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Michael Card Arise my Love Lyrics:
"Arise, My Love" Michael Card
Arise, my love, my lovely one come,
Winter is past and the rains are gone.
The flowers appear, it's the season of song,
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
Who is it that appears like the dawn?
As fair as the moon, as bright as the sun?
Show me your face, let me hear your voice.
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
Set me like a seal on your heart,
For love is unyielding as the grave.
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The flash of it is a jealous fire,
No flood can quench,
For love is as strong as death.
Arise my love and come with me
Before the dawn breaks and the shadows flee.
You ravished my heart with just one glance
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
Do not arose or awaken love
Until it so desires.
Arise, my love, my lovely one come,
The Winter is past and the rains are gone.
The flowers appear, it's season of song,
My beautiful one, arise and come with me.
I am my love's, my beloved is mine.
Arise and come with me.
Lyrics: Arise my Love, Michael Card [end]

El Shaddai Ere Comcona Addoni We will praise and lift You high El Shaddai Through Your love and through the ram You saved the son of Abraham And by the power of Your hand Turned the sea into dry land To the outcast on her knees You were the God who really sees And by Your might You set Your children free El Shaddai. El Shaddai El Elyona Addoni Age to age.Michael Card El Shaddai Lyrics: El Shaddai. El Shaddai Ere Comcona Addoni We will praise and lift You high El Shaddai Through the years You made it clear . You're still the same By the power of the name El Shaddai. El Shaddai El Elyona Addoni Age to age. You're still the same By the power of the name El Shaddai.

El Shaddai Ere Comcona Addoni We will praise and lift You high El Shaddai Lyrics: El Shaddai. You're still the same By the power of the name El Shaddai. Michael Card [end Michael Card God Will Provide a Lamb Lyrics: Michael Card Genesis 22:1­14 & Hebrews 11:17­19 Three days journey to the sacred place A boy and a man with a sorrowful face Tortured yet faithful to God's command To take the life of son with his own hands Chorus God will provide a Lamb To be offered up in your place A sacrifice so spotless and clean To take all your sin away .That the time of Christ was near Though the people failed to see What Messiah ought to be Though Your word contained the plan They just could not understand Your most awesome work was done Through the frailty of Your Son El Shaddai. El Shaddai El Elyona Addoni Age to age.

 an accepted choice A rush of wind and an angel's voice A ram in the thicket caught by his horns And a new age of trusting the Lord is born For God has provided a Lamb He was offered up in your place What Abraham was asked to do he has done He's offered his only son What Abraham was asked to do he has done He's offered his only son Lyrics: God Will Provide a Lamb.[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics. where's the sacrifice A questioning voice and the innocent eyes Is the son of laughter who you waited for To die like a lamb to please the Lord Chorus A gleaming knife. Michael Card [end] Michael Card In Stillness and Simplicity Lyrics: Michael Card Colossians 3:15 In stillness and simplicity In the silence of the heart I see The mystery of eternity Who lives in side of me In stillness and simplicity I hear the Spirit's silent plea That You. oh ] Here's wood and fire. are close to me In stillness and simplicity .

 was seen in the garden  . You mean so much to me In stillness and simplicity So. alone in the garden  Battle before the final war  Blood became tears. who must be heard By those who listen quietly Is the reason we're not still To hear You speak because We don't believe You will In stillness and simplicity I lose myself in finding Thee Oh Lord. Michael Card [end] Michael Card In the Garden Lyrics: Trembling with ] All the world could be saved  by the One in the garden  The light of the dawn. there in the garden  To fall upon the silent stone  There in the darkness the Light  And the darkness stood still  Two choices. one tortured will  And there once the choice had been made  [ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.You're the Word. seek the One who dwells in you The kingdom that within is true That innermost reality In stillness and simplicity Lyrics: In Stillness and Simplicity.

His light will shine A A A A light light light light of hope to everyone outshining every sun the world has not comprehended that is this Holy Babe . a light. Michael Card [end] Michael Card Jacob's Star Lyrics: A A A A fire. a shining star sign to those who'd journey far token from the the King of Heaven spark as to the Light of the World A beacon burning in the night A star to echo endless light A darkened world. they come to the garden  Clothed with sighs. O Bethlehem. they sit by him and moan Lyrics: In the Garden.By gentle eyes so sadly wise  The angels appear. a light from a stable And high above the Heavens ablaze A Star will rise from Jacob's house A Scepter out of Israel And though thou art the least in Judah Oe'r Thee. they realize  The One they've adored from the start  Will be broken apart  By the ones He had come to save  So they're here simply now to be near  He's no longer alone.

[ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics. use us. so peacefully The Son of God. Michael Card [end Michael Card Joseph's Song Lyrics: Michael Card Chorus 1 How could it be this baby in my arms Sleeping ] mold us Holy let us live in you Jesus draw us every nearer Hold us in your loving arms Wrap us in your gentle presence And when the rain comes bring us home Lyrics: Jesus let us Come to Know you. the angel said How could it be Lord I know He's not my own Not of my flesh. His face . How can I raise a king He looks so small. hold us. not of my bone Still Father let this baby be The son of my love Chorus 2 [ Find more Lyrics on ] Father show me where I fit into this plan of yours How can a man be father to the Son of God Lord for all my life I've been a simple carpenter How can I raise a king.Michael Card Jesus let us Come to Know you Lyrics: Michael Card Jesus let us come to know you Let us see you face to face Touch us.

 Michael Card [end] Michael Card Joy in the Journey Lyrics: There is a joy in the journey There's a light we can love on the way There is a wonder and wildness to life And freedom for those who obey And all those who seek it shall find it A pardon for all who believe Hope for the hopeless and sight for the blind To all who've been born of the Spirit And who share incarnation with Him Who belong to eternity stranded in time And weary of struggling with sin Forget not the hope that's before you And never stop counting the cost Remember the hopelessness when you were lost There is a joy in the journey There's a light we can love on the way There is a wonder and wildness to life .and hands so fair And when He cries the sun just seems to disappear But when He laughs it shines again How could it be Chorus 2 Chorus 1 Lyrics: Joseph's Song.

 Michael Card [end] .org/gow ] You are the Bread of Life You've overcome the world oh Lord And given us victory So how could I fear when trouble is near If You've overcome the world You've overcome the world Wipe every tear away oh Lord And teach us the song of the Lamb The promise is true but it's still up to You To wipe every tear away Wipe every tear away Wipe every tear away Lyrics: Light of the World.And freedom for those who obey And freedom for those who obey Lyrics: Joy in the Journey. Michael Card [end] Michael Card Light of the World Lyrics: Michael Card You are the Light of the World oh Lord You make Your servants shine So how could there be any darkness in me If You are the Light of the World You are the Light of the World You are the Bread of Life oh Lord Broken to set us free So how could there be any hunger in me If You are the Bread of Life [ Find more Lyrics on http://mp3lyrics.

Michael Card Love Crucified Arose Lyrics: Michael Card  Long ago He blessed the earth  Born older than the years  And in the stall a cross He saw  Through the first of many tears  A life of homeless wandering  Cast out in sorrow's way  The Shepherd seeking for the lost  His life the price He paid  [Chorus]  Love crucified arose  The risen One in splendor  [ Find more Lyrics on ] Jehovah's sole Defender  Has won the victory  Love crucified arose  And the grave became a place of hope  For the heart that sin  and sorrow broke  Is beating once again  Throughout Your life  you've felt the weight  Of what you'd come to give  To drink for us that crimson cup  So we might really live  At last the time to love and die  The dark appointed day  That one forsaken moment when  Your Father turned His face away  [Repeat Chorus] .

Lyrics: Love Crucified Arose. Michael Card [end Michael Card Then They Will Know Lyrics: Then They Will Know (by Michael Card) (A song of God's inner life) ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ I will speak I will wait I will send prophets among them That they might hear That they might see And understand how much I love them Then they will know that I am Father They they will know I am Lord They'll walk with Me And be My people I'll walk with them as their God As their God I will strike I will scourge And carry out vengeance upon them But I will heal The wounds I make And tenderly take them back to me [ Find more Lyrics on ] Then they will know .

that I am Father They they will know I am Lord They'll walk with Me And be My people I'll walk with them as their God This is heaven This is salvation This is their great hope and Mine He will come My own Son A Word faithful hearts can't help hearing And by His death With His last breath A Father's forgiveness comes flowing Then they will know That I am Savior I am Redeemer and Friend Immanuel The God who is with them The God who gives all He can He is salvation He is the kingdom To know Him is paradise Then they will know that I am Father They they will know I am Lord I am Lord Lyrics: Then They Will Know. Michael Card [end] .

