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Make every experience unforgettable.
Our life is a journey. And though some think it isn’t the best thing to look back, at Club Mahindra, we believe otherwise. After all,
nothing compares to looking back at those heartfelt moments that we experience in the midst of our loved ones. And that’s what
we do best. We give you 25 years of memorable experiences. Not to mention that bulging family album.
But, more importantly, we are in it for the reward; a lingering smile, a twinkle in the eye, a happy laugh or even a surprised gasp as
we sweep you up in a wonderful journey infused with incredible experiences and unforgettable memories. So, go on. Roam, laugh,
feast, sing, dance and live the best moments of your life. Your dream holiday is now within reach.

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Where we come from.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited, (MHRIL) is a

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited is a part of the

part of the Hospitality Sector of the Mahindra Group. As an

USD 16.2 billion Mahindra Group, one of India’s leading

organisation, we stand for ‘No Room for Ordinary’, ‘Make

business conglomerates. The group’s reach spans across

Smiles’, ‘Experience is Everything’ and ‘Proud to Belong’.

sectors such as Utility Vehicles, IT, Tractors, Automotive

Values that give rise to our credo - Make Every Moment

Industry, Aerospace, Aftermarket, Components, Consulting

Magical. In 1996, the company launched Club Mahindra.

Services, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Logistics, Real

Within a few short years, Club Mahindra grew to be a

Estate, Retail, Two Wheelers, etc. And, the group has had a

flagship brand, boasting a member base of over 1,60,000 as

long, successful run as the market leader in most sectors.

well as 41 resorts across India and abroad.

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Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 4 .

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Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 7 .Sa il al on g.

Ashtamudi Poovar Kumarakom Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Backwaters Page no: 8 .

resting calm and beautiful on its banks. Chief among them being the floating cottages located right on the backwaters. If action is more your style then give the local fisherman a hand with their Chinese fishing nets. churches and forts. learning a new dance form. May it be exploring temples. So buckle up. And you can do just that at our resort. There are so many reasons that make Club Mahindra Ashtamudi the ideal place to relax and loosen up. coir making or even magic. all you want to do is drop everything and enjoy it. go for a traditional Ayurvedic massage at Svaastha Spa. Or take a pleasant walk along the palm groves on the banks. It's all possible here. A few hours of pampering here and you'll be ready for another adventure in no time. After the labours of the day. Get yourself into a houseboat and gently float down the backwaters. The moment you set eyes on it.Ashtamudi Here's what the magnificent Ashtamudi Lake does to you. Your Ashtamudi holiday is going to be one awesome ride. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 9 .

Take a stroll along the banks on a moonlit night and you’ll know what we’re talking about. the other beautifully reflected upon tranquil waters below. they are even more so. It’s an unbelievable sight. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 10 . It’s here that you realise that real pleasure is found in the simple things of life. hidden within groves of coconut trees.Poovar As you drive down to the southernmost tip of Kerala. Your Poovar holiday is shaping up beautifully. you’ll stumble upon quaint cottages with red roof tiles. Watch them fishing. Once here. harvesting paddy. a cool breeze gently beckons you towards the beautiful coastal town of Poovar. Come on over and experience it. Imagine a starry night resplendent with two moons. by night. If the backwaters are beautiful by day. One shining above. breaking open a coconut or two and building their beloved boats. Experience the simple village life along its banks and marvel at the unique harmony the locals share with nature. Once you’ve settled in. it’s time to enjoy the allure of the backwaters. That’s Club Mahindra Poovar.

poised majestically on shining waters. savouring a book while dipping your feet in the water. Food lovers. we invite you to experience Kerala’s finest fare. The sinuous movements of this 3000-year-old form of martial art make for an amazing experience. But whatever you do. And you can sample it all while enjoying a dramatic folk dance at the in-house performing art restaurant. Club Mahindra Kumarakom meets your every expectation. you know that this is one holiday that is going to be unlike any other. Afterwards. kick back. Sprawled over 17 acres. Now that would make an interesting holiday! Kumarakom Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 11 . And set against the backdrop of Kerala’s beautiful Vembanad Lake. relax and take in the view while sipping on a cup of the finest brew. don’t forget to witness an authentic Kalaripayattu display. Natakshala.When your morning newspaper is delivered by a smiling local happily going about in a boat. the resort is a network of cottages connected by quaint bridges and narrow cobblestone pathways. You can spend many lazy hours here.

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Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 13 .Ease up .

Goa Cherai Beach Beaches Puducherry Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 14 . Goa Emerald Palms.Varca Beach.

sip. Be it sun. Think this the best that Goa can do? Think again. Afterwards. Built in true Goan style with white walls and a red tiled roof. sand. Goa really does have it all. this contemporary haven is complete with spacious rooms and suites with private balconies. savour. delicious food or the warmth of its people. This is one holiday you are not going to forget in a hurry. Afterwards. It just keeps getting better. Goa There is something so different about Goa. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 15 . Take your growling stomach to the beautiful. then wage a paint ball war on your buddies or loved ones. With guns spraying splatters of every colour imaginable and over enthusiastic war cries. Sample the culinary gems refined by generations of Goans to perfection. indulge in a few laps in any one of our two swimming pools. unhurried best. it’s great fun. And right here at Club Mahindra Varca Beach. make your way to the beach shack and treat yourself to some of the finest pleasures available in a glass.Varca Beach. Swirl. Step inside to experience Goa at its slow. Goa is where we want you to discover it. Just imagine sitting here while a soft breeze lulls you to sleep as you take your afternoon siesta. Portuguese styled Tamara Restaurant. If you are in for a rush.

