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By St. Aubyn De Mario Clunis

who don’t have the good fortune
of being around family and friends.

Christmas in the UK can be full of
joy, but it can also be a lonely and
miserable time for many people

For many migrants, they miss the warmth
of home and they struggle to share in the
joy of the festivities. But thankfully, in the

Jamaican community, there are many
people who are working hard to spread
that Christmas cheer to the aged and the
lonely. Whatever you do, find a friend in
need and show some love during the holiday season.
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December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES

A firearms officer from the Metropolitan Police has been arrested and
interviewed under caution over the
shooting of a man.

Jermaine Baker, 28, was shot dead on 11
December during an alleged attempt to
spring two convicts from a prison van in
Wood Green, north London.
The Independent Police Complaints
Commission (IPCC) told a meeting held to
address community tensions that the officer was arrested on suspicion of murder.
The IPCC has opened a homicide inquiry.
IPCC commissioner Cindy Butts said
evidence suggested Mr Baker was in a
black Audi when he was shot.
“In that car was what appeared to be a
non-police issue firearm,” she said.
She told the meeting the IPCC was taking detailed statements from a number of
significant witnesses but at this stage no
relevant CCTV had been found.
Further forensic examinations were
taking place on the firearm found in the
car and the gun discharged by the police

officer, she added.
The Police Federation said it wanted
to find out why the IPCC was “bandying
words about” like homicide.
Disregarding the impact the killing has
had on Jermaine’s family, spokesman
Ken Marsh said: “I’ve never heard of that
before. It’s a week before Christmas and
this the officer’s life has been thrown into
Haringey Borough Commander Victor
Olisa said police did not believe Mr Baker
was a gang member, as had been suggested in some newspapers.
Community spokesman Darren Henry
said: “The police officers murdered Jermaine.
“He was asleep when he was shot.
There are witnesses who are afraid to
step forward because of the witness intimidation in the Mark Duggan case.”
Some in the audience raised the fact
that after Mr Duggan’s death there were
promises that body cameras would be
worn by all police but it had yet to happen.

Jermaine Baker
Mr Duggan, 29, was shot by armed police in Tottenham on 4 August 2011. The
shooting sparked rioting across London
and other parts of England.
An inquest in January 2014 found he
had been lawfully killed.
Meanwhile, passions were high at a
community meeting held at Tottenham
Town Hall, where the main room was
filled with people, angry about the shooting.

There was anger whenever the shooting
was described as a “death” with calls of
“murderers” and “liars” echoing around
the room.
Forced laughter was clearly audible
when the police and IPCC said they “respected all lives”.
The Rev Nims Obunge of the Peace Alliance had to intervene to try to quell the,
at times, hostile mood.
There were also stern words for the
many journalists pressed against the

back wall for the way some had described
the area and its history and “made up”
sources about gangs.
Mr Baker was fatally shot at 09:00
GMT on Friday 11 December close to the
back of Wood Green Crown Court.
He died from a single gunshot wound,
the IPCC said.
The shooting took place as Erwin
Amoyaw-Gyamfi, 29, and Erun Izzet, 32,
were due to be transported to the court
for sentencing having pleaded guilty to a
range of offences, including possession
of a sub-machine gun.
The sentencing went ahead a short
time later with both jailed for 14 years.
Met Police Commissioner Sir Bernard
Hogan-Howe described the action by the
IPCC to launch a homicide investigation
as an “unusual turn of events”.
He said: “The difficulty for me, and for
us, is that we don’t know what’s led to
their conclusion.
“If we got it wrong let’s understand
that, if we didn’t let’s understand that and
deal with it quickly. I don’t think it should
linger on for the community’s sake.”

Let me close by reminding you that Faith makes all things possible. She said: “There are many older people who live alone and need a bit of support at Christmas. therefore. is that you have the gift of faith. We look forward to working with you in the coming year as we strive to promote the best of Jamaica. even at Christmas time. therefore. So for several Christmases now I have been spending it with my fellow seniors here at the home.10am to 8pm Friday . JN Money Transfer. “We have been doing this I came here in 1972 and it has been held every year since. While we keep in contact. Chairman Norman Mullings told Jamaica Times that the event will be held on December 18th this year.247shippinglimited. He said: “We normally take them for lunch and on average we have about 200 people. you might expect a bit of love and care. Arcadian Gardens. She has been doing it for five years. Hope makes all things work. Many of them miss their home and family at this time of year. Mobile Credit (international and local). Air Your dedication and commitment do not go unnoticed. the blessing of hope and the peace of love at Christmas and always. to take a few moments to appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. as issues such as health and finances present major deterrents.a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to reaffirm one’s JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 NEWS 3 SHOW SOME LOVE 2015 CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: TO THE ELDERLY HER EXCELLENCY AND NEEDY THIS ALOUN NDOMBET-ASSAMBA HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR JAMAICA CHRISTMAS APPRECIATE THE TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS “A lot of the people have children but they seem to be forgotten.10am to 8pm Saturday – 10am to 8pm Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays Please enquire within for .co. Your assistance and encouragement have been enormously valuable to us. “It’s not too much to ask. grand and great grand children and would not have it otherwise.www. like Thomas Blair who lives in a care home. A lot of them get very lonely and it is one of the worst things that could happen to a person. It is unfortunate that some of these people have come here and worked hard to raise their children and Christmas comes around and they are expected to spend it alone.” For many Jamaicans. “Many of them miss their home and family at this time of year. So we try to give them a family environment and encourage them to get out of the house during the season and find activities among other people to occupy them. While the thought of spending Christmas alone is not only daunting to Jamaicans. for others it is not a simple exercise. it becomes more pronounced as many elderly people who migrated many years ago find themselves without family support at this time of the year. Merry Christmas!! ALOUN NDOMBET-ASSAMBA HIGH COMMISSIONER New Opening Hours 2015: Monday – 10am to 8pm Tuesday – 10am to 8pm Wednesday . He told Jamaica Times: I came here more than 55 years ago and made a life. the Christmas season remains a spiritual one . For many. While many achieve that dream. I would like nothing more than to spend time with him and my grand children. Let me also express sincere appreciation to the many individuals.jamaicatimesuk. Age UK and The Salvation Army are running campaigns to get volunteers to help make Christmas a better time for the lonely and vulnerable. Another organisation that is playing its part in giving the elderly some joy at Christmas is the Leary Constantine Centre. companies and community groups for consistently supporting the work of the High Commission. There is no greater gift than spending time with family and friends. We only see some of these children when their parents die and there is a funeral. We are expecting over 100 people this year. and Love makes all things www. I often think back to the Christmases I enjoyed in Jamaica but I can’t travel again. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and commend the many Jamaicans who continue to offer a helping hand to those in need by supporting many worthy causes in Jamaica. It is also the time to step back from the stresses of life and to enjoy all that the season has to offer. Boxes and all Shipping Services. But she empathises with those who feel alone during the festive season and is encouraging children to make the effort to be with their parents particularly on Christmas Day. Light Removals.” Martha Forbes who is 85 years old says she spends most Christmases with her children. My wish. 24/7 Shipping Limited the people you can trust 36A West Ham Lane (Entrance on Pitchford Street) Stratford London E15 4PT T: 020 8555 1457 M: 07932 844 992 or 07483 132 560 info@247shippinglimited. You remain central to ongoing efforts to ensure that we support each other and build our beloved country. We cook and feed them and they mingle and we provide some music.” Gloria Leslie hosts the Annual Community Senior Citizens Christmas Dinner in association with the New Testament Church in Wood Green. My wife has passed on and we had one child who lives in another country. I don’t get around much so I make do with what I get. After you have spent many years nurturing. I encourage you. there would be nothing like spending Christmas with family.10am to 8pm Thursday .” That function will be held on the 17th of December.” The greatest wish among many elderly Jamaicans in the UK is to become winter birds and make that trip home when winter’s dark and dreary days set in.

