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1. Is there some kind of bursary for coaching to go towards my education?
2. What are my financing options
3. How much could I potentially get… with these grades: ______
I will be applying for: Sport Management
Area of Study:
 Sport Marketing
 Historical/Comparative
 Human Resources
 Legal/Ethical Issues
 Organizational Behaviour/Leadership
 Policy Development
 Strategic Management
General Admission Requirements:
 4 year Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics, Kinesiology, Physical
Education or related fields of study *
 Minimum 70% average in the last two years of a Bachelor's
degree.** (3.43)
 Minimum TOEFL 250 (600) IBT-100 What does TOEFL stand for?
 Minimum IELTS 7.0 What does IELTS stand for?
 * If entering from a related field (i.e.) Business, Psychology,
Sociology, you will be required to complete between 1-5 qualifying
courses in Kinesiology
 ** Please note: Although admission assesses only the last two
years of study, most graduate scholarhships are based upon your
cumulative GPA for all years of study.

1. Will I have to take my GMATs?

When do I have to write this by? (If attending school by January 2016) 3. Solicit and fundraise experience c. Business degree is crucial to any business This is my plan… This is what I’d like to do with my summer… What does my march to august look like? Septermbet to march – committed March to August this is my goal:  How can you help me out (from March to August) Financial side… Canada Basketball MLSE . Do you have financial experience? b. What do you see me doing? 2. Take care of sport management degree. 4. Is that a cost that you can help me cover? 2. a. 1.a. How will this help me in my career? a. …where I want to be [in 3-4 years]? 4. What does my “contract” entail? 3.

equity and diversity training If you find a way you’ll make it work.  Long-term goals o Encourage her to do her I have a plan. with the day-by-day with us. relationship and career Is the GMAT required?  When do I have to write it by?  Can Windsor cover that? Advisor Off-Season internship option Academic Team Fee .  Separate the family.AD @ Centennial – Darcy  Darcy  UofT o In charge of leadership training.

STUFF IN WRITING:  Who will be funding me?  What do I get from you?  What do I get from the grad program?  Are there additional funds that will be given if I were to be an assistant for you? Or is education and accomodations my pay? What is my role as far as your assistant? How much atonamy will I have? How much will you allow me to coach as apposed to sit on the bench and look pretty.Life Stuff (My Plans) Conflicts with academics and athletics. This is an amazing opportunity and I realize… What will I actually do.. etc Do I have to do the thesis based option to do basketball?  Research which prof does work in this specific area? How much do you turn work back? Who’s on sabbatical? On average how long does it take to graduate?  Talk to former grads about program  See what works and such  Who do they recommend to work with as an advisor Do you see me on staff for a couple years? Would you like me to be. . Appear to be there longer than 2 years if needed (ie. If needed for thesis base).? Do I still need an advisor with the internship.