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Performance Based Assessment


Term 1




Beyond The Box




Overall rating:
0.55 |

Director Julia

0.55 |


Partial Pass

3.1 demonstrate the impact of external factors on the

preparation of work for performance
4.1 create and present realised work that demonstrates
elements of contemporary performance practice
Comment: Rachel your logbook i
s clearly not up to date and y
ou have not written dailies or
weeklies for ISM or evaluated
the process, which comprises
your outcomes, you need to cat
ch up on what should have alre
ady been done please refer to
the criteria on the handouts w
e gave you.

Partial Pass

2.1 devise and maintain a current CV/portfolio of

work or a database of agents and professional contacts
develop a Continuing Professional
Comment: This unit is an ongoi
ng and you have started to dev
elop an online professional pr
ofile which shows a good start
to maintaining the practice i
n the profession you just need
to continue and develop this

Employability Skills
Partial Pass

2.1 develop solutions to work-based problems

2.2 communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate
manner at various levels
4.2 develop an appropriate strategy for resolving a
particular problem
Comment: Let down by your inco
nsistency of coherent logbook
please refer to the online inf
ormation on the 'how to' it la
ys out very clearly how to do
an actors logbook. During ISM
you showed real capability for
problem solving with issues t
hat came to light, however you
r lack of self evaluation comp
rises your grades.

Partial Pass

LO1 Be able to contribute effectively to physical workshops

1.1 show effective use of physical theatre techniques
1.2 show the development of technique through
workshops and classes
1.3 proactively and creatively contribute to classes and
LO2 Be able to explore the potential of contact
improvisation as a way to devise material
2.1 explore work with others in a spontaneous physical
2.2 use a variety of stimuli as a starting point for
LO4 Be able to apply appropriate skills to a physical
performance project
4.1 contribute effectively to the devising and performance
4.2 show contemporary practices and physical technique
through performance.
Comment: Clearly stated in the
above criteria you have effec
tively contributed to physical

workshops laid out and devise

d possible performance materia
l in a rehearsal process howev
er it is disappointing to see
no documented evidence of this
in your logbook to back up yo
ur practical efforts. You are
a good member and driving forc
e in your company and always b
eing a positive and emphatic e
nergy to the rehearsal process
and performance which makes y
ou a good actor to work with.
You need to address the eviden
ce in your logbook and blog si
te as it does not reflect your
capability on the floor.
Partial Pass

3.1 fulfil specified requirements of placement conforming

to all related codes of practice
Comment: The ISM process is cl
early not documented in your l
ogbook making it difficult to
assess the criteria above, if
you address through your logbo
ok and blog site it would go a
long way to helping you achiev
e your potential.

Partial Pass

1.1 physically and mentally prepare for acting

LO2 Be able to develop relevant acting skills
2.1 use relevant movement, vocal and expressive skills to
develop a role
2.2 use improvisation techniques effectively to explore
and develop a role
Comment: By keeping an up to d
ate and reflective logbook the
affects to your outcomes woul
d be evident however by not do
ing this it shows a lack of co

mmitment to this level of work

. You demonstrate great leader
ship skills when running warms
up and exercises with your co
mpany however with minimal log
book evidence the work you do
on the floor does not make up
for the analytical and evaluat
ive evidence required for a co
urse at this level.