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Azad Hind Fauj was
A) Indian National Army
B) British National Army
C) Pakistan National Army
D) French National Army
Explanation - :
INA was formed in 1942 in South East Asia. Motto
unity, Faith and sacrifice in Hindustani.
Bose formed the “Azad Hind Government”. In 21
October 1943. INA freed the Andaman and Nicobar
Islands were renamed as Swaraj and Shaheed
islands .


Planning Commission of India was set up in the year
A) 1950 B) 1949 C) 1951 D) 1952
Explanation - :
Planning Commission, Extra constitutional, Nonstatutory and Advisory body. By an executive order in
15 t h March 1945. First Deputy Chairman, Gulzari Lal
Nanda & T.T. Krishnamachari
The State Governor must have completed…….years of
A) 30
B) 35
C) 40 D) 45
Explanation - :
Governor, President = 35 years
Chief Minister = 25
Prime Minister = 25
MLA = 25
Member in Lok Sabha = 25
Rajya Sabha member = 30
4) x



The solution set of x+10x+21 = 0 is
A) {7,3} B) {7, -3} C) {-7, 3}
D) {-7, -3}
Short Cut:
x2 +10x+21 = 0 this quadratic equation does not contain
any negative term, so the roots must be negative so
answer is {-7, -3}.
With Explanation - :
x +10x+21 = 0
x2 +7x+3x+21 = 0
x(x+7)+3(x+3) = 0
(x+3) (x+7) = 0
x+3 = 0 (or) x+7 = 0
x Chief
2 -7 Commission
- : Commissioner
of India
D) Election

037 billion C) 1.: The construction of Qutb-Minar was started by A) Iltutmish B) Qutb-ub-din-Aibak C) Razia D) Balban Explanation .: Population: 6 t h .: Bay of Bengal branch: Kerala upto Punjab thru Aravallis Arabian sea branch: Andaman & Nicobar.: Village Panchayat.750 D) Recommended by Dinesh Goswami Committee.5.027 billion B) 1.057 billion (Or) 1027 www. Dist Panchayat 14) 8) The plan launched on the fiftieth year of Independence was A) Third Five-Year Plan B) Eighth Five-Year Plan C) Tenth Five-Year Plan D) Ninth Five-Year Plan Tamil Nadu is……….000 at the rate of 5% for 2 years is A) geographical area among the states of the Indian union A) Eleventh B) Second C) Third D) Seventh Explanation . 16) The stepping stone for the progress of the society is A) School B) College C) University D) Office 17) Simple interest for Rs.I = 100 18) The A) lung C) Explanation Reason: cataract skin ultraviolet Ozone cancer depletion .: Pnr . C) 500Rs.: Iltumish: Completed by Iltumish 13) 7) ‘Narai mudithu sollal murai seidha cholan” is A) Kulothungan B) Rajendran I C) Karikalan D) Vijayalayan In Tamil Nadu there is a…….way2freshers.rays : D)from bone leads B) blood the cancer tosunlight skin cancer cancer causes & S..: Placoid: for sharks Ctenoid: Comb like scales Ganoid: Scales with shiny covering 11) Source Who A) C) Wife was : ofpraised School Krishna Kuselaas Book “Minnanar D) Anusuya Vanangum B) Ananganar Deivam”? A) According to 2001 Census. 800 Explanation . r = 5% 100 5000 2 5 500 S. Panchayat union..www.way2freshers. NE states upto Punjab Plains 10) The name of scales in Mullet fish is A) Placoid B) Cycloid C) Ctenoid D) Ganoid Explanation . Population Density: 6th 15) 9) www.tier system of Rural local government A) one B) two C)D)three four Explanation . P = 5000. 1990 12) 6) The Pandiyan king who put an end of the Kalabhra rule is A) Kadungon B) Simhavishnu C) Maravarman D) Achuthan Explanation . n = 2. 250 B) Rs. India’s population was The north-eastern parts of Himalayas receive more than 300 cm rainfall by A) Bay of Bengal branch B) Arabian sea branch C) Gulf of Khambhat branch D) Konkan branch Explanation .way2freshers.047 billion D) 1.I = .

