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Lukke van Bemmel

is a TOPdesk consultant. As a technical specialist,
she mostly deals with links between TOPdesk and
other software applications, and custom-made forms
to support organizational processes.


Every organization uses different types of tools. You can make your work easier and
more efficient by linking these various software systems with system integrations and
connectors. Because there are a number of integrations to choose from, you should ask
yourself: which integration fits best within your organization? And is integrating always
the right solution?
Different types of integrations

sometimes called a star integration. When you however look at all the

System integrations and connectors are both links between multiple

integrations together, it appears to be a tangle of spaghetti. This shape

software systems. Connectors are a standardized type of system

automatically appears when multiple integrations are implemented.

integration. These connectors and system integrations are used

interchangeably in practice. However, a connector sometimes needs a

3. Horizontal integrations

lot of bespoke work, and an integration can be created in one go.

These are integrations where different tools are linked to one other
system. This system is often called a service bus. Each software tool

We differentiate between different types of integrations: vertical

gets a separate integration with the service bus. Linking to the service

integrations, spaghetti integrations and horizontal integrations.

bus makes it possible to share data with all other linked tools.
One of the advantages of horizontal integrations is that it is possible

1. Vertical integrations

to easily link new software systems to existing links. Tools can also be

These are one-on-one links between systems. A link between a file

easily replaced by new versions or different systems. You are however

with personal data (like an Active Directory) and TOPdesk, for example.

dependent on a sub system that functions as a service bus. This can

An integration is created specifically for these two systems. Vertical

be a disadvantage because there is an additional system that needs

integration is quite easy. You often dont need more than both suppliers

to be maintained or can break down. A horizontal integration is often

who develop and implement an integration between the

only cost-effective when your organization needs many links between

two systems.

different tools.
This is why organizations often choose a spaghetti integration or,

2. Spaghetti integrations

if there are only a couple of integrations, a vertical integration.

These are integrations where each tool is linked to several other

Vertical integrations are easy to set up because they only comprise

systems. When you view it from one software tool, it appears as if

two systems. Horizontal integrations always have a third system:

all these links form a star. That is why this integration type is also

the service bus.


Possibilities in TOPdesk

When to choose a system integration?

For most implementations concerning the import of personal data,

When your organization chooses a system integration, it is important

TOPdesk offers a vertical integration with Active Directory. This

to determine the goal of the integration: which problems it will solve,

integration is usually performed on a daily basis. If there however is

what it costs, and the amount of maintenance it will need. An example:

another integration from TOPdesk, it will start to look like a spaghetti

a TOPdesk call is logged by email at a supplier. The call should ideally

integration. This is the case when TOPdesk does not only take its

contain all the information that the supplier needs. However, this is not

personal data from Active Directory, but also from the personnel

always the case. It may seem like a solution to transfer the calls data

system Beaufort.

using an integration with the suppliers TOPdesk or other application.

It depends on the customers system set-up whether TOPdesk

An important question however is: how often does this supplier

consultants can implement a horizontal, vertical or spaghetti

resolve a call? Is it a couple of times per month? The costs of the

integration. It is possible to import personal data from a service

integration would most likely not outweigh the time saved. Does

bus to TOPdesk, for example. The personal data can originate from

this happen often or does it cost a lot when the supplier does not

two different systems while TOPdesk is the source system for phone

properly solve the problem or cannot solve it at all? Then the choice

numbers. TOPdesk can send this information to the bus so the other

for an integration of certain tools is obvious. Almost all software

systems can process the information.

systems can be integrated, so the fact that it is technically possible does

not always mean that an integration should be realized. You need to ask
yourself what the advantages are and what you want to gain from
an integration.

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