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Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources

Rutgers University
14 College Farm Road
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(865) 789-4306

Research Interests
Plant community ecology, intraspecific trait variation, plant-pollinator interactions, statistical
and theoretical ecology, ecological networks




Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, PhD

Advisors: Jennifer Schweitzer and Joseph Bailey
Biology, University of Tennessee, BS





Postdoctoral Associate, Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers


Advisor: Rachael Winfree
Instructor, General Ecology, Division of Biology, University of Tennessee
Postdoctoral Associate, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee

Advisor: Joseph Bailey


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, N Omomo, JK Bailey (2014). Phylogenetic diversity, herbivory,
and ecosystem function. PeerJ, e288.
Gorman CE, QD Read, ME Van Nuland, JAM Bryant, JN Welch, JT Altobelli, MJ Douglas, MA
Genung, EN Haag, DN Jones, HE Long, AD Wilburn, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey (2014).

Genung CV - 2 -

Below-ground communities: Phylogenetic similarity aboveground leads to community
similarity belowground through conservatism of functional traits. Annals of Botany
Plants, 5:plt049
Bailey JK, MA Genung, I Ware, CE Gorman, M Van Nuland, H Long, JA Schweitzer (2014)
Indirect genetic effects: An evolutionary mechanism linking feedbacks, genotypic
diversity, and coadaptation along environmental gradients. Functional Ecology, 28:87-95
Burkle LA, L Souza, MA Genung, GM Crutsinger (2013). Plant nutrients, genotype, and GxE
interactions structure floral communities. Ecosphere, 4:art119
Genung MA, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer (2013) Belowground interactions shift the relative
importance of direct and indirect genetic effects. Ecology and Evolution, 3:1692-1701
Genung MA, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer (2013) The afterlife of interspecific indirect genetic
effects: Genotype interactions alter litter quality with consequences for decomposition
and nutrient dynamics, PLOS ONE, 8:e53718
Genung MA, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer (2012) Welcome to the neighborhood: Interspecific
genotype interactions influence above- and belowground biomass and associated
communities, Ecology Letters, 15:65-73.
Bailey JK, MA Genung, J OReilly-Wapstra, BM Potts, J Rowntree, JA Schweitzer, TG Whitham
(2012) New frontiers in community and ecosystem genetics for theory, conservation, and
management. New Phytologist, 193:24-26.
Lessard J-P, WN Reynolds, WA Bunn, MA Genung, and 11 others (2012) Conservation of effect
strength through understory, litter, and soil communities following deer herbivory.
Basic and Applied Ecology, 13:59-66.
Genung MA, GM Crutsinger, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer, NJ Sanders (2012) Spatial patterns of
aphid abundance depend on plant genotype and genotypic diversity, Oecologia, 168:167-
Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, F Ubeda, BM Fitzpatrick, CC Pregitzer, E Felker-Quinn, JK Bailey
(2011) Genetic variation and community change selection, evolution, and feedbacks,
Functional Ecology, 25:408-419.
Genung MA, JP Lessard, CB Brown, WA Bunn, MA Cregger, WN Reynolds, E Felker-Quinn,
ML Stevenson, AS Hartley, GM Crutsinger, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey (2010) Non-
additive effects of genotypic diversity affect pollinator visitation, PLOS ONE 5:e8711.

Genung CV - 3 -

Book Chapters and Other Publications

Genung MA, JK Senior, J O'Reilly-Wapstra, SK Chapman, A Langley, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey
(2014) When ranges collide: Evolutionary history, phylogenetic community interactions,
global change factors and range size differentially affect plant productivity. In "Eco-
evolutionary Dynamics" (eds. J Moya-Larao, J Rowntree, G Woodward) Academic Press
Bailey JK, RK Bangert, MA Genung, JA Schweitzer, and GM Wimp (2013) Community Ecology.
In Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability: Ecosystem Management and
Sustainability. Berkshire Publishing Group, Great Barrington, MA, USA
Bailey JK, JA Schweitzer, F Ubeda, M Zinkgraf, BM Fitzpatrick, J OReilly-Wapstra, BJ Rehill, CJ
LeRoy, BM Potts, TG Whitham, MA Genung, DG Fischer, CC Pregitzer, A Keith (2011)
From genes to ecosystems: emerging concepts bridging ecological and evolutionary
dynamics, In The ecology of plant secondary metabolites: from genes to landscapes
(eds. GR Iason, M Dicke, and SE Hartley), Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey (2014) Beyond the blueprint, The Scientist.

Manuscripts in Preparation
Genung MA, JW Fox, R Winfree. New Price equation derivation reveals dominant species,
rather than richness, determines temporal stability of ecosystem services in real-world
Genung MA, JW Fox, R Winfree. Community simulations with realistic dominance structure
reveal that abundance is more important than richness to ecosystem services.
Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, JK Senior, J OReilly-Wapstra, JK Bailey. Interactions between
endemism and evolutionary history determine plant responses to elevated CO2.
MacLeod M**, MA Genung, R Winfree. Separating rewiring from chance in plant-pollinator
network dynamics: a null model approach.
MacLeod M**, J Reilly, MA Genung, J Gibbs, R Winfree. Rare and ecosystem service-providing
bee species do not prefer the same plant species, despite the predictions of network
Mueller L, L Breza, MA Genung, C Giardina, JD Busch, DM Wagner, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer.

Ecosystem consequences of plant colonization as an evolutionary force.

Genung CV - 4 -

Bailey JK and 14 others including MA Genung. Defining the eco-evolutionary dynamic to unify
population, community and ecosystem ecology.