way2freshers.for : hormone the D) B)treatment organic therapeutic acid of diabetes product .m.D but fought Kannadasan some inofalso “D”) 30) Rajya Sabha members are elected for a period of A) four years B) three years C) five years D) six years Explanation .7 = 2 D) C) y + 34 = 70 Explanation .D into-Jeruselam. Nair Explanation .D by RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre) 19) - www.Das C) Satyapal and Saifuddin Kichloo D) Tilak and Bipin Chandra Pal Explanation .org 3- 26) Which equation has y = 4 as solution? A) 2y + 3 = 0 B) y .way2freshers.: Father of White Revolution – Verguese Kurien 22) The Andes mountain range is located in A) North America B) Asia Large number of jute mills found on the banks of the river A) Kosi B) Hooghly C) D) Tapti Indus Explanation .: Polyalthia: Aggregate Berry: Tomato Pepo: Cucumber Drupe: Mango 27) 20) One a.Muthulakshmi Reddy D) T.1919 21) 28) The Operation Flood Programme relates to A) milk production development B) water resources development C) flood control D) poultry development Explanation .u is equal to A) 139 Mev B) 391 Mev C) 931 Mev D) 936 Mev Explanation . most thein incident 25) (According took Yeasu Vellore A) C) Explanation 1804 1806 place Kaviyam Sepoy A. Muthulakshmi Reddy – Avvai Illam T.: Periyar – Self Respect movement Dr.: Qualification age: 30 years One third retire once in 2 years 31) ‘Therapy’ means Insulin A) C) Explanation vaccine human treatment is a/an growth .M.R.way2freshers.: Among Union territories: Chandigarh 24) Incidence of ‘Yeasu Kaviyam’ was held at A) Jerusalem B) Somalia C) Jordan D) Samaria Explanation . Nair – Justice Party 23) The state which ranks first in per capita income is A) Orissa B) Bihar C) Punjab D) Gujarat Explanation .: Rowlatt Act .: School Book.: y+3 = 7 y = 7 – 3 = 4 y = 4 Which is not a simple fruit? A) Polyalthia B) Berry C) Pepo D) Drupe Explanation .com C) South America D) Australia Explanation .com www.www.: Energy obtained in disintegration of 1 atom (or 1 atomic mass unit) Two prominent leaders of Punjab were arrested in connection with against the Rowlatt hartalAct. They are A) Jawaharlal Nehru and Gandhi B) Motilal Nehru and C.: North America: Rockies Asia: Himalayas The Samarasa Suttha Sanmarga Sangam was founded by A) Periyar B) Vallalar C) Dr.: Distributary to River Ganga Kolkatta city is situated on the banks of river Hooghly 29) www. Mutiny :D) written B)1857 1860 was A.M.

6 B) 75 C) 100 D) 94 Explanation .V.: Shared Gulzar: ‘oscar’ with A. Sivarama President Abdul of Fire. the Jatti Narayanan year IndiaArts 20022020 .: Copper . Suspended by Gandhiji in 1922 due to chauri-chaura incident 39) A) Gold B) Copper C) Iron D) Silver Explanation .: Dr. Jayakanthan: Writer Books Who by43) was himExplanation G. Rajendra Prasad B) Dr. Sivarama Krishnamurthy Explanation . DhananjayanB) Sarojini Varadappan C) D.J. -of Krishnamurthy: :Kalam India Ignited D) during B) B.: Life span: 120 days. S.6% 18 Carat = 18 100 100 3 24 4 41) 75 % www. (ie) 3 512 Who bagged two Oscar awards for the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’? 8 37) The First President of India was A) Dr.R.: Established in 1995. Rahman for lyrics of ‘Jai Ho’ Bhanu Athaiya: 1 st Indian to win Oscar Satyajit Winner Ray: of ‘Lifetime Achievement Oscar Award’ 42) Who received the Padma Bhushan award for social work in 2009? A) V. Jayakanthan D) G.Copper Pyrites Iron – Magnetite. K.: 6th standard book Chapter . Giri D) Giani Zail Singh Explanation . Present Director General .P.V. Minds.1.Mr.: V.Venkataraman A.R. & Self evaluation 33) Formation of red blood cells in a normal human adult occurs in A) muscle B) spleen C) bone marrow Explanation . disintegrated in spleen Bauxite is an ore of D) skin A) Aluminium B) Iron C) Copper D) Mica Explanation .: Started in 1920.: 8 8 8 512 .way2freshers. A) www. S.: 24 Carat = 100% 22 Carat = 91.way2freshers. Dhananjayan: Arts (Bharatanatyam) Sarojini Varadappan: Social Activist D.: Iron – 1536 0 C Gold – 1064 0 C C) 961 0 C D) 1083 0C 40) The headquarters of World Trade Organisation is at A) New York B) Geneva C) London D) Warsaw Explanation . Giri: 1 st independent candidate to win presidential election Giani Zail Singh: 1 st Sikh President Explanation .com A) Gulzar B) Bhanu AthaiyaC) Satyajit D)AR Ray Rahman 36) The cube root of 512 is A) 18 B) 8 C) 6 D) 16 Explanation . Radhakrishnan C) V. A) 2007? C) the – Wings 32) 38) The first known metal to man is The main aim of non-co-operation movement was A) large scale demonstrations B) Hartal C) non-payment of taxesD) to attain Swaraj Explanation .Pascal Lamy 35) 18 ct contains……% weight of gold.D. Haematite Mica – a mineral 34) The melting point of silver is A) 327 0 C B) 80 0 C Explanation .www.P.P. Radhakrishnan: 2 nd President of India V.

