Hamada 3/3/2010

The Message from Water
Water for us looks simple, but other people have discovered things about water, One of them is DR: Masaru Emoto, a scientist from Japan.He is the head of the I.H.M General Research Institute in Japan. He was introduced to the concept of micro-cluster water and magnetic resonance analysis technology in The United States. This began his quest to discover the mystery of water.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto Began to freeze water for 3 hours by temperatures of 20C and photograph them under microscope. After this found beautiful structure ice crystal .may be all different depending from reflection and the water expose to words, music and voice. The water has high sensitive about anything may be positive or negative depending to way to expose change the structure.http://www.hado.net/index.php You know up to 60% of our body is water. The massage from water is telling us to look inside ourselves.to found the water become as a missionary to give you us thoughts about how all of things in the world work together to imagine the greatest secrets in this world. Today we going to explain how the water has memory to various languages to send message to the entire world and become tremendous resonance between people all over the world. This topic is very important for many philosophers, water researchers, scientists, religious persons, artist and spiritual leaders.http://www.hado.net/seminars/index.php When I know about this topic at first time I think it is not truth, but when I started to search about it I found 17 results in 17 ayas in holy Qur an in results number 12 aya 39 fussilat and among his signs(in this)that you see the earth barren, but when I send down water(rain)to it, it is stirred to life and growth(of vegetation).Verily, he who gives it life, surely,(he)is able to give life to the dead(on the day of resurrection).Indeed! He is able to do all things).http://tanzil.info/ After this I found relationship between the water and coccyx bone,When some scientist makes analyze to this bone, they found it contains living cells after

Hamada 3/3/2010

theydied. And try to destroy this cells scientistcan t do this.http://www.elnaggarzr.com/en/main.php?id=12

There are many ways to thinking about this world to discover the mystery in quest of the truth.

http://www.hado.net/seminars/index.php http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZDOPQRdxJM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto http://www.elnaggarzr.com/en/main.php?id=12 http://tanzil.info/

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