March 31, 2010 LFS Southern Mindanao misleads people thru lies

Press Statement

“Rebellion without truth is like spring in bleak, arid desert” – Kahlil Gibran The statement of the League of Filipino Students (LFS), Southern Mindanao in Sunstar’s “We got mail” column dated March 24, 2010; misleads the people by providing erroneous data which sole intention is to malign the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the whole government. The allegation of a certain Karlos Manlupig on the death of a certain Cris Hugo of Bicol University pinpointing government agents is baseless, malicious and designed to deceive the people. It is with deep sympathy that we pay respect to Cris Hugo together with all victims of terrorism and the NPAs violent anti-progress and anti-people policy. Cris Hugo was killed by unidentified men in 2006 and never did it appear that government instrumentalities were responsible hence the accusation of Manlupig is irresponsible and cast doubt on the real motive of LFS in painting a scenario contrary to truth. While the CPP-NPA-NDF in Bicol is quick to blame the military for the crime, they cannot produce an iota of evidence to substantiate their claim. Now, people may wonder why the same accusations and propaganda line of the CPP-NPA-NDF in Bicol is being carried and bannered by LFS, Southern Mindanao? In touching purported human rights violations and killings in Bicol, LFS Southern Mindanao misrepresented the true victims of human rights violations by purposely not mentioning the scores of people whom the Maoist New People’s Army (NPA) mercilessly murdered in Bicol region. In 2009, the CPP-NPA-NDF murdered 39 CAFGU, PNP and civilians in Bicol region. In 2010, they killed two soldiers, five CAFGU, one PNP and one local candidate in Pasacao, Camarines Sur who refused to give in to their “permit to campaign fee” which is plain extortion. In May 19, 2009 Maoist NPAs abducted five hapless civilians after their attack on a detachment in Lubigan Junior, Sipocot, Camarines Sur. National Democratic Front (NDF) Spokesman Ka Greg Banares and their Karapatan Bicol propagandist, John Concepcion immediately accused the military as behind the abduction. Later in the afternoon, soldiers led by Lt. Bohol encountered the Communist Terrorists who were actually responsible in abducting the farmers; who have been ordered to carry wounded NPAs and their equipment. ABSCBN Bicol aired the interview on the victims, to the dismay of the Communists. Are we reminded of the Pitao-Dadula double murder case? Davao folks may vividly recall when NPAs murdered Evelyn Pitao and her live-in partner Roland Dadula in May of 2009 and the mother of all lies was let loose by blaming soldiers for the sinister act they (NPA) committed. They only admitted their crime when they surmised that their lies were untenable. Preposterous but LFS, Southern Mindanao even failed miserably to mention the many victims of NPA killings here in southern Mindanao.

In 2009 alone the NPA killed 83 people in Southern Mindanao, 52 of which are plain civilians and 24 of them are Lumads who are unarmed and defenceless. Fernando Timbal a bank driver in Panabo was murdered by NPA thinking he was a soldier. Silvano Delas Alas of Boston, Davao Oriental was peppered with bullets by NPA terrorists who thought he was a Cafgu. Mister Manlupig, to gain credibility in your claim in fighting for justice for Cris Hugo, kindly fight for the rights of the 39 individuals murdered by the NPAs in Bicol region; kindly fight for the rights the 83 people who were killed by the NPAs in Southern Mindanao; kindly fight for the rights of Fernando Timbal; kindly fight for the rights of Silvano delas Alas. Truly, Kahlil Gibran is correct in saying; “Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.” Listen to our people and be one with them in their stand against violence and call for peace. Hustisya alang kay Cris Hugo ug sa tanang biktima sa NPA! Hustisya alang sa kamatuuran! Ihunong ang armadong pekeng pakigbisog! I-asdang ang tinuod ug hapsay nga pakigbisog alang sa kalinaw ug demokrasya!

-30Released by: CPT EMMANUEL R GARCIA (INF) PA Spokesman, 10th Infantry Division, Philippine Army