2. Christopher Clarke and Kathy Dear. Minister of Parliament Daryl Vaz and Marylin and Stafford Burrowes were recognised for their donations of items to the charity’s online auction. GoldenEye Hotel and Spanish Court Hotel. Principal Haughton. Georgia Young . Billy Craig Insurance Brokers. promoting the annual online charity auctions. Which company distrubutes Rum Bar and Pickapeppa in the UK There are four tickets up for grabs for the Sanchez Valentime concert on February 13. at the Montego Bay Yacht Club. stamping and packing book bags as well as assisting with fundraising. Grand Palladium Hotel. as sponsors continue to support our efforts. Garth Ramsay. received a seven year Sponsorship Award Plaque for the company’s continued support and donation of bus transportation during the annual book distributions. JetBlue Airways. While Max Earle has donated his time and expertise to make numerous promotional videos. Celebrity Personal Trainer Christopher Clarke was recognized for his long term commitment to both the charity’s fundraising and distribution efforts over the last 5 years. who has sponsored the program since the very beginning.. We hope to be giving out many more awards next year. transportation or distribution efforts.4 NEWS www. congratulated the foundation on its outstanding service to the children at Cambridge Infant School. Kathy Dear distributed books to 2. following a short film with highlights from the 2015 Book Distribution. Which year was the DIA Awards first held. Delta Air Lines and JetBlue Airways were both recognised for their five-year contributions to the annual Online Charity Auction. December 3.. Jamaica Tours Ltd. Iberostar Grand Rose Hall Beach & Spa Resort. Stated Trotta. including at all the charity’s elevenKingston district schools. The Oracabessa Foundation. Send your answers to info@jamaicatimesuk. Books4Kids Jamaica Chairperson Ragni Trotta stated that the charity wanted to recognise sponsors and volunteers who have been part of the program for a minimum of three years and have contributed to its fundraising. Several island hotel companies were also honoured for their over-theyears contributions.First Come. There are ten tickets up for grabs for the DIA Elegant Ball on New Year’s Day Win bottles of Rum Bar Rum to warm your spirit for Christmas. whose school is famous for greeting the volunteers with cornmeal pudding. James. . Kathy Dear and daughters Ella and Skylar Hamilton have been active volunteers in the annual distribution effort for the last eight years. including middle name. Other sponsors who were recognized for their long term contribution included Seaboard Freight & Shipping Jamaica Ltd.” Ten local sponsors and volunteers personally picked up their award plaques from charity founder Bob Trotta at an Award Reception on Thursday. A family affair. Sponsors of the charity since 2008. What is Sanchez’s real name. Kathy Dear has participated in more than 100 school visits. Hoteliers Heinz & Elisabeth Simonitsch. Tristan and Laura Alvarado from the SJ Foundation and Margaret Kerr. An active promoter of the charity’s annual Online Charity Auction. Noel Sloley December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES BOOKS4KIDS JAMAICA FOR KIDS HONOURS EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION SPONSORS THe Charity Books4Kids Jamaica. Kathy Dear Ella Hamilton and Bob Trotta Celebrity Trainer Christopher Clarke win win win 1. With her natural teaching skills. St. Palace Amusements was recognised for the company’s on-going donation of screen space and time throughout their theatres across the island. Twenty-three Jamaican and Twenty-two international sponsors in Europe and the US received Books4Kids Jamaica Sponsorship Award Plaques. Finally.443 children at 56 schools. Golden Eye Hotel & Resort.jamaicatimesuk.725 children at 27 schools across the “The Sponsorship Award Plaques are a thank you to our sponsors for making the program possible. Clarke has distributed books to 9. of Jamaica Tours Ltd. This year alone. contributing hundreds of hours of community service to the charity. First Served! Sponsors who attended the event included Delta Air Lines. Max Earle of Frame by Frame and Stephen Cooke of Palace Amusements were both recognised for their role in marketing the Books4Kids Jamaica program. Mrs. also received a Sponsorship Award Plaque from Bob Trotta. who has assisted with the shipping of books and materials from Miami since 2010 and Keith Thorpe Customs Broker who have cleared the books every years since 2010. With airlines key sponsors of the charity’s fundraising efforts through its annual Online Charity Auction. Principal at the Cambridge Infant School. has presented Sponsorship Award Plaques to 45 companies and individuals who have helped the charity over the last eight years. receiving an Award Plaque from Ophelia Haughton. including Grand Palladium Hotel. charity Founder Bob Trotta was himself recognised.Delta Other individuals who were distinguished for their significant contributions included Garth Ramsay. helping to make the book distributions a special experience for thousands of children. William Craig of Billy Craig Insurance Brokers. 3. Prizes will be awarded based on the order in which correct responses are received . 2016. recognising their contributions to the children of Jamaica.

Hali Hi.” The competition was judged by an esteemed panel comprised of Mary Martin. Leon Robinson and Tony Swann. boxing. The swimwear was designed and supplied by Oh My Gosh Designs and principal Georgiana Williams said it was a pleasure to work with the young ladies. reading. Karen Messam Make-Up. “I have been supporting the show for a few years and I think it is really important because it helps young people build their confidence and get prepared for a bright JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 NEWS 5 THRILLING WIN FOR JASMINE AT MISS JAMAICA UK It was a cold and frosty Sunday night but it brought great warmth and joy to the heart of a beautiful and talented teenager who topped a field of 12 contestants to walk away with the crown of Ms Jamaica UK 2016. Duncan Brown. Ashanti. The event was sponsored by Waltham Forest College. Jamaica Times News- paper. There were other performances on the night by Denese Peters. Rianna Simmons. photography. Standing at an imposing 5 feet 10 inches tall. Negril Restaurant Brixton. Parkway Computer services and Wire Media logic. Jasmine’s hobbies are singing. Jasmine was crowned by outgoing queen. Lime Cafe Brixton. All the contestants put out a great effort and Rica Kelly persevered to take the First Runner-Up title while Jurita Bennet was crowned Second Runner-Up. Design Essential Salon System. Zena Banks and Savanna.www.jamaicatimesuk. The event which was held at the The Venue in Great Portland Street. Pempansie. Among those present to see Jasmine Day walk away with title was the Jamaican High Commissioner for the UK. Gleaner Voice Media Group. Justina Mutale. Flyer Newspaper. Dr Danielle Dixon. Shay. Sonia Benjamin. Her Excellency. spoken word and makeup artistry. Aloun Ndombet Assamba. Simone Fairweather. . the confident young lady whose parents hail from Portland in eastern Jamaica impressed the judges during the brief talent segment with a stellar rendition of the Jamaican National Anthem. Oh My Gosh Designs. The McKoy Family. The event which was seeing its 26th installation has served to promote Jamaican culture over the years and to offer opportunity to young women to pursue careers in beauty and fashion and public life. But it was seventeen-year-old student Jasmine Day who prevailed on the KARLTON CHAMBERS PHOTOS night.

Consumerism mainly targets children in today’s society. Many will try to carve out a new Consumerism mainly targets children in today’s society. With this knowledge in mind. especially. Be aware that trade is for you and your household! As more and more holidays become commercialised. disappointment. If parents work and save. Easter. it’s a time to celebrate the re-birthing of the earth and a time of fertility. be mindful of what messages the youth learn from actions of constant spending and receiving of gifts! Children learn race awareness at approximately age three. this is the crux of consumerism. with commerce (or having profit) as its chief aim. Conventionally Christmas celebrations were the Nativity or birth of Jesus. Furthermore. I pose a serious question. marked by varied celebrations.jamaicatimesuk. why do they attribute that generosity to a fictional man in a red suit? Could it be that parents have being sold and readily buy yet another marketing idea. So the winter months for pagans simply represents a time when Mother Nature ends its production and the earth rests and replenishes itself. As spring arrives. brought to New York in the 17th Century and first appearing as “St. Since the 1920’s the Coca-Cola Company has used Santa Claus in advertising campaigns to sell its popular drinks. we are caught between a crossover of influences vying for our attention. dissatisfaction. Halloween is another commercialised observance which is pagan and also gaining momentum in popularity. as the Earth and wild life starts to repopulate. for paganism. It is a public holiday in many of the world’s nations and for Christians it’s an annual festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. With this knowledge in mind. In a wider context. Nowadays the traditional Nativity play is being adapted out in many UK schools. as they have the real spending power in families. consumerism is also striving for our observance. Christmas is traditionally preceded by the Advent season. people may not know the United Kingdom in its business capacity refers to itself as UK PLC. in favour of plays called “winter celebrations” with less reference to the Christian festival. So if their parenting lessons are of instant gratification and observance of pagan festivals seeped in commercialism. as a ghoulish character and walking door to door begging for sweets or enforcing a penalty on the non-giver. with gift-giving and a meal. However. one that tells them that if they follow what the media is publicising. Children seek instant gratification and it is up to parents to curb these desires. do what you will! Let’s look at what this allows for a moment.if no harm is done (in your celebrations). they accept the realities of overspending. as it may be what they themselves have been taught or always known. as with symbolic Santa Claus and the Christmas concept described above. Paganism and its influences on the Holidays Paganism favours respect for the divine . the Dutch version of Saint Nicholas. Youngsters make it known what they like and are interested in and parents and those with buying power do all they can to provide it for them. Youngsters make it known what they like and are interested in and parents and those with buying power do all they can to provide it for them. The essence of Christmas Day is slowly being eradicated by liberal views on behaviours.6 NEWS www. we now know that all businesses start with an idea. sometimes all year. but with our money! At Easter. How many of us knew that Advent was originally a period of fasting everyday of December up until Christmas Day? I suggest not many when our shops are filled with advent calendars offering chocolate treats for simply opening a fictitious door with the corresponding date. shelves in stores are always readily stocked with chocolate treats and gifts of all descriptions. called “trick or treat!” So it’s clear to see that consumerism and paganism go hand in hand at holiday times taking the focus yet further away from Christian values. to buy Christmas presents for their Children. the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus. their Christmases and that of their children will be a happy one? Whilst this may seem harmless at face value. and the real values and meanings of days of observance are lost. paganism is not based on a doctrine or liturgy (any form of religious worship) and many pagans believe . It is up to parents and responsible adults to be enlightened about what ideas they are cultivating in their homes and in their children. where will they learn how to set their moral compasses in life. debt. which means that it is a commercial community. which in the Christian sense is for commemorating Christ’s death. In reality. when they are looking to images that do not represent or relate to who they are?! After the falsehoods of The Tooth Fairy. It’s a day for dressing up. such as Paganism and commercialisation. although some may be doing this unwittingly. including rabbits and eggs for games such as egg hunts and other forms of merriment. or God in nature and celebrates seasonal changes. A Claus”. His image rides through the snow on a sledge delivering his merchandise. albeit in a Christian country! The Impact of a commercialised Christmas Christmases celebrated without foresight into the implications of what is being taught to the children who participate can lead to a number of problems later in life. as they have the real spending power in families. hardship when their ever-growing demands cannot be met. what happens to the child that learns these were all lies? They distrust. The idea that constantly giving gifts to children will make them happy. so self-control is learnt. which alludes to the concept of gift giving at Christmas and making children. Following the Pagans’ school of thought. consider the role of commercialisation in all the holiday seasons. again mostly children. happy. established to symbolise the second coming of Christ and waiting for good in this world. is a fallacy. consumerism at Christmastime has allowed lies to be told to children through the powerful symbolism of Santa Claus! Santa Claus derived from the Dutch name Sinter Klass. alternative inspirations. consumerism is also striving for our observance. December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES Demystifying Chr MINERVA SPEAKS December 25 or Christmas Day is one of the most notable dates in the Christian church year or of the liturgical seasons. but with our money! A Scene from the Nativity .