Take to the make Goa famous. Club Mahindra Those among you with a penchant for culture can always explore Emerald Palms is a sprawling Portuguese style villa flanked by lush the amazing number of churches.Quietly tucked between two beautiful beaches. It’s always a perfect holiday when it’s a Goan holiday. temples. Once here. If you happen to travel during the monsoons and water like a pro. So pick a time. any time. Afterwards. And that is to answer the delicious summons of Goan cuisine. restful snooze. So make your way to our open-air restaurant and tuck into the finest fare Goa has to offer. paragliding or banana boat find the beaches somewhat less exciting. begin your holiday in true Goan style. Goa is just as riding. Goa Page no: 16 . Go snorkelling. take a dip in the pool followed by a long and beautiful if not more so in the monsoons. jet skiing. don’t stress. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Emerald Palms. forts and beaches that lawns. There is only one valid excuse to interrupt this state of pure relaxation.

straight off a banana leaf. Page no: 17 . Here. tiled cottages to tucking in the yummy local food.Look to the left and there’s a bright. you can either choose to go sunbathing there are calm and languid backwaters. you’ll see the Chinese fishing nets in action. Club Mahindra Cherai is truly a or swimming. the resort is welcoming. sunny beach. A stroll through the swaying palms will lift your spirits in no time. he may just let you in on a couple of tricks of the trade. You never know. If you Cherai Beach Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch want to try your hand at it. by the beach. Or head straight to the Svaastha Spa and treat yourself to fringed with numerous coconut and palm trees bringing an authentic a traditional massage. you’ll experience the already? And it’s about time you experience it. beautiful and always paradise for all you water babies. the beach is tranquil. Keralite way of life right from living in traditional. Sprawled over 5 acres. Isn’t your Cherai holiday sounding great coastal experience to your door step. you can always befriend a local fisherman. Look to the right and After you are done fishing. A little ahead. After all.

Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Page no: 18 . is a beautiful town tucked in the eastern seaboard of India. And you can soak in the beauty of this place right here at Club Mahindra Puducherry. Koothu. nature walks and treks in addition to ATV bike rides. With so much to look forward to. Where? Right in the middle of the pool of course! In your free time. drive down to Pichavaram.Puducherry Pondi. Your little ones are going to love making pots at the cool workshops held at the resort. a beautiful mangrove forest. tuck into a wonderful candle light dinner. In the evenings. explore Auroville. we’re sure you’ve already started packing your bags for Puducherry. Life is super fun here with activities like kayaking. catamaran rides. volleyball and luxurious dives in the swimming pool. watch as age-old legends of the Ramayana and Mahabharata come alive at the local ethnic theatre. Afterwards. If you are in an adventurous enough mood. as this place is lovingly called. a new age meditation complex. an experimental township or get in touch with your spiritual side with a visit to Matri Mandir.

Jaisalmer Kumbhalgarh Royalty beckons Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Nawalgarh Udaipur 19 .

Welc to th ome e clu b. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 20 .

Kick back and enjoy the local Rajasthani folk dance 21 . calm those racing senses while enjoying a slow camel ride or Jaisalmer Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Next morning. the resort so much more. begin exploring the rich tapestry of culture that camping out in the desert. pot painting and love to have you here. On your first night here. Lie beneath the stars with your loved ones and envelopes this beautiful land. Later. as the Golden Jaisalmer Fort. don’t forget to pick out souvenirs to take back home.If your family has been craving for a different kind of a vacation. then or laze by the pool and get that perfect tan. Afterwards. The answer lies in Club Mahindra Jaisalmer and we’d workshops and learn the art of traditional clay modelling. There’s loads of entertainment at the resort just for you. Visit the Museum of Folk Culture as well know that this isn’t only a good holiday. Built from traditional sandstones. Participate in special look no further. relax around a bonfire and enjoy some mouth-watering pakoras. but a great one. Had enough of the indoors? Then spend an exciting day dune bashing. charms you with its royal appearance.

Spectacular forts, stunning landscapes and loads of fun. That’s

Whew! That was a little too much of sightseeing. No worries. You can

Kumbhalgarh. So pack those bags and prepare to be transported to

always pick up where you left off the next day. For now, you can head

the bygone era of beautiful palaces, still deserts and beguiling royalty.

back to the resort for some well deserved rest. After all, in addition to
sightseeing, you also have a jungle safari or trekking to look forward

After you’ve settled down, it's now time to discover the many gems of

to, the next day. As for the kids, they will have a great time learning to

history residing in Kumbhalgarh. Begin with the majestic Kumbhalgarh

make their very own puppets, clay art, finger painting and many more

Fort. The walls of the fort are the 2nd longest in the world, a grand

such activities. With vibrant colours, exciting sounds and so many

sight. Make time to visit the Ranakpur Jain temple housing stunning

things to do and see, there is never a dull moment in Kumbhalgarh.

sculptures, shrines and carvings. And whatever you do, don't miss the
amazing view of the lakes from the Sajjangarh Fort.

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Within the golden city of Rajasthan is a palace fit for kings. As
soon as you step inside its palatial walls, you’ll be transported to
the forgotten sands of royal Rajasthan. Such is the charm of
Club Mahindra Nawalgarh.
One of the things you must try out here is the camel safari.
Enjoy the slow gait of the camel along with the dusty wind of
the desert. What a way to explore! If you want some hands on
village experience, then that is possible too. Hire a horse and
simply trot around the village. Make your way to the local
bazaar and be amazed at the sheer riot of colours. It’s quite easy
to loosen your purse strings when you see all those traditional
handicrafts on sale. Feel free to bargain, haggle, quibble and
wrangle. Every second will be worth it, especially when you
haul all that booty back home.
Whether you fancy handicrafts or not, you definitely have to try
out pottery and puppet-making at our resort. You never know,
you just might fashion a ‘Kathputli’ of your own. After a day
spent hard at perfecting this traditional art, it is time for some
well deserved entertainment. Watch the resort erupt into a royal
celebration at the close of day. Enjoy the traditional Rajasthani
folk dance. Just try on a glittery lehenga or pagari and join
in the celebrations.

