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APRIL 2010
APRIL 2010
Publisher’s Corner
Rodney Smith
Publisher, Coastal Angler Magazine
was sitting in the lobby of Birmingham’s Sheraton
Hotel on a bright, but cold Friday morning,
catching up on my writing assignments. I’d be
busy the next couple of days attending my frst
Bassmasters Classic and working from our booth.
However, I couldn’t help but notice that across from
me a silver-haired man, obviously dressed to attend
the Classic, was reading a new copy of Coastal Angler
Magazine. I asked him, “How are you enjoying your
Coastal Angler Magazine?” In the nearly slow-motion
response one comes to expect from a southern
gentleman, he replied, “It’s good.” I continued by
telling him I was the publisher and appreciated his
comments. Warmly, he said, “Tank you very much,”
telling me he was from Alabama, and had never seen
this publication before.
Ten for some reason, I asked him an important
question. “By any chance, do you know what ever
happened to Alan Clemons, the past outdoor editor
of the Huntsville Times?”
His look changed completely, as he dropped our
magazine and pointed to the name embroidered above
the pocket of his pressed shirt, “My name’s Charles
Clemons. I’m Alan’s dad.” I told Charles about how
Alan and I went fshing for redfsh together and what
a great writer I think Alan is. Charles told me about
his business, Tight Line Jigs, and how much he enjoys
working in the fshing industry. Still dumbfounded, I
tell him, “Boy it’s a small world.”
A couple of weeks later while walking the floor
of the 64th Annual Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long
Beach, California, I meet a woman who starts telling
me about how well the product in her hand works.
When I looked at her closer I asked, “Haven’t I met
you before?” She was Darla Bardelli, a national radio
personality and professional angler. “I worked the
booth across from you at the Bassmasters Classic,” I
told her. “Boy it’s a small world.”
Te next day while working out the distribution
of our new Orange County, California magazine,
I walked into JD’s Big Game Tackle, on Newport
Beach’s Balboa Island. If you haven’t seen this shop,
I highly recommend you make a point of stopping
by to see the collectable tackle and speak with JD.
Now mind you, I had a little fear as to how well our
pub might be received, we being the new kid on the
block. But, within a minute of walking through JD’s
doors, a warm and comfortable feeling came over
me. Even though it’s a small shop, JD’s is a magical
place that makes one proud to be an angler, especially
those of us who have dedicated their lives to fshing.
Ten the moment the charismatic JD looked up from
his task at hand, it was like looking in a mirror. My
fear of bringing Coast Angler Magazine to California,
immediately evaporated. I thought to myself, “Boy it’s
a small world.”
A week later, Karen and I are standing on Bimini
Bay Resorts’ docks waiting for our guide, Tommy
Sewell, to arrive. Te sun’s out, the breeze is light
and we’re excited at the prospect of going bonefsh
hunting. Two other anglers were also with us waiting
for their guide, Te Bonefsh Legend, Ansil Saunders,
to arrive. Over the next two days, we befriended them
and their families. Tey all were in Bimini as part of
the Edwards’ wedding party from Crystal Beach/
Moorehead City, North Carolina. Tis is the home of
Coastal Angler Magazine’s newest franchise. I thought
to myself, “Boy it’s a small world.”
Later that morning as the sun awoke the
translucent waters above Bimini’s flats, Tommy
poled us quietly into casting position, as a swarm of
bonefsh made their way towards us. Gently, with his
thick Bahamian drawl, Tommy directed me, “At two
o’clock, get ready with your fly. Cast. Cast now!”
Feeling his excitement and seeing the fsh making
their way across a stretch of pure white sand was
spiritual. Te fly landed a few feet in front of the
bonefsh that was leading the lef-hand side of the
school. It must’ve been watching the fly drop because
it seemed like the fsh reached the fly as it met the
seamless, echo-tone, separating sky from water. I set
the hook and immediately, the “Grey Ghost” took the
majority of line from my reel as fast as I could say, “It’s
taking all the line of my fly reel!”
Tommy suggested I tighten the drag slightly and
assured me there would be enough line to land the
escaping speedster. Ten minutes later, afer snapping
a few images and releasing her, I saw a look of success
on Tommy’s face, one I’d shared with many of my
clients over my years of guiding and I thought to
myself, “Boy it’s a small world.”
Yes the world’s a big place, but great people and
good times can make it feel a bit smaller each day.
Boy, It’s A Small World
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APRIL 2010
By: Michelle Ritson
or many of us, purchasing a boat is one
of the greatest investments we will make.
It’s not just the fnancial commitment that
I’m referring to, but rather the emotional
commitment. Yes, we love our boats, but
we don’t always treat them right. Boats are
becoming more expensive than spouses but,
for fear of bodily harm, we can’t treat our boat
better than our spouse (at least not when she’s
Summer is right around the corner, and
along with it comes the abusive weather pattern
of intense heat and afernoon downpours.
If your boat is exposed to the elements and
sunlight, the UV rays will actually change the
molecular composition of your boat’s gel coat,
and the wind and rain will drive dirt particles
into the microscopic openings in the coating;
the end result is a faded, chalky and cracked
fnish. Although cleaning your boat is critical
to maintaining the fnish, it does nothing
to protect the boat from the harsh efects of
ultraviolet rays. Te most efective way to
protect your boat, its delicate electronics,
leather, plastics and motor, is by covering them.
Quality covers are paramount and need to be of
the type that resist ultraviolet rays, protect from
water, and allow for air flow around the covered
CoverAlls now manufactures a line of new
products that will allow for greater protection
of your consoles, leathers, plastics, electronics
and engine covers. Te material is totally new
to the marine market, and is exclusively made
to the company’s specs. BoatSkinz are crafed
from a proprietary advanced material with
many unique qualities. Tey are 100% UV
proof, 100%water proof (not moisture resistant),
95% reflective of the sun’s heat, and totally
impervious to any elements which could harm
what the cover is on.
Te BoatSkinz family of products
(ConsoleSkinz, ElectronicSkinz, and
OutboardSkinz) offer ultimate protection for
your boat. All of the materials used on the
covers are the highest quality; for example,
draw cords are braided poly rather than cotton;
the cam locks for the cords are non metallic so
they will not rust; all of the grommets used,
where the cord exits the cover, are stainless
steel. Some of these details may seem small
but are important in the making of these high-
quality covers. Another very nice feature is that
the material is extremely light, so it packs easily
into a small storage space.
Presently, there are four sizes of console
covers, four sizes of motor covers, and three
sizes of electronics covers, and there may be
additions in the near future, including a motor
cover for the new 350 HP four stroke engines.
Check out their unique console cover for boats
with T-tops which allows for easy of and on
accessibility. All the covers carry a three-year
warranty against defects in material and/or
All boats need protection from the elements.
Why trust canvas or polyester to protect or
cover your investment? For those times when
your boat is unused, it doesn’t have to be
exposed to Mother Nature. “Dealer inquiries
For more information visit
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Tat’s Marine Tough
AvAilAble At these locAtions
Anclote Bait & Tackle
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Holiday, FL 34691

Anderson True Value
8850 Gladiolus Dr.
Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Inlet Bait
927 N Hwy. US1
Ft. Pierce, FL 34950

Lee Fisher Int’l., Inc.
3922 W Osborne Ave.
Tampa, FL 33614
Fishin’ Frank’s
4425 Tamiami Trail
Punta Gorda, FL 33980

The Back Country
1800 Hwy US1 Ste.1
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Bitter’s Bait & Tackle
165 N US Hwy 17-92
Longwood, FL 32750

Stone’s Outhouse
2062 E Edgewood Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33803