Children without a true understand-CY ing of self often feel marginalised. Ledgister Attorney-at-Law ‘Your link with legal Jamaica’ ALL ASPECTS OF JAMAICAN LAW Including C reality for themselves.Y A society whose history is that of once enslaving and colonizing their ances-CM tors physically and now seeks to do the MY same to them mentally. when it is revealed as a myth. actions and behaviours in your home.barbarajledgister.. ATTORNEYS -AT-LAW ..pdf 1 16/04/2014 18:02 Barbara J. Probating/Administrating of an Estate Divorce and Other Related Matters . They CMY end up searching for friendships and relationships to help them make senseK of the fictitious world. but is now a different place. SW9 8RR England Tel: 020 3617 8845 Fax: 020 7738 4549 Email: AGENTS ROBERTSON SMITH LEDGISTER & CO. 245A Coldharbour Lane.jamaicatimesuk. Birth & Death Certificates Litigation in both Magistrates & Supreme Court Personal Injury Claims/Fatal Accident Claims Shakespeare Business Centre. MAY 2016 SEE ALL YOUR POSSIBILITIES AND PROMISES BE FULFILLED BJLADVERT. Purchasing Property in Jamaica Selling Property in Jamaica Obtaining Registered Title for Land in Jamaica Obtaining Surveyors Report . which once felt safe. Registering a Company Obtaining Marriage.www. searching for a true identity in a society that sees theM black race solely as a minority group. will we continue giving out the lies and symbolism of pagan and commercialised customs and traditions. Remember the real reason for the season and be measured and proportionate in your spending. Surveying Property Making A Will .com Website: www. Why not set a new trend? Be transparent in your words. take credit for what you give and bring to your family. Tenancy Agreements . Only a slave mind shows obsequious behaviour . Untruths that could make lives miserable in the long-term. Matrimonial Settlement Serving Notices .com JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 ristmas NEWS 7 HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM BARBARA LEDGISTER AND THE TEAM.following a trend without question. Brixton London. So this year when wrapping presents in the season of good will towards all.

jamaicatimesuk. is among 60 young people from across the Commonwealth being recognised as exceptional leaders in their community and who will receive a prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award. Minister of Finance and the PNP’s campaign director Dr Peter Phillips has been the main voice on the issue which has sparked much debate and stoked the political fire in the country. With both parties having a full slate of candidates it is expected to be a closely contested election with 63 seats up for grabs. Chancellor of the Exchequer. The poll was widely expected to be called this month (December 2015) but Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has played cat and mouse with Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and delayed the naming of the date. gender equality. or in combating disease such as the recent Ebola crisis. Lucia. Ali Dowden. The funds will cover installation costs and the creation of a memorial garden. However. Grenada. was well known as a ‘doctoress’ for her work in Jamaica and in Panama. She said she is very pleased that the statue honouring a worthy and inspirational Jamaican will soon be a reality. political analysts now hold that the elections will be held between January and March. mental health and disability equality. including education. Other Caribbean young achievers receiving awards include Regis Burton of Antigua and Barbuda. Shamelle Rice and Firhaana Bulbulia. where she fed and cared for wounded soldiers. As part of the Award. Mary Seacole will finally get the recognition she deserves. raise awareness and inspire change on a variety of different issues. in partnership with Comic Relief and the Royal Commonwealth Society. Tevin Shepherd. winners will receive bespoke mentoring and online learning provided by the University of Cambridge. She was posthumously awarded the Jamaican Order of Merit in 1991. The money will come from fines imposed on banks for fraudulently manipulating the foreign exchange markets. Chair of the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal. who have put themselves in harm’s way in conflict zones. Portia Simpson Miller For many Jamaicans. Andrew Holness Prime Minister. Lord Clive Soley. when they will receive their Award at Buckingham Palace from Her Majesty The Queen. a non-governmental organisation (NGO). on the campaign trail. George Osborne. The High Commission has strongly supported the Statue Appeal since it was launched in November 2003. raised about the source of funding for the house which is located in the upscale Beverly Hills community. who is also a candidate for the JLP. Deidra Smith. Two other Jamaicans. Christian is also trying to launch an initiative called Commonwealth Emerging Leaders Connect. “Thanks to the supporters of the appeal. Questions have been Jamaicans Named on Queen’s Honour List Tijani Christian. . a 24-year-old Jamaican. Trevis Belle. who was born in Kingston in 1805. This has led to Opposition Leader Andrew Holness declaring that he is willing to make his financial and health records public. Ndombet Assamba is one of the patrons of the appeal and members of staff of the High Commission have donated £500 to the project this year. but it is believed the Government wants to go to the polls early to try and secure a second term before the impact of the long-running austerity program is felt. Dominica. December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES IT’S PORTIA VERSUS ANDREW IN 2016 SHOWER POWER Opposition Leader. Jamaican High Commissioner to London. The Opposition says there are crises in the country with rising crime and major challenges in the health and education sectors. They also point to problems of high unemployment and difficulty in financing the public sector wage bill.8 NEWS www. The JLP has 21 seats and need to pick up another 14 in order to dethrone the PNP. Jamaica has been under a program of fiscal control by the International Monetary Fund and has performed well and passed all tests to date.” Lord Soley said. Award winners will attend a week-long residential programme in the UK in June. made the announcement during his autumn statement and spending review recently. are working to support others. as well as to keep their communities clean and tidy. including trustees and ambassadors.000 for the groundwork and hard landscaping. has been the issue of a house that is being built by Opposition Leader Andrew Holness and his wife Juliet. He currently works on an initiative called Plant Jamaica. and in recognition of The Queen’s lifetime of service to the Commonwealth. UK Government to Fund Seacole Statute The British Government has announced that it will be providing £240. both civilian and military. This new money means that we can now complete the installation next spring. Over the next three years. and is part of The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme. Mr. the Opposition has accused the Government of seeking only to satisfy the IMF while failing the people.000 towards the erection of a permanent statue of noted Jamaican-born Mary Seacole. she was voted the greatest black Briton.the Jamaican General Elections. The memorial garden will also commemorate health workers. Plans to unveil the statue earlier this year were delayed by an unexpected installation bill of £180. The Award. which will be presented in London by Her Majesty The Queen in 2016. Tijani excelled at school and went on to win many awards. climate change. which will bring young leaders from across the Commonwealth together to share knowledge and ideas. Jerome Cowans and Nicole Nation. Vincent and the Grenadines. Tina Alfred. Mary Seacole. celebrates the achievements of young people who are Tijani Christian taking the lead to transform the lives of others and to make a lasting difference in their communities. Despite a difficult childhood. In 2004. This year’s Award winners. and Dillon Ollivierre. Belize. St. welcomed the news of the funding of the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal. General Elections are not constitutionally due until December 2016. the Programme will support thousands of young people to achieve their goals. not even Christmas is as eagerly anticipated as the big event which looms early in 2016 . including the Prime Minister’s National Youth Award for Excellence for 2013 in the category of Leadership. She set up the ‘British Hotel’ during the Crimean War from 1854 to 1856. St. The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme was established in 2014 by The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. the statue has been completed. But a major issue for the Government. Barbados. said that the new funding means that the installation of the statue can now be completed. nurse and heroine of the Crimean War. aged between 18 and 29. which aims to promote sustainable livelihoods through community farms. won the Award in 2014. With campaigning at fever pitch. St. Her Excellency Aloun Ndombet Assamba. The NGO was formed to encourage people to grow healthy produce for their families. Mrs.

jamaicatimesuk.JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 NEWS 9 .