 Michael Card [end] . Jesus had come into the world To steal every heart away Lyrics: Why?.Michael Card Why? Lyrics: Why did it have to be a friend Who chose to betray the Lord Why did he use a kiss to show them That's not what a kiss is for Only a friend can betray a friend A stranger has nothing to gain And only a friend comes close enough To ever cause so much pain And why did there have to be thorny Crown pressed upon His head It should have been the royal one Made of jewels and gold instead It had to be a crown of thorns Because in this life that we live For all who seek to love A thorn is all the world has to give And why did it have to be A heavy cross He was made to bare And why did they nail His feet and hands His love would have held Him there It was a cross for on a cross A thief was supposed to pay And Jesus had come into the world To steal every heart away Yes.

the woman and the man Before creation learned to groan. forbidden truth was found They were deceived.Michael Card The Beginning lyrics Send "The Beginning" Ringtone to your Cell In the beginning was the beginning. new life belongs to him ? My child begin again My child begin again You're free to start again This very moment is filled with his power. that wee might start anew To break us away from the past and the future. with reckless confidence Chorus (X2) Michael Card The Wilderness lyrics Send "The Wilderness" Ringtone to your Cell Chorus: . for the creature her king and queen But deep in the heart of that beautiful garden. but they would never know Chorus: The beginning will make all things new. and in it it all began All that they had was God and the garden. and were driven from that holy ground But beside the tree of disobedience. this moment to commence To live in the freedom of total forgiveness. he does what he must do And so the Alpha brings to us. disobeyed. every feeling was fresh. the tree of life did grow The gift of it's fruit and eternal beginning. the stars would dance and sing Each moment was new.

for an exodus to hold We find that those who follow him. must often walk alone Chorus In the wilderness we're wandering for a way to understand In the wilderness there's not a way for the way to become a man and become the exodus.In the wilderness In the wilderness He calls his sons and daughters To the wilderness And he gives grace sufficient to survive any test And that's the themeful(?) purpose of the wilderness In the wilderness we wander In the wilderness we weep The wasteland of our wanting Where the darkness seems so deep We search for the beginning. Keep your life free. From what the love of money will do . the way to holy ground But wandering in the wilderness is the best way to be found Chorus Groaning and growing amidst the desert days the windy winter wilderness can blow the self away Chorus And that's the themeful(?) promise of the wilderness Michael Card Never Will I Leave You lyrics Send "Never Will I Leave You" Ringtone to your Cell Trust in Me.

When will you believe? (Chorus) Never will I leave you. When you fear. The scars and tears.Am I not enough for you? (Chorus) Never will I leave you. I'll be with you through the storm. That's when I'm near. Michael Michael Card Galatians 3 & Romans 3:22 Chorus To hear with my heart To see with my soul To be guided by a hand I cannot hold To trust in a way that I cannot see That's what faith must be When the universe fell from His fingertips . Remember what I have sworn.. Your soul's security. That's something I'll never do.. (Chorus) And when you fear. Michael Card That's What Faith Must Be lyrics Send "That's What Faith Must Be" Ringtone to your Cell Songwriters: Card. Forever remember that it's true. Never will I leave you.

. Angels are watching they keep you so near. Sleep sound in Jesus. When I lay down in your bed for the night. sweetheart of my heart. He holds you gently till morning is light. my dear. Know for His sake you'll be safe for the night.He decided He wanted some fellowship But the man and the woman would not submit So He made a better way When the moment was right He sent His own Son And He opened the way so that everyone Could have hope and believe that when time was done He'd be able to make us one Chorus Now I understand that there is a key It's Jesus in me. a reality That God is in Christ and that Christ's in me That with faith I see what is unseen Chorus That's what faith must be Sleep Sound in Jesus Little Donnell Sleep sound in Jesus my baby. I'll turn out the light. The dark of the night will not keep us apart. Sleep sound in Jesus.

Song Of Jesus 07. He'll Wipe Away Your Tears 03. Barocha . He Grants Sleep To Those He Loves 10. Lullaby For The Unborn 13. Unseen Warriors 08. Hold Me Gently 15. Wordless Ones 09. So sleep sound in Jesus. Sleep Sound In Jesus 02. Even The Darkness Is Light To Him 04.Sleep sound in Jesus. Sleepy Eyes 14. Jesus Let Us Come To Know You 11. I'll turn out the light. Against any foe they are ready to fight. Sweet Sleep Descends 05. TRACK LISTING 01. Dreaming Jacob's Dream 06. All You Are 12. the angels are here. They're keeping watch so there's nothing to fear.