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Sandeep Supal

Pursuit of Design Entrepreneurship
Mumbai, India

Being a Market Researcher, UX Analyst and Front-end Delivery expert looking to engage with
an end to end project in a creative product development team that has an expertise for end
user innovation and executing a strategic delivery at the consumer end of products and
My goal is to live in the spirit Entrepreneurship and innovation, build impactful ideas and next
generation teams which foster seamless work collaboration and delivery.
Part of consulting teams for software delivery chain for big clientele in Telecom and Healthcare


Reliance JIO
Consultant (Product Design and Sr UX Analyst )
Accessing & connecting to the Jio WiFi Hotspots in the vicinity mobile device.
Discovery of Jio apps & Delivery of targeted offers to the customer based on their choices & interest.
JioSetting (CSF)
Common services framework as library for Jio & 3rd party apps used for of signing & certifying user
Jio Infra-Analytics
Explore data via run time querying & creating charts for analytics.
HealthHub a PHR app

October 2014 - Present

Navi Mumbai, India

The product is currently envisioned as a ‘Complete Entertainment Suite’. Metadata (EPG). social and consumer level of products.October 2014 Mumbai.mouthshut. .com) Customer Review Platform (India's leading Social Media Website) K12 Angel (Tweet Surveillance tool) Let's Talk (Case Management tool) May 2012 . HE of Mundu TV app for Android phones. Mundu Sync: Web Application Redesign for Sync that is cross-platform/device synchronization application for web.k12insight. Products: Zarca Platform (www. Managing UI team and Front End delivery for Application for K12 Managing district MouthShut (www. India Geodesic Inc User Experience Designer Mundu TV: Usability Testing of TV application Design for devices tablet devices like Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook. Its is one of the best solution against problems of counterfeiting that can be integrated during the manufacturing process of the product. phones and tablets Mundu Radio: Product Development process for Internet radio that allows to listen to thousands of radio stations that stream audio on internet using mobile Core Enterprise Application SoGoSurvey (www.Zarca Group Lead Graphics and Usability Engineer (Product Management) Working as UX/PM professional in a Product Development setup. Designing Intuitive User Interface. leading UI team and engaged in Product Management and UX practice for a leading Survey Software at enterprise.zarca.sogosurvey. MPAS (Product Security solution): A unique new product in the market that allows to cross check/validate the original product and meta tagging behind the same. Mundu Entertainment: (Conceptualization & Architecture) A Multimedia Entertainment (TV+Radio) application for the users wherein the product will be scaled further with content like Podcasts. MoD. Mundu UM: Universal Instant Messenger application Design for iPhones and Android phones. Trivia etc. Release Management. Product Design. Consumer and Small Business Application K12 Insight (www.

Its an application platform to send targeted texts/ad-media to customers. Task Analysis. Java (J2ME) Design on Nokia devices Project coordinator: Mr. Director. Emerging Markets Innovation. Deepa Bachu. Usability Testing. Data Analytics Project guide Prof.May 2011) i-Buy: mCommerce Application for Small Businesses in Emerging Markets Keywords: Information Systems Design. Consumer Interaction Data Analytics & Visualization. Interface Designer employed to designing the UI screens for the readability ratios of different screen resolutions of the Jasmine Mobile Application. DoD. Project Jasmine: Keywords: Screen Design. GOMS Project guide: Mrs. Group Manager. Graphic Design for Viral Marketing & running experimental drives for tapping Customer Experiences. Interface Design. Persona-Scenario Creation. Pradeep Yammiyavar. India Department Of Design (DoD). UID. Heuristic Evaluation. Sr. IxDesigner. Paper Prototyping. Flex Development was niche learning in this Internship. It is a means of Business Communication and Learning-Innovations for the Indian Farmers & Mandi agents. Interaction Designer employed to design Support UI for BPO in direct contact with Consumer. IIT Guwahati Academic Student ~ Bachelors Thesis Project [iBuy] (Aug 2010 . IITG Mr Kashinath Kakarla. May 2011 . Intuit India [Project Jasmine] Intuit Jasmine is a new online and mobile application that helps to grow businesses. Nasarullah Khan. Intuit IDC . Usability Testing.April 2012 Mumbai. India Intuit Inc (IDC) Interaction Design Intern Project Agrinova: Keywords: Interaction Design. Customer Experience Design. Heuristics Evaluations & Usability Testing was also done for further application development.the manufacturing process of the product. Persona Development for project Lifecycle. Intuit India Intuit Agrinova [Mobile Bazaar] is a user non-paid Business Model that creates a peer-to-peer marketplace for farmers in India using SMS. May 2010 . FDRS.July 2010 Bangalore.