to look into the disciplinary procedures in order to apply the necessary sanctions against the officers. and Director of Health Promotion and Protection in the Ministry of Health.” he pointed out. December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES NEWS FROM THE ROCK HANNA SHOWS METTLE IN CHILD REMOVAL ISSUE Merry Christmas to our staff and customers. The convening of the panel came at the instructions of the Minister. Boxes & Packaging Supplies FREE CONSULTATIONS & QUOTATIONS UK OFFICES JLB International LTD (London) Tel: Mob: 0208 803 6916 0208 888 0344 0793 644 7764 BIRMINGHAM: Tel: 0121 525 5881 0121 270 7389 0789 065 3773 Mob: E:cargodoor2door@jlbshipping. The report from the OCA outlines a number of breaches that occurred during the removal of the children. “There has to be due process before you can separate someone from a position. Senator the Hon. Cars. addresses a Jamaica House press briefing held on December 9. She was speaking at a Jamaica House Press briefing held at the Office of the Prime Minister on Wednesday. in relation to the Bill. Dr.10 JAMAICA www..the hearings. December 4. I…. Rosalee Gage Grey.. Ms. strengthen the hand of the Government in the fight against crime. who were involved in the removal of 34 wards of the State from the Sunshine Childcare Facility.. It cites violations such as disruption in the children’s education resulting from the removal. On December 8.. to face trial in another country.” Ms.. Diahann Gordon Harrison. The disciplinary panel. who have been detained by a treaty state.. however. at the Office of the Prime Minister. who were visibly traumatised. who directed the Chief Executive Officer of the CDA. He was speaking to JIS News regarding concerns raised in the Senate on Friday. Lisa Hanna (left). Trucks etc • • • • • • Our Services. Peter Bunting. Ms. Sonia Copeland. Children’s Advocate. He said there is no such provision in the Jamaican constitution or international law and this is why Jamaica has an extradition treaty. will begin hearings on December 22. that this notion is “completely misguided. Hon. insensitivity of the officers to the cries of children. says due process must be followed before any decision can be taken against Child Development Agency (CDA) officers. December 9. Sandrea Falconer.Making Shipping Simple Minister of Youth and Culture. in expressing concerns said there should be some guidelines as to how this discretion is exercised. Boxes.. .” Changes To Drugs Act To Help In Crime Fight Minister of National Security. International (Shipping) Ltd BY SEA * BY AIR * BY ROAD * SELF STORAGE LET JLB SHIPPING DO IT ALL FOR YOU! OUR SERVICE IS. The Minister received a report from the Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA) concerning the conduct of the CDA officers. They also argued that allowing Jamaicans caught with contraband on the high seas. which would guarantee the right of fair trial for all occupants of that vessel. to the extent that a waiver is given for Jamaicans caught on a vessel transporting guns and drugs via the high seas “we would only do that with states with which we have a treaty.” explaining that no Jamaican has the right to be tried in a Jamaican court if he or she commits an offence outside of the country. which includes a retired judge. it can be transparent across the board.” “These treaty states would have a judicial system. Hanna noted that while “one could hypothetically say the person should be fired based on what I have seen in the report…at the end of the day. with best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New JAMAICA OFFICES JLB International Ltd (Kingston) Tel: VOIP: (876) 937 1623/7 1 945 353 1285 MONTEGO BAY. FAST * RELIABLE * GUARANTEED We ship. Hanna said. Minister Bunting Moving your shipment by Air or Sea through every step of the way” JLB. Lisa Hanna. Minister Bunting noted further that. which gives the National Security Minister the option to waive jurisdiction over nationals involved in the illicit narcotics or arms trade in internation- al waters. is taking away their right to be tried in their own country.will await the findings of …. Hanna told the House of Representatives that an independent disciplinary panel has been convened to look into the conduct of the officers. Senators. “Door to Door” Service Secure Self Storage Returning Residence Consultation Full or Part Load Container Rates Packaging & Warehousing We Sell Barrels.jamaicatimesuk. so that when any decisions come down. • Weekly to Jamaica • Weekly to the Caribbean • Weekly to the USA & Canada • Ship fortnightly to Africa • Airfreight Service to the World • Ship Your Barrels. and a callous and chaotic removal process. JLB Minister of Youth and Culture. says the amendment to the Maritime Drug Trafficking (Suppression) Act is not intended to deprive Jamaicans of their rights but to instead. Listening (from 2nd left) are: Information Minister.. You have to ensure that natural justice is allowed. You will have to collect statements. JAMAICA Tel: (876) 979 8877 (876) 979 8878 Tel: E:info@jlbshipping. Bikes. Hon.

customers will be granted an extra hour on weekdays to do business at the Collections and Accounts Units at Newport East and Montego Bay. inviting her to a meeting on the political code of conduct.m. especially the elderly (in order) to avoid undue delays. Selina Clarke-Graham. Delano Franklyn. to 2:00 p. But Blake was rejected by the PNP executive and replaced by Duncan-Price.” said Mrs. “As a consequence. Imani Duncan Price has written to her Jamaica Labour Party counterpart. Clarke-Graham.” she added. Andrew Holness. from December 7 to 23. SHIPPED A BARREL FOR XMAS? DON’T WORRY. East Rural St. He faced a selection and was defeated by businessman Peter Blake. Additionally. Andrew is among the 22-marginal seats that’ll be closer watched at the next general election. it would be the first time a Prime Minister would sit on the House of Representatives with his wife.m.www. General Elections are widely expected Imani Duncan-Price early in 2016. informed Mrs. Juliet Holness. Should Juliet Holness win and the JLP win the elections. Franklyn said that based on the timing. Closing time will be 5:00 p. Clarke-Graham. said the agency is already seeing an uptick in the volume of imported items and measures have been implemented to facilitate the clearance of goods.m.. Political watchers say the clash between the two women will be one to watch when general elections are announced. “We are also deploying additional roving officers to our air and seaports to ensure that they are there to assist our customers with the completion of forms. Senator Duncan Price wrote to Holness a day after the JLP ratified her as its East Rural St Andrew representative. The Senator said she wanted to meet with Holness and her team to discuss the specifics of the code of conduct on which they will engage the people of East Rural St Andrew. Juliet Holness It is shaping up to be the political battle of 2016. Customer service officers will also be deployed in key areas at the sea and airports and opening hours will be extended in order to have a seamless process in the collection of barrels and other goods. instead of 3:00 p. In a statement. He pointed out that a day or half day to clear items is not necessary and is insisting that clearing goods can take a little over an hour.m. The constituency is currently represented by Junior Minister of Tourism Damion Crawford. Major (Ret’d) Richard Reese. Juliet Holness. Senator Imani Duncan-Price.m. wife of the Leader of the Opposition. and has garnered traction across political lines. JA CUSTOMS IS READY The Jamaica Customs Agency says it is in a full state of readiness to handle the expected increase in cargo shipments during the festive season. from Monday to Thursday. . Senator Alexander Williams.jamaicatimesuk. instead of 4:00 p. said he noted Senator Williams’ sudden resignation with interest. “We have moved quite a number of our officers and placed them into mainline operations to assist with the influx of customers that we are seeing at this time. Commissioner of Customs. he can only assume that Williams has been scared away by the entry of the PNP’s candidate. has decided to enter representational politics and has drawn her lot against PNP Senator. December JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 NEWS 11 NEWS FROM THE ROCK THE POLITICAL BATTLE OF 2016: JULIET V IMANI Duncan-Price. Imani The developments follow the sudden resignation of JLP caretaker for the constituency. Customs House. reminded customers that scheduled bookings for the clearance of goods are available. The People’s National Party’s Campaign spokesman. Meanwhile. He said Duncan-Price had been running a brilliantly organized campaign. on Friday. New Port East. will be opened on December 12 and 19 from 9:00 a.” she said at a press conference held at the agency’s Newport East location on Thursday. Senior Director of the entity’s Kingston operations. Speculation was rife that it would have been called this year but that failed to materialise with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller giving clear indications that it will be early next year. and 4:00 p. The political code of conduct which is enforced by the Office of the Political Ombudsman was signed by the two main parties in 2005 and contains guidelines for political behaviour. Mr. the Collections and Accounts Unit.


