ADAM-I GIVE YOU ALL MY LOVE This is a poem about a boy and his mother, who a!e a"" her "o!

e# To wish him a $han$e to "i!e his "i%e with uidan$e %rom abo!e# Li!in a "i%e in autism $an be s$ary and "ea!e you in %ear# &ut the %ear is "a$' o% understandin in what you see or hear# The importan$e with autism is dis$o!ery when the $hi"d is youn # (hat stimu"ations wor' %or the $hi"d when their peers $ome## The %irst step o% rowth is a$$eptan$e o% the prob"em by the parents# As the $hi"d)s response is positi!e, the re"ie% %rom parents is apparent # This is a pro$ess that wi"" be with them %or "i%e# It)s important to understand that, to he"p "imit s"eep"ess ni hts# Abo!e a"", %un$tionin autisti$s wish to "ead a norma" "i%e# A$tua""y norma" is a re"ati!e term, whi$h means their %utures bri ht# A %uture that)s bri ht %or autisti$s is to "earn to %un$tion on their own# To pro!ide %or themse"!es, ha!e a purpose and their own home# &ut to "earn, you must ta'e tiny steps and understand where you are# Learnin the basi$s, 'nowin the stimu"ations, to 'eep you on par# A"" a"on your parents ha!e been with you app"audin your mo!es# Appre$iatin your rowth, understandin the times and your moods# An autisti$ $hi"d)s parents dream their $hi"d wi"" row and "o!e "i%e# &ut that is dependent on the parents initia" mo!e to stop the stri%e# And so a $hi"d and parent mo!e throu h the storm $"ouds o% "i%e# The $hi"d wor's on impro!in and the parent "earns to stay the %i ht# Then one day they awa'e and $"ouds ha!e a"" disappeared# They %ind their *ourney has brou ht them the pea$e they so re!ered# Author+ Timothy &# Thayer