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Performance Based Assessment


Term 1 Level 2




Beyond the Box


Director Julia Johnson



Overall rating:
0.91 | Pass

0.91 | Pass

Unit 10 Movement Skills Merit

M1 Explore and develop relationships, actions, dynamics
and space in movement work with confidence, commitment
and control.
M2 Demonstrate physical and interpretive skills in the
performance of movement work, showing competence,
confidence and consistency.
Comment: Shimeka you are an as
set to your company, you alway
s arrive with a positive attit
ude to the work and I have see
n great teamwork skills from y
ou in without words. As a danc
er you have a natural flair wi
th movement however you now kn
ow what you need to be able to
stretch and challenge yoursel
f; you are more than capable o
f reaching for those higher gr
ades. You need to work more on
your confidence in performanc
e so you are pushing yourself
so that you look completely at
Unit 10 Movement Skills Distinction



confident and considered application of physical theatre techniques and structures. You showed g reat skills with dance in with out words and it was a pleasur e to see you explore and see y our passion come through in yo ur performance. You need to work on giving yourself achie vable targets and drafting act ion plans so that you know wha t you need to do to keep pushi ng yourself and how you can ac hieve your goals.Unit 35 Physical Theatre Performance Pass P3 Present an ongoing review of the physical theatre techniques and structures explored and applied. Comment: Unit 35 Physical Theatre Performance Merit Merit M1 Demonstrate exploration of the key features of the work of physical theatre practitioners with focus. I w ant to challenge you to work w ith a member of your company t hat you wouldn't normally work with as this with push your i deas and bring out your confid ence in rehearsal. D4 Demonstrate competent. in rehearsal and performance. and appreciation of the style Comment: Unit 35 Physical Theatre Performance Distinction Distinction D2 Demonstrate competent. setting achievable targets for improvement. D5 Demonstrate competent and consistently accurate realisation of physical theatre and effectively communicate the intentions of the performance Comment: Shimeka you are a goo d physical performer and you a re great fun to work with. describing strengths and areas to develop. thorough and consistent application of physical theatre techniques and structures in response to stimuli explored. You have shown good ideas however I would li ke to see you pushing these an .

whic h you have started but push th is further onto the company bl og site as well. Keep doing w hat you are doing but keep cha llenging yourself. response and effort in practice and development M2 Present a detailed and ongoing review of acting skills. You have had a tendency to bring personal m atters into the rehearsal room . Comment: You've made a great s tart on your logbook but I wan t to see more reflective think ing about how you felt during rehearsals and workshops. setting achievable targets for improvement and reviewing progress M3 Demonstrate consistent personal management skills with competent and confident application of acting skills in rehearsal. I want to s ee you in the next process put more ideas into the pot and t ake a leadership role in a war m up. so you need to work on separ ating the working space from t he outside world. Unit 3 Acting Skills Pass P4 Perform a role using relevant technical and interpretive acting skills competently Comment: Unit 3 Acting Skills Merit Merit M1 Demonstrate competent use and control of technical and interpretive acting skills.d putting your voice in the ro om in discussion and translate this onto the company blog si te. showing consistency in focus. describing strengths and areas to develop. I'm looking forward to c ontinue working with you and l ooking at what dance you can b ring the Wedding on the Eiffel Tower .

Unit 3 Acting Skills Distinction Pass Comment: Unit 10 Movement Skills Pass Comment: .