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Job satisfaction:

Yes, engro corporation is satisfied the employee in Job satisfaction, in engro

some factors that much influences the worker and manger. Give full support to
employee in workplace and tell them they are doing great work. Engro is very
big corporation in which many department .engro also keep the care of
employee give the incentives that more satisfied. Give the salary according to
department and performance of the worker. Provide positive work environment
the medical, child care facilities, pick and drop services, party on success,
surprise bonus. Engro Corporation creates new ways to keep their employees
satisfied at all levels. Must be willing to do what is necessary to close possible
satisfaction gaps. Engro use powerful tool psychologists to in advising their
clients on ways to keep their employees satisfied is to consider following
Frederick Herzberg's theory. By following this theory, transformed
organizations will have the best opportunity to create and retain a motivated
productive workforce Satisfied employees tend to be much more productive,
creative and committed to their employers. High levels of absenteeism and an
increased turnover can profoundly affect a company's bottom line. Amazingly,
not many organizations make job satisfaction a top priority in their overall
strategy, but engro is understand the significant link between job satisfaction
and productivity. Engro must create a positive workplace for their workforce to
increase satisfaction on the job.

Challenge faced engro:

Engro Corporation faces tremendous challenges have helplessly watched their
employees walk out searching for better career opportunities. There is no
question that attracting the "right people" is a challenge for engro. An even
more important challenge engro faces is to retain a productive workforce. engro
constantly take into consideration why are losing their workforce. Despite this
crucial concern, engro seem to struggle to find a solution for a growing problem
that desperately needs to be fixed .Although overdue, engro are starting to
discover that the departure of their employees results from a "lack of challenge"
on the job. Engro interview results deeply frustrate managers because the
manager realizes that may have been able to prevent their employees from
leaving the company.

Team work
Tall organization structure
Uneven distribution of power
Clarity of goals

Person-organization fit:
Person-organization fit takes place in the Engro Corporation because it fulfils
employee needs, abilities-demands perspective, there is congruence between
person and organization, and employee possesses and demonstrates the abilities
to meet organizational demands. Engro brought together these two perspectives
suggesting that needs and abilities compose the person angle, and supplies and
demands the job angle of the Person-organization. Engro described needs in
terms of employees desires, goals, values, interests and preferences, and
abilities in terms of experience and education. People fit in the engro(P-O fit)
associates a person personality and engroPeoples values are important
attributes on which to establish their fit.Engro Ways in Managing PersonOrganization Fit Effectively.
Effective Process of hire and selection of employee
Deliver communication/message during hire and selection of
Socialization and Comprehensive training

Intervening culture

Person-job fit:
Engro Corporation the concept of person-job fit in the employee selection. The
primary concern in engrolimited to finding applicants with the right skills &
abilities for a available job, Because Person-job fit in engro as the match
between individual knowledge, skills, and abilities and demands of the job or
the needs/desires of an individual. In engroJ-P fit research has shown that
accurate and realistic job information during recruitment and selection is
associated with positive work outcomes (e.g. low attrition from recruitment
process, high job satisfaction, low voluntary turnover, high work performance).
Engro corporation operational aspect P-J Fit focuses on needs-supplies and
demand-abilities perspective. As we know P-J fit can be defined as the fit

between desires of a person vs attributes of a job OR abilities of a person vs

demands of a job. InEngro employee selection practices, strategies used to
assess P-J fit include tests, reference checks, resumes & a variety of other
selection tools.

Who makes decisions in the organization:

Empowering Your Employees to Empower Themselves
Engro Corporation restructuring their corporate cultures with empowered
employee teams, employees across the Engro involved in the decision-making
process. Engro believe truly empowered employee teams can help improve
customer satisfaction, increase employee productivity, increase quality and
lower costs. Key to successful Engro is first and foremost, its employees. There
is no substitute for a knowledgeable and productive work force and empowered
teams people working with all the direct information, power, recognition,
reward and training need to satisfy their customers and meet the Engro
corporation goals, is the only way an Engro build the foundation.
Engro also believe Empowered teams are self-sufficient groups of people
working together with specific goals. They have the corporate authority,
experience, responsibility and skills to enact their own decision. Management
focuses on developing employees and supporting the Engro goals. The
employees are committed to and responsible. The object is to maximize the use
of everyone's talents.Engrofully implement empowered teams, the building
process takes time and effort, but the benefits of a truly empowered work force
are immeasurable.

Level of autonomy do the employees are allowed to experience

In Engro corporation employees feel a greater responsibility for the outcomes of
their work, and therefore have increased work motivation. In engro employees
have greater levels of autonomy their personality traits specifically
conscientiousness and extroversion have a stronger impact on job performance.
Engro also believe by giving employees more autonomy, they are better able to
use their personal attributes to contribute to job performance and also believe
too much autonomy can lead to employee dissatisfaction, because individual
has a different level of need for autonomy on the job.

As we see in the diagram that no single person have the authority to make a
decision. All the members have equal power to give decision in decision
making. In this information goes to all employees quickly and have high
member satisfaction but the drawback of this channel is that no urgent decision
are made, it consume a lot of time to make a decision.