: F = ma F = 1kg × 1 ms -2 2 = 1 kg.m/s = 1N X-rays were invented by A) J. Thomson: Electron Faraday: Electro-magnetic Induction .com The first woman DGP in Tamil Nadu is 54) A) Thilagavathy B) Lathika Saran C) Aruna D) Kiran Bedi 48) A) 1N B) 2N C) 3N D) 4N Explanation .Belonged to Haryana state Columbia crashed in 2003 52) Circular extra genomic DNA is called A) Recipient cell B) Plasmid C) Flagella D) Pilus Explanation .: NREGS introduced in 2006.: Kalpana Chawla DAILY FREE GK-SMSes 44) 51) Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme was introduced in the year A) 2007 B) 2009 C) 2010 D) 2008 Explanation .way2freshers.: Kerala – highest literacy rate in India 46) The first Indian woman who travelled in American space shuttle. Thomson B) Faraday World’s fifth most powerful Indian woman in business is A) Meira Kumar B) Fathima Bibi C) Pratibha Patel D) Indira Nooyi 49) 20 t h Commonwealth Speakers Conference was held at A) New Delhi B) Mumbai C) Chennai D) Thiruvananthapuram 50) Branches A) C) Maple Eucalyptus ofD) which Barley tree appear B) Olive on the UN flag? C) Roentgen D) Henry Becquerel Explanation J. Renamed as MGNRES in 2009 A) Darwin B) Mendel C) Schwann D) Operon Explanation .way2freshers.: Found in E.: Schwann & Scleiden in 1838-39 45) The first totally literate district in India is A) Nellore in Andhra Pradesh B) Ernakulam in Kerala C) Kolar in Karnataka D) Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu Explanation .www.coli used in genetic engineering 53) What force would be needed to produce an -2 accelerationon of a1 ball ms of mass 1 kg? 47) www.J. Columbia was A) Indira Nooyi B) Sania Mirza C) Kalpana Chawla D) Pratibha Patel Explanation .com www. 55) 60) Gain of electron is A) combustion B) decomposition C) oxidation D) reduction Explanation . Calcium b) Sulphur 2.1 m D) 0.D. here Ghori defeated Prithviraj. is 2 = 1 2 sin 2 2 C) cosec D) cot2 2 = sec cos2 cos2 sin 212 sec 2 cos cos2 65) India is following A) Parliamentary Democracy B) Presidential Democracy C) D) Explanation Parliamentary Presidential Kingship Dictatorship Democracy: .01 C)cm 0. Thanjavur Namakkal.: For screw gauge = 0.01mm or 0. Explanation .: Copper and zinc .www.001 cm Explanation .: Oxidation: loss of electron The first battle of Tarain took place in the year A) 1194 A. B) 1191 A. units sq.01 mm B) 0. hepatitis A vaccine are examples of killed vaccines Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below: List I List II a) Bromine 1.Brass 64) 1+tan 2 The value of is B) sq. C) 1193 A.D.: Constitutional Amendment Act was enacted in 1+tan Formula: 1+tan (or) 58) The 42 the year nd D) 1976 Explanation . Polyatomic element c) Gases 3. added fundamental duties and amended preamble with 3 words – socialist integrity secular.D. Liquid d) Mineral water 4. II Tarain – Explanation .com www.001 cm 63) B) 3 2 4 1 57) r2 4 The perimeter of the circle is A) 2 r units C) r2 4 What are the constituents of bronze? A) Copper and tin B) Copper and zinc C) Copper and iron D) Zinc and iron www.way2freshers. polio vaccine.way2freshers.: Called as ‘Mini Constitution’.:Democracy: US Art 75(3) . units D) units A) cos 2 B) sec Explanation . 56) 61) Example for killed vaccines is A) Cholera vaccine B) BCG vaccine C) DPT vaccine D) TT vaccine Explanation . 59) TheThamirabarani Dharmapuri. Compressible 62) The least count of vernier calipers is A) 0. D) 1195 A.D. A) C) Explanation Length Vaigai river ofthat Kaveri Nagapattinam -flows : –D) 760 through Cheyyar km B) Kaveri and Salem.: 1191-Mohmad Ghori defeated by Prithviraj Chauhan.: Influenza vaccine. 1853. 3.D.: G.: Manchester is in London Manchester of South India . 69) 75) The author of ‘Kuil’ magazine was A) Kannadasan B) Bharathiar Special locomotory organ is absent in C) Suradha Explanation . 6.radianiasacademy. 1Polar 2 3bond bonding bonding2. A) Delhi and Calcutta B) Bombay and Calcutta C) Bombay and Thane Explanation .: Introduced by Lord Dalhousie 73) D) Bombay and Chennai 67) The Danish founded a factory at A) Pondicherry B) Karaikal C) Tranquebar D) Chennai 68) The District Judges are appointed by the A) Governor B) District Collector C) Chief Minister D) President of India Explanation .com RADIAN IAS ACADEMY (A Hi-Tech Advanced Coaching cum Guidance Centre) 66) - www. 4. 7.: C) Paramecium D) Hydra D) Bharathidasan 76) www.: Peacock: Virali Malai Lion: Gir forests in Gujarat 71) 77) In 1995 World Women’s Conference was held at A) Beijing B) Delhi C) London D) New York Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below: List I List II a) Electrovalent b) c) d) C) Co-ordinate 44.C.way2freshers. 70) Which is called the Manchester of India? A) Chennai B) Mumbai C) Delhi D) Salem Explanation .org 7- 72) The G. 7 is A) 7 Explanation -. 78) The mode of www. D) Chennai in the .Also this the reason for different seasons.Coimbatore Mukkurthi National Park in Nilgiri Hills is the sanctuary for A) Tiger B) Peacock C) Leopard D) Lion Explanation . of 3 and 6 is C) 3 Explanation .: President of India Appoints Chief Justice and Judges of Supreme Court and High Court 74) The earth is inclined at an angle of 10 2 Khilafat movement was started against the A) British Government B) Hindus C) Muslims D) Christians Explanation .D of 3 and 6 = 3 The first railway line was laid between……. 4.::are The 79)black TheCoimbatore district A) C) Explanation Salem cotton most of repetitive soils B) Dharmapuri found value is extensively 7. 1.: 10 2 23 .way2freshers.1.: In 1920 by Mohamad Ali and Saukat Ali C) 23 10 2 Explanation .

