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Seminar gives self-learning and promotes ____________________. Duration of seminar is ___________________ 5. ____________________will provide structure and safety for the group discussion. Seminar technique demand maturity in terms of _________________. 19.TEST CONSTRUCTION ON SEMINAR Maximum marks: 30 A) Fill in the blanks with one word 1. 20._________________ and ___________________. Seminar an instruction technique involves creating a situation for a group to have _________________ among themselves on a theme. B) State as true or false 16. 3. Seminar technique demand maturity in terms of language. 2. _________________Objectives related only to knowledge and comprehensions are usually inappropriate for seminar. 9. Careful planning in seminar is essential in ___________________ and ______________ a discussion on a specific topic. 6. Student’s ability to solve problems is increased by way of ___________________ and ___________________. 17. 21. 13. Seminar requires a complete classes for completion of study of the problem 18. Objectives related only to knowledge and comprehensions are usually inappropriate for seminar. 12. Care should be taken to avoid ____________________while discussing seminar topic. __________________ . An irreverent discussion should be avoided in seminar to ____________________. 7. Type of seminar is ___________________. 8. Seminar approach is useful in helping students attain high level _____________ and _____________ objective. Seminar is a discussion method of teaching in which an informal group of ____________ students. 10. Seminar enables students to learn to ___________________ and _________ complex information. 11. Participants of the seminar should be well acquainted with the guided interaction theme. 4. 15. social and emotional make T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F . 14. Human interactions under seminar develop good manners and skills among participants. Seminar is used to increase student involvement in the learning process. President of seminar is also known as convertor of seminar. ______________and emotional make up and the facility to deal with abstractions.

why? a) Class organization c) cost effective b) Opportunity to participate d) less time utilization 36. 30. What are the characteristics of seminar? a) Frame work of curriculum b) Grading c) course objective d) all of the above 37. What are the essentials of seminar? a) Maturity of participant b) Time c) Theme d) Instruction 33.Up to deal with abstractions. Function of teacher in seminar? a) To help in initial stage b) Start topic c) whistle d) speaker T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F . What are the characteristics of seminar except? a) Scientific approach c) Investigation b) Planned discussion d) Analytic 32. What is the evaluation phase in seminar? a) assessment of the student b) acknowledging that objective met c) Trying to grade group d) none of the above 35. Seminar also improves psychomotor skill. Seminar refers to a small group of graduate students engaged in original research 27. 23. Seminar is only feasible at higher level of instructions. The activities to be covered in seminar should be listed in handout. A student secretary should record the problems which arise and the solution given 26. Seminar is a group discussion with the objective of promoting only learning among the participants 25. What are the characteristics of affective objective. 24. Seminar is effective as a teaching method. Objective should not provide only foundation for the outcomes 28. 29. What is the role of organizer? a) Planning b) Speaker c) Propose the name of guest d) Theme announcer 34. technique can be used for all the type education C) Multiple choice questionnaire(tick the right answers) :31. There is no psychomotor skill is required for seminar approach. T/F 22. except a) emotional stability c) foundation b) Feeling of co-operation d) feeling of tolerance 38.

Rational thinking and reasoning. True 17. True 26. False 20. Cognition. cognitive B) True / false 16. Ground rules 10. guided interaction 15. 10-15 4. Mini seminar. Managing and facilitating 7. True 29. use 2. True 22. 8. True 21. national seminar and international seminar 6. False 23. Seminar 11. What happened in stimulating discussion phase of seminar? a) Open ended question c) ground rule discussion b) Summarization d) correction misinformation ANSWER KEY A) Fill in the blanks. Stay on the topic 12. 1. True 27. False 18. stereotype 14. True 25. False 24. main seminar. Seminar is a method of teaching why? a) class organization b) concerned with individual standards c) formal group d) continuous debate 40. social 13. Synthesize. False . 1-2 hours 5. language. False 19. False 30. psychomotor 3. False 28.39. Independent thinking 9.

26) 2(1. c 38.26) Applicatio n . a Introduction Blue print helps to balance the test.b. d 37.8. a. a and c 36. a 34.d 33.20.C) Multiple choice questionnaires 31. a and b 35. Objectives Weightage of Item Number of Items Knowledge Understanding / comprehension 1 Describes about seminar. understanding and application level of the test Blueprint on seminar tool Sl.8) 2(20. We can determine the emphasize of each specific objective of the topic and we can frame question according to the emphasis and assess the knowledge. a 40. 10% 4(1. a 39. No. d 32.

5% 3 1(16) 1(10) 1(33) 7.9.36) 1(35) 5 Describe essential requirement of seminar. 5 2(18.23. 17.40) 3(40.5% 1(25) 1(25) 10.30) 100% 40 13 Total 36) (10. 5% 2(24.37 ) 37) 3 Describe types of seminar.39) 1(6) 8 Describe function of teacher in seminar.38) 9. Describe disadvantages seminar. 17.5% 7(6. 20% 8(2.39. 5% 2(7. 2.34.5% 5(17.35.22) (15.27.2 Discuss about seminar objective approaches. 1(2) 22.14) 3(9.31.28. 7.4.30) 2( . Discuss advantages of seminar.12.11.21 .32) 1(21) 3(12.18.19. 1(28) 3(17.29) 3( Describe process of seminar.23.5% 1(5) 1(3) 4 Discuss characteristics of seminar.13.4.38) of 17 10 .33) 2(7.5% 7(3. 2. 12.32) 6 Discuss different roles performed in seminar.31.