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Soil is an important medium in crop production

oxygen passing through the particles of the
because mineral elements are deposited into the
soil where the roots of the plants are
soil and absorbed by plant roots. These
elements are called soil nutrients. These
7. To take advantage of the soil nutrients present in
nutrients are absorbed by the roots and
the soil. Soil nutrients under subsurface
transported to the different parts of the plant to
should be absorbed by the plant roots. This
develop flowers, fresh leaves, new shoots and
is especially true to those plants which are
fruits. It is therefore advisable to prepare the soil
deeply rooted, like tomatoes, pepper, okra,
thoroughly, so that plants could maximize its use.
trees, shrubs and others. When soil is not
properly tilled, only a particular portion of the
Why is it important to prepare the land
soil surface is useful to plants thereby
thoroughly before planting?
nutrients present underneath become
1. To promote good soil condition. Soil must be
tilled to a depth of about 10 to 12 inches if
8. To allow water to move downward. If soil is loose
planting vegetable and ornamental plants.
because of thorough preparation water could
Before working the soil, spread organic
easily pass through it. This promotes the
materials such as compost or manure one to
development of roots in plant deeper, taking
four inches thick. This will improve the
advantage of the soil nutrients present.
condition of the soil that is beneficial to
2. To control the growth of weeds. When soil is
1. Soil must be tilled thoroughly before planting
being tilled, weeds growing in the area are
in order to
disturbed. Their roots are exposed to
block the entrance of oxygen to the soil
sunlight and may die. If deep tillage is done,
increase the growth of weeds
there will be a significant reduction in the
allow soil to become clayey
growth of weeds.
improve soil condition
3. To control the growth of disease causing
2. Nematodes and microorganisms present in
organisms present in the soil. Nematodes
the soil are killed when
and other microorganisms present in the soil
applied with fungicides
are exposed to adverse climatic condition
water is plenty in the garden
when soil is plowed. These microorganisms
garden is planted with munggo
create a problem to crops most of the time if
exposed to adverse soil condition when
not controlled. By working thoroughly the
soil is plowed
soil, it will prevent the attack of disease
3. A well-prepared soil prior to planting has the
causing organisms to plants in a natural
capacity to
retain moisture
4. .
save more nutrients
allow soil to become compact
5. prepared soil prior to planting has its great
help insect pests harbor the area
advantage. Aside from the fact that it is easy
to work on soil, surface may be well-drained
yet able to retain moisture as it is needed.
This becomes very productive.
6. To promote soil aeration. Plant roots need

oxygen underneath. When soil is wellprepared, this promotes soil aeration. This is
very evident when plants are cultivated in
the garden. After the practice, plants
respond by forming new shoots, a result of

4. A garden site that is well-prepared will

promote soil aeration, meaning
cultivation becomes easy
potassium becomes abundant
oxygen passes through the soil
nitrogen evaporates from the soil
5. A well-tilled soil will allow water to easily pass
through underneath, this is advantageous to
vegetable plants


deeply rooted plants

flowering plants


climbing plants

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