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Deep within the Aravallis is the charming Lake City of Udaipur.
And within lies the Club Mahindra Udaipur waiting to give you
a real taste of the royal life. Easily passed off as a sedate
Rajasthani palace, the resort is a heady blend of old world
charm and contemporary comfort.
Once you’re here, shake off that fatigue with a lovely dip in the
pool. The pristine surroundings will also help revive your spirits
after your journey. You are now free to uncover the many
delights waiting for you at the multi-cuisine restaurant.
Satiated, start your experience here with a visit to the City
Palace located at Lake Pichola. Don’t forget to visit the Lake
Palace, Crystal Gallery, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple and the
Saheliyon Ki Bari.
Afterwards, head back to the resort for a break. There are plenty
of things for you to do here. From workshops that teach you
the art of pottery and handicrafts to modern day pastimes that
include gaming zones. The resort has it all. Later, pass your
time in much the same way as those royals did so many years
ago. In perfect relaxation.

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Ooty Mussoorie Mashobra 25 . Kodaikanal Madikeri. Coorg Binsar Valley Naukuchiatal Hill Country.Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Virajpet. Coorg Binsar Villa Baiguney Club Mahindra. Ooty Yercaud Kandaghat Munnar Danish Villa. Kodaikanal Mahabaleshwar Derby Green.

Hill sta Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 26 .Sl ow do w n.

Now that you’re on vacation. coffee or a million pictures. Along the way. Sniff. Just a short drive away lie the Virajpet. Why? Because anything that brings back the memories of this perfect on demand. Coorg Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch gushing Chelavara Falls. Sip. If you’re wondering where you’ll find that perfect cup of fine coffee 27 . lies Club then we’re going to end the hunt for you right here. The first plantation resort in Club Mahindra won’t find a better cup outside our in-house coffee shop. located in a lovely coffee plantation. don’t forget to visit the beautiful Buddhist Golden Temple. Travellers. it’s important to pamper yourself. there’s lots in store for you. And you would want Enjoy a delicious buffet and signature dishes prepared by our chefs. Which is why. network. Pampering doesn’t stop here. to. There are plenty of ways to soothing treatments just for you. take a little piece of Virajpet back home with you. Aah! You Mahindra Virajpet.In the middle of coffee plantations within Kodagu Valley. holiday will be worth cherishing. you’re invited to our Savastha Spa offering Exotic spices.

Especially when you step into the beautiful wet. Club Mahindra Madikeri. Here you can learn all about how coffee is Namdroling Monastery. You'll be And if they lift their trunks and shower you till you are soaking completely smitten. intoxicating. Pass many Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Madikeri. When you are finished. sink into your heart and remain there long after your holiday has ended.Heady. But one thing is for certain. You'll love them all the more for it. Discover the beauty of Coorg in all its glory. What best describes Coorg is an enjoyable hour feeding and bathing these lovable creatures. it's time for yet another interesting turn of events. Visit the Dubare Elephant Camp. take a leisurely stroll through lush out to visit Talakaveri and the beautiful Golden Temple in coffee plantations. indulgence explore the adventure valley or take a guided walk into the awaits you at our multi cuisine restaurants that specialise in forest. still a matter of debate. The restless souls among you can grown. Your Coorg holiday isn't all fun but interesting too. Once your tummy is properly pampered. harvested and roasted. don’t mind a bit. Allow it to Kodava cuisine. overpowering. Coorg 28 . Take time Once you’re suitably rested.

visit Venna Lake. Later. And there. The choice is yours! All you have to do is have them while enjoying the cool and wonderful mountain breeze. It’s great fun visiting Maharashtra’s most popular hill station. overlooking the stunning valley lies the Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood. Enjoy it. jump on a horse. Especially during the strawberry season when you see masses of freshly picked strawberries everywhere you turn. Relish a delicious strawberry milkshake. Mahabaleshwar is wonderful. stop at any one of the small eateries and order a plate of corn pattice. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 29 . a bowl full of strawberries with dollops of cream or simply gobble them up whole. Truly. Rent a boat and have a great time sailing through the fog on the cool waters.Mahabaleshwar Drive through the Western Ghats all the way to the top. While strolling around the banks of the lake. In the evenings. a local delicacy. ride alongside your family and race them to the finish line.

soothe your weary muscles at our Svaastha Spa. gorge on mouth-watering authentic Kerala delicacies at our specialty restaurant. Now that you’re rested. you might even spot Neelakurinji. However. There’s trekking. a jeep ride through the hills can be quite exciting. Later. When you are all relaxed. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 30 . Like any hill station. If you’re lucky. sit on your balcony and listen to the sweet silence of the night. river crossing and other thrills along the way. calmly resting on hilly slopes. Once you’ve recovered from your journey. you’ll discover Club Mahindra Munnar. enjoy the gorgeous view of the misty hills over a cup of steaming tea. mountain streams and waterfalls. You’ll never want to leave. While you are out sightseeing.Munnar As you drive up winding lanes twisting right through endless tea plantations. Munnar too has its share of lakes and hilltop viewpoints. rock climbing. don’t forget to pick up some fresh tea powder and spices from any of the stores along the way. For those who want to play it safe. Munnar is also home to a wildlife sanctuary. an exotic blue flower that blooms only once in 12 years. rappelling. Love adventure? You’re in luck.