Groups and teams are constructed and role in the organization:

By increasing effectiveness, competitiveness, and productivity, teams have
become an essential element of successful businesses, that way engro Pakistan
get teams benefit by combining people who can achieve goals faster and more

effectively through collaboration than can individuals working alone. Engro

Corporation most follows the u.s organization thats why they use teams to
bring together individuals from different departments or functional areas in
order to conduct their operations and address problems. They may turn to teams
to make the most efficient use of their employees and other resources. Engro
also use technology because of lower costs, ease of use, and increased
availability it easier to form teams and accomplish teamwork, Because
Common technology infrastructures as communications and data networks link
people and allow them to share documents and other teamwork products
effectively. Many of the challenges faced by engro create a need for broader
expertise and knowledge when decisions are made.

Communication skills are most important to attain goals:

Understanding the types of communication skills is a vital skill both for
managers and business owners as well as employees. Interacting with others is a
large portion of many industries and having the necessary skills and
competencies to interact with others is essential no matter what business you are

Verbal Communication
Engro Pakistan most focuses on Verbal communication skills because its
known very important and must be honed, Higher levels of communication deal
with persuasive speaking and these skills are necessary for management level
employees in marketing positions.

Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal communication is much more difficult for many people thats why
engro not much focus on it.

Written Communication

One often overlooked area of communication is the written word. Even the most
basic position in an engro Pakistan requires employees to have good written
communication skills, Proper spelling, grammar usage and a professional way
of imparting information are important that must be mastered, because People
judge others by the way they write and it is important to make sure that written
communication is professional.

Flow of the communication:

An understanding of managerial communication isnt possible without looking
at the fundamentals of organizational communication flow. Communication
within an organization is often described as formal or informal.

Formal Communication:
Communication that follows the official chain of command or is required to do
ones job.

Informal Communication:
Communication is not defined by the organizations structural hierarchy.

Communication networks:
No single network is best for situations. If youre concerned with high member
satisfaction, the all channel network is best, if having a strong and identifiable
leader is important, the wheel facilitates this and if accuracy is most important,
the chained wheel networks works best.
In Engro Pakistan all channel network is working because they think that
employees are our most important asset of our organization. All the company
policies and information is shared with the employee thats why they are going
to progress. Engro Pakistanis one of the leading organizations in Pakistan and
has a good communication network within the organization as well as outside
the organization. They are always in touch with employees and shareholders for
the betterment of organization. From better communication network there logo
growing with Pride is fully understandable.
They also communicate with the farmers for better production of crops. More
than 10lines are answering the phone calls. Infect Engro has a very good
communication network so this is also a reason for their success.

How do the employees adapt to the change:

In Engro Pakistan when change adapts first Manager Change their own
behavior then employees follow suit, he says. They should create a sense that
we are all in this together and become empathetic to employees needs.

Highlight any significant changes that the organization

has incorporated in its system.
In 1957, the search for oil by Pak Stanvac, an Esso/Mobil joint venture led to
the discovery of the Mari Gas field near Daharki a small, remote area in Upper
Sindh province at the time. Esso proposed the establishment of a urea plant in
that area which led to a fertilizer plant agreement signed in 1964. In the
subsequent year, Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Company Limited was incorporated,
with 75% of the shares owned by Esso and 25% by the general public. The
construction of a urea plant commenced at Daharki in 1966 and production
began in 1968. At US $43 million with an annual production capacity of
173,000 tons, it was the single largest foreign investment by a multinational
corporation in Pakistan at the time. A full-fledged marketing organization was
established which undertook agronomic programs to educate the farmers of
Pakistan. As the nations first fertilizer brand, Engro (then Esso) helped
modernize traditional farming practices to boost farm yields, directly impacting
the quality of life not only for farmers and their families, but for the nation at
large. As a result of these efforts, consumption of fertilizers increased in
Pakistan, paving the way for the Companys branded urea called Engro an
acronym for Energy for Growth. As part of an international name change
program, Esso became Exxon in 1978 and the Company was renamed Exxon
Chemical Pakistan Limited. The Company continued to prosper as it relentlessly
pursued productivity gains and strived to attain professional excellence.


In the conclusion section we first say that Engro is doing good business. If
investors feel that Pakistan is not a good place to invest they look at the success
of the Engro Pakistan, how they are doing business in that situation when there
is economic crisis, bad position of the stock exchange.
Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited is the first company in history of chemical
industry who makes fertilizers as well as food products together. First they only
manufactured fertilizers only but they diverse their business into many fields
like, EngroVopak Terminal Limited, Engro Polymer & Chemical Limited,
Engro Energy Limited, Engro Innovative Automation Pvt. Limited, and Engro
Foods Limited.
The culture of the company is very outstanding. The culture is maintained in
such a way that more values returns to their customers and shareholders. More
than 700 employees bring expertise and dedication to the workplace.
The management of the organization is very professional and they are ready to
compete all the challenges. The company financial performance is very good
and continues increased. InfectEngro Chemical Pakistan Limited is growing by
leaps and bound and they prove that what they say, Growing with Pride
As the Engro Corporation is Pakistans biggest company with different
businesses currently in operation is also now recognized globally due to some of
its global projects. Engro is always busy in doing different projects which
involve its