The Dolch Words are the 220 most frequently found words in books that children read.

Children who learn these words develop a firm base for beginning reading. May of these word should be learnt as sight words. Units and activities of various descriptions will be constantly updated to develop the repetition necessary to familiarise themselves with the words. TEACHING NOTES & OVERVIEW I extend grateful thanks to my sources(credit below) for providing this brief overview, and when I have combined it with the actual words lists and phrase list, gives an indication of the INTERNATIONAL accepted norms and standards. Note however that some work units will have some of the words in various of the other groups. I have my own personal method of teaching these to my own children with the aids of many and various organisations and methods. The end requirement or result is the same and successful. We must also bear in mind that in South Africa many of our spellings are different to the spelling in the United States therefore we have to adapt our teaching plans accordingly. I have compiled flash cards, work units and sight word lists for each of the five Dolch Groups, Nouns and the Phrases. The delay in uploading is due to the present conversion into Afrikaans and Zulu as well, where appropriate. Overview – Teaching Notes The famous Dolch Sight Word lists are named after E.W. Dolch, who surveyed a great quantity of children's books to compile a list of the most commonly occurring words in young children's readers. He came up with a list of 220 "service words" (primarily pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and verbs) and 95 common nouns. It is estimated that the combined listings account for common words that occur in 50-75% of children's books. The Dolch words are also commonly known as "sight words" because very often they cannot be either illustrated via simple pictures or sounded out according to regular phonetic decoding rules. They need to be learned and recognized 'on sight'. Given the frequency of the Dolch words in children's literature, they are deemed crucial for beginner readers, and most experts advocate the these words be learned by native English speakers prior to finishing the first grade in school. The importance of learning Dolch words for beginner EFL/ESL students has also been pointed out, but it is important to note that whereas native speakers are learning written forms of words that have already become cemented in their oral/aural vocabulary, this may not necessarily be the case for learners of English as a second language. For these students, learning Dolch words really needs to go hand in hand with a rich array of comprehensible language input in both spoken and written form. Dolch Sight Word Listing Dolch organized his listing into categories that match grade levels. This

represents a sequence rather than an order of difficulty, and matches the frequency of words according to grade-level material. Despite this categorization, it is generally recommended that all of the words in all the categories be learned during the first grade. Pre-primer (In South Africa we refer to this as Grade RR (Gr 1)

a, and, away, big, blue, can, come, down, find, for, funny, go, help, here, I, in, is, it, jump, little, look, make, me, my, not, one, play, red, run, said, see, the, three, to, two, up, we, where, yellow, you Primer (In South Africa we refer to this as Grade R) (Gr2) all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes 1st Grade (Gr3)

after, again, an, any, as, ask, by, could, every, fly, from, give, giving, had, has, her, him, his, how, just, know, let, live, may, of, old, once, open, over, put, round, some, stop, take, thank, them, then, think, walk, were, when 2nd Grade (Gr4) always, around, because, been, before, best, both, buy, call, cold, does, don't, fast, first, five, found, gave, goes, green, its, made, many, off, or, pull, read, right, sing, sit, sleep, tell, their, these, those, upon, us, use, very, wash, which, why, wish, work, would, write, your 3rd Grade (Gr5) about, better, bring, carry, clean, cut, done, draw, drink, eight, fall, far, full, got, grow, hold, hot, hurt, if, keep, kind, laugh, light, long, much, myself, never, only, own, pick, seven, shall, show, six, small, start, ten, today, together, try, warm Dolch Nouns apple, baby, back, ball, bear, bed, bell, bird, birthday, boat, box, boy, bread, brother, cake, car, cat, chair, chicken, children, Christmas, coat, corn, cow, day, dog, doll, door, duck, egg, eye, farm, farmer, father, feet, fire, fish, floor, flower, game, garden, girl, good-bye, grass, ground, hand, head, hill, home, horse, house, kitty, leg, letter, man, men, milk, money, morning, mother, name, nest, night, paper, party, picture, pig, rabbit, rain, ring, robin, Santa Claus, school, seed, sheep, shoe, sister, snow, song, squirrel, stick, street, sun, table, thing, time, top, toy, tree, watch, water, way, wind, window, wood