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Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) included
with your IEEE Computer Society membership.

Student members must carry at least 50% of a full-time graduate or undergraduate academic
program. Current IEEE student members can join Computer Society for US $8.00 and receive access
to the Computer Society Digital Library.
Students must apply for membership prior to graduation in 2016.

Membership is annualized to and expires on 31 December 2016. Pay full or half-year rate depending
on the date of receipt by IEEE Computer Society as illustrated below.
Prices expire on 15 August 2016.


All prices are in U.S. dollars



Applications received
16 Aug 2015 – 29 Feb 2016

Applications received
1 Mar 2016 – 15 Aug 2016

Join both IEEE and IEEE Computer
Society, plus get access to the CSDL






I already belong to IEEE and want to
join Computer Society, plus get access
to the CSDL



Student members also receive Computer magazine as a Digital Edition (print version is an additional fee).

Complete the back of this form, or apply for membership online at
When applying online, please be sure to have your educational information and credit card
readily available.
Mail or fax your completed form to:
IEEE Computer Society
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141 USA
Phone: +1 732-981-0060
Fax: +1-732-562-6380

Join online at

... continuing education and conferences.. Management. PERSONAL INFORMATION EDUCATION INFORMATION Please PRINT your name.. Law and Policy Other (please specify): ������������������������������������� My undergraduate program is accredited in the country where Yes No Do Not know the institution is located...... bank. Canadian residents pay 5% GST or 13% HST. CITY STATE/PROVINCE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY PAYMENT AMOUNT (See other side for dues) PAYMENT METHOD All prices are quoted in US dollars.... provide the following: FULL UNIVERSITY Law and Policy Other (please specify): ������������������������������������� FULL UNIVERSITY NAME.... As a key identifier... Please complete school/name information.S.. This information is required to qualify for student membership. check or money order payable to IEEE.... CAMPUS AND PREVIOUS NAME IF APPLICABLE CITY STATE/PROVINCE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY ADDITIONAL DEGREES HELD MO/YR RECEIVED PROGRAM MAJOR/COURSE STUDY AREA OF CONCENTRATION MEMBERSHIP NUMBER WERE YOU REFERRED TO IEEE? Yes No If yes..IEEE Computer Society: Student Membership Application Start your membership immediately: Join online www. Are you now or were you ever a member of IEEE? If yes.. Male Female Date of Birth (Day/Month/Year)_________________ UNIVERSITY TITLE FIRST/GIVEN NAME MIDDLE LAST/SURNAME ▼ ADDRESS DURING ACADEMIC YEAR SCHOOL OR COLLEGE (if applicable) CAMPUS STREET ADDRESS STREET ADDRESS CITY STATE/PROVINCE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY PHONE FAX EMAIL CITY STATE/PROVINCE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY DEGREE TITLE EXPECTED EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE MO/YR ▼ CURRENT DEGREE PROGRAM (Check one) ▼ FAMILY/HOME ADDRESS UNDERGRADUATE: GRADUATE: STREET ADDRESS 2 or 3 year Masters 4 or 5 year Ph..... if known: Yes No Mathematics Technical Communications. circle your last/surname.. Incomplete applications cannot be processed..... drawn on a U...... Management....... as you want it to appear on your membership card and correspondence...TAX $����������� AMOUNT PAID. IEEE does NOT rent out your e-mail address..... your postal mailing address is made available to carefully selected organizations to provide you with information on technical services... Education......... ▼ DO YOU HOLD OTHER DEGREES? Yes (Complete Below) No CITY STATE/PROVINCE POSTAL CODE COUNTRY HIGHEST TECHNICAL DEGREE RECEIVED EMAIL PROGRAM MAJOR/COURSE STUDY PHONE FAX MO/YR RECEIVED AREA OF CONCENTRATION SEND ALL IEEE MAIL TO: Address During Academic Year Which of the following best describes the area of your degree? Please check one: Family/Home Address Engineering Computer Sciences and Information Technologies Physical Sciences Biological and Medical Sciences To better serve our members and supplement member dues... No abbreviations Complete this form... provide...... I am taking at least 50% of a full-time academic program or course Yes No of study in an IEEE designated field of interest.. by typing or printing in capital letters... TOTAL $����������� Check Visa MasterCard Discover American Express Diners Club Credit Card Number���������������������������������������������������������� Expiration Date (Month/Year)____________ Cardholder’s 5-Digit Zipcode�������������� (Billing Statement Address USA Only) NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CARD SIGNATURE ... Use only English characters and abbreviate only if using more than 40 character and spaces per line. CAMPUS AND PREVIOUS NAME IF APPLICABLE MEMBER RECRUITER NAME IEEE RECRUITER’S MEMBER NUMBER (required) ATTESTATION I attest that: I am currently a registered undergraduate student at the university level I am currently a registered graduate student and have graduated from a three to five year academic program at the university level My undergraduate program falls within: Engineering Computer Sciences and Information Technologies Physical Sciences Biological and Medical Sciences Mathematics Technical Communications....... Please check this box if you do NOT want to receive these postal mailings. Education. You may pay for IEEE membership by credit card (see below)...