The Tackle Box
5902 SE Hawthorne Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32641
Sunshine Ace
Hardware (6 locations)
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18911 Tamiami Trail South
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1720 San Marco Rd.
Marco Island, FL 34145
Capt. Wes Barbour of Carolina Beach, NC, holds up a 44-inch red caught just offshore.
Te beaches here are beautiful and ofer an abundance of opportunities for fshing or just hanging
out. On any given day, you might catch any one of the aforementioned species, or maybe something
diferent, like pompano in the warmer months. Not too far out, you can catch Spanish mackerel,
bluefsh and other schooling predators. Another great thing about this area is the abundance of fshing
piers. Tey seem to be everywhere along the coast and are generally a reasonable alternative to fshing
from a boat.
Although with a boat, the fshing can be endless. In season,
you can catch several varieties of grouper and snapper, black sea
bass, triggerfsh, and other assorted reef species. Te Gulf Stream
generally runs about 60 to 65 miles offshore, but it holds all of the
pelagics in season. Tis area is famous for its blue and white marlin
tournaments, and I’ve seen some trophy mounts that attest to its
What more could you ask for? Well, there is the weather. It’s
usually much milder here in the winter than it is further north,
which gives you more fshing and boating time, and of course, a
better attitude. Te people here are friendly and that’s always nice
So, we’ve got lots of water, fshing and boating opportunities,
beautiful scenery, good weather and friendly people. So why not
visit coastal North Carolina. Check out the Cape Fear region online,
and the Crystal Coast, just northeast of Wilmington for vacation
ideas. And, make sure to contact a local fshing charter captain and
book your North Carolina adventure. Tight lines and have fun!
Te oldest fish house in Southport, NC, stands empty next to brand new
waterfront condos. Tis is typical of the growth in coastal North Carolina.
What’s brought all of the attention to this area? For starters, how about water,
lots of water, everywhere you go. Te Cape Fear River is North Carolina’s largest
and it winds its way through much of the eastern half of the state. Hundreds of
smaller rivers and creeks feed this major waterway, from Raleigh to Southport,
and when you get close to the coast, the amount of salt marsh and estuaries is
incredible. Access to the waterways seems to be a priority here, which opens up
so many available entry points to the rivers, creeks, marshes and beaches.
Old pilings stand guard over the spoil islands of the lower Cape Fear River.
Tese marshes and estuaries serve as home to hundreds of species of birds,
fsh, shellfsh and other marine life. Tey are teeming with species that are
there for the taking, which brings up another plus.
Do you like to fsh? If you do, then these inshore waters have some great
target fsh. Red drum (redfsh), speckled trout, gray trout, flounder, and striped
bass (rockfsh), head up the list of predators who come into the rivers and
creeks, looking for the smorgasbord of bait that thrives there. Some of the
rivers and inlets here are legendary for their spring runs of redfsh and stripers,
and the near-shore action can land you some big ones!
As a newcomer to the Cape Fear region of North Carolina, I’ve been out
and about enough to see that things here are changing from what they once
were. New homes, and the businesses that follow, have sprung up everywhere.
Te secret’s out: Coastal North Carolina has a lot to offer. Even with the stalled
real estate market, things are still happening in this part of the country.
North Carolina’s Southeastern
Coastline is Changing Rapidly
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most valuable
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Your vision.
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lenses and an additional layer of glass adds scratch resistance—all mounted in a virtually
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Optimum performance on and off the water.
By Mark Bradbury
APRIL 2010
hen you mention dolphin fshing to a
non-fshing person, the frst thing that
comes to mind is that you are going to fry up
Flipper. For this reason, the more exotic name
of Mahi Mahi has caught on in recent years.
No matter the name, they are a lot of fun to
catch and great to eat.
Most of us choose to troll while looking
for weed lines or some other object floating
in the ocean. I’ve caught many fsh over ffy
pounds and have found that most of the big
fsh always hit big baits. I pull C&H Aliens
with select ballyhoo or Flame lures with
horse ballyhoo. When pulling these lure-bait
combinations, I like to use a Mustad 7732 9/0,
single hook rig.
If I prefer to pull lures only, the Express
lures from C&H are a good choice, with
White over blue being my favorite. I also like
to pull C&H Swimmers and Stubbys. All of
my large lures are double-hooked rigged with
two 7732 10/0s.
My speed is about the same with both
set ups, between 9 and 10 knots. Te sea
condition is what makes the diference. You
want your baits to be in the water and not
jumping out. I also fnd that sea gulls will help
locate feeding fsh. In the Bahamas, you will
fnd Frigate birds over feeding fsh. On the
east coast and Gulf of Mexico, sea gulls will
ofen follow feeding schools or big single fsh.
Dolphin are schooling fsh, and if you catch
one, you should stay in the area and try for
another strike. Many times when you catch
one fsh, several others will follow the hooked
fsh to the boat. You can throw lures like the
C&H Alien Jig (Chanteuse) or you can pitch
out a piece of squid or ballyhoo. Ofen you
will fnd that the fsh will not take a bait unless
it’s moving.
Te New Alien Jigs come in several sizes
ranging from two to eight ounces. If the wind
is calm, two ounces is all you will need. With a
good spinning outft, you can cast these lures
for several hundred feet.
Many captains prefer the run and gun
method. Tis means that they run around
the ocean looking for floating debris or weed
lines. Ten they cast lures or use chum to
attract fsh to the boat. In some cases, dolphin
can be very picky and it’s hard to get them
to bite anything but the chum. When this
happens, you need to go to a sixty-pound
fluorocarbon leader and a live bait hood that
is very small but strong. Ofen times, I just tie
the hook directly to my twenty-pound line on
my spinning reel.
My pet peeve is the boat that comes in
bragging about their big catch of dolphin, but
when you open their cooler, they have killed
dozens of one and two pound fsh. Remember
this, a dolphin can grow to over ffy pounds
in just two years, if conditions are right. Let
those small fsh live to fght another day.
Captain Don Combs is Owner/Founder
of C&H Lures Ultimate Tackle
of Jacksonville, Inc.
For more information on Capt. Don go
Dolphin or Mahi Mahi Fishing
By Don Combs
Green Wave Discarded Fishing Line
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ikipedia describes monoflament line
as a thin string made from a single fber.
Most fshing line is made from monoflament
because of its strength, availability in all
pound-test kinds, and low cost. It also comes
in many diferent colors such as white, green,
blue, clear and fluorescent.
Monoflament is made by
melting and mixing polymers
and then extruding the
polymer mixture through
tiny holes, forming strands of
line, which is then spun into
spools of various thickness.
Te extrusion process
controls not only the thickness, but
also the pound test of the line.
According to the Mono Recovery
& Recycling Program, ‘Every day,
improperly discarded monoflament
fshing line causes
devastating problems
for marine life and the
environment. Marine
mammals, sea turtles, fsh
and birds become injured
from entanglements, or
might ingest the line, ofen
dying as a result. Human
divers and swimmers are also at risk
from entanglements, and the line can
also damage boat propellers.
Te Mono Recovery &
Recycling Program web site, www., ofers useful
information on how to start a recycling
program with details on everything from
advertising and marketing your program, to
establishing recycling locations and what to
do with the line you collect.
It’s easy to make your own personal-
sized monoflament line recycling bin. Take
a tennis ball container. Tape its lid down
securely. Carefully use a razor to slice a plus
sign completely though the lid. You can push
recycled line into the container though the
sliced lid for storage.
Ian White of Grasshopper Outdoor
Products has designed another ingénues
fshing tool for storing waste
monoflament called the
Te monoMASTER is small,
lightweight, handy and excellent
for dealing with monoflament
waste. If you’re anything like the
majority of anglers, you
probably just roll up your
wasted mono and stick
it in one of your pockets,
and forget about it until
later. By that time, it’s
half hanging out of your
pockets or vest, unraveling
in the back of your vehicle,
boat or even getting tangled up
in your equipment. It’s ideal for
containing tag ends clipped of
afer tying on a lure, fly or hook. It’s
a place where even the tiny
pieces of mono stay secure.
Te monoMASTER is
a must have for any
e n v i r o n me n t a l l y -
conscience angler and
has received offi cial
endorsements from the
Federation of Fly Fishers.
If you are like me, you’ve fshed long
enough to have seen the damage discarded
monoflament line can do to wildlife.
Tankfully to all of us, today’s monoflament
recycling programs and tools like the
monoMaster, make it a much easier task
for anglers to manage used and discarded
monoflament fshing lines..
By: Bradford Eder
ife can be full of challenges and sometimes, just downright
hard! We all need to escape from reality once in a while,
and that is why we take vacations. So why is it that you
need a vacation to recover from your vacation? Te answer
to that question is simple, planning your dream vacation
involves lots of preparation. What if I could tell you about
a dream vacation where everything is planned to perfection,
so you can actually relax and enjoy yourself? Tere’s even a
concierge on call 24-hours a day to help you with everything
from getting your groceries to helping you get reservations
at Louie’s Backyard, for a romantic dinner.
In the past, this type of experience was only available
to the rich and famous. Destination Care-Free combines
everything you need to vacation like the Rich & Famous,
without breaking the bank.
Once you get to your destination, you get to stay on one
of several luxurious yachts that are docked at a 5-Star, ultra-
inclusive resort in the heart of Key West. Members also have
use of the amenities including the pool, beach, spas and
everything else. Tat’s just the beginning. Also included
in the deal is use of a 25-foot combo deck fshing boat and
an electric car! Te yachts are very impressive. Two full
master suites, Direct T.V., high-speed internet, super cold
A.C., and a beautiful forward sundeck. Te yachts sleep
eight comfortably and include a full galley. Tis is my kind
of vacation. We get to stay on the yacht as our home-base
“BOATEL” and use the powerboat to explore the incredible
waters of Key West. Tis means, I get to do some great
fshing without having to spend an extra $1,000 to charter a
captain or worry about trailering my boat all the way to the
Keys. I also don’t have to get a taxi or rent expensive scooters
when we want to explore the great night life that Key West is
famous for. I just jump in my high-tech electric car that can
travel up to 40 miles, without a charge.
I can’t believe I get all of this for what I would normally
spend on just the hotel room. At $399 per person, for 3 days
and 2 nights (double occupancy), this truly is an incredible
value for your money. Did I mention kids are free, and I am
not talking about 12 and under, like at the movies, but 17
and under, the way it should be. Tis is the perfect vacation
for the family or the romantic couple looking to escape the
realities of the real world, for a little while.
In November, I took my wife to Key West and stayed with
Destination Care-Free for our Anniversary. Te trip turned
out to be more like a second honeymoon for the two of us.
She felt like a Queen staying in the luxury that she deserves,
and I could not have been happier. It’s true that if you keep
your wife happy, then you too will be happy. Te vacation
was the perfect balance of boating for me and romance for
Destination Care-Free truly provides the most luxurious
and stress-free vacation in existence today. Why would anyone
ever stay in a hotel again, when your yacht, electric car and
power boat are waiting for you, just a phone call away.
Escape from Reality with the
Vacation of a Lifetime
Testimonial by Paul Caruso
Co-Publisher Coastal Angler Magazine-Ft. Myers Edition
Come Stay Aboard our Yachts
And Enjoy the Luxurious Experience of a Life Time
D e s t i n a t i o n C a r e - F r e e . c o m • 2 3 9 . 7 4 5 . 0 1 1 0
* All additional adults half price always.
Marathon, Florida
Abacos Island, Bahamas
Paradise Island, Bahamas
Key West, Florida
Who says you can't 'have your cake
and eat it too'? With Destination Care-
Free, you and your family can indulge
yourselves in the luxurious experience
of a lifetime - all the amenities at a
fraction of the cost!
Onboard Our "Boatel" Yachts
Luxurious Staterooms with private bathrooms and all the amenities
By: Capt. Pat Dineen
Venice, Louisiana
fshing trip to Venice, Louisiana, during
the winter, requires a diferent mindset
than winter trips to the tropical places that I
have been traveling to for the past ten years.
First of all, your backpack needs to be much
bigger to hold the clothing required when
it’s cold and foggy, versus warm and sunny.
Secondly, I didn’t fnd a tiki bar or anything
that resembled a beach. Duck boots and camos
were much more popular than casting shirts
and shorts. Conch salad was non-existent and
I quickly learned that the real appeal to fshing
in Venice is just that, the fshing.
As we were tying up to the dock at Cypress
Cove Marina, we were greeted by friendly staf
and the news that a charter boat, in the slip
beside us, weighed in a 85-pound and a100-
plus pound wahoo that day. Encouraging
information, especially since we stumbled
across a nice wahoo and picked up our three
man limit of fat amberjack, while cruising
from Destin to Venice. We were ahead of the
game before really getting started, knowing we
were bringing home flets for the freezer. It
never pays to be too confdent.
Some major weather moved in, keeping
us at the dock for two days and boy, had
the conditions changed when we got back
ofshore. Water temperatures dropped at least
fve degrees and the color went from clear to
green, or even brown. We fshed hard all day
around the lump and the oil rigs to the west,
and managed to lose a bunch of butterfly
jigs to amberjack and to the jaws of stupidly
numerous king mackerel. To salvage the day,
we wired up and procured plenty of king
mackerel for future chunking eforts. Not
exactly what you travel to Venice for.
Our plan was for one more day trip, then
an overnight trip going well ofshore. Our
frst day was so productive when fshing to the
west, we felt we had to try our luck to the east.
Fortunately, we found warmer water while
going one for two on wahoo and putting some
amberjack in the boat as well. Figuring a major
latitude change would be good for the soul, it
was Katie, bar the door, ‘cause we’re leaving for
the Green Canyon in the morning.
Nice weather and 110 miles later, we were
pulling naked ballyhoo across the surface
around a floating spar in some 5,100 feet of
clear, blue, 67-degree water. Two passes and a
schoolie yellowfn tuna hit the deck. Another
pass produced two chunky blackfn tuna. Tis
long haul was starting to look promising. One
more pass and we were hooked up to an angry
blue marlin and it was game on! Afer many
jumps, some aggressive backing down, and
handy wire work on the back deck by Lucky
Chucky, we released our blue marlin. Pinch
me, did that just happen? All of a sudden the
long haul was really looking good. Before dark,
we put a few more yellowfns and blackfns in
the box and started slowly motoring north,
just afer sunset.
Te middle of the night found us
completely covered up with blackfns near a
drill ship. Tis wasn’t fshing, it was catching,
and everyone got all they wanted. To make it
interesting, we broke out some light spinning
tackle, changing the equation from catching,
back to fshing.
With high hopes of a wahoo bite at dawn
and our goal of being back to the dock before
noon, we eased inshore to some oil rigs in 400
feet and set out a four-bait spread, just as the
sun began peeking over the horizon. Afer
passing three rigs without a bite, all the while
battling an onslaught of sargassum, the fourth
rig paid of in a big way. First one rod bent,
quickly followed by the second, third and
fourth. Line was screaming of the reels, and
you could tell that they were all solid fsh, by
the way they treated the drags. Afer plenty of,
“You go over” and “You go under,” we actually
managed to keep most of the lines untangled
and to boat three of the four fsh. We could
just about hear the crew on the rig celebrating
for us as we went from zeroes to heroes on
wahoo, with two being very impressive fsh.
Even with an already nice catch, a
fsherman can’t just walk away from a bite like
that without one more pass. Tat one more
pass produced another 45-pound wahoo;
enough was enough and we headed for Tiger
Just like many of the hot spots I have been
fortunate enough to fsh, fshing in Venice can
be on or of. When it’s on, it’s on, so be careful
if you fsh there in the winter and have never
caught a blue marlin. Te river water in the
marina was a cold 44 degrees - and our angler
on the marlin knows just how cold that is.
Forecast by Capt. Pat Dineen of Flyliner
Charters, Inc. Reach him at www.flyliner.
com;; or (850) 376-0400.
APRIL 2010
By: Capt. Fred Dale
we all
need to
fnd ways
to save
money and
protect the
investments we already own! Te fact that
you spent the extra money to purchase a boat
with diesel engines, means you understand the
theory behind spending a little more now, to
save money later.
Diesel engines should outlive your gasoline
engines by at least ten years, if you take care of
them. Besides the normal maintenance required
for your diesel engine, you have to consider the
diesel fuel you put in your tank and the way you
flter that fuel.
All diesel fuel is not the same and a lot
depends on where you purchase your fuel. A
great way to check diesel fuel is to pump a little
into a Mason jar, before you fll your tanks.
Let the fuel settle and look for cloudiness or
particles that could clog your flters or engines.
It should look clear, so if the fuel looks bad, do
not fll your tank. Tis is especially crucial in
the newer common rail engines that use high-
pressure injectors to atomize the fuel. Even if
you are careful when purchasing diesel, it’s still
not considered to be a clean burning fuel. If you
are sick and tired of cleaning the soot stains on
your transom, or you want better fuel economy
and power, you need to continue reading this
One of the biggest misconceptions about
diesel fuel is that algae grows in diesel tanks.
Algae, being plant life, cannot grow without
sunlight. Te truth is diesel is an inorganic
substance and continually breaks down,
reverting back to its crude form, causing fuel
clusters to be created. People try to cure their
problems by adding biocide-based chemicals
in a futile attempt to break up these inorganic
particles. Te result is clogged or damaged
flters and injectors, causing you time of the
water and big mechanic bills. It is these same
fuel clusters that cause soot and smoke, and
loss of power in your engine.Sometimes you
encounter a solution to a problem that, while
complex, is amazingly simple and efective in
its performance. Fuel Tech Industries has found
an efective way to solve all the problems of
running diesel fuel and made it simple to
install on your boat.
Te Fuel Tech solution to this
problem is the spinning motion
of diesel fuel through
a precise series of
magnetic felds. Tis
breaks apart both
the large and small
clusters that
form in
to you is
resulting in less smoke and
soot, more power and better fuel economy.
Now, combine that with the fact that your
injectors and flters will last ten times longer,
and you can begin to understand just how
great this product is. You will also experience
no carbon build up, a smoother idle and
quicker acceleration. Te important thing to
understand is that 90% of diesel failures are fuel
related and you can prevent them.
By simply installing a Fuel Tech Conditioner
between your tank and primary flter, you will
be improving the performance and protecting
one of your biggest investments, your diesel
engines. You will also be saving time and money
on costly repairs, cleaning your transom and
save money at the pumps.
Q: How long does the Fuel Tech Conditioner last?
A:Tey last forever because there are no moving
parts or components to replace, clean or service.
Lifetime satisfaction guaranteed!
Q: How long does it take to install
a Fuel Tech Conditioner?
A: About 30 minutes.
Q: When can I expect results?
A: Immediately.
To help you decide which unit is correct
for your boat, please call 1-800-768-1299 or
visit their website at
If Your Boat Has a Diesel Engine,
You Need to Read Tis!
Fuel Tech Industries
1 . 8 0 0 . 7 6 8 . 1 2 9 9
Less Smoke
Less Soot = More Power
Install Your Diesel
Fuel Tech
Conditioner Today”
Saves Fuel
Cleans Tanks, and
Much more.
ecently, we were asked to go fshing with
our kids on their new pontoon boat. Te
kids were staying on the Homosassa River
and being unfamiliar with the waters in that
area, they called on me to be their guide.
Being the benevolent patriarch that I am, I
humbly agreed. So my wife, Michelle and I,
loaded up the equipment and headed for the
Homosassa River.
Tis may sound like a simple task
to most people but you have to
understand that these
people really wanted
to catch fsh
and my
as the wise
old fsherman, was on the line.
First, I had to identify the challenges.
Number 1, we were in a pontoon boat, so the
typical 25 plus mile run offshore was not in
the equation. Number 2, we were in a pontoon
boat, not exactly the stealthiest shallow water
craf. Number 3, we were in a pontoon boat,
live baitwells on this boat were non-existent.
Afer overcoming all three of these
challenges, we loaded up the boat with bait,
tackle and chum and of we went. Shortly
afer leaving the Homosassa River and
heading west, we came upon the perfect spot
to fsh, with perfectly clear weather, perfect
water clarity, perfect wind and perfect tide.
Everything was just perfect.
Afer 30 minutes of soaking chum bags and
drowning shrimp, I felt like I was marooned
on an oversized piece of plywood in the
Gulf of Mexico. I couldn’t even get a pinfsh
to bite. Just about the time I was going to
pull the anchor and go in search for the next
perfect spot, I reached in my bag and pulled
out a tub of 3-inch GULP shrimp. Afer a
quick re-rigging of my favorite spinning rod,
I sent one sailing back into the chum slick. I
didn’t get two turns on the reel when the bait
was slammed and out of the water jumped
the biggest lady fsh I’d ever seen in my life.
With all of its anger and aerobatics, it was
like fghting a tarpon without all the efort.
Obvi ously, that was just a
fluke and afer
releasing the lady
fsh and realizing
that my GULP shrimp
was still in pretty good shape,
I fred it back
out, and
again, two
turns on the reel
a n d BAM! Tis time it was a
nice 20-inch trout.
Te third BAM turned out to be a big blue
runner and at this point, everyone on board
wanted to use what I was using. Afer they
paid a slight fee, all of their lines were rigged
with GULP shrimp, and everyone started
catching fsh. It got to be so fast and furious
that I went from angler, to mate. Just to make
sure this wasn’t a stroke of luck, I fshed a live
shrimp in the same manner and didn’t even
get a good snif. So clearly, the GULP shrimp
made the diference. Tat day, all totaled, with
the GULP shrimp, we caught over 100 fsh.
Sometimes we were able to catch 7 or 8 fsh
on the same bait.
I would recommend that everyone carry
multiple tubs of GULP shrimp on board. I
always have at least three in my bag, as it is our
bait of choice, and more times than not, it has
salvaged the trip and turned a day of fshing,
into a day of catching. Oh, and incidentally,
that pontoon boat turned out to be one of the
most comfortable fshing platforms I’d ever
been on, and my favorite boat for our family’s
fshing days – inshore.
Saves the Day
By Capt. Scott Mathis, Co-Publisher of CAM
www. a q u a d e s i g n . c o m l To l l F r e e 8 8 8 - 3 5 9 - 5 6 4 4
If fsh weren’t sensitive to color and
patterns, we’d all be using gray-colored lures.
Catch more fsh with four new stealthy camo
clothing colors that blend in the background.
Dealer Inquiries Welcome
For sunny
to partly
sunny skies
Blends with
trees & shoreline
Earth tones that
conceal in sandy
& rocky areas
color for
overcast skies
APRIL 2010
World Class Offshore & Inshore Fishing
F a mi l y Or i e n t e d A d v e n t u r e Pa c k a g e s
Ecotours - Kayaking - ”Zipline” Tours - Snorkeling
Private Island Picnics - Diving - Surfing
PANAMA: 001-507-6723-8681
US: 001-305-600-2071
Double San Diego Wins Big at the Fred Hall Show
By CAM Staf
SMALL FRY DIVISION (25 pound test)
Nick Yoro - Double San Diego Jam Knot that
broke at 30.6 pounds
Jordan Burton - Palomar Knot that broke at
30.0 pounds
Noah Kim - San Diego Jam Knot that broke
at 24.7 pounds
JUNIOR DIVISION (60 pound test)
Victor Chavarria - Double San Diego Jam
Knot that broke at 101.3 pounds
Hunter Denette - Double San Diego Jam
Knot that broke at 100.8 pounds
Vasili Bahos - 3 Turn Double Uni Knot that
broke at 91.6 pounds
ADULT DIVISION (60 pound test)
Victor Manzo - Double San Diego Jam
Knot that broke at 99.8 pounds
Dean Martin - Miller Knot that broke at 97.9
Carlo Lapalca - Custom Knot that broke
at 96.5 pounds
100 pound test
Justin Greenberg - Double San Diego Jam
knot that broke at 138.5 pounds
Mike Meredith - Unknown Knot
that broke at 137 pounds
Capt. Eddie Moreno - Double San Diego
Jam Knot that broke at 136 pounds
Izorline Knot Tying Contest Results
Small Fry Category (9 years of age or younger)
Junior Anglers (10 to 15 years of age),
Adult Division (Non professional)
Pro Division (fishing industry professionals or media)
Step 1
Run six inches of line through the eye of the hook, swivel or lure and
fold back to make two parallel lines.
Step 2
Holding both lines in your right hand wrap the tag end around your
fnger, as shown above. Bring the tag back towards the eye using fve or
six spiral wraps around the parallel lines.
Step 3
Pass the tag through the loop above the hook and then back through the
loop caused by the fnger.
Step 4
Pull the tag and standing lines together forming the knot above the
hook. Wet the knot and carefully draw it down until it touches the hook.
Using double lines to tie the San Diego Jam Knot can improve the
breaking strength to upwards of 95 to 1200 percent.
San Diego Jam Knot
he Double San Diego Jam Knot dominated the winner’s
circle at this year’s Fred Hall Show held in Long Beach,
California. Tis annual event pits knot tiers of numerous
age and expertise levels against their peer group for prizes,
trophies and the much-heralded best knot tier bragging
Longtime sponsor of the event Izorline, provides high-
tech calibrated laboratory testing equipment for the contest.
Former winners and members of the Izorline Knotty Girls,
including IGFA World Record Holder, Kathleen Rounds
(Pacifc Halibut 285 pounds on 20 pound Izorline), were on
hand to lend technical support and to assist in the knot-tying
seminars that are conducted prior to the contest.
Contestants tie their favorite knot using the same pound
test line, from the same manufacturer. Tey tie their knot to a
small ring which is then attached to a Chatillon Digital-Force
Gage tester. Ten the knot and line are mechanically stretched
to their breaking point. Contestants and spectators view the
calibration machine’s digital screen to see at what pound of
stretch the knot or line breaks. Winning knots may have as
little as a fraction of a pound diference in their breaking
points, or as much as a 30-pound difference between 1st, 2nd
or 3rd place. Te biggest contributing factor seems to be the
knot selection and the degree of expertise that it’s tied with.
Tis year’s Pro category winner, Justin Greenberg,
received a 2 night, 3-day stay at the world famous Treasure
Cay Resort in Abacos, Bahamas. Justin’s Double San Diego
Jam Knot was recorded as withstanding a full 138.5 pounds
of pressure on the 100 pound Izorline used by all the Pro
Division contestants. According to John Buckman of Izorline,
numerous contests are set throughout the U.S. and Bahamas
later this year, with the frst scheduled event taking place
at the Grand Slam/Castaways KDW Fishing Tournament,
May 14th-15th in Jupiter, Florida; Treasure Cay Billfsh
Tournament June 13th thru 18th in Treasure Cay, Bahamas
and a soon to be scheduled event at Abaco Beach Resort in
Marsh Harbor, Bahamas.
In an interview with master knot tier, Peter Haynes,
who is credited with having invented the knot tying contest,
we’re informed that the use of digital gage-force testing
machines that test tensile strength have helped to create an
exacting science within the fshing line industry. Peter states
that while all fshing lines are graded by their diameter and
pound resistance to breakage, the actual variance between
one manufacturer’s line and another’s can be considerable.
When asked which line had most consistently shown itself
to have the highest breaking point, Peter immediately
referenced Izorline as the, “hands down winner,” according to
the research that he had conducted. While west coast anglers,
including San Diego’s famous Long Range Tuna Fleet, have
been using and recommending Izorline for years, it appears
that until recently, its awareness with east coast anglers had
remained a, “well kept secret.”
Izorline President, Steve Ichinokuchi, states that the
Izorline company founder, Russ Izor, was the frst to use
Spectra line for fshing applications. Tis high-tech, gel spun
product was previously used by the military for bulletproof
vests, helmets, gloves, arm guards, climbing ropes and
bowstrings. Russ felt that the high strength, small diameter,
ultra-low stretch fber could be braided for fshing line. Russ
Izor’s use of Spectra has been credited with revolutionizing
the fshing line industry.
Te use of Chatillon Digital-Force Gage testers like the
ones used in the knot tying contest now insure that anglers
have a better reference source when it comes to selecting the
line that’s best for their needs.
For more information please visit or
contact John Buckman at 561-743-2125
APRIL 2010

