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Hellboy and the BPRD go to

By Mike Montesa
Its only natural perhaps that the BPRD would dispatch Hellboy and his team to investigate
the goings on at haunted mansions around the world. Here are some stats you can use for
everyone favorite red paranormal investigator and his friends.
You can play through the regular Haunts in the game using these characters, or replace
scenario 37 with the special Hellboy scenario Seed of Destruction, based on the first
Hellboy graphic novel.
Youll have to make your own counters or pieces. Steve Jackson Games makes a line of
Hellboy miniatures that are perfect for this (obviously!)
Obviously, Hellboy and the BPRD agents are quite powerful, and can may make short work
of any opponents they encounter, so be ready to adjust the power level of the bad guys if
you feel it is necessary.
Have fun!
Hellboy Worlds Greatest Paranormal Investigator
Hellboy wears a long coat and a utility belt stuffed with gadgets and gewgaws, and carries
really big gun. Hes also 7 feet tall, has red skin, a giant stone right hand, the stubs of two

filed off horns on his head, and was spawned in Hell. Usually hes the kind of creature the
explorers in House on the Hill run into (or away from). But now, hes on our side
Speed: 5
Might: 8
Sanity: 5
Knowledge: 4
Special Power Hand of Doom: Hellboy packs a heavy punch with his stone right hand.
When making an attack, Hellboy can re-roll (once) any dice that come up 1.
Special Item Handgun: Hellboy has a specially made handgun which he can use like the
Revolver card. This hand cannon adds two extra dice to Hellboys speed when he makes a
ranged attack. If any dice come up one (1) the gun jams and is useless for the rest of the
Special Item Belt Pouches: Hellboys got a lot of stuff in his belt pouches and pockets.
When the Haunt begins, Hellboy may discard any item card he has and draw one to replace
Abe Sapien Fish Man
Abe Sapien was found in a life support tube under St. Trinians Hospital in Washington
D.C. He is an amphibious humanoid with gray skin. Abe often accompanies Hellboy on his
Speed: 5
Might: 4
Sanity: 4
Knowledge: 4
Special Power - Amphibious: Abe can use the Underground Lake to get to any other room
in the basement in one turn. Likewise, Abe can move from any room in the basement to the
Underground Lake. It takes all of Abes movement to do so.
Liz Sherman Pyrokinetic
Liz Sherman needed a few years to lean to control her pyrokinetic abilities so as to avoid

accidentally immolating everything around her.

Speed: 3
Might: 3
Sanity: 6
Knowledge: 4
Special Power Firestarter: Liz can use her pyrokinetic abilities to create, control, and
manipulate fire. Liz can use her Sanity to attack opponents physical traits (Speed &
Might). She can also do this at a distance (use distance attack rules). Opponents resist using
their Might.
Roger Ancient Homonculus
Roger was created 500 years ago in Romania by a mad alchemist. Constructed from mud,
blood, roots, and herbs, the alchemist animated Roger with a bolt of lightning.
Speed: 4
Might: 7
Sanity: 4
Special Power Bomb: If Roger becomes the traitor, a special explosive device placed
inside him for just such an emergency will go off. Roll 1d6 and add 2. The result is the
number of turns before the bomb goes off. Once this time limit is reached, the bomb
explodes, destroying Roger, and everyone else in the room with him suffers an attack equal
to Rogers Might.
Orson Gaines Ex-SAS
Orson and his team traveled to Turkey to apprehend the Von Braun twins, who had
discovered Noahs Ark inside a previously unknown volcano. Orson was the only survivor
of the incident.
Speed: 5

Might: 4
Sanity: 3
Johann Kraus Ectoplasmic Agent
Kraus was once a psychic medium. During the Chengdou Disaster he was out of his body
and was trapped in ectoplasmic form. The BPRD constructed a special black containment
suit for him and he is now a trusted agent.
Speed: 3
Might: 3
Sanity: 4
Special Power Ectoplasmic Form: Johann can leave his containment suit and move
around. Place an item counter in the room where Johan leaves his suit. In ectoplasmic form,
Johann may explore new rooms as normal, but cannot pick up items, attack, or be attacked
physically (Sanity attacks still affect him). Johann does not have to make a roll to move
through barriers. However, each turn he is out of his suit, he loses one point from one of his
traits (players choice). If any trait reaches zero before Johan returns to his suit, he
dissipates into the ether. Johanns suit can be picked up by another character (but not
Professor Bruttenholm BPRD Founder
Trevor Bruttenholm was one of the original scientists present at Hellboys birth in 1945.
He raised Hellboy and helped found the BPRD.
Speed: 3
Might: 3
Sanity: 6
Special Power Knows Weaknesses: Prof. Bruttenholm is an expert on the occult and
manifestations of the paranormal. His knowledge can sometimes be his best defense against

his supernatural foes. In combat Prof. Bruttenholm make a Knowledge roll instead of an
attack. The result is the amount by which his assailants trait (used for the attack) is reduced
(for the next attack). Alternately, Prof. Bruttenholm may also give the result of the roll to
an allied character in the same room, fighting against the same monster, in which case that
character adds the results of the Professors Knowledge roll to his own attack roll.