IVRS Design Project guide Prof. this Mobile service as medium for ticket booking experience was more affable.K Das (HoD). This kind of research is underway at HP Labs. Prof. The design of a system from a purview of systems thinking. Literature review. Keywords: Design Methodology. The user profiling was made on basis of mobile model: from high to low end mobile phones. Task flows. Telecommunication companies and IRCTC would be working together to provide this service to the user. Ethnography study accompanied by surveys amassed the research and experiences about product. Ravi Mokashi Punekar.The aim of the project is to explore a smart medium of business communication between costumer & seller (retailer). A comprehensive study was made on loupes to get an overview of product competition (profile) in the global market. ~ Systems Design Project (Jan 2010 . users and other influencers that helped to develop a new ergo-fit design. These insights are most important to align the design considerations and constraints in the UI Design framework.Mr Kashinath Kakarla. DoD. DoD.IITG First Design Project to learn and execute entire Industrial Design process meticulously following stepwise Design Methodology to Redesign Medical Equipment ‘Dental Loupe’ which used by dentist and surgeons globally for executing procedures with precision. User Research. . helps to visualize and analyze the project in holistic manner. India. The model is currently iterated via Wizard of Oz technique & under development on Voice XML platform. UCD Process. Ideas were iterated through creative activities for form development. Contextual Enquiry. Since its an Indian context. Ethnography study and User surveys helped to down line the project for masses. The project concludes with Managing the overall Design and modeling a Business proposition out of it. ~ Product Design Project (Aug 2009 .A medical equipment redesigned for Surgeons and Dentists.Nov 2009) ‘Dental Loupe’ . In our system model the Banks. User Interaction Models. Product Analysis. helped to devise a User Interaction model which can facilitate booking through mobiles in easier and efficient way and at the same time authenticating the user through the system. Brainstorming Ideas & iterating them through mind maps & task analysis. through media like Mobile & other modes of Interaction & Networking. Group Manager. Ravi Mokashi Punekar. IITG IVRS Reservation system:The primary Goal was to enhance our Railway Ticketing System through intervention of Systems Approach.April 2010) IVRS Reservation System for Indian Railways (IRCTC) Keywords: Systems Approach to Design. Lo-fi Prototyping Project guide Prof. Intuit IDC The Project I-Buy is an End-2-End project which comprises of User Research design which follows the research methodologies to tap the important user experiences that helps to build the product and the consumer insight. there is a need better linguistic prompts in regional languages. A.

viral marketing and resource procurement. Presentability. India . Regularly pitching Design Management & Design services to clients like Raymond. Scheduling the interviews of shortlisted candidates. Tapping such experiences helped to frame ideas & validate the same through resources available from prime researchers in lighting technology. June 2009 . India Quetzal Inc Business Development Associate [BDA] Engaged as an associate for generating sales. Initial screening of resumes on portals like Naukri. Kishore Munshi. Working for Domestic clients. Iterative Development Project guide: Prof.Present Mumbai. fieldwork. IITB The objective was to study and design the Interior Lighting systems for the Vehicle model ‘Mahindra Scorpio’. IDC. The project started with study on the current scenario of the interior lighting in Indian vehicles (taxonomy) and later into identifying the requirements of interior lights for the client’ next launch product. desk research. contextual enquiry. May 2009 . Ethnography. Idea as a design agency for projects and business communication related to design. making sure they reached the venue and took up the interview. It gave a boost to confidently execute the Design Process. This led to set of final recommendations (36) as part of presentation to the client. Data Log-Analysis. Project follows with a rigorous user study.April 2011 Guwahati. Flash Presentation was niche learning in this Internship. India IIT Bombay User Research Intern Interior Lighting System . Working primarily under Business Development Executive for Human Resource recruitment drives for clients in IT and ITeS sector. Developing a business models for startups in the city in meeting up their Design resources and defining their product road-map and services. December 2011 . checking their communication skills.Mahindra Scorpio Vx6: Keywords: User Research. India Thinking Bug Design Management Consultant and UX Associate Co-working as an Design Management Consultant to building a small start-up in design management consultancy.July 2009 Mumbai. Monster based on the requirements Shortlisting the candidates through telephonic interview. August 2009 .October 2009 Mumbai. extensive data analysis.Final Design proposal was made based on the Design considerations evolved through process and the study. technical knowledge etc. that gave a subtle insight on user’ experiences with lighting systems inside different vehicles. Flash.