throw in that camera and make your way towards Binsar. Your wonderful holiday awaits. wildlife sanctuary tours and much more. you can enjoy the unique experience of living in a tent or sleeping under the stars by the warmth of a cozy bonfire. trekking. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 31 . Major peaks like Chaukhamba. Club Mahindra Binsar Valley is a wonder in itself.Binsar Valley Allowing you the luxury of a 300 km view of the Himalayas from zero point. So think no more. Just pack that bag. Nanda Devi. it gazes serenely at a landscape of majestic snow-capped mountains. Nanda Kot and Panchachuli are visible from here. Here. For those looking for more energetic adventures. stone walls and beautifully crafted wood carvings. there’s rock climbing. nature trails. Kedarnath. Binsar makes for a fantastic Himalayan vacation. Untouched and unexplored. An architectural style inspired by the Gupta period with slate roofing. It’s not all nature here but loads of culture too. consisting of over 125 temples and famed as one of the 12 jyotirling dedicated to Lord Shiva. But that’s not all. Just hop into a car and make your way towards the Jageshwar Temple complex.

where you can make paper captures its wilderness like nothing else. there’s nothing more magical than waking up to a birdsong and the sweet scent of wild flowers. to enjoy Binsar to the fullest. paint pine cones or do whatever you please. Today it’s sites on the way. But the real treat is the stunning display of nature. puppets. you’ll feel as though you are far away from civilization.The beauty of Binsar compels even the uninterested to take a The best way to explore the woods is on foot. built around the towering alpine trees. So go on long treks second look. And in the morning. You will pass many temples and holy Binsar used to be the summer capital of erstwhile kings. That’s receding broad leafed oaks. Club Mahindra Binsar Villa when you head to the Fun Zone. a wildlife sanctuary preserving 200-odd species of birds and the The magic in the air is bound to bring out the artist in you. A holiday in Binsar is sure to change you for the better. Sitting snug between majestic oaks and happy chirps. As you step into your Australian log hut. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Binsar Villa 32 . And.

excitement and a whole lot entertainment. you have long hours before you to do just as you please. don’t worry. fall in love with roses in every imaginable colour. camp out and spend time counting stars. Later. ride on the backs of elephants or pack that overnight bag and proceed for a night safari. beautifully maintained at one of the largest rose garden in India. Completely relaxed. now head towards the Blue Mountains. Later. Go on a trekking expedition. take a walk in the pine forest. Your Ooty holiday couldn’t get better. The first thing you absolutely must do here is eat to your heart’s content at the multi-cuisine restaurant. Climb right up the highest point on the Dodabetta Peak and be mesmerised by the sight that greets you. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 33 . It’s absolutely beautiful. what better way to spend a holiday? Danish Villa Surrounded by the resplendent beauty of the Nilgiri Hills. and right at its heart lies Club Mahindra Derby Green. unleash the full potential of your vocal chords at the karaoke session or boogie around the bonfire. the lush greenery of Club Mahindra Ooty will blow you out of your mind. Laughter. After all. Afterwards. Bathroom singer or not. Begin your holiday here with a soothing Ayurvedic massage at our Svaastha Spa. If the great outdoors aren’t really your thing. Later in the night.Ooty Derby Green Deep in the blue hills of Niligiri sits Ooty.

Naukuchiatal A vast aquamarine lake emerging from a perennial spring. surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eyes can see. all you’ll be able to do is utter an inadequate ‘aah’ to express your brimming admiration.5 acres of absolute bliss. If you want some quiet time. But you haven’t seen anything until you have gone paragliding over the valley. canoeing and boating. you can get back to the resort. Once you’re up there. Apart from kayaking. Bird watchers can keep a look out for different species of birds that alight here. the lake is also ideal for angling. That is Naukuchiatal in a nutshell. You just won’t be able to resist a trek or a bike ride up the dense forests on the hill slopes. grab a drink and relax at the bar overlooking the mountains. rowing. just in time for a lovely bonfire night. Once you have had your fill of the outdoors. And facing the pristine lake is Club Mahindra Naukuchiatal. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 34 . 3. It’s the perfect time to smile and realise that life can’t any better.

Guarded by But that’s not all. If adventure sports aren’t really your front and surrounded by lush greenery. So just come on over and enjoy it. Club Mahindra Baiguney is located on a river the Rangeet river is one of them. Later. Baiguney is own unique view. the best way lovely. A word of friendly traveller’s advice. thing. There are loads of thrills in store for you. set up a tent. Kanchendzonga. Each room here comes with its of Mt. 35 . gather your family around a bonfire while belting Baiguney Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch out classic Bollywood numbers or simply drift off to sleep under the starry skies. Rafting in snowcapped mountains.Here’s your little piece of paradise in the south of Sikkim. to experience Baiguney’s natural landscape is on foot. then you can always drive to the Temi Tea Gardens and enjoy a perfect cup of tea in the midst of this quiet beauty. Trek into the wild. continue It’s as if the resort has been designed especially to showcase the driving towards Chakung and be amazed by the 360° panoramic view wealth of its natural surroundings. There is no other way to put it.

in the sun-kissed land of Tamil Nadu is a outside for a stroll down the tea plantation by the bungalow. dusty pages of long forgotten history books. a 19th century. You. the moon transports you to a time that you’ve only ever glimpsed through the and the stars. right Later towards the evening. you can set up camp and spend a dreamy from the ornate walls. But what makes it even more your sightseeing. It’s a great colonial bungalow.Along the Shevaroy Hills. Just imagine it. you might want to step Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Yercaud 36 . The forest surrounding the lake is fascinating with its welcoming is the Lake Forest Hotel. Yercaud Lake is not too far away either. The place night in the woods. antique furniture to the rich drapes. Every room here brings to life the glorious era of the British Raj. Once you’ve finally managed to peel your eyes off the interiors. beautifully restored eclectic mix of flora and fauna. What a perfect way to enjoy your Yercaud vacation. It’s the perfect place to begin humid climes of its neighbours. The quaint little hill station that makes for a welcome break from the hot. your loved ones. Have a go at rock climbing. way to de-stress.