Six Gallon Fuel Tank
Call us today at 800-282-8725 to fnd a dealer near you.
US PATENT D609,776
Additional tank and accessories
are sold separately.
• Easy to transport
• Two tanks essentially become one, avoiding the hassle of a
cumbersome 12 gallon fuel tank
• Ergonomic, dual carrying handles located at each end
• Dual fuel line assembly and tie down straps also available
We got you covered
11 oz. (white/
glow chartreuse)
squid decoy jig
with cirlec hook
4 oz. Crab decoy jig
with “J” hooks
Circle Hook chin weight
Weighted J Hook with
Stinger Hook • 910.617.7637
See our easy rigging/swimming videos online
Dealer Inquiries Welcome
Top to Bottom
7 oz. pink /glow hot
pink squid decoy jig
with j hook
By: Rodney Sahr - Rapala Pro Staff
Angler Tackle for Offshore Surprises
Time To Change Your Fishing Line
1¢ per yard Re-spooling Sale
Elite or Siege Monoflament
April Sale - Available at:
Mosquito Creek Outdoors- Apopka • Betts Fishing Center -Largo, FL
well-rounded captain knows that each
day on the water can be diferent from
the day before. Being able to adapt to the
situation at hand can make the diference
between an average day ofshore, and one
of those memorable days you talk to your
buddies about for years. Te day you want
to go and target bottom fsh can ofen turn
into one of the best trolling days of the year.
Tere are days you may be slow trolling for
kingfsh and a wolf pack of cobia surrounds
your boat. When it comes down to it, having
the right tools on hand to do the job equals
fsh in the box.
We are blessed to have a wide range
of pelagic fsh that ofen become curious,
making themselves prime targets for a
spinning rod or other means of light tackle.
If you don’t have that ever-important pitch
rod in your arsenal, then you’ve more than
likely experienced a few swings and misses.
I am unable to count the amount of times
someone has yelled shark and I look out the
back of my center console and see a cobia
swimming along side of the boat. It can be
a matter of seconds that you have to get this
fsh’s attention before he becomes another
swing and miss.
Tere are a few things I always have at
my fngertips while live baiting or trolling for
dolphin. I like to have at least two spinning
rods spooled with 30-pound Sufx braid and
a 3 to 4-foot top shot of 40 to 60-pound Sufx
fluorocarbon. One of these rods I like to
have set up with a single ringed circle hook.
VMC makes a great hook for this called
the Nemesis Circle Hook. I have had the
conversation with a few captains about using
circle hooks on cobia due to the structure of
their mouths. Te reason I like the ringed
style of hook is the freedom it allows when
hooked up to a sailfsh or dolphin. With the
open ring attached to the hook, when the
fsh jumps and does a head shake all of the
pressure that is usually put on the knot is
completely absorbed by the open ring.
On a recent trip we were fshing the 21
fathom reef, doing our typical run and gun
bottom fshing, when we spotted a large
sail sticking out of the water. Fortunately
enough, we had a spinning rod rigged with a
circle hook at hand. Tirty minutes later, my
brother had his frst sailfsh to the boat, and a
60 pounder at that.
Te other rod, I like to have rigged with a
good old buck tail or eel imitation. If we are
fshing a shallow reef for kingfsh, I
will typically have two jigs
rigged up; one lighter
jig and one heavier
jig for dropping on
bottom structure.
Nothing looks
better then a
box full of
with a
or snapper
thrown in. We
have had a lot of success on bottom species
with the Banjo Eye Jig from Williamson.
We have already caught three gags over 25
pounds this year using this jig. Te Storm
Swim ‘n Eel is another favorite for cobia. It
allows you to cover longer distances on the
top of the water, where the Banjo Eye Jig is
better for deeper wrecks and ledges.
I love to bottom fsh and there are many
times we neglect to bring a pack of ballyhoo
with us in case the trolling picks up. Luckily,
we have had many innovations in the lure
industry that allow us to be prepared for
these situations. Williamson has a full line
of ballyhoo imitations that can be stored in
your boat, ready for deployment. Te new
ballyhoo hybrid is one of my favorites for
this exact situation. Tis bait gives a life-like
resemblance of a ballyhoo, with the dual
action of a paddle tail and concave head.
Keeping these style baits in your tackle box
allows you to adapt on the water without
spending a ton of money on frozen baits.
Study your conditions while out and log
the situation you come across. If you are like
me and you want to learn every time you step
into the boat, make sure you are prepared to
target whatever species you may come into
contact with. It could be a gafer dolphin or
sailfsh one day and 40-pound cobia or gag
grouper the next. Whatever fsh it may be,
you need to make sure you have the bait and
tackle to entice the bite.
APRIL 2010
Te InvisaSwivel line represents a revolutionary change in
terminal tackle. InvisaSwivels can bend but will recoil without
losing the ability to spin freely. Tese swivels are Flouro-Clear,
making them practically invisible in water. Te superior
resin compound allows the swivel to perform at nearly
neutral buoyancy. Unlike the old metal swivel, rigs with
InvisaSwivels will not be pulled, allowing for a natural bait
For the frst time, the non-metallic properties
provide a maintenance-free, non-corrosive swivel.
Te swivels are also perfect for the anglers that are
not profcient with tying uni-knots. A standard
clinch knot connects either braid to fluoro, or
braid to mono, with the InvisaSwivel acting as
the transition.
Inshore and freshwater anglers will
appreciate the clarity and light weight of
the inshore series, with swivels ranging
from 12-to-55 pound test.
Ofshore enthusiasts will appreciate
the larger sizes available from 80-to
200-pound test.
Learn more at
Afer years in development, Berkley has produced a nylon monoflament line
that changes color. TransOptic® captures UV rays to physically change color to
high-visibility gold above the water and flters out UV rays below the surface,
making the line transparent and virtually invisible to fsh. Anglers see the line,
but the fsh do not. Te color-changing line benefts anglers that are trying to
detect the most subtle of bites. TransOptic® is perfect for flipping,
pitching, jigging, ice fshing and is
ideal for shallow-water fshing with
non-weighted plastics.
TransOptic® touts its superior
knot strength, tough abrasion
resistance and extra shock
resistance. Tis line can be used in
any application that calls for a hard
hook set. Being a monoflament, the
line is easy to manage and can be
used for a wide variety of baits and
Now, here is a unique new product available
for spooling your reels. It's called Reel Ur
Own and it is hand made by fshermen, for
fshermen, in St. Augustine Florida. When it’s
time to spool new line onto a fshing reel, the
user simply begins to turn the handle on the
reel and Reel Ur Own does the rest. Tanks
to the brake tension, the line will not keep
rolling and will not backlash.
Reel Ur Own comes in two sizes, a
small version which contains three spool
ports and a large version which contains
four line ports.
In addition, Reel Ur Own is available with
one of four gauge lines, light, medium, heavy,
and very heavy. Tese options ensure that the
specifc needs of any fsherman are met.
Reel Ur Own is an attractive piece and can
be ordered in birch, teak oak or cedar. Custom
designs are also available. A great gif idea for
any fsherman! Prices start at only $24.99.
For more information call
Learn more at
Te XLT is the newest direction in polarized eyewear for the Flying Fisherman® design
team. Weighing in at an amazingly light .5 ounces, “you don’t even know you’re wearing
sunglasses!” Te temples can be tied in a knot and the polycarbonate RhinoLenses™ lenses
are shatterproof, a perfect balance of protection, performance and style, and perfect for all
day hard core angler comfort. Add the Flying Fisherman® AcuTint™ lens coloring system
to the mix, and you have what it takes to eliminate glare and provide high-defnition color
contrast without distorting natural colors, resulting in sharper optics and enhanced ability
to spot fsh and other structure. Te XLT’s 8-base lenses are a generous 65mm for extended
peripheral coverage, and temple tips are drilled to accommodate its removable, floating
lanyard. A micro-fber lens cloth and hard case are also included, and the suggested retail
price is $89.95. Frame/lens colors include gunmetal/smoke with silver mirror, dark copper/
amber with silver mirror and gunmetal vermillion with silver mirror.
Learn more at
World’s FIRST Nylon Monofilament Fishing Line to Physically Change Color
Available in pound tests ranging from
4 to 25 pounds on 220-yard spools,
Berkley Trilene TransOptic has an
MSRP of $8.95 to $10.95. Service spools
of 2000 yards are also available from 6
to 25-pound test.
All Flying Fisherman® products along with testimonials, dealer locater and
more are available for review at
“Good on the fsh, and good on the fsherman,” is a quote from the creator of the decoy
family, Capt. Tim Barefoot. Tis latest Circle Hook Jig from Barefoot Fishing’s Decoy Line
mimics a squid that’s just caught something to eat, making it too good for a fsh to resist.
Because fsh love squid, this efective Decoy Circle Hook Jig works with any kind of fresh
or frozen bait, and is incredibly efective when fshed with live bait. It comes with a base
9/0 hook attached to a circle hook stinger with a doubled, 250-pound braided spectra line
Te Decoy Circle Hook Jig comes in four colors that glow when deep underwater. Finally,
a jig that doesn’t require jigging and no hook setting. Simply let the fsh eat the bait and start
slowly winding until you feel a solid hook up.
Available in 7- and 11-ounce sizes, the versatile Decoy Circle Hook Jig has suggested
retail prices starting at $12.99. Barefoot Fishing donates 5% of all proceeds to Fish For
Tomorrow, a private marine habitat restoration and stock enhancement program
Reaction Strike announces the patented 3.5” Rattlin’ Revo which promises to be one of,
if not the most, unique lures brought to market in 2010. Te Rattlin’ Revo is the frst lure to
combine a vibration bait with a swimbait. Cast or trolled, the Rattlin’ Revo produces an action
that is unlike any bait ever made. And as a vertical jigging lure used to probe deep cover, it
has no equal.
Unlike traditional vibration baits, the Rattlin’ Revo generates its sound by belly roll, and not
side-to-side movements. Additionally, the bait has a tantalizing tail action that has never been
achieved before. Check out the color palette, all are the true works of art that you have come to
expect from Reaction Strike, the world leader in swimbaits.
For more information, contact Rick Quade at
(317) 752-8608 or
For more information
Barefoot Fishing’ products call
Capt. Tim Barefoot at 910.617.7637
or visit
• Newly Renovated, all Oceanfront
Balcony Rooms
• New Lobby, Restaurant and
Meeting Rooms
• Seaside Bistro, now serving
Starbucks beverages
• New Fitness Equipment,
Including Free Weights
• Indoor and Outdoor Pools
• Direct Beach Access
100 Charlotte Avenue • Carolina Beach, NC
910-458-2030 •
Carolina Beach
It’s a Refreshing,
New Experience!
APRIL 2010
he Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Tournament Series will be an all-release
competition of the Southwest Florida coast, but this is no ordinary fshing contest.
“For the frst time, what we call a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ shark tournament will be
transformed into a true spectator sport,” said Sean Paxton. He and his brother, Brooks,
known as the Shark Brothers, are tournament directors and architects of the event’s
unique format. Along with Co-Director and Associate Producer, Captain Robert Moore,
they state, “Our shared goal with Dr. Guy Harvey, is to give participants and viewers
the most exciting, entertaining and educational shark-infested, multimedia spectacle
found anywhere on the planet. Simply put, our aim with this event is to efectively and
collaboratively combine the goals of sport, science and conservation, something we refer
to as the triangle theory”
Harvey, a long-time marine conservationist and founder of the Guy Harvey Ocean
Foundation, said the tournament will increase global awareness of the important role
that sharks play in the world’s oceans and our ecosystem. “Te Guy Harvey Ultimate
Shark Challenge Tournament Series will be a uniquely exciting event for participants,
spectators and everyone who cares about the future of our oceans,” Guy Harvey said.
Joining tournament directors and Guy Harvey in this ambitious efort are strategic
partners: Robert E. Hueter, Ph.D, Director of Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium
and its Center for Shark Research; Lee County Commissioner, Ray Judah; Luke Tipple,
Director of Shark-Free Marinas Initiative; Florida Gulf Coast University, and other
advocates of efective environmental stewardship.
Hueter noted that the staf from the Mote Center for Shark Research will oversee
all scientifc aspects of the tournament, including tagging operations. Selected sharks
will be outftted with satellite tags to track their movements afer release. “Tis project
will provide a breakthrough in collaborative research involving the marine scientifc and
recreational fshing communities,” he added. “By working together to develop a 21st
century, conservation-oriented alternative, the Mote Center for Shark Research and
tournament organizers will provide a national model, while changing public attitudes
about responsible use of marine resources.”
Combining the Goals of Sport, Science and Conservation
With a forward-thinking eye on the future, and through strategic alliances with our
anglers, sponsors, partners and supporters, we are proudly responding to the growing
demands and challenges facing the planet's marine resources by producing ‘Te Next
Generation Shark Release Tournament Model.’
Tis proactive alternative to the more traditional harvest and other formats will
be clearly demonstrated through the exciting integration of high-stakes competitions,
cutting-edge research, purposeful entertainment value, public education and international
mainstream awareness. By embracing the future with an innovative commitment to the
environment, the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge will be recognized as the new
gold standard for responsible competitive shark fshing.
Limited team entries and sponsorship opportunities are still available.
For event details and additional
contact information, visit:
Te Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge Tournament Series
Catch and Release Shark Tournament Hailed as a Model for Sport Fishing Enthusiasts and Marine Conservationists
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lbert Pueger Jr. has some tales to tell of his y some
years chasing scaly creatures about the waters of South
Florida. His hunting skills are tuned to the same demand for
success, as his angling skills. When you rst enter his home,
a giant brown bear immediately grabs your attention before
you can focus on the numerous sh mounts. Lions, monitor
lizards, marlin, angelsh and many other critters watch from
the walls, as we sit down to talk. e following questions were
posed and Al, as usual, responded with his honest feelings
aer getting out some fresh smoked sh dip he’d just made.
Cli: “Al, with all the activities you do, what is your
favorite type of shing?”
Al: “e oshore scene has always attracted me, with
deep jigging a highlight. A high speed reel in the 6.5:1 ratio
lets you reel up the deep sh without wearing out your arm.
A 6.5 to 7.0 rod ts well and oers better leverage. Casting
for mackerel with plugs can be fun and tarpon on y is the
Cli: “Next, let’s talk about the cold snap we’ve seen this
Al: “I’ve been here, born in Miami. I’ll be 73 years old
and I’ve seen several freezes, but not for that duration of
time. Mother Nature hits you once in a while but not that
hard. at was an extremely hard hit and it not only kicked
the heck out of the Gulf coast inshore populations, but the
Atlantic coast shallow water areas, with bonesh and all your
juvenile species, were annihilated. Fish you would not expect
to die were just caught up.”
Cli: “How about the proposed and current grouper and
snapper restrictions?”
Al: “I think things like that are benecial. If you can
shut down the taking of certain species of threatened sh,
then I think it is a good thing. Commercial or recreational
shermen will realize an increased harvest in the future by
a sacrice now, for four or six months, or for however long
a determined closure is indicated. Snook populations have
been decimated by this cold and a protection action is in
order. e populations of other target sh that have been
substantially reduced should be addressed.
Cli: “What sh do you like to see hit most?”
Al: “Bluen tunas destroy the baits and all the water
around them when they hit. I spent time with Tommy
Giord over in the Bahamas and when he hooked up, he
would herd them around with his boat like cattle, until they
were tired and ready for ga. We went to Brazil together and
caught giant peacock bass. Now they hit like a freight train.
You remember the hole in the water when they hit. e wild
skyrocketing of kingsh is fun to watch, and any time big
groupers break the surface is entertaining.”
We talked for a good while, as we do oen, and there
were way too many questions to answer in this brief. e
mounts on the wall were still staring when I took my leave,
but I’ll see them again, ey call Al’s house home for now,
and I’m headed home too.
Interview with Al Pueger
By: Cli Kunde
Good things come to those who bait.
For more information visit
Every day, anglers play an important
part in the preserving our oceans.
Many game fsh in Florida depend on
coral reefs, and healthy reefs equal
healthy fsheries - that’s a winning
catch for all of us.
Help ensure the future of Florida’s
fshing grounds by purchasing a
Protect Our Reefs license plate.
Al P ueger, a angler, author, shing guide,
hunter, world record holder, a true outdoorsman!
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By: Lukas Brickweg
Youth and Ambition
efore our journey to the Bahamas was
underway, the three of us twenty year olds,
James, Jake and myself, started out with not
much more than youth and ambition. Now,
looking back on our experience, we’ve come
back very dierent; we’re much wiser and
more knowledgeable. Not only did we learn a
lot about the sea and sailing, but also ourselves
and each other.
Life on the ocean is dierent in many
aspects. It takes working together in close
quarters to achieve your goals. Chipping in
and doing your part is just part of the daily
routine. Each member has his or her niche
with specic gied roles that are carried out
routinely. Disagreements and opinions must
be swallowed or swept under the rug to keep
the boat from becoming chaotic. Everyone
works as one in order to operate smoothly
and eectively. e more you perform certain
activities, the more e cient and productive
you become. When living on the water, you’ll
nd list aer list of chores. ere is time to play,
but there’s always something that needs to be
Before setting out on this adventure, we
had envisioned smooth sailing and endless
possibilities. Individually, our imaginations
created scenarios of what the trip would be like.
Looking at our charts and identifying the many
islands and reefs, we became intoxicated with
all the options in front of us. Pointing out reef
breaks on Google Earth and discovering prime
shing areas where the ocean was teaming with
life, seemed possible in the beginning, and our
enthusiasm was innite.
Only at the point when the trip was
underway, did we realize things would be
dierent than planned. Ideally, the original
plan was to sail down to Fort Lauderdale in
three days and then shoot across the Stream.
What we did not take into consideration was
that we had little interaction with the weather
or practice on the water.
Our rst adventure began by sailing down
to Miami via the Intracoastal Waterway, where
our initial plans were thwarted by the weather.
Front aer front swept across Florida in one
of the worst winters recorded in years. e
further we traveled south, the more people we
met, and their stories were the same as ours.
ey too were waiting, some for weeks, to
cross, with the weather postponing their plans.
e winds blew constantly in excess of 20-25
knots, and the seas built to over eight feet.
Mother Nature provided us a front row seat of
what was to come. I always felt She wanted to
teach us patience. Checking the weather daily
became a disappointing event. While we all sat
and waited, we shared our pain and frustration
with all the other Bahama-bound boaters,
helpless to the conditions.
Finally, the weather broke, with the weather
report giving us good news. e ve-day
forecast showed an encouraging wind pattern
towards the end of the weekend. is could
be our chance! e marinas and harbors lled
with boats as they staged for the cross. It would
be Presidents Day, February 15th . e outlook
was holding true as the days drew closer to our
departure. e conditions for this day was 2-3
foot of swell with a 5-10 mph east wind turning
southeast later in the day. Perfect! Chatting
with the other dockside sailors, it sounded like
everyone had a similar game plan - anchor
outside the harbor Sunday night and depart at
rst light Monday morning.
Eager to depart, we fullled all our provisions
on land, lling up diesel jugs; stocking up on
food; running our generator and making sure
all the batteries were su ciently charged;
securing the deck; and snuggly tying down
all loose components. We nally pulled away
from the comfort of the dock and anchored
outside the harbor, ready for our departure.
Like soldiers marching, we fell in line with the
other boats, also ready to leave at rst light.
at night we examined our charts,
calculated our heading and adjusted the
course for the ow of the Gulf Stream, for the
next day’s journey. It was hard to sleep on this
night, being overwhelmed with excitement for
the opportunity we had all had been waiting
for - crossing the Gulf Stream – a momentous
occasion and the rst big test of our trip.
Lukas Brickweg along with brothers James
and Jake Smith of Pure Ocean Productions,
specializes in lm and audio engineering
throughout the state of Florida. Learn more at
www.pureoceanproductions or call
Upcoming EvEnts
April 10 - sebastian Riverview park - 9-11 am. After
completing the fve learning stations, each child will receive a free fsh-
ing rod, reel and tackle box. To preregister your children, contact Chris
McCarthy at 772.228.7054.
April 24 - Apopka Foliage Festival - 10am-Noon. After
completing the fve learning stations, each child will receive a free
fshing rod, reel and tackle box. To preregister your children, visit
Mosquito Creek Outdoors in Apopka Florida at 170 South Washington
Avenue or contact them at (407) 464-2000.
may 1 - Edgewater’s Kennedy park - 9-11am. After
completing the fve learning stations, each child will receive a free
fshing rod, reel and tackle box. To preregister your children, contact
Edgewater Leisure Services at 386-424-2487 or
The goal of the Hook Kids on Fishing
programs is to establish activities
for kids and parents alike to learn
basic fshing skills and how to use,
not abuse our waterways. Kids six
to 16 are welcome, and their parents
are encouraged to stay and learn
alongside their children. The program
includes hands-on clinics on casting,
conservation, knot tying, catch and
release, and fshing with professional
guides. Donated rods and reels are
distributed to kids who need them.
www. Angl ersForConservati on. org
Hook Kids on Fishing
Educati on ~ Restorati on ~ Appl i ed Conservati on
ack in 1871, Professor Spenser
Fullerton Baird, called bluesh, “an
animated chopping machine.” He described
how a school of blues will rove like a pack
of hungry wolves, destroying everything in
sight, leaving a trail of fragments of their prey
and a stain of blood and oil on the sea. Some
sh masticate their food; blues chop and
swallow big hunks. In 1965, a commercial
sherman, out at sea in pursuit of menhaden,
told of having plowed through a thirty mile
wide school of blues
that were macerating
hordes of menhaden.
Blues have driven
terried menhaden
up on beaches until
they were piled a
foot deep. Professor
Baird estimated that
in four summer
months o the New
England coast, blues
killed twelve hundred
million million sh.
at estimate may
have been high, but
there is no question
that blues are both
butchers and gluttons.
ey’re cannibals
that will eat their
young. ey will eat
anything alive. ey
have stripped the toes
of surfers in Florida.”
(Blues, by John
My rst signicant saltwater sh was a
seven pound bluesh, taken on a three ounce
Atom popper from a beach in Massachusetts
about 35 years ago. I’ve loved shing for
bluesh ever since, and mourn the fact that
Florida blues seldom exceed two or three
When a school of bluesh is on a tear
on baitsh, even the most casual observer
will know something signicant is going on.
e water boils and churns like a washing
machine as the blues rip into their prey,
which desperately tries to escape, usually
with little success.
When a sherman encounters a situation
like this, catching as many sh as desired is
as simple as tossing something shiny into the
melee. A strong hook and a steel leader are
recommended! A hooked sh will frequently
be freed by a companion who strikes and cuts
the line as it zips through the water’s surface.
Where the sh run small, a multi-hooked lure
will frequently catch two or three at a time.
Hersey’s book claims it takes 50 pounds
of silversides to produce a ve-pound blue.
It takes 500 pounds of plankton to make 50
pounds of silversides. It takes 5000 pounds
of microscopic sea plants to make that 500
pounds of zooplankton. Microscopic sea
plants indirectly sustain all of us, something
for you to consider as you catch those
ravenous blues.
According to Wikipedia, bluesh
are migratory
marine sh, found
worldwide, in tropic
and temperate seas all
over the world, except
for the eastern shores
of the Pacic. On the
western side of the
Atlantic, their range
is from Argentina to
Nova Scotia. ey are
found o Africa, and
in the Mediterranean
and Black Seas.
When I had been
a Florida resident for
only a short time,
a school of 10 to
12-pound bluesh
trapped a huge mullet
school between the
jetties at Ponce Inlet.
Periodically, the
water between the
jetties, a distance of
at least 250 yards,
would erupt as frantic
mullet tried to escape the blues. e air was
full of the angry shouting of hooked-up
shermen, cursing each other as the sh
tangled and broke their lines. Everyone there
was constantly hooked up. I anticipated many
more days of shing like that here, but I’ve
never seen a spectacle like that one again.
Bluesh don’t freeze well. When you’re
catching sh aer sh, it’s easy to kill way too
many. Just take what you can eat for dinner
tonight, and gently release the rest. Be sure to
bleed the sh immediately and put it on ice.
Due to their oily esh, they spoil quickly.
Hersey says, “ere is more to going out
there [the sea] shopping for food. Blues are
magnicent animals. I am very much in
awe of the bluesh.” You’re not the only one,
brother. You’re not the only one.
John A. Kumiski
By: John Kumiski
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Northeast Tide Charts
Tide Charts brought to you by these businesses
Fernandina Beach
Time Height Time Height Time Height Time Height
APRIL 2010
Mayport/Fernandina Beach
Daily Tide Predictions
Jacksonville Beach
High Tide -50 minute
Low Tide -27 minutes
Palm Valley, ICWW
High Tide +2 hours
Low Tide +1 hour; 49 minutes