If there is further stagnation. and under this arrangement both Jamaica and its Diaspora were to be beneficiaries. For others. the PNP has to take responsibility. For many. to date. and the implementation of that policy is led by JAMPRO. those in the Department for Diaspora Affairs operate a monopolistic functionality in their self interest. www. the ruling People’s National Party and the Opposition Jamaica Labour Party. So whichever party wins. The campaigning has been feverish and it is clear that both parties are going for broke. in the relationship. give of yourself. The focus is on the birth of Christ and the commemorative activities are usually church-based. it is a spiritual festival with very deep meaning. there is deficiency in terms of clarity of policy and its implementation. In the case of Jamaica there is. and engage with representational competence to make the policy truly reciprocal in the interest of Jamaica and Jamaicans abroad. and for the policy for tourism. the shopping. there is a much needed effort to try and reach out to those who are less fortunate. equally. If you know someone in need this Christmas. should the people choose that path. OPINION 13 HEAR ME NUH MAN! The Jamaican Policy Initiative . no agency was created for the implementation of the Diaspora policy. and so on. Advertisements in Jamaica Times should not be taken as endorsement by the publisher of any product or service The Editor reserves the right to decide the content of the publication For Sales Tel 0796 169 4275 email sales@jamaicatimesuk. Their sole interest. engagement with the formulation and implementation of public policy. No one can answer the: ‘howwell-have-we-done’ question about the extent to which the Diaspora have benefited from a policy arrangement for reciprocity of support. For others. in the UK and with the exception of a few. it is the season that epitomises Paganism for some. There are many people in the UK who will be spending Christmas alone. there is either going to be boon or bust. and (project) proposals referred to Jamaica as the only place where ‘Diaspora problems’ can be solved. they save all year to be able to afford the finest gifts and the best cuisine. especially where such engagement is with the Brer Nancy culture pervasive in Jamaican public service. THE GREAT 2016 SHOWDOWN The event that is being billed as the ‘Mother of all Elections’ is set to take place early in Jamaica in 2016.www. It is coming to the end of an International Monetary Fund Agreement. There has been a long period of extreme austerity .jamaicatimesuk. What is needed from among Jamaicans in the UK are those with evaluative skills who can conceptualise the enormous value of having a policy specifically for Diasporeans. The country is precariously perched. As a consequence of the non-existence of an Agency for Diaspora Affairs. Whatever happens. David Sortie. Neither Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller nor Opposition Leader Andrew Holness can predict what is going to happen. In 2003/2004. implementation.jamaicatimesuk. problems. but for all you can. Jamaicans in the international regions of the USA. Canada. by extension. This newspaper expresses great hope that violence will play no part in the process and the will of the people will be done. The By Bentley Cunningham. Additionally. That will mean a lot to someone who might wake up on Christmas Day with no one to even say Merry Christmas. nuisances. Make Christmas a time of giving. If there is growth and development. for example. the season is about going wild and as one writer has pointed out in this edition. is that however you choose to celebrate Christmas. there is a high number of people who face extreme loneliness at this time of the Contributors Evette Roper. What is rather important though. Joyanna Lovelock. Times Jamaica The newspaper of choice for Jamaicans in the UK Editor Paul Hensby . is done by The Jamaica Tourist Board. the UK and elsewhere were to benefit by having JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 Times Jamaica The newspaper of choice for Jamaicans in the UK COMMENT GIVE SOME LOVE CHRISTMAS is here and the excitement of the festive season is not lost on anyone. then it would have been worth every bit of spending and indulgence. concerns. and refer problems from the natural Diaspora to Jamaica. comments. Please send your views. to collect. Jamaica is going to need committed and purposeful stewardship going forward.From where to Where? Public sector management is done by policy responses to needs. For Jamaica’s sake. is to safeguard their occupational/salaried status by selling the disillusionment of ‘outreach’ to Diasporeans who. Many of these associations end up lasting very long times and often prove to be very fruitful. But unlike with other major policy initiatives. it is hoped that the JLP is ready to form government and to rule with purpose. Former Chair of the Jamaican Diaspora. and/or skills. If you can’t give of financial resources then give a bit of cheer. collate. Secondly. If the season helps even one individual to become a little more selfless and give to others in need. Bentley Cunningham We want to hear from you. with an irrelevant Micky-Mouse twice-yearly Jamaica Advisory The views expressed by contributors to this newspaper are not necessarily those of the publisher. Carol Simpson Kamesha Skeen. it is simply a season of good cheer. require an intellectual astuteness to be effective. Alphanso Clue. desirable outcome(s)/benefits are twofold. the history of those entrusted with the leadership of the Jamaican Diaspora UK (JDUK). it is going to be a highly politically charged affair. The lights. but is the responsibility of a Department for Consular and Diaspora Affairs. and so on. the Government launched a policy for engagement with Jamaicans abroad which was to facilitate reciprocal support between Jamaica and its Diaspora. having passed 10 consecutive IMF tests and bringing some level of stability to the economy. even if there has been little or no growth. Sometimes it is just sitting with someone and sharing a conversation. and what passes for operational activities of Diaspora affairs is to this day is unmeasurable in terms of successes and failures. Make it a happy and wonderful season. consider themselves as ‘stakeholders’ and beneficiaries of such a policy. it is the spirit of humanity that matters. As another story elsewhere in the paper highlights. and whatever the reason you choose. Age UK and The Salvation Army have been very active in trying to drum up support for those who are without loved ones at this time of the year. Firstly. Many people live for this time of year. Jamaica Times congratulates all those who have recognised this and are making the effort to help. It is truly the best gift one can give at Christmas time. lacked representational interest. ethos. UK policy for training (not studies) is implemented by HEART. Within the Jamaican commnuity. From all indications. the organisation created and launched in 2005. are in effect cash-cows who wilfully or unsuspectingly buy into the disillusionment with sweeteners such as personal phone calls from High-Ups in Ministry/Department of Government and/ or a Biennial roadshow called: Diaspora Conference. not just for one’s own family and friends. suggestions and stories to info@jamaicatimesuk. The aftermath of such policies is either growth and development or stagnation. There is a lot on the line for both major political parties. Merry Christmas. The traditions that have been valued over the years in the Caribbean and elsewhere should be brought to the fore. the Christmas parties are ever-present reminders of what the season brings. the PNP should take all the the policy for the protection of children against abuse is implemented by The Child Protection Agency. a policy for attracting inward investments. mentioned above. Reasons for this quagmire-type situation of confusion about actual purpose and.

I often find myself going to the supermarkets without even thinking. Christmas is not only coming. Most people. Joyanna Lovelock . and not wanting to parade my sausages and rolls for the world to see. Imagine this. Christmas can be a very lonely time. This weeks question is from Sonia James who states “ I have been in the UK since 2001 with my two JAMAICA TIMES MATTERS with CAROL SIMPSON THE NHS HEALTH SURCHARGE AND YOU children who are both now over 18 years. Then it dawned on me that I needed a bag to put them in. But big name cinemas like Odeon.14 COLUMNS www. Christmas is a time for sharing. But as these things go. In October I had booked tickets to my local theatre to see the National Theatre Live production of ‘Hamlet’. At some time. Now. the three wise men from the East and of course Mary and Joseph with baby Jesus. I have never seen this before but in this run up to Christmas the Church of England produced a film of the Lord’s Prayer. basically it’s an advert encouraging prayer. I have been told that I now have to pay a health surcharge in order for the Home Office to consider my application. it seemed to have been around since September. And water running down my frontage. And some of these people would enter beauty contests to prove just that. Research published in recent years suggested Black people who want to volunteer for charities are often overlooked because voluntary organisations fail to reach out to black and ethnic minority communities. Interestingly both Christian and Muslim leaders and even those who claim to be atheist have called this refusal to show the video ridiculous. And it’s great fun. On top of this you will have your lawyer’s fees to pay. Get out there and find it. Let’s call them ‘swaddling clothes’ for the sake of authenticity. True. You have gone to your local church for the nativity and as is the usual.00 per applicant. But here’s a rarity: a contest that seeks to crown the ugliest. MUSING WITH LOVELOCK GIVING AT CHRISTMAS. who claimed that Mr Sere was not a worthy winner as he was not ugly enough and this kicked off a mini-riot. that is. When your house is up for re-possession or your child goes missing or is sick unto death. because the need is out there. the health surcharge would be (5 years x £200 per year x 3 adults). I have now got the hang of this ‘no free bags’ business at the supermarkets and now when I leave the house. violent video games and sexualised perfume commercials and the like to young audiences. We respect other faiths. if the application is for settlement under the 5 year route. No one knows how the child came to be part of the Christmas Story but the vicar and parishioners believe he will be adopted by a loving childless couple making it a great Christmas miracle. Yet. baby Jesus appears to be alive and even kicking. you would have had time to save the second set of fees for the extension. I found myself going into a well-known supermarket and leaving with a packet of frozen vegetarian sausages and a packet of wholemeal bread-rolls. true. Not intending to go shopping at all. I learnt to do this the hard way. So we need to be pro-active. you have to pay the surcharge. If you are on the 10 year route to settlement then the leave being given currently by the Secretary of State is two and a half years ( 30 months) which would mean that the health surcharge payable on the first application would be (2. A TALE OF UGLY AND A SOGGY SAUSAGE Let me start off my saying that this country of ours is a Christian country. Cineworld and Vue have banned the video from showing at their venues. however if you are granted limited leave to remain. As of that date. I imagine. I do not know if they would apply to you. The research also found that even if people wanted to volunteer their time. Volunteering is one of the best ways to gain new skills and for those in-between Lesson learnt. I am concerned as I am not allowed to work and therefore have no source of income. He was lying in the manger wrapped in towels. We respect whatever and however way people wish to practice their faith and religion but we are still fundamentally a Christian country and a hallmark of this Christianity is the Lord’s Prayer. Offensive? To who? Believe me. If your application is for indefinite leave to remain you are exempt from the surcharge. even if it is only to the post office.00).gov. Not to be beaten. Once the surcharge has been paid you will receive a reference number which must be placed on the application form before it is submitted. New York got the surprise of their lives to discover there was a real life new born baby. However. The members at Holy Child Jesus Church in Queens. I was not mentally prepared to spend an extra 5p on a bag that was free the day before. I grabbed a copy of the Evening Standard and wrapped my goods therein. There are exemptions to the health surcharge fee however as I have no further details of your case save for what is mentioned above. Unbelievably these cinemas do not seem to mind showing adverts for alcohol. Especially at Christmas time there are uber opportunities to help out at homeless shelters and visiting and spending time with the elderly and vulnerable. and a fair few might even want to be regarded as beautiful. And caring. And if you visited some leading department stores. In the early days of the ‘pay for bag’ ruling. Now. you are also usually given permission to work and therefore by the time the second application for extension of leave is due in two and a half years time. And the company which sells advertising at these cinema chains said the Church of England film could be seen as offensive’. would like to be considered attractive. Mr William Masvinu. as you state that the children are over 18 years. while the main characters remain mute and lifeless. there are the shepherds. assuming of course that you were able to find a job in the first place.5 x 200 x 3) £1500 on the first application in addition to the application fee of £1947. it’s here. There is somewhere on the planet a Mr Ugly contest and there are people in this world who would kill for such a title. Please send your queries to: info@jamaicatimesuk. £3000. At the theatre I hid them under my seat and the sausages became so defrosted that water was now running all around me. This was my evening out. here is a real Christmas Story. if you don’t. Lovely. Walking through London. I am tooled-up with my bags and I permanently have two shopping bags in my little rucksack even if I am not even planning to go grocery shopping.jamaicatimesuk. I would only go out with shopping bags. Therefore total fees payable would be £4947 for three applicants. The application will not be considered if both the application fee and the health surcharge have not being paid so make sure that you pay the health surcharge on line first (£1500) before submitting the December 2015 IMMIGRATION Top Barrister Carol Simpson is here to answer all your questions on immigration matters. One way loneliness can be overcome is through volunteering. In your case. I like volunteering and over the past few years I have volunteered for charities like Crisis at Christmas and met people from all backgrounds. But wait a minute. Not a good look. so new he was still attached to his umbilical cord. The application fee (£1947) is paid separately to the Home Office with the application. You are advised to regularly check the home office website (homeoffice. they did not know where to go or who to ask about voluntary work. in addition to the application fee for settlement application which is usually around £649.” The NHS surcharge came into effect from April 2015. if I were actually going grocery shopping. everybody prays. there is now a health surcharge which is £200 per year for each year of the visas being applied for. Fighting to be crowned the ugliest? Give me a break. After awhile the sausages started to defrost. this can increase employability as well as helping the local community. carrying this thing like a new born baby proved more tricky than I envisaged. everybody for changes to the Immigration Rules. He was recently crowned the winner of this dubious title but not everyone agreed including the runner-up. the application fee for all three of you will be £649 x 3 (1947. But that seems to be all good if you have someone to share and care with. However. Take the case of Mr Mison Sere a native of Zimbabwe. The only positive about the system is that if you are granted leave. In addition there is the health surcharge which.