There is also the Jwalaji Temple and the ancient shrine of the Nag Devta. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 37 . a stop by the Kemty Falls and Lal Tibba is a must. head back to the resort for a quiet evening at the library or play a round of air hockey. The views also accompany you as you enjoy delectable dishes at our open air multi-cuisine restaurant. Visit the Surkhanda Devi shrine in the Dhanaulti hamlet. that lodge is Club Mahindra Mussoorie.Mussoorie Many years ago. We promise you. Or you could just sit out and enjoy the misty sights. You can walk or take a ropeway to Gun Hill. For shutterbugs who’d love a shot or two of the gorgeous countryside. Every room here offers a breathtaking view of the mountains. Mussoorie has quite a few holy shrines. situated in the most beautiful corners of Mussoorie. It will be hard to look away. a British soldier by the name of Captain Young fell in love with the place and built a shooting lodge overlooking the snowcapped mountains. Today. There’s a lot you can do here. Those in search of the divine can rejoice. But if you are up for it. When you have found your peace. go rafting and kayaking on the Ganges at Shivpuri.

play games or make new buddies around the bonfire. dance. After a wonderful meal. Club Mahindra Kodai offers sweeping views of the beautiful plains below. After an exciting day. Curb those hunger pangs at our South Indian specialty restaurant. the day stretches before you to sing. an associate Club Mahindra resort is surrounded by lush greenery and towering hills.998m above sea level. Indulge in delicious Dosas and Uttapas. Choose to go trekking in the beautiful woods or feel the thrill of downhill cycling. Your beautiful holiday is just beginning. You can even enjoy a slow walk around the spice plantation. Your Kodai holiday has many more surprises in store. When you enter your room. You can take a boat ride on the glittering waters or enjoy a refreshing jog on the banks of the lake. Hill Country Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal Perched 6. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 38 . Our second resort here by popular demand. settle in for an evening of traditional board games or shake a leg at a salsa session.Kodaikanal Hill Country. Club Mahindra Kodaikanal Located at the immensely popular Coaker's Walk. it’s time to explore the many pleasures that this beautiful place has to offer. making it the perfect place to take full advantage of the mountain breeze and picturesque setting. it is both warm and informal. visit the star shaped Kodai Lake. let the spectacular view take you by surprise. Now that you’re comfortable. Afterwards.

So is a round of golf sprawling resort. you’ll be amazed at the number of of this wonderful destination. And if you can choose to drive into the wild in an open top jeep and unravel thought that was a beautiful sight. Kandaghat. feel free to admire the incredible Hatu Peak. the rising or setting sun. Truly. After you’ve pleased your taste buds. There’s Kabab Corner. After you’ve played a few Ridge Garden. it’s a one of a kind experience. an in-house restaurant facing the majestic waterfall. you orchids. At The the secrets of the deep forest. the at the beautiful Naldehra Golf Club. where Mughlai delicacies are specially made for you on Kandaghat Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch demand. work off those holiday pounds by participating in a brisk trek that explores the many delights 39 . While you’re wandering around the A trip to the natural sulphur springs is a must. roses and other flowers waiting to greet you. casting its warm glow over the lush green forests and misty valleys. each room comes with a magnificent view of adventure activity that you can undertake here.When you arrive at Kandaghat. River rafting is yet another exciting Destination. famous for its collection of award-winning roses. For those who crave adventure. wait till you check-in. in the distance. rounds of golf. stop to enjoy the resort’s centre of attraction.

which offers corner of the resort. Afterwards. if you’re in search of Majestic mountains. some great views of magnificent mountains. then pop into our library or pamper yourself at Mashobra gives you everything and so much more. the resort offers rock climbing. historic charm and scenic wonder. providing a wonderful view of the gorgeous landscape from every can even enjoy a family picnic at a popular spot. spend the evening playing a game of volleyball followed by a dinner under the stars.146m above sea Make sure you keep a watch for the beautiful but shy musk deer. But. Fagu. head to the Mashobra Mashobra lies amidst towering pines and oaks. the in-house Svaastha Spa. lush greenery and unlimited scope for adventure. Exuding an aura of Forest Sanctuary to enjoy a trek or just marvel at the views around you. Club Mahindra If you find the charming outdoors irresistible. rappelling. skiing. and vast forests. camping and much more. amazing orchards. You level. For those in need of a little excitement. Mashobra Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 40 . some quiet moments. it rises high at 2.Hidden deep within the folds of the beautiful town.

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Corbett Thekkady Masinagudi Gir Jungle Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 42 .

Corbett It’s not every day that you wake up to the sounds of a roaring tiger. simply escape into your own world while gazing at the Himalayan foothills. the first thing you ought to do is an elephant safari. talent and music shows. karaoke. Enjoy evenings filled with fun family games. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 43 . rock climbing and river rafting. And if you should prefer it. You won’t run out of entertainment here. ethnic performances. Those who get a kick out of adventure sports must try rappelling. You can’t get enough of nature here as you enjoy the gushing Corbett Waterfall. The variety of flora and fauna ensures that there is never a dull moment. here. If the ride itself is not fun. Of course. wait till you catch sight of the elusive tiger. That’s just what you can expect at Club Mahindra Corbett. Or the serenity of the Kosi River.

