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Winter Traditions

Perhaps the most beautiful, beloved and awaited Christmas holiday is

celebrated by the entire Christian world on 25 December.
From the religious point of view, Christmas, the oldest celebration of humanity,
signifies the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, sent to earth to help people
become better, more faithful, more lenient and responsible, more tolerant and patient.
Pig slaughter
The custom slaughter pig Ignat, on December 20, still practiced by our villages
Romanian on where households keep pigs in their yards, because winter holidays
have fresh meat from which to prepare traditional Romanian cuisine: drum , jelly,
stew, sausage. After cutting and sorting meat, the host prepares, outside, close to the
place of sacrifice, a big meal for all the people who helped butchering. The dish
traditionally called "charity pig" is achieved by frying in a large pot of tuci, of the cuts
from all parts of slaughtered pigs: pieces of muscle, liver, bacon, coast jaw.
It heralds the Nativity
Before Christmas, the priest walked with the icon from house to house to
proclaim the Nativity. This is a very old practice, in fact, a visit to the priest makes his
followers. The priest carries with him an icon depicting the Savior nativity scene,
singing Troparion in each house, giving the faithful to be kissed icon.
Christmas tree decorating
The tradition of house adornment fir fir branches is a relatively new habit,
taken in the mid nineteenth century from German speaking countries. With its
triangular shape, the tree symbolizes the Holy Trinity and the tree is adorned with
ornaments signify wealth and knowledge, as well as the sacred tree of the Garden of
Eden. Nowadays, decorate the Christmas tree became one of the most beloved
traditions in both rural and urban, with Christmas Eve anticipation of Santa Claus.
The children know that Santa brings presents several who were very obedient. It is
today a very serious argument and is a strong motivation for children who try to
become more obedient, more diligent and listened for the next year to receive more

On Christmas Eve there wont go caroling. The carols are composed of
traditional songs and plenty of good wishes to all who listen. On Christmas carols
back, this time the children sing "The Star". This carol they announce the birth of
baby Jesus. There are areas in the country where tradition still holds Christmas
religiously and transmitted, from generation to generation. People in the villages have
specific habits that do not deviate from that, the winter holidays, traditions and
superstitions hear that many of us have never heard.
Loans and luck
In some places, on Christmas Eve, gather their households of the village all
the things they have lent. Elsewhere, on Christmas eve with loan not give anything
because the borrowers do that only thieves have luck next year. Tradition also says
that those who give things of house, home banish luck. In some villages, water dish,
the family wash, put nuts for people to be healthy throughout the year. All the villages
are still retains customary on Christmas Eve carol bands go from door to door to
proclaim the birth of Baby Jesus. It is said that young masked accompany these
bands have the gift to ward off evil spirits and those who receive them will have a
poor year, with bad luck.