uk www. Those reaching for e k a t s u Letu there. The healthcare assistant. a deep captivating account of her father’s life and continued legacy. the world woke to the news that one of the Uk’s foundation reggae DJs. dancing and making a joyful noise. With this said.mother of an 11-year-old son and five-year-old daughter . round the meeting many of his life long friends during these school years. January 20th 1963 to Gladstone and Pearl Anderson. A cold and wet Thursday morning adorned us. Dance. Facebook. when road traffic accidents occur abroad there is no obligation to provide us with any information. They were the main thing in her life. In a time now where friendship is becoming merely a word.sntravel. various radio stations. She was taken to Linstead Hospital in St Catherine. showers of blessing as we began our journeys to The New Testament Church Of God.” Mr Reid described his daughter . yo . After a musical rendition from the church praise and worship No. Very rarely do you hear of a man who had no enemies. North December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES AN AMAZING FAREWELL TO THE AMAZING HITMAN By Ras Natural Mystic Sunday 18th October 2015. Fond memories mixed with witty anecdotes and naturally the emotion of the loss. Kicked off by Bobo El Numero Uno who wowed the audience with a heart filled speech. Son. reminiscent of yesteryears doing road with Hitman. many have affirmed that from a young child in school till his final breath. Finally we head down to the reception at La Royale Banqueting Suite. were left standing at the back. I do not think you have ever seen a cemetery so packed before. Joined on stage by Luther aka cowboy of Hitman’s first Sound ‘Quadraphonic Sound’.1 agent to Jamaica • Flight only • Package holidays • Cruise holidays • Sporting events • Group travel • Weddings & honeymoons the 10am mark believing they were early. highlighting his days at regal records and the pure love he had for music. but died two hours later. who no one had a bad word to say in the church front garden or on the pavement. Suffice to say those who had made it to the graveside were in fine voice and spirit to ‘put him down well’. Rave. a man who truly believed in the concept of loyalty to his fellow brothers and sisters. the floor was open to the congregation for tributes. reminding us of his trademark laundry bag or trusted ‘big black grip’ which housed Hitman’s vast collection of music.INQUEST Devoted mum-of-two Fiona Reid was “dubious about leaving her children” and going on holiday to Jamaica where she died in a car crash. Andrew Anderson. Once considered a friend by Hitman you truly had a friend indeed. The celebrations continued at the grave side. he treated with equal respect. Sound Splash. Explaining the lack of detail in the Jamaican police report. all trending with the name HITMAN prefixed with ‘The Amazing’. before dressing his eternal bed with flowers spelling out Dad. The Amazing Hitman. before returning to the UK and attending Bruce Grove Primary before graduating to Tottenham County Secondary School. Singing. JAMAICAN ROAD CLAIMS BRUMMIE MOM . but throwing away the notion of ‘Black People Time’ the church was near capacity a little after 9am. Special mention must be given to Pastor Patrick Powell and Pastor Jeffery Folkes. DJ Trevor Sax spoke with clarity and emotion on his personal memories with Hitman. all present listened attentively as we got an account of the man we came to lay to rest from one who knew him best. had been called home to his maker. Brother. Hitman’s oldest daughter Leanne gave the Eulogy. 52 years young and began his journey to the upper room. Again main hall packed. Many could not get in and had to make an early diversion to the reception hall. Instagram. He moved to Jamaica at a young age for just a few years. “We worked with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to get as much information as possible from the Jamaican authorities. Stage Show. I estimated well over 3000 in attendance. was killed when the Toyota Yaris she was in was involved in a head-on collision with a Nissan Navara truck. it was unquestionably amazing. He also commanded us to keep the unity in the music. Testament to the fact that his amazing qualities went far beyond just his musical abilities. We know this is the road for us all. who was in the car. “She was talked into having a holiday and was very dubious of leaving her children. he was the youngest of his siblings. But Fiona’s friend Alisha Benjamin. White Hart Lane. Fiona’s sister Gaynor also questioned a Jamaican police report which claimed there were three people in the Toyota. In times such as these we are left only with our memories and with the immediate outpouring of such memories on all forms of social media and other outlets it is safe to say he left behind a vast legacy and infinite memories to comfort us in our time of mourning. Whatever the history books call it. known to the UK music scene as ‘The Amazing’ Hitman.” The hearing was told single mum Fiona was a rear-seat passenger in the Toyota which had burst into flames after the late-night crash on May 11. At the inquest her family raised the theory the car had swerved to avoid a dog in the road. the eldest Of Hitman’s daughters to describe her father’s approach to life and people. 31 and from Aston. but this knowledge does not make it any less of a shock or make it any easier to deal with when our loved ones meet this destiny. “However. the second daughter of Hitman..16 NEWS www.. an inquest heard.” . Sentiments echoed by Adarna Anderson. car park full with people even spilling as far out as the High Road. The inquest ruled Fiona died from multiple injuries as a result of a road traffic accident. with the New Testament Of God congregation for ably leading such a powerful service. he still had his close circle of friends whom he ‘trusted with his life’ and knew the same love and trust was reciprocated. whatsapp etc.000 to bring her body home. A 10:30am start was advertised. Thursday 19th November 2015 was the day the community was called to celebrate the life of and say our final goodbyes to the late Andrew Anderson. I was corrected and told over 4.. a man who no matter whom he encountered. Hitman embodied the true definition of a friend. trust a few. The Birmingham Mail later helped a successful community campaign to raise £16. What a beautiful Eulogy it was. sadly passed away. “sensible and popular” and added: “Her death has been a great loss to all of us. Born Hugh Andrew Anderson. said there were four. Conscious Radio and Hitman. Fiona’s dad Kevin Reid told the inquest at Birmingham coroner’s court: “She was extremely devoted to her family and her kids. Party.and discover your holiday in paradise Call for your quote today 020 7254 0136 sales@sntravel. coroner Emma Brown said: “In road traffic collisions in the UK police are able to investigate fully and provide us with a comprehensive report including all relevant evidence and documents. All names that he would answer to.500. as this was what Hitman stood for. Twitter. “Love all.jamaicatimesuk. Wood Green. do wrong to none”. A quote credited to William Shakespeare and aptly chosen by Leanne Anderson.

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Vivian Jones. The surprise of the night was Troy Ellis who carried the spirit and vibes of his late father with him throughout his performance. All said. It represented the kind of event reggae music needs in abundance. At his age. The Gorgon was in very high spirits and cut the classic captain’s look. Gray still cuts a fine figure on stage with a voice as rich and warm as it was five decades ago. He is truly of Jamaican music’s finest treasure and Striker Lee had to make the point on stage that after so many decades of making Jamaican music. Christine Sugary Staple. Neville Staple of the Specials. The Blackstones blew some amazing harmonies and the elder statesman Satchmo Dixon delivered a rendition of “Wonderful World” that would have moved Louis Armstrong’s emotions. Earl Sixteen. PHOTOS: info@sharpphotographics. well supported by Winston Reedy. It would be difficult. and perhaps even unfair. Susan Cadogan gave a lesson in performance and looked like she has found an age defying serum. Johnny Orlando and the ebullient Satchmo Dixon who got the ‘live’ section of the show going after tracks performances by Zena Banks and General Saint. The Blackstones. Owen Gray (left) and Dennis Alcapone (right) years. dancing all night. one Jamaica’s first recording artists.18 ENTERTAINMENT www. playing to a standard worthy of one of the greatest reggae producers. Below. Troy ‘Lovers’ Ellis. He was supported by veteran Dennis Alcapone who was joined by Winston Reedy. He put on a stellar show with his hits “Sea Cruise”. Dave Barker of Double Barrel fame. Dr Omar Davies. Troy ‘Lovers’ Ellis. Dennis Alcapone looked like the consummate star on stage and delivered his DJ/toasting hits with punch a alacrity. THE GORGON DOES IT IN STYLE It was a night of sublime. to try and credit anyone with ‘stealing the show’. Leading the musical charge was the original Owen Gray. MCs on the night were Bobo El Numero Uno and Mikey. Johnny Orlando. It was a night of dancing and sing-a-long from start to finish. Susan Cadogan Dennis Alcapone and of course Owen . So nostalgic and enthralling was the affair that the performers had High Commissioner. But it would be remiss not to give special mention to the performances Satchmo Dixon. decked in a sailor’s outfit from top to toe. the performers all gave their best efforts in the name of a man who has given so much to Jamaican music. Susan Cadogan. He looked and sounded uncannily like Alton and his choice of songs meant he turned things up several notches and made his set a very hard act to follow. “Natty Bongo” and “Darling Patricia”. son of the late Alton December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES STRIKER LEE. The backing bands were stellar. he has never been given a national honour by the Government of Jamaica. vintage music in an atmosphere of true reggae authenticity that marked reggae legend Bunny Striker Lee’s birthday at the Jazz Cafe in Camden.jamaicatimesuk. Her Excellency Aloun Assamba and visiting Minister of Transport and Works from Jamaica. The Blackstones. The award was presented by Tony Williams (left). The guest performers carefully selected for the occasion and they came to pay tribute to the man who has been responsible for one of the largest catalogues of reggae music. She delivered her decade old hits “Fever” and “Hurt So Good” with all the passion she has been known for over the Veteran producer Bunny Striker Lee shows his gold plaque to High Commissioner Her Excellency Aloun Assamba at the celebration of his 74th birthday at the Jazz Cafe.