Invited Presentations


Genung MA. International Conference of Entomology, Measuring partner choice in plant-

pollinator networks: Separating rewiring and fidelity from chance with a null model
approach. Insights into the Biology of Wild and Native Bees symposium, upcoming Sep.
2016 (Orlando, FL)


Genung MA. Rutgers University, Scaling up biodiversity-ecosystem services research

from experiments to the landscape, Sep. 2015 (New Brunswick, NJ)


Genung MA. British & French Ecological Societies Joint Meeting, The Price equation and
ecosystem functioning: A novel statistical approach to the delivery of pollination
services in natural systems, Dec. 2014 (Lille, France)


Genung MA. Villanova University, Plant-pollinator interactions from genotypes to

landscapes, Nov. 2014 (Villanova, PA)


Genung MA. University of Pennsylvania, Plant-pollinator interactions from genotypes to

landscapes (Philadelphia, PA)


Genung MA. Rutgers University, The hierarchy of biodiversity and ecosystem function
(New Brunswick, NJ)


Genung MA. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, The hierarchy of biodiversity and ecosystem
function (Oak Ridge, TN)


Genung MA. International Botanical Conference, Ecological and evolutionary

consequences of genotype-based plant-neighbor interactions (Melbourne, Australia)

Selected Contributed Presentations


Genung MA, JW Fox, R Winfree. Using the Price equation to understand ecosystem
service stability in real-world systems. ESA Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

Genung CV - 5 -


Long H*, MA Genung, Bailey JK, Schweitzer JA. Genetic-based legacy effects of above-
and belowground linkages on plant community and fitness. ESA Annual Meeting, Poster


Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey. Evolutionary history interacts with phylogenetic

diversity and dissimilarity to affect productivity and herbivory. Gordon Conference on
Plant-Herbivore Interactions, poster, Galveston, TX


Genung MA, Schweitzer JA, Bailey JK. The company you keep: Phylogenetic
community interactions and global change factors differentially affect plant
productivity. ESA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN


Genung MA, JA Schweitzer, JK Bailey. Relative importance of genotype and neighbor

genotype for belowground productivity. Plant-Herbivore Gordon Conference, Poster,
Galveston, TX


Genung MA, GM Crutsinger, NJ Sanders, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer. Species- and

genotype-species neighbor effects on pollinator communities and ecosystem processes.
ESA Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM


Genung MA, GM Crutsinger, JK Bailey, JA Schweitzer. Neighboring effects of

intraspecific genetic variation and genotypic diversity influence patterns of aphid
abundance on Solidago altissima. ESA Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, WI


Genung MA, MN Habenicht, GM Crutsinger. Consequences of genetic variation for

arthropods on Solidago. Southeastern Conference on Arthropod Biology, Highlands, NC

* Work with mentored undergraduate students

Selected Grants and Awards
University of Tennessee Libraries, Open Access Publishing Grants. Four grants totaling $3,900
from 2010-2013
Faculty of 1000 in Theoretical Ecology, Associate Member (2014-present)
Best publication by a graduate student, University of Tennessee Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology (Genung et al. Ecology Letters, 2012)
Exceptional Progress by Graduate Student Award, University of Tennessee Department of
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2011)
Relevant Skills
Programming: R (advanced), SAS (intermediate), Git (basic)

Genung CV - 6 -

Database Management: SQL (intermediate)
Statistics: JMP, MS Office
Mathematical ecology: Price equation (expert), null models (advanced), numerical ecology
(advanced), network analysis (advanced), simulation models (intermediate)


Rutgers University

Instructor: Ecological Networks Seminar. Graduate seminar course.

Responsibility for choosing papers, guiding discussion

University of Tennessee

Instructor: General Ecology. Sole responsibility for all lectures, exams, laboratories
and supervision of 5 TAs for >100 undergraduate students


Co-instructor: Evolutionary Ecology Seminar. Focus on indirect genetic effects, co-

instructor with JK Bailey, responsible for syllabus, discussions and student


Instructor: Community Ecology Seminar. Focus on community genetics, responsible

for syllabus, discussions and student evaluation


Co-instructor: Ecosystem Ecology Methods. Field and laboratory course, co-

instructor with Aime Classen, primary responsibility for syllabus, field trips,
teaching laboratory techniques/procedures, and student evaluation

Advising and Mentoring

Molly MacLeod (2014-present)
Rutgers University PhD student, Effect of species abundance distributions on plant-
pollinator networks, three co-authored papers on plant-pollinator networks in
Michael Roswell (2014-present)
Rutgers University PhD student, Sampling effort and plant-pollinator network surveys
Hannah Long (2012-2013)
U. of Tennessee Undergraduate Honors Thesis, Intraspecific genetic variation and plant-
soil feedbacks using plants from my PhD project, presented poster at ESA in 2013


Genung CV - 7 -

Professional Service
Referee for NSF, Nature Communications, Ecology Letters, Ecology, Functional Ecology, Biological
Invasions, Oikos, Oecologia, Evolutionary Ecology, Community Ecology

Selected University Service and Outreach

NSF-Funded General Biology Curriculum Reform Committee, U. of Tennessee (2013-2014)

Bi-weekly meetings with faculty and postdocs specializing in science education, led to complete
redesign of a freshman discussion course.

STEM careers for rural East Tennessee school system Science Club (2013)

Along with other graduate students, discussed STEM careers with a science club for girls from
Sunbright Middle School, and organized a data collection activity for the students using an
active research project at UTK (Hannah Longs honors thesis project, see Mentoring section