waking dawn

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The day you came ihto my life
will be cherished always.
Ah ahgel seht from heaveh above
for my lohely heart to hold.
My heart is ho lohger lohely,
but ihstead, filled with the wohder
of a love like l've hever khowh.

Wheh you first held me,
it was magical! A touch ho other
but my soul mate could provide.
Truly the passioh heeded ho words.

Your kiss oh my lips
is somethihg l lohg for each day.
With a sihgle kiss the ihtehsity
of your love so ihcredibly clear!

Your eyes melt me with emotioh
so ihtehse it is beyohd belief.
A carihg ahd uhcohditiohal love
that shihes from them, that.
makes me shivers with excitemeht
for our life to come.

Each day your smile fills my heart
with a ioy like ho other.
Ch but to have you ih my life
is truly a blessihg!

Whehever you hug me,
l hope you hever let go.
l will always hug you back,
ahd this l hope you khow.

You're my ahgel, my love,
everythihg l waht you to be.
You're my ahgel seht from god,
to share your life with me.

Maybe ohe day we meet agaih,
ih other circumstahces ahd.
l promise to you yet agaih
my uhcohditiohal love ahd devotioh.
For l will cherish each day
that God gives me with you,
our owh little piece of heaveh oh earth.

By lahet Baez


As l listeh to the hews my ahgel ahhouhced, l sat oh this
hard grahite floor, my love for her grew ahd hever ehded. l saw
my existehce flash through my eyes, everythihg l khew was
flashed throughout the memories. l also khew ih the back of my
braih, that this was iust a bizarre dream. Dream. This was
impossible for someohe like me. A mohster. l had poised the body
l loved. l had ruihed all possibilities for her. l had damaged her ih
a way l hever khew. l had ahd was ehdahgerihg her life. My ahgel.
How could our slow ahd passiohate acts of love create such a
horrible thihg7 How could God let this thihg grow ih her body7 Am
l dead7 Did l damh her7 Was this possible7 l could hot have dohe
that to her, it was irratiohal. l heard a faiht rihgihg souhd. 5LQJ
5LQJ 5LQJ "Hi, Alice,¨ My ahgel said. Her voice wash't much
better thah before. l cleared my throat.
"Bella7 Bella, are you okay7¨ Alice said.
"Yeah. Um. ls Carlisle there7¨ My ahgel said.
"He is. What's the problem7¨ Alice ihformed.
"l'm hot. ohe huhdred perceht. sure. . . .¨ My ahgel said.
"ls Edward all right7¨ she asked warily. She called Carlisle's hame
away from the phohe ahd theh demahded, "Why didh't he pick up
the phohe7¨ before my ahgel could ahswer her first questioh.
"l'm hot sure.¨
"Bella, what's goihg oh7 l iust saw֬ Alice said.
What did Alice see7 My ahgel's corpse ahd the mohster drihkihg
from her blood7 What does love meah7 lt meahs doihg everythihg
ih your power to make that love last forever.


Thihkihg back to what had happehed ih the last couple of
mohths, mahy crazy thihgs had happehed. First ahd foremost l
had beeh ehgaged |hot that it was crazy) with the love of my
existehce. l had also killed the threat to my loves life, Victoria ahd
her bahd of hewborhs, with the help of the pack. l had also beeh
ambushed by a certaih little pixie of a sister l had. Alice was so
happy that her hot-so-gay brother was fihally gettihg married. l
had also gotteh myself ih a hot so easy situatioh, l had promised
to make love to my ahgel oh our hoheymooh. lf l were humah, l
would be iumpihg up ahd dowh ahd screamihg this ihformatioh to
the seveh seas. l for ihstahce was hot, because l was worried l
could physically hurt her, yeah l was excited, but l was a mohster
to selfish to dehy my ahgel ahd myself the pleasure of love. Bella,
she is my ahgel, my piece of heaveh, ahd my first ahd ohly love.
(GZDUGAlice screamed ih her thoughts.
yelled ih her mihd.
"Yes, Alice.¨ l ahswered.
"l have beeh callihg you for ö mihutes already. What's wrohg with
you7 Have you gohe mehtally retarded eveh more theh you are7¨
She said seriously, eveh though her thoughts expressed laughter.
"Yes, l'm fihe Alice, hever beeh better¨ l ahswered with a smile.
"ls there somethihg you wahted7¨
"Ch! Cf course. l had a visioh ahd well l have to go, because l
have to get the fihal fits for Charlie ahd Bella.¨ She said.
"Ckay. Alice7 You haveh't said ahythihg7 l asked, referrihg to our
hoheymooh destihatioh.
"No! How could you thihk so little of me7¨ She yelled.
l was about to commeht about her size, wheh she stopped me.
"Doh't ahswer that. This is what my visioh was about, ahd it didh't
look pretty.¨ She said ahd showed me her visioh. l ahswer her ahd
she took it wrohg. l was left without ah arm ahd a leg.
"Sorry Alice, Bye!¨ l rushed out scared ahd rah out of the house.
To busy ruhhihg to thihk or hear, l stopped at a hot so pleasaht
l fouhd Emmett ahd Rosalie ih a very ihappropriate positioh.
"Go baby! Yeah, that right Ros-¨ Emmett stopped moahihg wheh
he hoticed me.
"Edward!¨ He yelled ih surprise.
lh that, ihstaht l hoticed 3 thihgs.
¡. Rose was furious.
2. Somewhere ih the backgrouhd, Alice ahd lasper were
laughihg their heads off.
3. Why was l still stahdihg here7

NAME! ARE YCU *$<!¨ Rose asked furious.
"No Rose, baby l-¨ Emmett said, but was ihterrupted by Rose.
"No, baby Edward is watchihg us!¨ Emmett yelled ih frustratioh.
l was so embarrassed that l explaihed.
"Sorry, l rah ihto you guys. l didh't meah to.¨ With that l left, while
screamihg "ALlCE YCU ARE SC DEAD!¨
"SCRRY, BRC, BUT l WlLL "SEE¨!¨ She yelled.
With that l rah to my meadow, l sat ih the middle ahd
remembered the talk Bella ahd l had about tellihg Charlie we
were gettihg married.
f f f
"But wheh, Bella7¨ l asked her. Sihce my physic sister had hot
revealed wheh or how Charlie might react to the hews of our
"l doh't khow, but he will waht to kill you! He.he woh't
uhderstahd!¨ She yelled ih pahic.
"Yes, he will. You areh't tellihg him you killed someohe, Bella
Please.¨ l begged.
"No Charlie will thihk l'm preghaht! He ahd everyohe else ih
Forks!¨ She yelled ih frustratioh.
"No, Bella, we are doihg this¨ l poihted towards the rihg "Because
we love each other, hot because we have too!¨ l told her.
"So we are tellihg Charlie ahd all of Forks that we¨ She poihted to
her ahd theh to me "are gettihg married, because of LCVE!¨ She
"Yes, that's the ohly real ahd true reasoh.¨ l told her.
Ch how l wish l had lasper with me!
"Fihe! You wih! We cah tell him wheh he gets here from work.¨
She said hervously.
"You really goihg to give up that fast7¨ l asked with mischief. "You
are really stubborh ahd you areh't l very good liar either.¨ l told
"Your right! We cah't! l told you he will-¨l cut her off. "Sit oh my
lap. Now!¨
Bella was oh my lap ahd l brought her left hahd to her chest.
Fihally hearihg Charlie's cruiser, l thought /HWWKHJDPHVEHJLQ
f f f