India Training And Certification Done online courses like HTML5-CSS3-jQuery-HTML DOM-AJAX from w3cschools and lynda. Node.js and Ruby on Rails. Attending courses on HCI. Architecture & Visualisation October 2010 . India EDUCATION Stanford Graduate School Of Business Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship April 2014 .September 2010 Mumbai.September 2009 Mumbai. India NIIT Certificate in C. India IIT Bombay Certificate in Communication Design: For IT and Media Professionals September 2009 . Healthcare informatics. of platform langauages like ASP. Learning imp.Des in Design July 2007 .com. India IIT Guwahati B.Present Mumbai. India IIT Bombay Certificate in Information Design: Info Structuring.C++ and Basic Java May 2007 .Present India .Prohealth Founder Medical Devices Technology Company June 2014 Mumbai. May 2012 . Model Thinking & Venture Labs at coursea.NET.June 2014 Bangalore.August 2007 Mumbai.April 2011 Guwahati. India Open University Associate Degree in Product Management April 2015 .

LANGUAGES English (Advanced) Hindi (Fluent) AWARDS IIT Guwahati Institute Rank 1 (Final Semester) SPI: 9.InDeAs) Selected amongst top 50 globally through competition on Sustainability 2009 Mahindra And Mahindra Pvt. Ltd.86 2011 IIT-JEE Positioned in the top 1% amongst 4 lac students who appeared the exam 200704 International Design Conference On Sustainability (IITB .VillGro Impact-a-preneur Winner of Business Plan competition 2012 Nasscom Nasscom 10000 Stratups Fellow 2015 SKILLS . 80% of design recommendations were converted to the Interior lighting systems in the Mahindra Scorpio Vx6 and Vx8 segment. 2009 TiE .

DoD. UserResearch. . Google Website Optimizer. Web Design & Development. Design Process & Research Analysis. Kissmetrics. the vital role of all activities in a mCommerce system has been covered in the project. Card Sorting. Interface & Interaction Design] Usability Engineering Human Computer Interaction Information Systems Analysis & Design Design Methodology & Process Development Design Management & IPRs [Legal] New Product Development [Entrepreneurship] Agile Product Management Front-end Delivery [Best practices in UI Development] Product and Services Design Bootstrapping [Business Model Design. Interface Design. HTML5. Adobe Creative Suite.The aim of the project is to explore a smart medium of business communication between costumer & seller (retailer). Design Strategy. Jquery. Group Manager. Usability Testing. Visual Communication & Graphic Design. FDRS. through media like Mobile & other modes of Interaction & Networking. OmniGraffle. Services Roadmap Diagrams. CrazyEgg. Google Analytics. A/B Testing. Balsamiq. Twitter Bootstrap. Persona & Scenario Creation. Usability Audit. Google Apps. Product Design & Prototyping. Illustrations: Rendering Schematics. Bootstrap. GOMS Modeling. Coding: Object Oriented Programming. Morae. Task Analysis. The project concludes with Managing the overall Design and modeling a Business proposition out of it. Augmented Reality . Viral Loop Tracking. Data Mining [Analytics]. Pradeep Yammiyavar. Think-Aloud Protocols. UX Design & Design Management are the important elements of any mobile application development and it should be carefully understood that these areas would not only lead to build a mobile industry but also will be beneficial to the consumer business on the other side. The design of a system from a purview of systems thinking. Data Structures In C. Business Model Generation. C++ & Java. As Industrial and communication designer.0. CSS3. MS Visual Studio 2010. Intuit IDC The Project I-Buy is an End-2-End project which comprises of User Research design which follows the research methodologies to tap the important user experiences that helps to build the product and the consumer insight. Co-creation. Contextual Enquiry. XML CAREER INTEREST User Experience Design [XD | User Research.Actionscript. Visio. AxurePro. Business Development] Semantics [Web / Product] Market Research [Survey Analytics] Financial Modelling Human Resource Management [Team Building] BACHELOR THESIS PROJECT (BTP @IIT) Project i-Buy: mCommerce Application for Small Businesses in Emerging Markets Keywords: Information Systems Design. Heuristics Evaluation. Applescript. Embedded Interactions. InVision. helps to visualize and analyze the project in holistic manner. Guerilla Testing. User Experience. Web 3. Experiential Prototyping. Cognitive Walking. AngularJS.. Data Analytics Project guide Prof. Business Model Canvas. A/B Testing. Brainstorming & Ideation Techniques. Information & Interface Design. Mixpanel In Daily Design Tasks. Systems Approach. These insights are most important to align the design considerations and constraints in the UI Design framework. Scripting: Javascript . IITG Mr Kashinath Kakarla. Presentations : Mind Mapping. Blue Ocean Startegy. Use Case Modeling.