Vilano Beach/Tolomato River
High Tide -20 minutes
Low Tide -5 minutes
St. Augustine, City Dock
High Tide -20 minutes
Low Tide +1 minute
St. Augustine Beach
High Tide -51 minutes
Low Tide -32 minutes
Matanzas Inlet
High Tide +3 minutes
Low Tide +49 minutes
Flagler Beach
High Tide +4 hours; 33 minutes
Low Tide +5 hours
Ormond Beach/Halifax River
High Tide +3 hours; 17 minutes
Low Tide +4 hours; 31 minutes
1TH 5:01 AM -0.6
11:20 AM 6.6
5:06 PM -0.5
11:50 PM 7.4
2F 5:49 AM -0.2
12:07 PM 6.3
5:51 PM -0.1
3SA 12:38 AM 7.0
6:39 AM 0.3
12:53 PM 5.9
6:39 PM 0.4
4SU 1:25 AM 6.6
7:32 AM 0.7
1:40 PM 5.6
7:32 PM 0.8
5M 2:14 AM 6.2
8:27 AM 1.0
2:29 PM 5.4
8:29 PM 1.2
6TU 3:07 AM 5.9
9:24 AM 1.2
3:23 PM 5.3
9:30 PM 1.3
7W 4:03 AM 5.7
10:18 AM 1.2
4:21 PM 5.3
10:30 PM 1.4
8TH 5:00 AM 5.7
11:09 AM 1.1
5:20 PM 5.5
11:26 PM 1.3
9F 5:55 AM 5.7
11:56 AM 1.0
6:14 PM 5.8
10SA 12:19 AM 1.1
6:44 AM 5.9
12:41 PM 0.8
7:04 PM 6.1
11SU 1:08 AM 0.9
7:30 AM 6.0
1:23 PM 0.6
7:49 PM 6.5
12M 1:54 AM 0.7
8:13 AM 6.1
2:04 PM 0.4
8:31 PM 6.7
13TU 2:36 AM 0.5
8:54 AM 6.1
2:42 PM 0.2
9:11 PM 6.9
14W 3:16 AM 0.4
9:34 AM 6.1
3:19 PM 0.1
9:50 PM 7.0
15TH 3:55 AM 0.3
10:13 AM 6.1
3:56 PM 0.1
10:29 PM 7.1
16F 4:34 AM 0.3
10:53 AM 6.0
4:34 PM 0.1
11:10 PM 7.1
17SA 5:15 AM 0.4
11:34 AM 5.9
5:14 PM 0.2
11:54 PM 7.0
18SU 5:59 AM 0.5
12:18 PM 5.8
6:00 PM 0.3
19M 12:41 AM 6.9
6:49 AM 0.6
1:06 PM 5.8
6:53 PM 0.4
20TU 1:33 AM 6.8
7:45 AM 0.7
2:00 PM 5.8
7:55 PM 0.5
21W 2:30 AM 6.7
8:47 AM 0.7
3:01 PM 5.9
9:03 PM 0.6
22TH 3:33 AM 6.6
9:48 AM 0.5
4:08 PM 6.1
10:11 PM 0.5
23F 4:39 AM 6.6
10:48 AM 0.3
5:17 PM 6.4
11:17 PM 0.3
24SA 5:44 AM 6.7
11:44 AM 0.0
6:20 PM 6.9
25SU 12:19 AM 0.1
6:44 AM 6.7
12:39 PM -0.2
7:19 PM 7.3
26M 1:19 AM -0.1
7:39 AM 6.8
1:32 PM -0.4
8:12 PM 7.7
27TU 2:14 AM -0.3
8:31 AM 6.8
2:22 PM -0.5
9:03 PM 7.8
28W 3:06 AM -0.4
9:21 AM 6.7
3:10 PM -0.5
9:52 PM 7.8
29TH 3:55 AM -0.3
10:09 AM 6.6
3:55 PM -0.3
10:40 PM 7.7
30F 4:41 AM -0.1
10:56 AM 6.3
4:40 PM 0.0
11:26 PM 7.4
Approx Times of Correction Tables
´= Best Times to Fish
t D

