March 30, 2010

Press Statement NPA claim of killing 6 soldiers in DavOr, malicious

Camp Apolinario, Panacan, Davao City – In an arrogantly joyful mood, the Local Terrorist Front-15 (LTF-15) of the New People’s Army (NPA) claims that they killed six soldiers in a clash early morning of March 28 in Baganga town in Davao Oriental. The claim is a show of unparalleled arrogance and disregard to human lives as they rejoice with every individual they murdered be it a soldier or an innocent civilian whom they have victimized. The 10th Infantry Division condoles with the family of the slain soldier who was doing his job and laid down his life in service to our people in Baganga. Private First Class Ulysses Dedumo, a native of Brgy. Cocornon, Lupon, Davao Oriental; the lone fatality in the encounter lies in state at Angel Funeral Parlor in Panabo City while the wounded soldier is recuperating at Panacan Station Hospital. The erroneous, malicious and preposterous claim of LTF-15 mirrors their cunning and sly methods of deceiving our people in every avenue for their own selfish aims in projecting a position of strength but in truth is a weakness masked by their massive crimes and atrocities against the people. While the communists rejoice in every death of our countrymen brought by their violent ways, the true soldiers of the people mourn in every life taken from this Earth whether it is a soldier, plain civilian or an NPA. We at the 10th Infantry Division and the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) do not celebrate the death of anyone even that of an NPA. We value life even that of the opponent as our own and we will do whatever it takes to preserve the life of any person even at the risk of laying down our own while the terrorists disregard it by leaving their comrades in the heat of battles repeatedly in the past. These terrorists mock at the dignity of their own members by denying the deaths of their men and if their dead were not left behind, they burry them on shallow graves in the mountains without the benefit of a prayer from a man of the cloth. Most often than not, we can find our soldiers helping the relatives exhume the cadaver in order for the family to provide their kin a dignified funeral befitting a human being. We take cognizance of the truth that our problem is not won by how many opponents were killed as the CPP-NPA-NDF do not value life and have repeatedly used such incidents as propaganda in maligning the image of the AFP and manipulated previous incidents to arouse people against duly constituted authorities. Towards this end, your soldiers will continue serving our people as the true army of the masses, protectors of the citizenry and defenders of democracy as we continually work towards the achievement of a lasting peace in our country. -30Released by: CPT EMMANUEL R GARCIA (INF) PA Spokesman, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army