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This years topic for NHD focused on Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange, so as a

group we dived into the category list to find what assumes to be the best for us. Before we
proceeded, our interests of the topics did not quite intermingled with each other as we chose
those that were fascinating. Like many of us, we know little history and knowledge about
explorations. Finally, we decided on Origins and Rise of Communism in the Soviet Union to
explore more about what happened during the era that Communism first was introduced. We
knew that difficulties were especially in Communists, it fascinated us to explore their founders
viewpoints as to establishing the ideology and why many of the world today still exists
Communist practice.
Next, the thesis was our next step. As we discovered what to generate, our thesis centered
the Bolshevik Revolution. We simply researched on the rise of Communism and the ideology it
derived from. During this process, we did however, first researched at our school library and
combined the sources. Our schools library did not have books that would help us with our theme
but luckily, the library webpage is connected to the public libraries that we could surf the web
through eBooks. As planned, we divided amongst ourselves and investigate each of the leaders
that served Communism. We came across multiple resources online such as GALE, US History
Context, and more, that were reliable and contain the same content information. Shortly, we
looked into points of views to comprehend the basic terminology of Communism and took out
information that did not tie into our theme.
Moreover, we agreed to create a website for our project. We figured that it was best to
create a website that involves maneuverable and tabs to an extended page, through the process of
exploring from the beginning to the rise of Communism. As well as using multiple images and
videos on the behalf of an overall idea who the dictators that served under the U.S.S.R. By
chance, we had two individuals who were experiencing coding for years and ultimately they
could create a designated webpage for exploring Communism. Our two members involved with
using extendedly HTML coding and CSS styling. Considering that we were to create a website,
we know that a website generally contains text and tab pages to locate our resources and have a
specific category.
The starting point of the rise of Communism was that of Karl Marxs published book
called The Communist Manifesto in desires to end Capitalism, as were the social class system
and the unequal dissemination of wealth. This topic focused on the deep history of the arrival of
Communism, the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both establishing the same principals,
correctly labels the exploration, and the encounter of such political philosophy as it exchanged to
several parts of the U.S.S.R. Although the world is not concerned with the philosophy, they
neglected the moralities to exchange their political scheme with such Marxism ideas.