wonderful. the bamboo raft. you’ll get to go on elephant Thekkady as we know it is home to all things wild and rides. will take your stay with you forever. you’ll be staying in a rustic cottage built on stilts. The best way to spot it up close Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Thekkady 44 . take without a visit to the famous land of teaks and tuskers. or even better. you must venture out to balcony. The welcoming sight of deep woods rich with teak. breath away. You could To start with. Apart from this. watch the elephants play in Periyar Lake. tea and spice plantation tours and nature walks. step onto your private Ayurvedic massage.No journey down the great Indian jungle trail is complete is by taking a boat ride down the Periyar. Not in the mood for the woody outdoors? Chill. As you arrive at Club Mahindra Thekkady. The forest reserve of Thekkady is home to an amazing collection of wildlife. Nevertheless. also head over to the Svaastha Spa and get a soothing If that doesn’t wow you enough. you’ll see what we mean. It is a sight that will orchards. cardamom and pepper plantations. we have an abundant collection of books to keep you company.

interesting board games that guarantee a fun-filled stay for your it’s the perfect place to experience the best of the wildlife. you can even participate in a live demo of up to birdcalls and venture out into the jungle to see spotted Kalaripayattu. In fact you can even feed them. In fact. Club Mahindra Masinagudi is located on the That’s not all. action in store. you and your family can enjoy Tamil Nadu. yoga as well as Mountains and surrounded by the beautiful Mudumalai Forests. this jungle resort is just what you need for an awesome vacation. an ancient Indian martial art form and show off deer. At the resort. Set in the shadows of the Nilgiri activities like cooking. Mowgli style. pottery workshops.Karnataka border. Wake family. some new moves to your friends back home. where elephants are Masinagudi Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch looked after and trained. Or hop on a tame elephant. bears and boars.A jungle lodge. under supervision of course. opt for night trekking or have a blast at the Forest Department Elephant Camp. 45 . With so much and go on a safari. For a more thrilling time. magic.

With so much to explore. You can discover the secrets of exotic cuisines from local chefs.Gir A popular getaway located in the Junagad district of Gujarat. Gir is the sole home of the Asiatic lion. nature trails and sightseeing to do. There. the real thrill is when you come face to face with the Asiatic lions and watch them roar. the resort promises a wild holiday. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 46 . learn a magic trick or two. Inside the resort.5 acres lies Club Mahindra Gir. or dabble in pottery and puppet making. However. grab your camera and binoculars. look at and do. you'll spot majestic beasts of the wild like leopards. the choices here are endless. True to its name. sambar. and venture out into the jungle on a jeep. It’s a dream place for naturalists with a lot of bird watching. a whole lot of fun awaits you. antelopes and chinkara gazelle. Put on your trekking boots. On the outskirts of the sanctuary and spread across 4. Gir promises you the best edge-of-the-seat experience ever. Really.

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Dharamshala Manali Snow Peaks Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Gangtok Kanatal 48 .

Lean back and open your eyes wide. And if you are lucky enough to 49 . in the midst of all this awe-inspiring beauty. After a thoroughly exciting day. The Dal Lake Dharamshala Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch nearby is worth a visit. visit the McLeod Ganj Monastery. Choose a cozy nook overlooking the majestic snowcapped peaks surrounding the Spiritual souls. strolling down the beautiful Kangra Valley. home to the Dalai resort. Beautifully combining colonial and Tibetan culture. head back to our beautiful resort. Your Dharamshala holiday will Lama. white snow. When you are all happy and fresh. Dharamshala lies at the foothills of the visit in January. head down to the Tibetan settlements and learn a thing or two about the fascinating Tibetan culture. cozily rests Club Mahindra Dharamshala. Dharamshala is a stimulating experience. The jaded city dwellers amongst you will find new life while simply make you go ‘wow’. fluffy Dhauladhar Range. Shrug off that worn out and overworked feeling with help of a steaming cup of Kangra tea. And right here. you’ll find the whole place covered in beautiful. Do spend some time trekking the Himalayas to enjoy the mountains in all their glory.Sheltered by towering deodar trees.

trekking or rock climbing to appreciate the varied facets of Manali. a horde of one of a kind experience.It may not be the top of the world but at Club Mahindra Manali. That’s a promise. located on a beautiful apple orchard is Club Buddhist monasteries. Manali is not short of options. Beas River Valley. Oh wait. An adventurer’s delight. You can Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Manali 50 . camping. some of Pick any room and your view will be spectacular. Manali is a land of stunning snowcapped peaks and we suggest you soak in the serenity of the quaint gompas and shining waters. interesting activities are in store for you at Manali. Resting serenely in the midst of the beautiful Springs for a dip. Offering numerous shopping delights. And here. Buddhist paintings. All said a holiday in Manali is truly a breathing in fresh. pine scented air. Mahindra Manali. For all you culture buffs. Do try out rafting. there’s more. you visit the exquisite Hadimba Temple or trot leisurely to Vashist Hot sure will feel like it is. Now. Your day here will begin with admiring spectacular hillsides and Tibetan carpets and Kullu caps. the best buys in Manali include handicrafts. if you should want something less strenuous.

For those who love animals. or. Cooking workshops. With so much to experience. Khangchendzonga. Get a close look at Tibetan culture and spirituality by visiting the stupas and the Buddhist monasteries. Back at the resort. facing the legendary Chola Range rests Club Mahindra Gangtok. the local hero. you can have a ball all day long. And right here. kids club and Fun Zone are all there to keep you and your family entertained. Gangtok is truly a paradise. If you wish to stay indoors. Afterwards. make sure to mark this Himalayan voyage on your to-do list. make time to admire the splendid beauty of Mt. you can dig into some lip-smacking delicacies at Orchid. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 51 . there’s a Himalayan Zoological Park where you can catch a glimpse of the elusive red panda. just lounge with the best beverages and cocktails at the cozy Alpine Bar. amidst lush green valleys. a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. It’s amazing to see the traditional charms of Sikkimese hospitality blend harmoniously with modern comforts here.Gangtok Built on the flank of a ridge at 5600ft. along with barking deer and Himalayan bears among others.