t C
Min. 28 in. measured to fork
1 per person per day
Min. 14 in., Max 24 in.
5 per person per day
May posess 1 over 24 in.
Min. 12 in measured to fork
10 per person per day
Min. 33 in. measured to fork
lesser of 1 per person or 6
per vessel per day
10 per person per day
20 in. minimum
No more than 60 per vessel
Min. 12 in.
10 per person per day
Min. 24 in. measured to fork
2 per person per day
Min. 12 in. measured to fork
15 per person per day
Min. 11 in. Max 20 in.
6 per person per day
Min. 18 in. Max 27in.
1 per person per day
Min. 12 in
15 per person per day
Min 12. in
15 per person per day
Min 28 in. Max 32 in. 1 per
person per day. Stamp required.
Check for local regs & closures.
Min 15 in. Max 20 in,
5 per person per day

Check for local regs & closures.
2 Fish Limit
Tarpon Tag Required
Min. 15 in.
2 per person per day
2 Per person per day
Min. 12 in.
4 per person per day
Min. 24 in.
1 Per person per day
Min. 24 in.
1 per person per day
1 per vessel per day
included in aggregate
Min. 20 in.
Check for local regs & closures.
Min. 12 in.
Check for local regs & closures.
50 per person per day
or Speckled Perch
25 per person per day
Saturday Morning from 7-10am on
North Florida’s premier hunting and fishing live talk show!
Kevin Faver · Jeff Lageman · Kirk Waltz
Preparing Your Boat For Spring
Question: What do I need to do to prepare my boat for it’s rst use of the year?
It’s a typical Florida Saturday Spring morning. You wake the family, pack a lunch, hookup
the boat, and head to the ramp ready for a great day on the water. Aer arriving at the
ramp you realize the boat won’t start. Other boaters are frustrated and the family starts
to complain as you scramble to gure out why.
A little time and money can go a long way to ensuring your boat is ready when you are
ready to go. Before leaving for the ramp here are a few things to check. First, check your
battery to ensure it is fully charged. Next, check all uid levels, water pump, bilge pumps,
fuel system, electrical system, electronics, all safety equipment such as life jackets, lights
(don’t forget your trailer lights), boat and trailer registration, boat numbers, and trailer
tires are properly inated. If you regularly use your boat, consider having your engines
periodic service work performed prior to the rst use. is will include most of the items
listed above along with those specic to your engine.
If you don’t know how to perform these time-saving and safety related tasks, you can
have your local mechanic perform the service. ese services may be performed for as
little as $85, and increase depending upon boat size, number of engines, and engine size
and type. If you don’t have a mechanic, ask your friends for a referral. If your boat is
stored at a marina, ask a member of the marina sta or other boaters for a reommenda-
tion. e money, aggravation, and time you save in the long run will make your boating
experience more enjoyable for yourself and those boating with you. Finally, make sure
you have installed the drain plug prior to launch. Forgetting this step will ensure a very
short voyage, and more trouble than we can discuss in this article. Have fun, be safe, and
we’ll see you on the water!
For more information, please contact Shann Brewington, Soundwave Marine Electronics
904-223-4183. Email your questions to:
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Over 38 Top Five Tournament Wins
Capt. Tony Bozzella
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Spinning In e Grass
By Capt. David Borries
For years redsh anglers have known that spinnerbaits are great for catching reds.
However, I still meet anglers who have yet to give it a try. With the clear water of
early spring fast approaching, April can be a great month for spinner baits in northeast
Florida. In early spring, Reds like to cruise along the grassy edges in the high water mud
ats looking for bait. is is a great opportunity to catch that rst red on a spinnerbait.
It is no big secret in northeast Florida, if you want to catch reds in the cooler months,
one of the best places to do so is the shallow mud ats. ese mud ats usually have grassy
shorelines that make great cover for bait. As the reds move on to these mud ats seeking
warmer water, they will hunt for food along the grassy shorelines. is is the ideal place
to throw spinnerbaits. Spinnersbaits are ideal for working these grassy shorelines. ey
have lots of ash, they put out good vibrations and they are virtually weedless. But not all
spinners are created equal.
When you use the term “spinnerbaits” you are referring to lures that employ a spinning
blade attached to a wire form. ey come in many shapes, forms, and sizes. e most
common types are the ones you see bass shermen use, this is a single or double spinner
blade that revolves above a dressed hook on a V- wire conguration, like the Beetle Spin.
Another type of spinner baits are the in-line spinners, these have a spinning blade on a
straight wire with the hook behind the blade like the Rooster Tail. And last is the buzzbait,
these are spinnerbaits with a large modied blade that keeps the lure on the surface, the
blade chops up the water making a gurgling sound that is
irresistable to sh.
e spinnerbait that I like to use in the colder months is the Vwire type. ey can be
worked much slower, staying in the strike-zone much longer-just what you need for sh
that tend to be lethargic. One of my favorite is the “Redsh Magic” by Strike King. is
spinnerbait employs my two favorite lures, the gold spoon and the pattle-tail jig.
When working the shallow mud ats there are a few things to keep in mind . Look
for high tides that occur around noon, when the sun has time to warm up the at. Start
shing just before high tide and just aer. Look for some form of life, be it bait sh, sting-
rays, or birds. If you don’t see life, it might mean the at is too cold, more than likely the
reds will not be there. Also remember, reds are very spooky in clear water, so stay as far
away from the grassy shoreline as you can and cast just in to the grass. At high tide redsh
tend to spread out more, so when shing the grass try to cover as much ground as you can.
If you miss a sh don’t spend too much time trying to get that sh to hit again, more than
likely that sh will be too spooked, keep moving and look for another sh. Remember, in
northeast Florida the tides are the strongest in the state, so your window of opportunity
is much smaller. You might only have a couple of hours to sh on the at, so make the
best of it.
Some of my favorite mud ats to sh in Jacksonville are just o the I.C.W. in Pablo Creek.
Some of the best ats are between Butler Blvd. and Beach Blvd. If you are looking for good
ats to sh by using a chart or aerial photo look for ox-bows that spin o of the
main channel of a creek or river. Over the years I have found that the bigger reds tend
to stay close to deeper water, so keep that
in mind. If you are one of the many who
have never caught a red on a spinner bait,
you are missing out on some great fun.
Reds will hit a spinner bait.
If you would like to book a trip and sh
with spinnerbaits give David Borries a
call at (904) 708-8915 and check out his
web-site at
DELL Marine

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April 2010 8 northeAst floridA COASTAL ANGLER MAGAZINE
Who knew when we started the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic that it would grow to
be the world’s largest kayak shing tournament. What started as just an idea for a recently
formed website in 2004, the Classic has evolved into not only the largest kayak shing
tournament in the world, but one of the largest annual inshore shing tournaments in the
state of Florida, a considerable achievement for a bunch of “paddle jockeys”.
Well over 300 anglers have already signed up to vie for over $80,000 in prizes and gis at
the May 7-8 event and the Classic is on track again for another world’s largest turnout of
400-500 anglers. is year they are coming from all over the US, not just Florida and the
Southeast with a large contingent coming from Texas, many from the Midwest, and even
a few traveling from England and Canada.
If you are a diehard wannabe “elite professional kayak angler” the Classic is not the
tournament for you. e Classic’s allure is the fun, recreational, conservation-oriented
format and the focus on the benet charities which include the Down Syndrome
Association of Iacksonville, Daniel Kids, and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.
Columbia Sportswear is the returning title sponsor and is featuring their new Blood and
Guts Superlight shing shirt technology for those purchasing VIP entries.
Anglers win just by entering the Classic. Your entry fee ($60 for regular and $110 for
VIP) gets you a rock solid captain’s bag full of goodies from DOA, Fishbites, Slayer Jigs,
Calcutta, Tsunami, Mirrolure, RodWraps, Costa Del Mar and others, a tournament tshirt,
measuring stick, ra e tickets, and food at the captain’s meeting on Friday and the awards
banquet on Saturday. And the ladies get special attention at the Classic – every lady angler
also gets a special pink bella cut tournament tshirt and a pink Fish Grip from Norton
Brass Rattler.
e Classic targets Red Drum, Spotted Seatrout, and Flounder in a catch-photo-release
format. Trophies, kayaks, shing gear and gi certicates will be awarded for rst place
through h place nishers in four open divisions including the Redsh-Trout-Flounder
slam, biggest Redsh, biggest Trout, and biggest Flounder. ere are also contingency
prizes and awards for Jr. Angler, Lady Angler, Sr. Angler, Fly Angler, a Mystery Fish prize,
a ra e for the Best Dang Tackle Box, and ra es that include more than $20,000 worth of
kayaks, equipment, and tackle.
Registration is open up until the captain’s meeting and you can get in the fun by visiting for more information or to register online.
2010 Columbia Sportswear Iacksonville Kavak Fishing Classic
By Mike Kogan
Fishing Princess is a brand new line of 
cu1e opporel £or fsherwomen. 1-shir1s, sweo1-
shir1s, hoodies, ho1s, visors ond o1her occessories
wi1h 1he lishing Þriness logo. 8rowse 1hrough
our websi1e ond check i1 oll ou1.
We con personolize your opporel or occessory.
Con1oc1 us £or de1oils.
We bring £oshion 1o fshing
Save the Rodman
By Ed Taylor
Save Rodman Reservoir, Inc. was formed in 1995 and its purpose is to save Rodman from
destruction. In 1995 the reservoir was very close to becoming history. ere was only one
reason it was that close, and that was, our Legislators had heard only one side of the story.
And that side was being pumped into them from the environmental groups. I started our
move by traveling to Tallahassee to tell them there was another side to this story. At rst
I had a hard time breaking into their train of thought, but, slow but sure, I gained their
ere were thousands of pages written in various studies that the environmentalists
was always so eager to relay to the Legislators, but, I soon found out they were not telling
the whole story. So I made it a point to try and always speak aer them. And this was the
turning point, as I would listen to what was being quoted to them from these studies. I
would point out to the Legislators that it was true what they quoted to you, but, they only
told you what was in the rst half of that paragraph, I am here to quote to you what the
rest of the paragraph said which in itself created such a controversy that we are still living
with that today. At the point that I started contradicting the Environmentalists and could
always prove what I said this ght was turning in our favor.
is ght is going on to this day and is not over by any means. I do not have much space
to relay to the readers of this magazine, as I could write a book on the subject. With this
being said we always need new members and this is what you can do. Contact my o ce
at 386-326-1112 and leave your name and phone number and I will call you and send you
an application to join. It only costs $20 per year and you will be put on the mailing list to
receive our bi-monthly newsletter and this will keep you up to date on what is happening.

