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New DS-7002 – Freight Forwarding

You may use these descriptions when preparing your DS-7002 Training Plan. All the below
Word fields can be copied and pasted onto each respective field of the DS-7002 Adobe
document. Please modify to your needs if necessary.
Brief Description of the Trainee/Intern’s Role for this Phase
The intern will support current project management tasks, quality assurance, resource
allocation, database maintenance and updates, process improvement initiatives, project
analysis, design and implementation, and will assist in ongoing workflows.
Specific Goals and Objectives for this Phase
By the end of this phase the intern will have gained practical experience with American
methods/strategies of freight forwarding. The intern will gain an improved understanding of
the American business mentality and greater fluency in English as a business language. The
intern will learn how internal/external factors interact and contribute to a forwarding
company's growth and productivity.
What specific knowledge, skills, or techniques will be learned?
Knowledge of import/export procedures and documentation, rate negotiation techniques,
measuring/calculating freight charges.
What plans are in place for the trainee/intern to participate in American cultural
Visits to art museums and historic sites, American baseball and football, farmers’ markets,
theme parks, zoos, shopping malls.
How specifically will these knowledge, skills, or techniques be taught? Include the
Specific Tasks and Activities to be completed for this Phase (Interns) or
Methodology of Training or Chronology/Syllabus for this Phase (Trainees)?
The intern will be exposed to all aspects of worldwide air freight forwarding (Air, Ocean,
Land), consolidation services, secure warehousing and distribution, customs clearance and
forwarding / re-forwarding; familiarity with documentation preparation and presentation,
specialized compliance services and consulting, duties/taxes, verification methods;
experience in cartage, tariff, freight and compliance regulations as well as cargo transport
insurance coverage; familiarity with continuous and single entry bonds, shipment scheduling
and tracking, management reports and invoices, plus online customs filing and management
Methods of Supervision. Who will provide daily supervision of the trainee or
intern and what are their qualifications to impart the planned learning during this
The intern will be supervised by a professional staff member as well as team specialists as
needed. All supervisors have undergraduate/graduate degrees in their professional fields.
They have participated in continuing education courses during the course of their

they have extensive experience in leadership and mentoring. brain-storming as needed during project work. informal on-the-job meetings. creativity. . Additionally. which they will impart to the intern. critiques. motivation. A final written performance evaluation at the end of the internship will attest to the intern's work habits.professional career development. team spirit. mentoring with team leader. department briefings. Methods of Performance Evaluation. self discipline and attitude. comprehension. How will the trainee or intern’s acquisition of new skills and competencies be measured during this phase? Supervision will include weekly meetings. project reports.