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by Carol Ghiglieri
illustrated by Antonio Castro

n Keller


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Read on to learn about her inspiring life! Helen Keller lived from 1880 to 1968. She was a hero to many people. giving confidence or support to someone hope (noun) a good feeling about the future communicate (verb) to share information. But that did not stop her. Glossary 1 Helen Keller was deaf and blind. or feelings with others Braille (noun) A kind of writing for blind people. .1616 timeline (noun) a line with marks and words that shows when important events happened1 realized (verb) understood. She wrote books and traveled around the world. knew palm (noun) the inside of the hand inspiring (adjective) encouraging. ideas. It uses raised dots that can be felt with the fingertips.

Helen’s parents worried about Helen while she was sick. For days she had a high fever. 1910 . Helen was born in Alabama in 1880. But when she was almost two. she got very sick. 15 1913 1915 Helen begins making speeches to help deaf and blind people. 1902 Helen writes a book about her life. She was a happy baby. 2 1900 1904 1905 Helen finishes college.

1885 14 Helen learns her first words. 1895 3 After the fever passed. Her parents realized that she couldn’t hear or see. 1880 This timeline shows some of the important events in Helen Keller’s life. Helen could not see spring f lowers or hear birds sing. Helen was not the same as before. 1887 Helen gets sick. . She becomes deaf and blind. 1887 1890 Annie Sullivan comes to live with Helen. The illness had left her deaf and blind. 1882 1880 Helen Keller is born.

Helen could not hear words. 13 Sometimes Helen got so angry she would kick and scream. Today people remember Helen Keller as a true hero. 4 .For the rest of her life. It made her angry that she couldn’t communicate. Helen worked to help deaf and blind people. She showed them that they could do many things.” Helen said. so she could not learn to speak. “We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.

Helen made different movements to show what she wanted. she pretended she was cold. 5 Helen found ways to let her parents know what she wanted. When she wanted ice cream. The leaders of many countries wanted to meet Helen. she pretended to put on glasses. . Helen visited more than 30 countries.12 Over the years. she gave people hope. When she wanted her father. Everywhere she went. She met many deaf and blind people on her travels.

She also wrote a book about her life. 6 . a teacher named Annie Sullivan came to live with her family. Helen used a special typewriter to write. When Helen was six. Annie wanted to teach Helen to communicate with words. she went to college. But how? 11 Annie brought Helen a doll. Her first book was called The Story of My Life.When Helen was 20. Now people all over the world could read Helen’s amazing story.

too. Annie tried to teach Helen about words. These books had raised dots that stood for letters. Helen could feel the dots with her fingertips. 7 Helen later learned to read books in Braille.Annie spelled letters with her fingers in the palm of Helen’s hand. Annie spelled the letters D-O-L-L. . She read one after another. She tried to teach her that everything has a name. 10 Helen loved books. But Helen didn’t understand that the letters spelled doll. Then she handed Helen a doll. She also learned to write and speak.

Suddenly Helen understood! The letters spelled water! Now she knew that everything had a name! “I learned a great many new words that day. Then she wrote the letters W-A-T-E-R in Helen’s palm again and again. and teacher were some of the new words Helen learned that day. Annie had an idea. 8 . Annie tried to teach Helen about words.” Helen later wrote. father. One day. 9 Mother. It was a very difficult job. For many weeks. Annie let the cold water run over Helen’s hand. sister. She led Helen to the water pump.

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