visit the sacred Surkunda Devi Temple. your perfect hillside getaway. it’s time to indulge that rather demanding tummy at the multi-cuisine restaurant. On a perfect day. you can even admire the view of the Himalayas from here. it’s a spot you simply cannot afford to miss. head straight to the temperature controlled swimming pool. You can even go rappelling down those snow-covered rocks. Caught yourself making plans to come back again? Plan away. lies a hamlet offering breathtaking views of the snow-covered Himalayas. luxurious soak. We are not going anywhere. Go for a day trip to Mussoorie or make an excursion to the Tehri Dam. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 52 . After all that mischief in the snow. While its perfect year round. That’s the setting of Club Mahindra Kanatal. Religious or otherwise. For sightseers. Its crisp. After a long. Run about. launch a snowball fight with your pals or simply roll about in the snow. cool and the softly falling snow douses everything in sight with its white magic.Kanatal Towards the northern tip of the country. winter is an especially beautiful time to pay a visit here. It’s rather fun. there are plenty of places to visit near Kanatal. catch a snowflake or two on your tongue.

Dubai Pattaya Bangkok International Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Austria Malaysia 53 .

Li dr ve ea y m ou . r Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 54 .

none of these experiences can compare to spending a moonlit night on a desert safari. Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 55 . of course. Dubai is exotic. Shopping in Dubai is a wonderful experience. The Burj Khalifa. With warm hospitality. is the star attraction of Dubai. modern and has an unapologetic passion for luxury. head over to our 24x7 coffee shop and try some favourite local snacks over a cup of Arabic coffee or kahwa.Dubai Want to take your family on an unforgettable holiday abroad? We have just the place for you. in the company of twinkling stars. There are huge malls across the city where you’ll find almost everything from all over the world. the vast desert and shimmering belly dancers. you can spend hours admiring the glittering city lights of Dubai. And you can enjoy it all at Club Mahindra Dubai. In the evening. Afterwards. However. At the heart of the United Arab Emirates lies a land. when you begin craving for those delicious munchies. That is if you can tear your eyes off the amazing skyscrapers all around you. pulsating with life. cozy rooms and private balconies. Nothing beats riding a camel deep into the endless desert. set up a camp and feast like the Arabs do.

Spend some intimate time with your loved ones at our open air Jacuzzi and then relax your senses in the Thai steam room. Later. What next? Dive into the deep seas without getting wet. stopover at Pattaya Water Park and slide down those thrilling rides. offering a breathtaking view from its sky lounge. Make reservations for a family dinner at Le Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant on the 23rd floor overlooking the Pattaya Bay. enjoy the water sports or take a boat trip across the coral islands. Spend an entire day at the beach. It’s a treat for the entire family. We’re talking about taking a submarine ride with your family. It’s the perfect romantic getaway. Feel free to swim to any nearby island on a whim. with crystal clear waters. stunning scenery and an electrifying night life. On your fun day out. Your lovely holiday is just beginning. laze on the sun beds. Pattaya Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 56 . first visit the Pattaya Crocodile Farm and feast your eyes on the gigantic crocodile round-ups and animal performances. Standing 23 storeys tall in the middle of the city lies The Pattaya Hill Resort.Take a quick flight to Asia’s premium beach destination.

Or hire a long tailed boat or ‘sampan’ and drift languidly down tree-lined canals. Once you are rested. Later. Tired already? We have just the remedy for you. Bangkok is completely delightful. Hurry up shoes and prepare to take on this city on foot. at the wonderful khlongs or canals that weave through suburbs. forest parks and ancient Buddhist temples. Shopaholics. midst of this enchanting confusion is Club Mahindra Bangkok. With Or dive in the swimming pool for a few laps. The one jam-packed with traffic and charming tuk-tuks. put on your walking yours a treat. It's now time to explore the Bangkok Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch other side of Bangkok. Stop a while to marvel and enjoy every tiny second of it. Your Thai holiday is looking good already. indulge. 57 .Loud and chaotic. staying here brings the Thai some mouth-watering Thai food and give that growling tummy of experience closer to you. And right in the Take your favourite book and retire to the amazing rooftop garden. Because Bangkok is all about retail therapy. But enough of the slow and unhurried. head out for rooms decorated in true oriental style.

One backdrop of Hotel Bon Alpina. alpine scenery. There’s a long soak in the heated outdoor pool waiting to rejuvenate you. There’s a wonderful café for cultured cities. And when the crisp mountain air brings on those hunger pangs. let your stomach decide between any one of the three specialty restaurants to satiate your appetite. Still want Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Austria 58 . slow-paced towns. Ladies and gentlemen. that you wish will go on forever. It will take a while for you to take in all the beauty. Give it a moment. Take a deep breath and walk on. Austria is an amazing mix of something more? You’re in luck.Synonymous with classical music. which nestles in the village of Igls. that is the stunning Your Austria holiday is going to be a one of a kind experience. Innsbruck. enchanting castles and stunning something sweet and savoury to complete that culinary escapade. located a mere 4 kilometres away from one of Austria’s most beautiful cities. The best way to explore this gorgeous place is on foot.

Suites. Whatever you may choose to do here. facets of the Malay culture. 59 . Part of the beautiful South Lake at Mines Resort City. prepare yourself for an unforgettable culture trip. Also. great sights. Malaysia. With canals opening into a Whew! Now that was an exciting day sightseeing. some of the best memories your holiday photo albums will ever hold.There’s something curiously exotic about Kuala Lumpur. you the beautifully landscaped Sungai Kuyoh Gardens or capture some can book your holiday here knowing there’s a flavour for every palate. head to the spectacular National pack in the busy magic of this wonderful place right here at Heritage Mosque and admire beautiful traditional Islamic art and calligraphy. Later. wasn’t it? Relax at waterfront promenade flanked by shops. this metropolis promises delightful shopping. Brimming Begin at the affluent National Art Gallery and marvel at the various with excitement. quality family time at the Commonwealth Hill and Family Memorial Once you’ve had your fill of the delectable cuisine and some Park. cafes and restaurants. don’t forget to visit the Sultan Abdul Saman building as well as the Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman building. the resort is Malaysia Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch charmingly located at water’s edge. distinctive cuisine and alluring suburbs.

Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 60 .

850) Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Latin America/ Caribbean (800) 61 .Be the globe trotter. It automatically opens up the world of RCI. North America (1. Take an exchange holiday in over 4000 holiday destinations spread across the globe. The world is your playground with Club Mahindra.

Asia (260) Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch Europe (950) India (100) 62 .

ersh U g s s e a You ip by nd e can ven m simp also a ly k e web logg track site w ing o acco Clos ) gs: 0 or all ed o m 9:30 n Su othe AM nday r to 0 s and 6:30 Natio PM. Nagp sorts . th d quer emb . Oth edab e lh e i r Citie ad | | Hyd from Bang s: Ad erab the li alore ad | d the st giv Kolka STD | Ch en a ta | L andig code bove uckn arh o . s ma y. An your de th it can d wh perso e en fa be q n b a o l das okin ASF u mily ite ch h g pro and boar mem aotic EMI d to c bers e . e er se our M ail re h ou mail ction serva emb r us at . Pune Ahm in | D . Tha s s paym edit o www c o t’s w m r can ents .club plete hy C cel y mah of yo ly lub h assle our b indra ur m . RCI o n the toll f ree n umb er Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 63 . F (MRC hind imin m. emb . ia O lling r em roug ies.180 lo s 9880 est to RCI a 0 419 000 ffiliat your 2582 from ed re s . *Dia nal H Mon l like day o liday a loc throu s.Holi days mad e eas y. f F the c or ex o For h | w|M ity th amp olida umb le [0 a t y in is ai | 22] 3 g at c .co serva at 39 bility m in tions 88 0 the m onlin is by 000* e.c n to mmo of m lubm d a aking t ion ahin r a d e vaila ra. A lot of eff ort g start oes in throw to pla in g in nnin Mah their gah indra opin olida h a ookin free. Ano er Re tions feed ther latio @clu b way a c ns C k@clu bma Busin e hind ntre bma ess t ra. Chen al ca gh S nai | ll aturd f r om: Coch ay. call ur.

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” e this to r Kakka & Mr. Bha nd Bins . s o s room oorg. M pitality made r next one. H Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 66 . holiday are alre u e s W d . gre de it “We w l location days.Mrs. r -M .Mr. R time w an end.we had e wish ss the day.” be ily mem nd fam itay a G i t r ar. We nsider our “Beco n we mad o c d n a decisio d abroad an India rs.Mr. I w o great h veryone. fi ig b s ie r rl lu u g a C o e . But Clu h lu C e t W rs r. in as ch tak ces “This w members mu some breath all those pla ble ra o m s e e n e s e becom d have se surpas ur holiday a m unnar an o world view. e n r o tio relaxa to many m rd ily forwa nd fam oshi a D g a hir .” e k a b L s ra u at Clu Mahind 's excellent ho ming about o l time ly u f n r a ra o e d re ond The ady d Mahin ch a w ach.” ra ma ahind autiful holi ifu t M u a b e lu b e b C . st e be as th es in w r plac mbe be many a me hindr lidayed at ry lucky to a M b e o v h lu s C e a hav selve ming e. I look . ore hap meal o make this m m y n a s to m activitie forward . Goa. a . a e e y r on famil n ou “We h ra Varca B pre and s whe ahind arad Sa ad wa h M s S lt v ji fe a e . r otten e forg t perfect fo b o t s k er o ju v e lo e t n lima day d we a holi nery and c ossible an r fo d p e ishe . C r their staff fo mend e th n to ecom ould r ks a to “Than spitality.” to came mily and fa awan h D .” d a money ro and ab in India ily and fam anwala P v ta e .Mr. s unnar a id M k . W ro li c o a h b indra velled b Mah ave tra hts. G ed in C uxuriou nd holiday y L a t! d li n o e ll h a “I have sorts are exce s on dining lue for re rate reat va days rb g e p ip All the u h s py holi embers ptions.Ms. .

option in w s lofty H the Andama to unwind s ill give you u imalay ns or r as.Tra packages or Our d vel has ed it all. c ge and a s well a ruises. r avel. ce. Clu ces. insuran s visas. we ents. add-on it’s booking bMahin dra. Wh ay as a fer se travel i e t h e r r vi nsuran ce. afting/ ch as scuba trekkin g in th We als e o mak e your best r life es assista ort and ho easier by ge nc tting y te ou the exchan e with air t l packages. foreign ClubM ahindr a.Travel care free. packag icated travel e suite c o u nse d If you haven’t specifically t llors will de sign a o p severa l exciti lanned a hol your require n m i d g diving ay.Trave l Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 67 . Look n o Club M further when p a tickets hindra mem lanning you r holid . trans b er.

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Let’s g o place s. Puducherry Masinagudi Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 69 .

Product broucher 11(W) x8 (H) inch 70 .

com Registered Office: Mahindra Towers. Mumbai . 17/18 Patullos Road.5 (W) x8.M.600 002. P.400 018. Chennai .clubmahindra. Bhosle Marg. ‘A’ wing. t: +91 22 3368 4722 f: +91 22 3368 4721 e: feedback@clubmahindra. Kurne Chowk.K.Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited Corporate Office: Mahindra Towers. Product broucher 11. 2nd f loor. www.5 (H) inch Back . 1st f loor. t: +91 44 3988 1000 f: +91 44 3027 7778. G. Worli.

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