REGGAE GRAMMY IS UP FOR GRABS For the first time since 2013. which topped the Billboard Reggae Album Chart on its release. which was recorded in Jamaica at Geejam Studio in Portland. it is co-produced by Stephen McGregor. earned a nomination in the Best Urban Contempo- rary Album category for Blood. How Blue. Strictly Roots is the first Grammy nomination for the sibling group. It is co-produced by Jamaican Matthew ‘Boi 1Da’ Samuels. They have won the category multiple times. whose mother is Jamaican. “Today I was at J Capri’s funeral and God spoke to me again and I said to myself I want to be a servant of God. Zion Awake is the second Grammy nomination for Luciano. Luciano’s previous Grammy nomination was in 2002 for A New Day. Another track on the album. and Branches of The Same Tree by Ghanaian singer Rocky Dawuni.” Hall said.jamaicatimesuk. Both tracks are featured on the group’s How Big.047 copies. Jamaican-born. is the first nomination for Jah Cure. Branches of the Same Tree is Cali- fornia-based Rocky Dawuni’s first Grammy nod. samples Boris Gardiner’s Every Nigger Is A Star. “The Lord has been speaking to me for years and I have been dodging him. which was certified gold. The album was released on the Cumbancha label. This year’s nominees — announced by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) – are The Cure by Jah Cure. British rock band Florence + The Machine earned nominations in the Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song categories (for What Kind of Man) and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category for Ship Wreck. The acoustic collection of his biggest hits was released by Doctor Dread Presents. Zion Awake (Luciano). Released by Warner Bros. Wesley’s Theory. has to date sold over 10. It also topped the Billboard Reggae Album Chart upon its release in April. American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s chart-topping album To Pimp a Butterfly earned nominations for Album of The Year and Best Rap Album.621 copies to date. “I am more ready than I have ever been.www.” Hall testified. featuring Assassin. Morgan Heritage released Strictly Roots through their CTBC Music Group. Toronto-based producer Nineteen85’s (real name Anthony Paul) Truffle Butter earned a nomination for Best Rap Performance. The album was Jah Cure Luciano Barrington Levy released by VPAL Music and has to date sold over 1. The album has sold over 4. . a Marley has been nominated on 17 occasions. but admitted that she had no idea what she was doing then. There are nominations for songs and albums with Jamaican connections. Acousticalevy is also Levy’s first JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 ENTERTAINMENT 19 AT LAST. Since the NARAS introduced the Best Reggae Album category (formerly known as Best Reggae Recording) in 1985. The album contains The Blacker The Berry. It features There’s Gonna Be Good Times by rapper Young Thug and Popcaan.” The 43-year-old deejay disclosed that she had been baptised when she was 12 years old. but God said to me ‘I have people and I will make a way’. The song is performed by Nicki Minaj featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. In a private service at the Emmanuel Apostolic Church on Slipe Road in Kingston. Lady Saw – whose given name is Marion Hall – was baptised by Bishop Everton Thomas in the presence of close friends and family. The album. an independent owned by Gary ‘Dr Dread’ Himelfarb of RAS Records fame.054 copies. a Marley is not nominated for Best Reggae Album at the Grammy Awards. released by VP Records in July. British folk/soul singer Lianne La Havas. The Cure.” Hall said: “I was always worried about money and how I would survive without music. British producer/DJ Jamie XX got nominated for his album In Colour in the category Best Dance/Electronic Album. Acousticalevy (Barrington Levy). How Beautiful album. “I am ready now. Dancehall Queen Lady Saw Turns To The Church Dancehall artiste Lady Saw has been baptised. Strictly Roots (Morgan Heritage).” Hall announced that she was going to cancel all her dancehall shows.

R&B. Oradel Carwin. who performed under the stage name Mr Murphy.” Aina said. “At times he would forget instructions. Cherine Anderson. She was influenced by her deejay father. “This child needed no encouragement. and even played some of his ‘Glamour Murphy’ selections. followed immediately by Jordan’s voice. “This baby had a magical connection to December 2015 JAMAICA TIMES DANCEHALL STAR J CAPRI SENT OFF IN STYLE In a funeral service fit for a queen. J Capri last summer made her debut at Reggae Sumfest Dancehall Night. on Jamaican music’s biggest stage. was epic. She completed high school at Womer’s High for for Girls. where the star J Capri was born. her sole drive was an intense passion for music. Her journey took her to the Edna Manley School for the Performing Arts. Jordan Joel Phillips burst into this world on December 24th. stain our memories with awe. erupting with movement. .” Jordan’s love for music came as no surprise to her family. J Capri’s aunt. J Capri’s loved ones gathered at the University Chapel on Monday December 14 to pay their final respects to the late dancehall artiste. No prodding to sing. where her passion for singing kept burning. Carol Aina narrated reflections from the artiste’s mother. 1991 and like a comet blazing through the morning sky. she was living a dream. who told the story of her pregnant abdomen. friends and fans of the deejay. born Jordan Joel Phillips. Her European fan base grew exponentially and she gradually gained recognition in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.. The thanksgiving service was blessed with the voices of Romain Virgo. Every request was met with unbridled enthusiasm.. Her career was blossoming and she found pure and meaningful love in her craft before that terrible accident on Barbican Road in St Andrew. Jordan’s extraordinary passion for singing troubled her academic years. but her choice was clear she wanted to sing. wept openly amid a string of tributes inside the church. “She wanted to be a superstar but being bridled with music classes such as ‘Music Theory’ and ‘Music History’ she started skipping classes asking “who needs theory to sing?” her aunt said.” J Capri’s aunt said in her narration. may seem thwarted. being quietened only by the soothing rhythms emanating from a walkman.jamaicatimesuk.” Aine narrated.20 ENTERTAINMENT www. but ‘Comet Jordan’ is now giving her best rendition with choirs of angels. Jordan eventually abandoned Edna Manley for the studios. At the tender age of 23. Her plans to revert to her most loved genre. Kenneth Phillips. Her performance. J Capri embraced and excelled with dancehall. Alaine Haughton among other tributes in songs and dance. While her attempts to break into R&B didn’t go as planned. her infant years marked by spontaneous eruption in song. The memories of this little superstar climbing atop a coffee table to perform in song. Kenneth played R&B songs in the car when he picked up Jordan and her cousin from school. “They have just welcomed a new lead singer whose love of life and soulful voice we will not too soon forget. Family.

The worst that can happen is getting the Christmas dinner JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 CUISINE 21 WHAT’S COOKING THIS CHRISTMAS? There’s no time like Christmas! The festivity and the food are worth waiting for all year. RICH FRUIT CAKE Ingredients For 10 people 1/2 pound(s) Grace Margarine 1/2 pound(s) dark sugar 4 medium eggs 1 teaspoon(s) vanilla/almond flavouring 1 pound(s) all purpose flour 1 tablespoon(s) baking powder 1/4 cup(s) breadcrumbs 2 teaspoon(s) mixed spice/ nutmeg 1 tablespoon(s) Grace Browning 3 cup(s) fruit wine 1 cup(s) rum 3 cup(s) soaked mixed fruits 1/2 cup(s) cherries 1/4 cup(s) crushed peanuts Directions Cream Grace Hello Margarine and sugar until light and fluffy. baking powder. You can also try out the recipe below and utilise other sources to get the special blends that will ensure that your Christmas dinner turns out exactly as it should. Bake for 1 1/2 hours at 180°C/350°F or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Allow to cool.jamaicatimesuk. Note: Serve with Butter Brandy Sauce Yield: 12 slices Difficulty: Easy Preparation time: 30m Cooking time: 1h 30m . soaked mixed fruits. cherries and crushed peanuts. We hope these images will give the chefs on the day some inspiration. mixed spice or nutmeg and mix well. Scrape batter into a greased and lined 325 cm (10 inch) baking tin.www. breadcrumbs. fruit wine. rum. Fold the flour mixture into the creamed mixture alternately with the Grace Browning. Combine flour. Gradually beat in eggs one at a time. Stir in vanilla or almond flavouring.