10 mandalas. 27 C) Dowry Prohibition Act was passed in the year 3 A) 168 cm 3 B) 1176 cm A) 1961 B) 1960 C) 1962 D) 1963 3 3 D) 784 cm C) 392 cm Explanation Amended in 1984 Explanation .way2freshers. Buddhism had split into 81) A) two branches B) three branches C) five branches D) four branches Explanation Coimbatore called ‘Manchester of South India. Explanation . Governor: D.: Volume of a cone ( 90) = 1 22 3 7 7 7 24 392 83) The breaking waves are called A) waves B) white caps The early Vedic period is known from A) the Epics B) the Upanishads C) the Rig Veda D) the Aranyakas Explanation .: Harappan culture: Archaeological evidence The Rig Veda: 1028 hymns. 28 B) 33.: Reserve Bank of India 1935.www. The numbers are A) 32.way2freshers. 26 Explanation . 25 D) 34.: x+y = 60 & x-y = 8 x = 34 & y = 26 (or) x=26 & y = 34 82) The volume of a cone with radius 7 cm and height 24 89) cm is www.: Two branches: Mahayana.Kanchi means ofC) theMountain underlined word: D) wave cut platform D) Jewel 92) 10 96 tNew A) C) Explanation 97 98 99 Bangalore Indian –Thiruvananthapuram Chennai Bhubaneshwar Delhi Science .F. 3 Gayatri Mantra C) surf 91) The total number of districts of Tamil Nadu in 2010 is C) 32 rd Explanation Municipal corporations: Taluks: 220 Town Panchayats: 561 contains 84) 85) ‘Garibi Find Mudhu A) Explanation Town theHatao’ Mozhi meaning B) River . Hinayana The world famous wall paintings of the Guptas was found at A) Gaya B) Mathura C) Ajanta Explanation Gaya: Buddha attained enlightenment Sarnath: Ashoka Pillar 88) D) Sarnath The sum of two numbers is 60 and their difference is 8.(2011) :B) Hyderabad Congress (to be(2010) held was D)in held Shillong 2012 in hh – .com www.: Fifth five year plan: 80) 1974-1979 86) Reserve Bank of India acts as the banker and the agent of the A) W orld Bank B) International Monetary Fund C) Government of India D) I.Subbarao A cheque in circulation for more than six months is called A) stale cheque B) post-dated cheque C) ordinary cheque D) crossed cheque 87) During the period of Kaniskha. nationalized in 1949.C. Explanation .