We have our annual Save Rodman Bass Tournament coming up on April 17th at Kenwood
Landing on Rodman. is is our main fund raiser each year to keep our o ce open. If you
don’t want to sh the tournament you can come out to the weigh-in festivities starting at
3PM. We will have a ra e with some great prizes and some of the best Bar B Q you have
ever eat.
ABOVE: Please help...don’t let this be Rodman Resevoir’s last Sunset
has your Spring Schedule starting April 16, 17 and 18.
The Jacksonville International Boat Show
is sponsored by 2 fshing tournaments.
First is the most prestigious Redfsh Tournament.
King oI the Valley. May 1st in Historic Palm Valley. Florida at The Bridge WaterIront Bistro.
There is no greater honor in redfshing than wearing the King oI the Valley Crown.
On May 22nd Mahi de Mayo is bringing the Iun back to oII shore fshing. The bite turns on and the
party is dockside at the completely upgraded Morningstar Marina in Mayport. FL.
Register for either tournament at the Boat Show or online at CurrentProductions.US
April is the o cial month for big Trout
on topwater’s or divers. As the water warms
and the bait returns to North Fla. the big
trout are with them along with Jacks,
ladysh, and Spanish Mackerel. Any of
your favorite Topwater plugs will work
with a walk the dog action will produce a
Gator Trout (Gator- 5lb trout or bigger)
Our Region has a limit of 5 betwen 15”-
20" with one over. However, please release
these breeding stock sh. Look for moving
water with bait & structure like a grass
point, rock pile, bulkhead with current
owing around it forming a “rip” and you
will have a potential hotspot. Cast well
ahead of your target and bring your lure
back with the current & though the strike
zone. Float rigs will take their fare share as
well. A well placed shrimp along tthe same
type of areas can have big paybacks.
Redsh will be lurking in the same
areas, as well as the backcountry shallows.
Although the schools tend to be broken up
aer winter, there will be plenty of singles,
and small groups. Shrimp, crab, mullet, and
mud minnows on a TBS Jig will work great.
Look for them at creek outows at the last
of the outgoing tide. Look for the bait and
work your lures with the current. Redsh
will hit everything from a topwater to the
smallest of jigs. Work on casting accuratly
and work the lure correctly for top results.
An equalizer oat and a shrimp with a
jerk and pause retrieve along grass lines
will produce well. Jacks, ladysh, Bluesh
& Spanish will be scattered throughout
the Jetty, Intercoastal waterways and the
Northern parts of the St. Johns. A trolled
00 Clarkspoon will be a ticket for the
Spanish as well as the jacks, ladies & blues.
Big drum will be in holes in the creeks. e
jetties will produce some big ones as well.
Soaked crab or clam on a shnder rig is
a sure bet.
Capt. Tony Bozzella / TBS JIGS
Professional Angler / Guide
(904) 651-0182.
Holy Toledo !, or something like that.
I am dreaming of the warm mornings
already, with the very at ocean no breeze
scenario. Come on folks , you know the
Zane Grey days where you bring that 250
horse Yamaha up on plane coming out of
the Jetties and man its b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.
e Mayport Rocks should be coming
up to full steam this month with piles of
action. e big spawning sheepshead will
be pushing onto the jetties to lay a few eggs
and they should be willing to take shrimp,
ddler crabs, and cut blue crab with a
vengence. Work the bottom of the low tide
to slack water to the rst hour or two of the
incoming for the most success.I like a 1/8
oz to 1/4 oz sure catch jig for starters but
if they are being tempermental try a small
#6 short shank hook on a 30lb ourcarbon
and just attach two small split shot about
4inches above the hook. Watch your line as
you pitch into the rocks and when you see
it starting to move set the hook. Its a little
trick I learned trying to catch freshwater
bass in a clear lake as a kid.
Redsh will also start to bunch up in
bigger schools and will begin to get real
esty. A ggod trick to remember this time
of the year is when the nger mullet and
the pogies are moving down the beach or
by the rocks try catching a few with the
cast net. Attach these bad boys to a 1oz jig
and pitch them around the rocks on the
same tide. Redsh will kill to get these baits
given the right aligning of the moon and
stars. I prefer a Penn 460 Slammer spinig
reel with 12 to 15 lb test mono and a 7
med action rod for this.
Trout will also begin to show more and
look for spanish mackeral, jacks, bluesh
and even a cobia to show at the inlet.
Another big story is the bait pod scenario.
e other big story of the month will be
the giant black drum. ey will begin to
move into spawn and can be caught on the
falling tides . I like to use my tarpon rods
for these big monsters and prefer a 1/4 to
1/2 half of a blue crab for bait. For a rig just
use a typical oshore rig for this and it will
work ne. Just remember thes sh are our
female breeders so I would urge you to take
a picture and release them back unharmed.
Capt Kirk Waltz can be reached at
904-241-7560 or 904-626-1128,,, or can be heard each
Saturday from 7am to 10am on the
Outdoors Show on 1010am spinning
stories and giving out intel with
Capt. Kevin Faver and Je Lageman
Well, as I sit down to write this forecast, I
think , MAN!, it’s been a long brisk (cold)
winter season.
e speckled perch have been hit or miss,
but miss has been the operative word. But
never fear if “normal” temps start to occur
then these tasty beauties will start stacking
up like cordwood. e slab daddies , Zoom
speck, Stren plastic and road runners have
proven out. Hit in the pads or the tree
tops, depending on your location. Also
minnows have been a usable method. A
#1 or 2 hook, e.g., Mr. Crappie hooks and
the bomb, a split shot and a oat. Dried
or dipped, both methods and lures should
at least keep you from going home with
empty well syndrome.
Catsh has been the best it’s been in
years and centuries. Creeks using night
crawlers is a good bet. Pier shermen are
using crawlers, shrimp (frozen bait type) or
frozen nger mullet. A great cut bait. Just
remember to bring your net. Cause some
of these sh are full grown.
Stripers have been hammering topless
crank baits, slow-trolled minnow imitation
lures and shiners. Places with the most
consistent reports the Buckman, the mouth
of Doctor’s Inlet and up Black Creek.
Remember Black Creek could start to get
heavy tra c, some unwanted, with a turn
for the better in the weather.
Bream shing has been slow but
hopefully the weather will turn “normal”
and then these little shes should start
to bite like there’s no tomorrow. Bait that
usually produces are grunt worms, crickets
and wigglers. All of the baits along with say
a few beetle spins and you should enjoy a
worthwhile outing.
Now, last on the roster, is bass. ey’ll start
cruising and eating more as we approach
the prespawn. A bait that has taken over
as a great to the best location bait around
is the “Sebile So Plastic Swim Bait.” I got
report aer report as to the catches on this
bait. It’s easy to use in a variety of methods.
“On the package” and I can honestly say, it’s
proven okay by me. So take it for what it’s
worth and give it a try. Now if you elect not
to use this, then shiners work very well and
will help you locate sh. e coves, canals
and mouths of creek are the areas that seem
to produce sh.
Well, got to go. ‘Til next time, Keep your
line wet and your lure movin’.
Richard Hamilton is the owner of
R & J Tackle 501 S Orange Ave,
Green Cove Springs
It is rather di cult this year to make a forecast
with the weather being so unusual I hope that
by the time this forecast makes it to press our
weather has settled into a more typical pattern.
If that happens Specks should be bedding by the
time this makes it to press. Places like Dunn’s
Creek and Trout Creek should be excellent bets.
Work 5-8 feet depths around Lilly pads all the
way up to the banks. Floats on a sliding rigs
with minnows on small jig heads will do the
trick. Great catches are also being reported in
Dead Lake during March. Speaking of pansh,
the Brim bite should be doing well on crickets
during the warmer weather. Mike Darby at
Messer Stores on Hwy 17 in East Palatka says
Strippers have been doing great around pilings
in the 16 to 20 foot depths on shiners however as
the water turns warmer they will move to swier
water around dams and other faster moving
locations. Catsh will be another excellent target,
as well as accidental catches when going aer
Bass with live bait along drops to deeper water.
Ben Pickett at Bald Eagle Bait and Tackle in
Keystone Heights reports that Specks had already
began moving into shallower water around trees
in the middle of March. During April they
should be well into the spawn. Bass will not be
far behind in nding their spawning beds. Don’t
forget the Wednesday Tournaments leaving the
ramp at Little Lake Santa Fe at 6:00PM. Entry
fees are only $30.00 per boat, check with Ben
or Joey Tyson at 352-473-6060 for more info.
On the tournament trail we have the Bass
Federation 3rd qualier in Palatka April 16,
17, & 18 from the City Docks for information
call 888-629-BASS. Florida Division 6 of the
Bassmaster Weekend Series on the St. Johns
River will also run from the Palatka City Docks
on April 24th. For more info call 888-203-6222.
Truett began his radio carrer in the Florida
keys and is now the host of “Catch of the Day”
heard Monday through Friday on 1240 AM
in St. Augustine. He is a member of the Florida
Outdoor Writesr Association and announces
both the Kingbuster 400 and Kingsh
Challenge Tournaments
By: Capt Tony Bozzella
By: Capt Kirk Waltz
By: Truett Yarbrough
By: Richarcd Hamilton
ABOVE: Brian Hilligus with a nice
stringer of Dunns Creek Crappie
northeAst floridA 11 April 2010 COASTAL ANGLER MAGAZINE
It’s time to dust o your top-water lures
this month… e water temp will be on the
rise and so will the sh’s appetite. “Walk
the dog” style plugs as well as poppers
will get both trout and redsh’s attention
this month. Remember to let the sh get
a good hold of the plug before setting the
hook when using top-waters. A premature
hook set will send the plug ying right back
at the boat and you’ll lose your chance for
the sh to strike again. If the sh are short
striking switch to a sub-surface plug like a
Sebile oating Stick Shadd.
Look for the bait (mullet) to increase
in numbers this month. Find a good
concentration of nger mullet the reds will
be in the same area. Darker mud and oyster
bottom will warm up quicker on sunny
days. Finger mullet, and in turn redsh,
trout, ounder, etc., will be looking for
those areas to warm up and feed. I like to
toss a Fishbites Xtreme jerkbait on a Slayer
Inc. Jighead around the bars this time of
year. It does a great job of looking like an
injured baitsh and the scent allows you
to just “dead stick” the bait when the sh
aren’t willing to chase anything.
Flounder catches should be on the
increase this month. A mud minnow on a
¼ or 3/8oz Slayer Inc. jighead will be the
go-to setup. Just remember to let him eat
for a good while before setting the hook.
Tight Lines!
Capt. Tommy Derringer is a full time
professional guide and tournament angler.
He can be reached at or
(904) 377-3734.
By: Capt. Tommy Derringer
Wind, wind and more wind. at pretty
well describes the oshore scene of late.
e few times weather cooperated, the sh
did likewise. e Black Fin Tuna bite has
been good with double-digit numbers on
days we’ve been able to sh. Most of the
bites have been on Sea Witch Ballyhoo
combinations and blue/white cedar plugs.
Water temperatures were 70 -72 degrees
on the edge of the shelf and the Tunas were
feeding on Flying Fish. e Wahoo bite was
hit or miss but there were some nice sh
caught and we did manage a couple nice
Mahi Mahi as well. e preferred depth
was 160-300 feet. I look for the shing to
continue to get better with March being the
BEST month for Wahoo.
On the bottom shing scene, your
choices are limited due to the current
Snapper and Grouper closures. Amber
Jacks continue to take live baits on the
deeper wrecks and ledges with a few Cobia
joining the mix. Gray Triggersh and Red
Porgy action has been good on cut Squid
in 21 to 23 fathoms…just try to avoid the
spots that are holding Red and Vermilion
Snapper. Unlike other species, Porgy’s and
Triggersh will inhabit live bottom areas
with very little relief or structure so it is
possible to target them.
I encourage anyone concerned about the
way our sheries are being managed to stay
involved by contacting their Representatives
in Congress and the Senate. Let them know
the impact these decisions are having on
local businesses and the economy as a whole.
Of particular concern is Amendment 17A,
the closure to ALL bottom shing from 81
degrees or approximately 12 miles oshore
eastward to 700 feet from Charleston to
Cape Canaveral.
e possession of any sh in the reef sh
complex (bottom sh) would be prohibited
inside the closed area. e NMFC council
says this closure is necessary to keep anglers
from accidentally catching and discarding
Red Snapper. is closure would end
bottom shing as we know it. Very few
species would be available for most of the
year other than Black Sea Bass.
Please take time to write, e-mail or call.
Let your voice be heard. You can make a
dierence. United We Fish!
Capt. Robert Johnson
Jodie Lynn Charters
Owner/Operator for 29 years
St. Augustine, FL (904) 540-2628 or
Tie on your favorite topwater plug and
get to casting, gator trout will be lurking
around the bait pods along the ICW. First
light and an outgoing tide and add schools
of mullet are the formula for a successful
morning outing for trout. Working
topwater and sinking plugs like a Sebile
stick shad parallel to dropos and around
creek mouths will guarantee success! Don’t
over look deeper creek holes as “Gator
Trout” can be taking residence.
Redsh will also be patrolling the shell
banks of the ICW working the bait pods
during low tides. Shallow ats that are
holding mullet will have redsh shadowing
mullet pods looking to eat all the shrimp
and crabs the mullet kick up. A Fish
Bites Extreme watermelon red ake color
jerkbait on a Slayer 4/0 Penetrator 3/16oz.
hook is great search bait for ats shing.
Oyster bed hopping and casting to spartina
grass edges will also produce strikes as
long as the mullet are around. If redsh are
busting mullet switch to mullet imitators
like my new favorite lure the Sebile stick
shad in hollow mullet. Live bait sherman
should soak live mullet or shrimp around
oyster bars on high tide using Daiichi 1/0-
3/0 circle hooks.
Flounder should be chewing steady in
the ats, creeks and inlet on outgoing
tide being my favorite. Live nger mullet
with a few small split shots or using a Fish
Bite Extreme Paddle tail slowly bounced
across the bottom will produce atties. Jig
sherman will target deeper dropos with
mud minnows or nger mullet. Doormats
around the inlets will fall for 5-7 inch
mullet on a sh nder rig. I prefer to use
Daiichi D18Z J-hooks as I miss a lot of
ounder on circle hooks.
Big Blue sh should continue to chew
around Matanzas Inlet, they will bite just
about any lure that resembles a mullet, rst
light is best for numbers. Ladysh will be
stacking up outgoing tides busting baitsh
in the bigger creeks that will keep the kids
occupied. Light jigs and paddle tails or live
shrimp will get slammed by lady sh on
every cast once you nd them.
Capt Chris Herrera
As I keep saying this year, “if the weather
gets in to a normal pattern we will see”. It is
beginning to look like we’ve nally gotten
there. Whiting have shown up everywhere
as we moved further into March and their
size has improved as well. Not only have
pier and surf sherman from Flagler Beach
to Jax Beach found more and more whiting
by mid March Whiting were showing up
all around Salt Run, Guana, and the St.
Augustine city front. Our mullet run will
begin this month and with it will come
large Bluesh, some in the 15 to 20 pound
range, will begin their march North doing
their best to tear up tackle and destroy
every bait pod in front of them as they go.
ey can be a lot of fun but do use wire
leaders when the larger Blues are around,
their teeth make quick work on other
leader material. Later this month we will
see Spanish Mackerel followed closely by
Kingsh. Later during April we will see
Pompano begin to appear and ounder
will be showing up more. Keep an eye out
for rays later this month and into May keep
in mind that with them come the Cobia.
One of the most popular rigs when shing
our North East Florida Piers is the Fish
Finder Rig. Every bait shop will have an
assortment of these rigs with beads choices
in several colors. Rigs in the 20 pound
range are a good bet. Rig with a number
2 or 4 bait holder hook and fresh dead
shrimp and you’re ready. You can make you
own rig with 16 to 20 pound mono line by
sliding a 2 or 3 ounce egg sinker on to the
standing line, the line attached to your reel,
with a glass or brass bead below the sinker
and attach a barrel swivel. Now take a 2 to
3 foot section of line attach one end to your
barrel swivel, and tie your number 2 or 4
bait holder hook to the other end. A clinch
knot works great here. ere are several
variations to this rig, the main idea is the
sinker lies on the bottom allowing the line
to move through it as a sh begins to take
your bait without the sh feeling resistance.
Fresh water shermen use a similar rig for
night crawlers and plastic worms and call it
a Carolina rig.
Truett began his radio carrer in the Florida
keys and is now the host of “Catch of the Day”
heard Monday through Friday on 1240 AM
in St. Augustine. He is a member of the Florida
Outdoor Writesr Association and announces
both the Kingbuster 400 and Kingsh
Challenge Tournaments
By: Capt. Robert Johnson
By: Capt. Chris Herrera
By: Truett Yarbrough
ABOVE: Ken, John, and Dan with three
nice redsh from a recent charter with
Capt. Tommy Derringer
Recently NEFMA held the 2nd tournament of the year for the "Tournament Series
Championship". e TSC is a year long event of up to 12 tournaments club members
participate in. Each tournament is dierent, some are open, some are for wahoo only
or dolphin only, etc. e second tournament was a Wahoo Aggregate that allowed your
two largest wahoo to be weighed. Capt Charles Eriksen on the PEZ VELA took rst
place with a 2 sh weight of 130 lbs. at included a 79.5 lb sh. Capt Tim Martin on
the LIT UP took second with a 45 lb ĕsh and Capt Scott Remley on the NORTHSTAR
was the 3rd place boat with a 38 lb wahoo. A point to make is that outboard boats are
competing in the club now with the 2nd and 3rd place boats being outboard boats.

e standings for the Tournament Series Championship for 2010 aer 2 tournaments is:

1st Place PEZ VELA 500 pts
2nd Place LIT UP 250 pts
3rd Place NORTHSTAR 225 pts
4th Place DOSA MARIA 200 pts
5th Place ROGER THAT! 175 pts
Northeast Florida Marlin Association
Club Report
For more information about
the Northeast Florida Marlin Association,
its events and/or membership, go to
Bass have been coming onto beds in the
warmer spring areas of Lake George on the
St John’s River for a few weeks now. Many
anglers have caught nice sh in the 8 to 10
pound range along with good numbers of
smaller sh. Big females arriving on beds
seemed to peak last week (wo 2/22) aer
several nice sunny days. I shed one spot
outside Silver Glen springs and caught
10#, 6.5# and 6 others from one spot
without moving the boat. Similar results
were experienced in the Salt Run and
spring area. Catches are usually on some
type of plastic craws, lizards, worm, etc.
Now with the sudden change in weather,
the sh have largely backed o. Fishing
Saturday, Monday and Tuesday this week
I see some bucks on beds and some big
females cruising but not many on beds.
A few warm days can change the pattern
once again and we will be back to fabulous
Florida bass shing. Good Fishing!
Dick DeWiggins
Dick DeWiggins is an avid freshwater
angler and enthusiast. If you would like to
contact Dick, please e-mail him at:

By: Dick WeWiggins
in a full service resort within a block
of the Ocean. RV sites and new &
pre-owned park homes
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St. Augustine sunsets from your
back porch. Tropical decor,
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Reduced $99,900. F-127
Lot & Park Home Packages for Rent or Purchase
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Located on A1A in the Camachee Cove Marina.
107 Yacht Club Drive, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
Poached Wild Striped Bass with
Ginger Broth
Adapted from One Spice, Two Spice by Floyd Cardoz
6 cups reduced sodium chicken broth
6 plum tomatoes, quartered
2 Tbsp canola oil
2 TSTE Whole Cloves
¼ tsp TSTE Celery Seed
¼ tsp TSTE Whole Cumin Seed
3 garlic cloves, sliced
1 cup quartered and thinly sliced white
1 Tbsp seeded and thinly sliced mild to
moderate hot green chile
¼ tsp TSTE Turmeric
Six 6 oz. pieces wild striped bass llet
with skin, 1 ½ to 2 in. thick
¾ tsp TSTE Ground Ginger
TSTE Sea Salt
Freshly Ground TSTE Peppercorns
Six 3-inch cilantro stems with roots
Bring the stock and tomatoes to a boil in an ovenproof 3 or 4 quart pot. Simmer over
moderately high heat until reduced by half, about 10 minutes. Strain through a ne-
mesh sieve into a bowl and discard solids.
Preheat oven to 275 degrees F.
Heat oil in pot over moderately high heat until it shimmers, then add cloves, celery and
cumin seeds. Cook and stir for 1 minute, then add garlic, stir and cook another minute.
Add the onion and cook until transparent, about 2 minutes. Add chile and turmeric,
cook 1 minute, then add reduced stock. Simmer for ve minutes and season to taste with
Generously season sh with sea salt and let stand ve minutes.
Stir the ginger, cilantro stems with roots, and pepper to taste into the broth and add the
sh. Cover the pot and place in the middle of the oven until sh is just cooked through,
about 15 minutes. Serve in soup plates or bowls garnished with sea salt and cilantro.
59 Hypolita Street
Downtown St. Augustine
Serving Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner Daily
Full Bar - Fast, Friendly Service - Daily Specials - Childrens's Menu - Outdoor
Patio Dining
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As the days grow longer and the Red Fish tail in the backwaters and shallows of North East Florida, one local company is beginning its
journey into the marketplace. Created in 2007 by Gavin Snoek of St. Augustine, the JB Fisher Company was born out of a love for all
things outdoors and named in honor of his brother-in-law, Jordan Brent Angyalfy, 22, who died in a diving accident while spear shing
o the coast of St. Augustine in 2008.
JB Fisher Co, is based in St. Augustine and has seen sales of their shing, diving, and hunting decals and apparel, grow steadily over the
past 6 months. Snoek and his business partner, Joseph Gresser of Jacksonville, are both avid outdoorsmen and alumni of Flagler College.
“We have seen quite an interest in our products, especially the line of shing, diving and hunting decals, since we launched our website in 2009,” says Gresser. “It is a very exciting
time for us right now,” adds Snoek as the two recall the rst time they saw one of their decals on a vehicle. “It was very cool!” says Gresser. “We were both trying to gure out who’s
truck it was, until then we had only seen the decals on our friends vehicles.”
Retailers have also been quick to respond as the JB Fisher brand of decals are beginning to pop up in store fronts across the state. Additionally, West Marine, the largest marine
retailer in the world, has introduced the JB Fisher brand to stores in North East Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.
e future seems bright for JB Fisher Company whose passion for the outdoors is evident in
every original design. As for Snoek and Gresser, the two seem as excited about the hard work that
goes into each product as they are about the eventual success will come from their eorts.
“Admittedly, we have a long way to go but the response has been wonderful and we are looking
forward to expanding our brand with new products for those who are as passionate about the
out doors as we are.” says Gresser. Snoek adds, “We have seen the brand grow from a concept on
paper into a reality. It has been, and continues to be, quite an adventure!”
Additional information about JB Fisher Company products and dealer information may be
obtained online at
Local Outdoor Brand Makes Waves....
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I recently went to a political environmental meeting in Putnam County. e
environmentalists want to get rid of Rodman Lake and Dam. ey invited Putnam
County Commissioner Ed Taylor who is President of SAVE THE RODMAN RESERVOIR.
Mr. Robin Lewis spoke for the environmentalists. He said removing the Rodman
Dam would increase the sh population in the river. at is junk science. Rodman
Reservoir is one of the 10 best lakes to sh in the United States for black bass. Rodman’s black
crappie population will rival any lake in the State of Florida. Rodman supports over 150 bird
species and better shing than the Oklawaha River and many natural lakes. Rodman
Reservoir holds the key to future water supply in Putnam County. Fishermen, hunters and
sportsmen should get behind Ed Taylor and save the Rodman Reservoir! He is a wonderful
man and is standing up for our rights in Putnam County. We should all stand
behind him with our support and keep this man in o ce. I want to thank you
personally, Mr. Taylor, and I will see you at the 14th annual Save the Rodman
Reservoir Bass Tournament on April 17, 2010. Matanzas Jim
Matanzas Jim’s Vent
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A guy rings his boss and says “I can’t come to work today.”
e boss asks why and the guy says “It’s my eyes.”
“What’s wrong with your eyes?” asks the boss.
“I just can’t see myself coming to work,
so I’m going shing instead...”
(Located at the Flagler Beach Pier)
Captain Mike’s Charters
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Wow...Don't know what else to say. Iack Henry's redĕsh
is bigger than he is! e young man caught the sh
recently at Mosquito Lagoon in Oak Hill.
Send us your ñsh photo and you might win a $25.00 Gander Mountain gift card. If your photo is chosen for the photo of the month,
you win. EmaiI your high resoIution photos to CoastaI AngIer Magazine at Good Iuck!
Butch Brinson and a couple of “Slab” crappie
(specks) from Dunns Creek in
Putnam County.
Jason Richards with a 22” and an 18” black
drum caught south of the JTB Bridge.
is is Troy Williams and the 39 pound
Wahoo he caught in Marathon. Hoodeehoo!
Susan & Nancy had a ball recently redshing
in St. Augustine. Way to go Gals!
Boris Marutov caught this 46 pound Jack
recently in the Gulf of Mexico!
Darryl Johnson with a nice catch from the little
jetties. e sh were caught with live shrimp.
3 nice Wahoo and a Blackn Tuna caught
aboard Jodie Lynn Charters in St. Augustine.
By: Paul Caruso
Shallow Water Anchoring
t’s just not practical to drop anchor
every time you want to stay in position.
Sometimes you just want to stop the boat for
a minute, so you can make that perfect cast
in to an opening in the mangroves, or lob
a baitsh between the pilings of a dock. In
these cases, you can use your trolling motor
to slow the boat while you make the perfect
cast. e problem is if you hook a sh, you’ll
need both hands to ght the sh, all the
while your boat continues to dri. I can’t tell
you how many huge snook I have lost under
a dock while trying to operate my trolling
motor and ght a sh at the same time. So,
I solved this problem by installing a Stick It
Anchor Pin with the new Brake system on
my boat. Aer just a few shing trips, I can’t
imagine my life without it, or at least I don’t
want to.
Russ Shmidt and his team at Stick It
Anchor Pin have designed the perfect solution
for anchoring your boat in shallow water.
e Stick It Anchor Pin is a shallow-water
anchoring system for use on boats under
24 feet, including kayaks and canoes. It’s a
solid reinforced resin, custom formulated
rod with a T-handle on top, and a point on
the bottom that you quite simply stick in the
bottom to anchor your boat securely. Now
until recently, you had to tether the anchor
pin to your boat by attaching it to a cleat or
tying o to the poling platform. Russ took
his product one step further and created
the Brake system, which not only holds the
anchor pin in place, but allows you to switch
from a storage position to vertical, so you
can quickly and quietly engage your Stick It
Anchor Pin and spend more time shing.
You only have to attend a nearby
tournament or visit the testimonial page at to realize the
benets of installing this great product on
your boat. If you’ve ever shed for redsh
in 2 feet of water or less, you know that
dropping a galvanized anchor and chain, or
even trying to get it out of your locker, will
make enough noise to scare away every sh
for miles. Even a trolling motor at certain
speeds will emit a sound that will send
sh running for the mangroves. Deploying
the Stick It Anchor Pin with or without
the Brake system, gives the term silent but
deadly a whole new meaning.
Every detail of these units is built with
the sherman in mind and designed to last
for many years. One of my favorite features
is the trolling speed anchor pin holder that
allows you to keep the anchor pin o the
bottom, but in position while you slowly
move the boat. So, if you’re working the
ats and you hook a big trout, you just
apply pressure to the T-handle and the boat
really stays put and allows you to work the
productive area without having to make
ten dris over the spot. I was amazed at the
strength of this product. It never came loose
even during a rip tide. I put it to the test with
the boat still moving in strong currents and it
would bend, but it always managed to hold,
without any signs of weakness. e fact that
it does bend gives it a huge advantage over
cheaper metal anchor pin copies that bend
under pressure and drag before they set.
To determine which Stick It Anchor Pin
is right for your boat go to
• FWC continues to investigate changes in the pompano and African pompano video
with public workshops.

• Hunters aid in the ght against non-native snakes: FWC creates a special chance for
hunters to capture and remove reptiles of concern from state-managed lands around the

• FWC O cer Saves Life: Life-saving FWC o cer, Benjamin “Bret” Gill, receives State
Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association (SLECA) 2009 O cer of the Year award. Gill is
credited with risking his life to save the life of a 28-year-old woman aer he entered a
burning vehicle to pull her to safety. In addition, the o cer is recognized for making
numerous sh and wildlife, felony warrant and drug possession arrests and assisting in
the capture of a suspected murderer.

• FWC acts to protect lemon sharks: e Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
Commission (FWC) approved a rule to prohibit all recreational and commercial harvest
of lemon sharks from Florida waters. e FWC took this action to protect lemon sharks
because they have a high potential to be over-harvested.
Lemon sharks are oen found near shore in shallow water, especially in Southeast
Florida, where they congregate in large numbers each year. is makes them easy to
locate and raises the potential for large numbers of lemon sharks to be removed from the
population with minimal eort by shermen.
Lemon sharks also are susceptible to overharvest because of their life history
characteristics. ey are slow-growing, reaching sexual maturity at 12-15 years of age,
and have a low reproductive potential, producing 6 to 18 pups per litter every second or
third year. Juvenile lemon sharks experience a mortality of 40-60 percent.

• FWC proposes weaksh management changes: e FWC proposed dra rule
amendments to comply with an interstate sheries management plan to help rebuild
depleted weaksh stocks along the nation’s Atlantic Ocean coastal waters and to rectify
weaksh-identication issues in Northeast Florida.