Fast forward to today and it seems Jose hasn’t released the shackles he placed on his players but 11 months ago. who is now seeing his young team play in the exact way he would have hoped. Other may point to the mishandling of John Terry. breathtaking moments and exciting league finishes. and they run the unthinkable risk of missing out on Champions League football. many times winning games single handedly. I. the other. Fresh from winning their first title in Jose Mourinho’s second spell at the club. which was initially sapped away following the sacking of fan favourite manager Nigel Pearson in the summer. For a manager who. This has been. by the odd goal here and there. respectively. The events of that day caused Mourinho to revert to type and Chelsea lost the swagger or the first half of that season. shock results. A quick glance at the top half of the table and you’re thinking something doesn’t look right. and laid down a marker which suggest this team has come of age and a ready to wrestle with ‘big clubs’ for the big trophies. Fabregas and Oscar have become mere shadows of the players that tore their domestic rivals to pieces last season. coupled with consistent performances from attacking midfielder Riyad Mahrez. the recently departed Frank Lampard and other senior players. much more accustomed to sitting at the top European table.CALL NOW 07961694275 ARSENAL FOR THE TITLE? LEICESTER IN FIGHT TOP FOUR CHELSEA’S SEASON CRUMBLES! Neeks Sports Twitter: @NeeksSports www. In recent years we’ve had. Two points off the Champions League positions. they find themselves just five points above the relegation zone. leaving Player of the Year Eden Hazard to drag him team over the line. two draws and SEVEN losses later. Whilst no Leicester fans will be getting carried away by the prospect of qualifying for Europe’s top competition. and on the brink of being knocked out of Europe. they have begun the 2015/16 season with the statistically the worst defence of a title in the history on the Premier League. cannot see this train stopping for now. Level on points with Manchester GIVE YOUR BUSINESS THE BOOST IT NEEDS SPECIAL ADVERTISING RATE FOR SMALL BUSINESSES . Hazard. The ‘beast’ that is Diego Costa seems to be more a risk to his team than a threat to the opposition. which could have brought energy and verve to his squad. four wins. come May 2016. Having started the season as favourites. aren’t you? Where are champions Chelsea? Scroll down to bottom half of the table and you’ll find your A third of the way through the English Premier League season and the title of ‘The Most Exciting League in the World’ remains safely on the shores of Britain. However. at the top of the table. in no small part. The result? Chelsea’s title defence is in tatters. as Brendan Rodgers most certainly found out. but the even the events so far this season have left most of us speechless. leaving little or no energy or ideas to attack. is in a fight for what would be their first league title in 12 years. And whilst the demotion and successive resignation of club doctor Eva Carneiro was bound to have a negative effect on some of the players. And whilst one North London clubs fights for a top European spot. for similar reasons. well drilled teams. What for Mourinho? Well only the notoriously trigger happy Roman Abramovich can answer that. I want you to cast your minds back to January 1st 2015. most importantly. is what it will take. themselves. in their accustomed 4th place (2 points behind Leicester). for one. New Years Day. The managers. one thing is for certain. but is the real Arsenal finally ready to return to the summit of English football? Two successive FA Cups and 2 Community Shields ended the 9 year trophy drought. three months. four ahead of rivals Liverpool and ten ahead of champions Chelsea. a dozen games. Time. throughout his career. when he moved to White Hart Lane in 2014. having lost just one game all season. things are certainly looking rosier in the North of London. It was at this moment Mourinho changed the way he managed this undoubtedly talented group of players. which hadn’t been e since Sturrdige. 5th and 6th position last season.December 2015 Times Sport Jamaica www. it is time that seems to be the trick for Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham. and bringing crowds to their feet have become robots. at this early stage of the season. down to the incredible form of striker Jamie Vardy who is on the brink of breaking ex-Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy’s Premier League record of scoring in 10 consec- Two teams who can be confident of capitalizing on what was already bound to be an exciting race for Top 4 are Tottenham and Liverpool. has prided himself on creating organized. Whilst Liverpool seemed to be going backwards. . drilled into following a script of ‘hard defensive work’. in May. The players who are so used to exciting audiences. under the management of former Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri. Sterling and Suarez were running rings around some of the best defenders in the league. ‘Invincibles’ they were named. but they will have to battle hard with the two Manchester clubs and. the last of which landed him a one match stadium ban. this was a massive blot on his record. Having lost just one game all season (vs Arsenal).jamaicatimesuk. which allowed Manchester City to draw dead level with The Blues at the top of the table.neekssports. utive games (currently on 10). ever since Gerrard’s fateful slip in the spring of 2014 at Anfield. nor did he strengthen his group in the summer. who were reportedly very close to her. Leicester City are picking up where there left of at the back end of the previous campaign. So where did it all go wrong? Some will attribute it to the unrest in the dressing room due to the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’s’ touchline and post-match antics. you’ve tuned in to ‘The Most Exciting League in the World’. has created renewed optimism around the city. and Chelsea were fresh from a 5-3 spanking at the home of Tottenham Hotspurs. ‘Invisible’ is what they’ve been called since. This team is a far cry from the one that trampled all and sundry in front of it during the 2003/04 season. as the saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ and whilst Chelsea continue to throw away the remaining memories of what was a hugely successful 2014/15. but time doesn’t seem to be a luxury afforded to many managers in today’s world. in both attack but more importantly in defence. this electric start should provide the impetus for them to carry through till May. Ironically. This. now under the tutelage of eccentric coach Jurgen Klopp there is a sense of excitement around the city. Whoever does triumph. the Foxes find themselves one point clear of Manchester United. this may well represent the Gunners’ best chance in over a decade of landing the big prize. It sounds like a long time doesn’t it? That’s because it is. both will be looking for marked improvement in this campaign.

“The Windies are passionate people and they will be hurting from that loss. there is some hope in what I see. “I haven’t retired from the game. The Windies have not won an overseas series of note in 20 years. passion and flair. Yet Warne reckons Lara would make a good fit after the Windies suffered an innings and 212-run loss in Hobart .a real fighting innings.” Warne said. “Lara is in the country.” .” Lara tweeted to Warne on Saturday afternoon..” Holder said. but he says he is hopeful he will be playing Test cricket in 2016. “Cricket needs a strong West Indies” .” Nine Network commentator Warne said.. I’m just coming back from injury. the ICC added.” Samuels has already served a near four-year bowling ban from 2008 over concerns with his action but was allowed to resume in 2011 after remedial work. he is now automatically suspended from bowling in international cricket for a 12-month period.based on their Hobart capitulation. The Windies’ only Boxing Day warm-up is a two-day clash with a Victoria Invitational XI from December 19 in Geelong. “I scored 92 in a game and the next day felt like I’d been hit by a bus. The Windies already have their share of big names floating around the side. “And the way Kraigg Brathwaite played in the second innings was .” he said. and probably look back to performances where we’ve done well in the past. “I think you need to look at inspiring performances. 36. “We just need to look at those inspiring performances. They have plenty of time to regroup before the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne . spend some time with the team in Melbourne.Warne “I think world cricket needs the West Indies to be strong. It is the second ban for the 34-year-old. Gayle suggested on Tuesday a back injury meant he was never going to be fit enough for the recent clash in Hobart. Richie Richardson is team manager. “As this report constitutes the player’s second suspension within a two-year period. “I would love to . Leg-spin wizard Warne may have rev- elled in sending Windies batsmen to the pavilion during his glittering career but he finds no joy in their present plight. like how Darren Bravo played. And they do not look like doing it again anytime soon . thus. whose off-spin bowling is only used on a part-time basis by West Indies. They play with emotion. Gayle. He cited as examples Darren Bravo’s first innings 108 in Hobart and opener Kraigg Brathwaite’s 94 that dominated their second dig of 148.www.and he warmed to Warne’s proposal. He will not be allowed to apply to have his action re-assessed until the ban ends. just try to re-live those moments and bring it into this Test series. Day Test. Next year.and Warne believes Lara should be a part of it.” Gayle said. “The assessment revealed that Samuels’ elbow extension exceeded 15 degrees while bowling and.. They are yet to name a replacement for injured paceman Shannon Gabriel who flies home after breaking down with an ankle injury on day one in Hobart.” Windies captain Jason Holder believes they can find inspiration from within. hopefully Test cricket is on the agenda. He was reported again following a test in India in 2013 and subsequently banned from bowling his quicker deliveries but had been allowed to continue with his standard off-break. he employed an illegal bowling JAMAICA TIMES December 2015 CUISINE 23 WARNE CALLS FOR LARA AS HAPLESS WINDIES STRUGGLE DOWN UNDER Batting great Brian Lara has offered his services to his embattled former side after the West Indies’ crushing first Test loss to Australia in Hobart. But it remains to be seen if the open invitation issued by fellow legend Shane Warne is accepted by the besieged tourists.” the world governing body said in a statement. “What they bring to the table is so exciting. where the visitors were crushed by an innings and 212 runs.. He was reported for an illegal action following the first test defeat against Sri Lanka in October and had testing at the ICC accredited testing centre in Brisbane earlier this month.jamaicatimesuk.their second worst defeat to Australia in Test history.” Despite saying his injury kept him out of the side.. Gayle Hoping For 2016 Test Return Chris Gayle has a reputation as a cricketing mercenary who values lucrative Twenty20 contracts over Test caps. The body will actually take time to build up gradually. Lara is in Australia after playing in a Festival of Cricket Twenty20 match in Western Australia on the weekend . Curtly Ambrose is bowling consultant and Courtney Walsh is a tour selector. “There’s no way I could have actually been part of that Test team. Gayle has been playing for the Barisal Bulls in the T20 Bangladesh Premier League since early December. They need to get him involved. The hard-hitting opener will play with the Melbourne Renegades in the upcoming Big Bash League season instead of the ongoing three-Test series between against Australia. has not donned the whites for the West Indies since 2014.” The Windies will add at least one new face to their squad ahead of the Boxing Samuels Banned From Bowling By The ICC West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has been banned from bowling for 12 months by the International Cricket Council after undergoing testing on his action.