POSTION OF RESPONSIBILITY Student Representative.launchrock. (Business plan competition in association with Villgro Chennai and TiE) * Startup Program winners at events organized by Weekend Venture. IITG HEALTHCARE INNOVATION Project iHeal is started on building a vision in making healthcare proactive. Brainchild Management Module. IITG Event Manager. IITG Cofounder http://angel. that would measure and manage the essential vitals for the Asthma/COPD patients. Bangalore Startup Launchpad. OxyTrac: A Low Cost Spirometer + OxiMeter integrated with Mobile Application is a solution we are building. Currently targeted to serve patients facing chronic disease like Asthma and COPD that encompasses 8 million population in India. Medical Devices design and development. Around 20 million Indians are susceptible for pulmonary (respiratory functions) chronic diseases and lack of personal health care. * Winner of Impact-a-preneur Quest 2014.proactivehealth. http://www. TiE Mumbai IQ Bootcamp) * Entrepreneur Scholar at Global Sankalp Summit .co/prohealth-inc Project Accolades: * NASSCOM 10000 startups Fellow. IITG Core Marketing Executive Alcheringa.2010 Department of Design. ProHealth TeleMedicine: Building a telemedicine solution to connect Urban Doctors and Hospital infrastructure to the rural health centers. Techniche. Placements & Industry Relations. Annual http://oxytrac. . IITG Senior member Student Welfare Board [SWB]. Annual CultFest. TiE camp (Pune/Mumbai Startup Meet.2015 Connect for Projects in Healthcare Technology. IITG Corporate Relations Head Entrepreneurial Development Cell [EDC].Student Association. Dept of Design. that worsens the conditions leading to mismanagement. Startup weekend. TeleMedicine solutions and Market research in healthcare.

Venture Pitch (Applied Skills II) • Leadership. Guwahati • Design Management and professional practice • Usability Engineering • Systems approach to design • Interaction Design • Applied Psychology & Cognitive Psychology (Psychology Majors) • Collaborative Design methods for New product development (Elective) • Instructional Design and Multimedia (Elective) • Data Structures & Object Oriented Programming • Management of Organizational Behaviour (Elective) • Consumer Behaviour • Design Methodology (Product Design processes) • Graphic Design .Principles and Application • Product Analysis (Critical Thinking) (Elective) • Applied Ergonomics (Human Factors) Stanford University Graduate School of Business • Marketing & Operations (Core Business Skills I) • Business Model & Strategy (Core Business Skills II) • Accounting & Finance (Core Business Skills III) • Negotiation & Teamwork (Applied Skills I) • Public speaking. Motivation (Applied Skills III) • IPR & Legal issues (Applied Skills IV) • Product Design and Prototyping .Product Market Fit .Design Thinking • Building MVP .COURSES Indian Institute of Technology.