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WKNJ Newscast

Daniel Donaldson

Good afternoon, it's Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 at 2 o'clock and you're
listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, New Jersey, and I'm Dan Donaldson
with the news.

In Local News.

A tense three-hour with police standoff occurred after an armed

suspect fatally stabbed one woman and critically injured a second
victim Monday. According to Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew
Carey, Rodney Jencsik barricaded himself inside his residence in Ideal
mobile homes around 4:45 pm, with Swat officers and other police,
armed taking positions around the home. Before Woodbridge police
rushed the area, a man identified himself as Jencskis brother stated
that he returned to their home covered in blood. The standoff included
back and forth gunshots from police and the suspect and lasted until
7:30 pm when officers fire hit him and taken into custody. Jencisk was
taken to a nearby hospital, with his condition currently unknown to the
public. Jancis is accused of stabbing Dina Marie Heil to death Monday

afternoon in her home in Old Bridge. No know motive is available at

this time.

Three train cars derailed in Englewood NJ Monday. The derailment

occurred off the CSX tracks north of Forste Avenue during the morning.
The three train cars were carrying cooking oil, with none of the oil
reported to have spilled. The cause for the derailment is currently
under investigation, with Fire Lt. David officals, calling the incident
"Minor". The Northern Branch, a former passenger line, is lightly used
by CSX compared to the company's River Line, which runs about two
miles to the west and often carries hazardous material such as volatile
Bakken crude oil. Those trains, which pass through 11 Bergen County
towns, have led to several fiery derailments throughout North America.
NJ Transit has long proposed using the Northern Branch to extend the
Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system 12 miles from North Bergen to
Englewood Hospital. Officials are still trying to tap funding for the
estimated $1-billion project. No injuries were reported from the

In National News

Devasting flooding in South Carolina has left at least seven people

dead and hundreds needing rescue. Close to 18 inches of rain have
fallen within just 24 hours
In parts of Columbia, leaving nearly 30,000 people without power and
water. The rainfall accumulation is a third of would see in an entire
year. At least five dams have been damaged and breached in the
Lexington counties, with heavy flooding plague the nearby
communities. "We haven't had this level of rain in the state

In a thousand years that's how big this is," said South Carolina Gov.
Nikki Haley during an address to the state Monday morning. Six
hundred national guardsmen have been activated, and 8,000 more are
on standby. President Obama has declared a state of emergency and
curfews have been ordered. As more rainfall is expected in the coming
days, emergency crews will be going door to door checking on anyone
who may be trapped inside their home.

A teen surfer was reported bitten by a shark off the Florida coast
Monday. Authorities say a 14-year-old from Vero Beach was surfing with
four others off New Smyrna Beach when a shark bit the boys arms,
needing the teen to be hospitalized. The shark is believed to be a 5foot blacktip shark, and caused the boy to have "significate

lacerations" according to patrol spokesman Capt. Aaron Jenkins. The

boy punched the shark before returning to shore getting free of the
animals bit.
He says the attack occurred about 100 yards offshore.

In International News..
Russian aggression with dealing in the Syrian crisis have reached a
fever pitch this week, with reports coming from Turkey that a Russian
warplane along the Syrian border violated its airspace. This violation
prompted Turkis forces to scramble f-16 jets to monitor their airspace,
while also summoning the Russian ambassor to the cournty in protest.
The news comes as Russia continues to infuriate the U.S., Turkey,

and their coalition partners in the Middle East with airstrikes in Syria.
The Russian defense ministry released a cockpit video Sunday, which it
claims shows its fighter jets hitting ISIS positions in Syria, including a
command center and a training camp for the terrorist group. But the
locations that Russia says it hit are all in areas where there is no ISIS
presence according to U.S officials, and its coalition partners say what
Russia is really doing in Syria is propping up the Syrian regime, by
launching strikes on those who oppose the government.

A South Korean national who is a student at New York Uiveristy was

released forom North Korean custory Monday. Won Moon Joo, 21, was
released after being arrested for crossing the Chinese border into North
Korea six months earlier. Joo is a permanent resident within the United
States, and his motivations for his travel to North Korea is unknown.
However, the release is believed to be a sign of better ties being
created between North and South Korea, specifically after the recent
threats from the North in launching a long-range rocket last month.
Seoul's Unification Ministry described the North's decision to release
Joo as "fortunate" and urged it to free the three other South Korean
nationals who are being held within the country.

In Entertainment News

Actress Keira Knightley's Broadway debut was interrupted when a

member of the audience shouted at the actress and threw roses at the
stage before being escorted from the theatre. The man apparently
proposed to the star during the first preview of Therese Raquin, a stage

adaptation of the Emile Zola novel in which Knightley plays the

doomed heroine. He was then heard to add: "Five seconds is too long
to wait for a response!" Jessica Johnson, the spokeswoman for the
Roundabout Theatre Company, said the safety of actors and audiences
was taken seriously and extra security would be added starting on

In Sports
NFL Tonight: The Detroit Lions will play the Seattle Seahawks tonight,
with Seattle looking to gain a win after their loss to the New York Giants
last week.

NBA Tonight: The Sacramento Kings will play the Portland Trail Blazers.
MLB Tonight: The New York Mets look to continue their run to the
playoffs as they take on the Los Angles Dodgers tonight.

Now for the WKNJ weather update..

Cloudy skies all day, with breaks of sunshine into the mid afternoon.
Morning temperatures in the low 60s, going into the high 60's into the
day. Expected temp high is 75 degrees, Low is 50 degrees.
Current temperature on campus is 69.
Thats it for your news. Youre listening to 90.3 WKNJ-FM, Union, New
Jersey. Im Dan Donaldson and well be right back after this.


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