A) C) Explanation Sachin 2010 proposed which Tendulkar -D) honorary was Group Kapil conferred Dev Captain post forB) onthe M. 2010 India signed a civil nuclear agreement with A) Canada B) America C) Iran D) Croatia 98) Designation: IAFSrikant 22. Tennis d) Garba dance 4. Punjab A) 2 3 1 4 97) On June 28. Chandrasekhar 3.: A) 2008 2008 A) 2008 Launched on October 22 nd 100) W hich day is called as the Indian Census Day? The confirmatory test for AIDS is A) X-ray B) Biopsy C) Western blot Explanation . Astrophysics b) Sania Mirza 2.way2freshers.way2freshers. Chess c) S.: Drug: Azidothymidine ELISA: Preliminary test for AIDS D) ELISA th A) 9 th February B) 9 January th C) 9 t h March D) 9 April Explanation National Voters Day – January 25 95) An instrument used for enlargement and reduction of maps with accuracy is A) Sonograph B) Pantograph C) Spectrograph D) Thermograph 96) 93) 99) The 11 t h Five-Year Plan period is A) 2006-2011 B) 2007-2012 C) 2008-2013 D) 2005-2010 Chandrayaan-I was successfully launched in the year 94) A) 2008 A) 2008 Explanation .com Match List I with List II correctly and select your answer using the codes given below: List I List II a) Viswanathan Anand 1.way2freshers. cricketer Dhonion June .

com GENERAL TAMIL 113) 101) 114) 102) 103) 104) 115) 116) 105) 117) 118) 106) 107) 120) 121) A) 108) 109) 122) 123) 124) A) 110) 125) A) 111) 112) 127) 126) .

B 138) A) A) 139) A) 140) 144) .com 143) 137) 141) 129) 130) A) 131) A) 132) 142) 133) A) 134) 135) A) C) A) 136) A) B) 128) www. .www.

com 151) A) 152) 145) 153) 154) 155) A) B) C) D) 146) 156) 157) 158) A) B) C) D) 147) 149) 148) 150) 159) 160) 161) .

com 174) 163) 175) A) 164) 165) 176) A) 177) 166) 178) 167) 179) 168) 180) 162) 169) 181) "Court" 182) "Complete" 170) 183) 171) 172) A) 173) 184) A)Publication 185) .way2freshers.

com 192) 193) 194) 195) 196) 197) A) 200) 199) 198) 186) 187) 188) 189) 190) A) 191) www.way2freshers.www.way2freshers.

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