inst rument al qualifying leads generat ed for the inside sales team; this directly res ulted in number of mont hly conversions multiplying and t he c ompany bec oming t he leading supplier in its space, ac quiring accounts managing $650 million of annual paid search s pend wit h bidding on over 100 million key words

s a s h a @s as h am a d fe s .co m P AG E 2 OF 2

Reply's primary service at the time was lead generation and performance -based online mark eting with a national net work of 17,000+ servic e providers receiving inquiries from OpenA uto, RealtyNow, Agent Connect, iMotors, and CarClub brands

REPLY! INC | Manager of Data Quality

0 6. 0 5 - 06. 0 7 CALL C ENT ER Res ponsible for daily conversion of leads generat ed from online acquisition c hannels including SE M, int ernet marketing, and email campaigns. Scheduled 15 non -ex empt, full-time employ ees to maintain 24x 7 coverage of all brands; motivat ed department members t o meet tight and c onst ant ly changing deadlines and t o remain focus ed while numerous customer requests impacted the timing of the product approval and delivery. S upervised personnel, c onducted performance evaluations, and int erviewed new hire prospects for the depart ment tasked wit h screening requests, verifying contact information, and confirming int erest for follow-up information relating to real estat e s pecifics or an upcoming new c ar purchase. Forec asted daily workloads, balanc ed volume spik es, assessed work flow and resource demands, and reported on k ey met rics.
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Multiplied revenues, ac hieving major improvements in s peed and accuracy, by implementing new department validation proc edures Reduced operating ex pens es, aut omat ing t he lead review process, by integrating a 3rd party dat a verific ation provider TA RGUS Info Insured round-the-clock c overage as business needs dictat ed by c reating, assembling, training, maintaining, and managing a nationwide t eam of 20+ long t erm independent c ont ract ors wit h varying availabilities and ultimat e flexibility Introduced, monit ored, and implement ed an ins pection process to t rack discovered XML dat a issues from outs ourced lead providers and evaluate iss ues relat ed t o product quality Identified various system problems and suggested solutions by collecting dat a examples, capturing the surrounding facts, and drawing valid c onclusions

REPLY! INC | Senior Account Manager

0 6. 0 4 - 06. 0 5 CLIENT S ERVIC ES Acted as the primary contact and cust omer issue escalation point for Reply !s major aut omotive servic es clients. Proc essed mont hly billings and overs aw retention efforts; res ponsible for approving the service sus pension of delinquent or breach acc ounts prior t o the expiration of cont racts. Implement ed overall roles and res ponsibilities, direction, and leaders hip of Client S ervic es department st aff.
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Developed strat egies to drive efficient operat ions and profitability by creating and implementing an audit process to det ermine and res olve s ervic e standard c omplianc e issues Independent ly identified and investigat ed a 3 -y ear-old database issue that failed to report over $870,000 in past-due, unc ollected revenue and caused premat ure account clos ure, exposing serious billing inaccuracies when compared t o the s ervic es rendered Success fully collect ed over 60% of the discovered lost revenue by establishing procedures to generat e doc umentation of the identified billing and reporting error and overseeing t he negotiation of balances due

REPLY! INC | Client Services Specialist

CUSTOMER SERVICE 0 6. 0 3 - 06. 0 4 Accountable for staff scheduling, payroll, human res ource c oordination, product cont rol, staff training, and managing cont racts. Served as primary account manager and k ey cont act for various strat egic client accounts. MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS:

Increas ed ROI and reduc ed losses caused by wast eful practices by implementing an improved prot ocol for managing member accounts aft er identifying, doc ument ing, and pres enting client service process inefficiencies to upper management 0 4. 0 3 - 06. 0 3 1 0. 9 9 - 04. 0 6 1 0. 9 7 - 11. 9 9 0 9. 9 6 - 07. 9 7 0 6. 9 6 - 07. 9 7 0 5. 9 5 - 05. 9 6

REPLY! INC | Regional Sales Executive GIGANTIC INC | Event Staff Coordinator BANK OF AMERICA | Research Analyst MIDWEST TV & RADIO (CBS) | Market Research Analyst PRINCESS RESORT | Assistant to the F&B Director ASSOCIATED STUDENTS | Executive Vice President

SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY | Bachelor of Arts, Communication

0 8. 9 1 - 05. 9 6