• FWC proposes more protection for bonesh: e FWC proposed dra rule
amendments to provide more protection for bonesh, a premier saltwater game sh in
“Bonesh are a tremendous Florida resource,” said FWC Chairman Rodney Barreto.
“ese proposed rules will strengthen our management approach to protect and preserve
bonesh so that anglers can continue to enjoy shing for this great Florida game sh.
e proposed rules would include all species of bonesh in the FWC’s bonesh
management rules; help ensure that all bonesh in Florida waters are protected and
extend FWC bonesh regulations into adjacent federal waters; aid enforcement and
enhance bonesh protection; require that bonesh be landed in whole condition to help
o cers in the eld identify bonesh, and aid in enforcement of bag and size limits.
FWCC Updates
Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission Monthly Notes
Dock Fishing Tournament
for the Kids
$10.00 entry fee
9:00am until 12:00pm
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Dockside Inn’s Mother’s Day
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Entry fee includes a $12.00 Gift Card
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Offshore Tournament
Saturday, May 8th
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Dolphin, Kingfsh,
and Wahoo
Cash prizes for 1
, 2
& 3
100% Cash Payout
(*Cash payout contingent on amount of entries)
Entry fee includes a $12.00 Gift Card
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Call 1-800-286-1745
and make your reservations
for a fun-flled family weekend.
*You must be a registered guest at the
Dockside Inn to enter.
Dockside Inn & Resort
1160 Seaway Drive
South Hutchinson Island
Florida 34949
Utilizing your local tackle shop to nd
the techniques and the gear to catch a tarpon
he utter mystique of hooking and
bringing a giant silver king tarpon
(megalops atlanticus) boatside is a lifelong
dream of anglers from all around the globe.
Tarpon shing is an exciting experience, no
matter what your locality. Tarpon can grow
to lengths of more than eight feet and weigh
in at more than 280 pounds, making it easy
to see why it is one of the most sought aer
gamesh in the world. If you’ve ever had
the opportunity of hooking up with a big
silver giant, then you know the exhilaration
and thrill of testing your skills in a battle of
physical power and endurance against these
amazing creatures.
Tarpon are generally found in shallow
coastal waters and estuaries that are relatively
close to shore. Anglers of all types and skill
levels can catch them. ey are regularly
caught around saltwater jetties, passes, docks
and beaches. Tarpon also have an air bladder
which enables them to survive in waters
with low levels of oxygen by rolling on the
surface and gulping air. Another unique
survivability trait is that they have the ability
to acclimate into freshwater ponds and rivers.
eir genetic versatility has enabled them to
survive since the prehistoric days.
Understanding migrational patterns is a
big part of learning how and when to target
the species. eir normal migratory patterns
range from the mid Atlantic states to Brazil
in the western Atlantic, and along the coast
of Africa in the eastern Atlantic. You will also
nd them migrating throughout the Gulf of
Mexico and Caribbean Sea most of the year.
If you own a boat, kayak or sh from
shore and are willing to do your homework,
you may nd yourself battling a tarpon
sooner than later. e internet, books,
magazines (like Coastal Angler Magazine) are
great places to start your research. Tarpon
shing is not rocket science, but you will
need to be prepared to nd success. Having
the appropriate knowledge of tackle and
how to use it will also increase your odds
Your local tackle shop is the go-to
resource for targeting specic species. eir
invaluable information about the locality,
equipment, best bite and bait are just the
basics of what they are willing to teach you.
Most mom and pop shops oer seminars
from the area’s top
local guides and
experts, which
is the rst place I recommend you start
your journey of targeting these sh. Also,
a quick internet search of your locality may
lead you to specialized angling schools that
are taught by professionals at a nominal
I am fortunate as a professional guide to
have the tarpon capital of the world (Boca
Grande Pass, Florida) just minutes from my
marina. It is estimated that over 5000 tarpon
are landed each year in the Pass by anglers
utilizing live and articial baits. Peak poon
season runs from May through mid July in
BGP, but tarpon are available throughout
the shery in large numbers until early fall.
I’ve helped guests land tarpon from the
Florida Keys to the mid Atlantic States, and
it’s still a thrill of a lifetime to l o o k
this animal eye to eye, when
safely conducting another
release. rough seminars
and charters, I’ve taught
countless anglers how to
sh the beaches and passes
and achieve their dream
of stalking and catching
tarpon on their own,
and what I’ve learned is
“tarpon shing is a passion for some and a
hopeful dream of others.”
If you are interested in achieving your
goal of catching a tarpon this season, start
your preparation now. Head down to your
local tackle shop and ask the question, “How
am I going to get a tarpon this year?” ey
will show you the way to appropriate tackle,
tips and may tell you a shing story or two
while you’re there. “You’ll be glad you did.”
Capt. Chris O’Neill is a full-time guide
and outdoor writer in Englewood, Florida.
Contact him at (941) 270-7867 or visit his
website at For
review of your product or company email
You choose! Fi sh Shal l ow Water or I nl et and Beaches!
Mosquito Lagoon Ponce Inlet Charters
Capt. Bri an Cl ancy • 386. 566. 6303
www. mosqui tol agoonfi shcamp. com
Al l maj or c r ed i t c ar d s ex c ep t ed !
Mosquito Lagoon Sightfshing
Redfsh/Seatrout/Lt.tackle or Fly
Stealthy 18’ Hells Bay Waterman
Ponce Inlet/Nearshore Tarpon
Comfortable 20’ Pathfnder
Al l maj or cr edi t car ds accepted
11450 Overseas Hwy., Marathon, FL (next to D’Asign source)
We are Hardy, Tibor and Temple Fork Dealers. We also feature a
large selection of antique rods, reels and equipment.
Order Online:
By: David Lane
alty Bones is an oceans apparel and
accessories company based in Cocoa,
Florida, and is dedicated to the production of
hardcore shing and diving apparel for men,
women and children. eir signature logos
are on everything from t-shirts, hats, bumper
stickers, magnets, mouse pads, signs and
license plates, all designed by their in-house
team of professional artists and designers.
For the ladies, Salty Bones is developing
an extensive line of products for shing and
diving. Presently available are short- and
long-sleeved shirts, tanks, caps and visors.
e Salty Bones company is also working
with several manufacturers of women’s
outdoor and shing apparel, so that Salty
Bones may continue to develop appealing
products, specically with the ladies in mind.
Salty Bones will be expanding their ladies’ line
to include tote bags, hoodies, sandals, belts,
and wind breakers, as well as some very cool
oshore shing sun-protection clothing.
A colorful line of new products for the
children is also being developed and will be
available soon.
For those not into the hardcore image,
Salty Bones has designed a logo with a soer
appeal and more conservative designs.
Either way, there will soon be something for
Salty Bones is a subsidiary of Advanced
Graphics, Inc, a 32 year old company, which
sells to major retailers around the nation and
serves over 600 independent retail accounts.
eir products are available in dive shops
and shing tackle retailers around the coastal
U.S., as well as online at www.saltybones.
com. Salty Bones, which is under expansion,
manufactures all of their products at their
Cocoa facility, and welcomes the opportunity
for private label manufacturing with other
companies in the industry, as well as custom
Most recently, the Salty Bones company
displayed their product line at the 2010
Miami International Boat Show, 2009 Diving
Equipment Marketing Association Show,
Surf Expo and ICAST. Salty Bones plans to
exhibit at the upcoming Florida Sportsman
Show, as well as e Blue Wild Diving and
Spearshing Show in Ft. Lauderdale, June
5-6, 2010, just to mention a few.
Rick Dean, owner of Salty Bones, is an
avid dive master and retired commercial
sherman. During Rick’s extensive travels,
he enjoys underwater photography and
videography, which inspires creativity for his
Salty Bones product line. Sales Manager,
David Lane, also an avid sherman and diver,
enjoys being involved with a company that is
so creative in the sports he personally enjoys.
General Manager, Rick Hanley, laughed
and said, “With all the excitement at the
company, things can get a little crazy around
During the month of April, Salty Bones
invites all Coastal Angler Magazine readers to
visit and shop for their
products online. Take advantage of the Buy
1, Get 1 Free, special oer just by using the
coupon code: CamApril.
Salty Bones
At Coastal Angler Magazine our franchisees enjoy
the benets of controlling their own time and futures by
becoming part of our franchise family. Co-publishing your
area’s Coastal Angler Magazine can be an exceptionally
rewarding and fullling business opportunity.
If you enjoy the outdoors, have a modest inclination for
writing, and like meeting the public, you owe it to yourself to
check out the franchise opportunities available with Coastal
Angler Magazine.
Come Join Our Team
Rodney Smith
Coastal Angler Magazine
Franchise Opportunities
Now Available Throughout the U.S.
Deep Sea Fishing
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Capt. Bill Stewart
River Charters Now Available!
Reservations Suggested
Specializing in Fishing for Snapper
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Big Bad CommerCial
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This custom built “Offshore Fishing Machine” is
simply Bad-To-The-Bone and you owe it to yourself to
call me and allow me to tell you about her. She is fast
(30 Knots) with very strong built construction. Top of the
line twin Caterpillar diesels and equipment that
must be seen to be appreciated.
To see more photographs and a write up on this
vessel visit
Fishing Diving
or Cruising
1999 50' Thomas • $289,900
Call TimoThy TroTTer
Fort Myers, FL
this vessel will Fill the bill.
f l a- keys. com/keyl argo ~ 1-800-822-1088
MCTKL-5226 Coastal Angler April '10 • LO1
Here in Key Largo, recreation and relaxation go hand in
hand. Land a world record. Kayak the Everglades.
Dive our National Marine Sanctuary. Or just let loose.
ey Largo is known for many things
including being the dive capital of the
United States. As divers converge on the
Upper Keys, they are not alone. With water
temperatures consistently above 70 degrees,
tarpon fshing will kick into full swing here in
the Upper Keys. Starting in April, tarpon will
begin to flow along the oceanside flats of Key
Largo. Tese prehistoric-looking fsh are easily
identifed by their green backs and silver sides,
with exceptionally large scales. Tey can tolerate
wide ranges of salinity levels, from the ocean to
freshwater rivers. Tarpon are one of only a few
species that can breathe air at the surface due
to their unique air bladder. Tis is referred to
as “rolling” and is ofen seen when the water is
calm. Many anglers in the Keys target tarpon
under the bridges, between the islands, where
waters of the Atlantic meet Florida Bay and the
Gulf of Mexico. But, for those who like the thrill
of the hunt and the reward of stalking fsh, Key
Largo is a prime sight-fshing destination.
Tere is an endless variety of tackle and
techniques that can be used to catch tarpon.
Te most productive sight-fshing areas are
along mangrove shorelines and the edge of the
flats where it drops from mere inches, into 3 to
6 feet of water. Tese edges become a highway
as the tarpon move from the south, heading up
the coast. Trenches can be especially productive
at the lower stages of the tide. You might even
consider staking out and letting the tarpon come
to the boat. At the higher stages of the tide, the
tarpon might move up onto the flats, and poling
will allow you to cover the most ground. Te
early mornings and late afernoons are prime
feeding times for these predators.
Tarpon can range from 5 to 200 pounds,
so tackle selection includes lightweight 6- to
10-pound gear, up to heavy-duty 80-pound
conventional tackle. Tey’ll eat just about any
live bait and they can be picky, so you might
want to load the livewell with a few diferent
species. Any one of these baits can also be used
dead, on the bottom. You can even pull out your
favorite artifcial bait. Choose colors that mimic
the baitfsh such as white, silver and black.
Work the lures quickly for your best chance to
entice a strike.
Light-weight, medium action gear with a
10-pound line is perfect for juvenile tarpon up
to 30 pounds. A good all-around rod is a 7-foot,
medium heavy action, which is stif enough to
fght these formidable opponents. I have found
that the small diameter of braided lines result in
more accurate casts, at longer distances. For the
medium-sized tarpon in the 30- to 80-pound
range, 30-pound line and heavy action rods on
big spinning reels are required. For any fsh more
than 80 pounds, conventional tackle is needed
to tame these large silver kings. A good rule of
thumb is to use leaders that match the size of fsh
you’re targeting with a minimum of 30-pound
and a maximum of 100-pound fluorocarbon.
Tis rule also applies to the length of leader,
which should be at least a few feet longer than
the fsh, to protect against chafng against their
scales during the fght.
Tarpon are the pinnacle of inshore species
and the perfect shallow-water adversary. I
cannot think of any inshore fsh that can match
the tarpon’s exciting fght. It’s important that you
handle them with care once they reach the boat.
Try using gloves or Boga grips, while keeping
them in the water for a few quick pictures, before
reviving them. If we all do our part, these fsh
are hardy and can be safely caught and released,
to live another year and fght another battle.
Key Largo… Prime for
Sight-Fishing Tarpon
By: Capt. Lain Goodwin
APRIL 2010
LAHAMA News, as reported in Coastal Angler Magazine,
is an efort to inform the residents of Florida and the
Islands of the Bahamas of the undeniable “connections”
that exist between our two countries. Te Great State of
FLAHAMA has instituted a Declaration of Interdependence
and a Constitution. Tese documents outline, in some detail,
the unique interdependence, cultural linkages, opportunities
for collaboration and genuine need to share our passion for
the beauty of the Islands of the Bahamas and the economic
interdependence that we share. Tank you for your
FLAHAMA enthusiasm.
Bahamas Celebration Sails from the Port of
Palm Beach, Florida: FLAHAMA ambassadors Gary
and Misti Guertin, along with Martin County Convention
and Visitors Bureaus Executive Director, Rozeta Mahboubi,
attended the offi cial launch reception for the newest Grand
Bahama/Palm Beach/Treasure Coast connection. For
ambassadors Gary and Misti, along with many other tourism
professionals in the Palm Beach/Treasure Coast area, this is an
enormous step in providing convenient access to the Island of
Grand Bahama for both visitors and Bahamians alike from the
Palm Beach/Treasure Coast area. Tere is great excitement for
the success of this new adventure and Palm Beach/Treasure
Coast tourism leaders are looking forward to welcoming
Bahamians and Bahamas visitors to our region. For more
information, visit
St. Lucie Inlet/Cross Roads Dredging Completed:
Mickey Roman, project manager for AC&D, the frm
contracted to clear the shoaling of the Okeechobee Waterway,
has announced the project has been completed. Before
completion, shoaling inhibited passage of vessels with a draf of
more than 6 feet from safely accessing the outstanding marinas
located in the City of Stuart, as well as those making their way
through the area to access the Cross Florida Canal. Similarly,
many vessels from the west coast seeking passage were denied
safe passage. Tis is a signifcant improvement for the marine
community and right before the busy summer boating season.
Tank you all who contributed to this success!
A Simple Fish Fry of Historical Importance:
FLAHAMA was represented at a very informal but symbolic
event at St. Monica’s Anglican Church located in East
FLAHAMA was represented at a very informal but symbolic
event at St. Monica’s Anglican Church located in East
Stuart, Florida last month. Senior Deacon James Christie,
former Mayor of the City of Stuart, Florida and current
City Commissioner, presided over the fryer, while other
church members assisted in the preparation and serving of
tasty grouper, peas and rice, coleslaw, mac-and-cheese and
more. St. Monica’s Anglican Church was founded in 1925
when Bahamians residing in Stuart and Martin County,
petitioned the Diocese of Palm Beach to establish a church
in their community. Prior to the establishment of the church,
members made the trek to the church in West Palm Beach
every Sunday. Interestingly, the church was founded the same
year that Martin County was established as a separate county
(from Dade County). Over the decades, the members of the
church and the East Stuart community have made enormous
contributions to the quality of life in Martin County. Tanks
Commissioner Christie for the great Bahamian cuisine!
Doug Bell and Steve Jarrell to appear at Abaco
Inn: Confrmed FLAHAMIAN Doug “Te Professor” Bell,
of the famed band Bellevue Cadillac, recently informed the
Ministry of Entertainment that he was to join past Dick Dale
and the Deltones’ band member, Steve Jarrell, at the Abaco
Inn for several performances on April 2, 3, and 4, 2010. “Te
Professor” is a recent fan of FLAHAMA. Ambassador Gary
Guertin met Doug recently during a visit to Stuart coordinat-
ed by the Martin County Convention and Visitors Bureau. A
committed “islander” dedicated to, “life, liberty, island music
and the pursuit of Rum,” Doug fts the FLAHAMA citizen
profle to a “T.” If you are on Abaco during the frst week of
April, this is a scene you will not want to miss.
Harborage Yacht Club and Marina Now a Sea
Ray Owners Club (SROC) Partner: It’s now offi -
cial! Harborage Yacht Club and Marina in Stuart, Florida is
now an offi cial Sea Ray Owner’s Club partner. Continuing its
commitment to keeping boating afordable, Harborage Yacht
Club and SROC has structured a number of discounts and
added values that will make Harborage Yacht Club and Ma-
rina THE place to rendezvous on the way to the Bahamas or,
the place to transition upon return. Harborage Yacht Club
and Sea Ray are excited about this new partnership and its
potential to promote Bahamas crossings and trips. Rumor has
it that the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is also coordinating a
partnership with the SROC. Stand by for future details!
Harborage Yacht Club and Marina-Florida
Capital of FLAHAMA: Harborage Yacht Club and Ma-
rina is dedicated to ensuring that anyone who desires to visit
the Islands of the Bahamas has the best possible information,
knowledge and assistance to maximize their cruising experi-
ence or their hotel/land-based experience. Harborage Yacht
Club and Marina is an offi cial Islands of the Bahamas Infor-
mation Centre. Te staf is dedicated to assisting and obtain-
ing all of the information that will contribute to maximize a
Bahamian vacation experience. Harborage Yacht Club’s Ma-
rina has all of the required Customs and Immigration forms,
Vessel Declaration forms, and can assist in obtaining Domes-
tic Animal Permits and more.
Want to make the crossing with a group? Harborage Yacht
Club is an offi cial departure point for several of this year’s
offi cial Summer Boating Flings. Join us for some great conch
fritters, Kaliks and yacht club camaraderie this summer.
Find out more at
BELOW: Model of the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship | Guests received FLAHAMA hospitality at the launch celebration.
ABOVE: FLAHAMA Ambassador Gary Guertin re-
connected with Mrs. Alice Dixon, the former sec-
retary of Murray Middle School.
ABOVE: St. Monica's pastor, his wife and Gary
pose with Pelimingo.
ABOVE: Interior of St. Monica's.
from the Bahamas Islands
FLAHAMA NEWS- Volume 1, Number 4, April Issue
Looking for that hard to fnd great all-around Bahamas destination
for you, your crew, family and friends? Well look no further!
Taino Beach Resort and Clubs has got a very special offer...
the Grand Bahama taino Beach 2010
flamingo Bay hotel and Marina Special
You’ll get a 4-night stay at the newly remodeled
Flamingo Bay Hotel in a beautiful hotel room,
complete with all the best and expected
amenities, plus dock space and taxes included!
Taino Beach Resorts and Clubs and Flamingo Bay Hotel and Marina
share an amazing array of amenities, with Watersports activities all
on-site! Waverunners, Glass bottom boats, Beach front Bonfres
with Fire dancers and a host of activities planned for most days.
Our Dockmaster can be reached at 242-727-2013. VHF Channels Monitored: 16 & 23
Check our website at to see photos of
how much fun folks are having—and be sure to include yourselves
soon! CoMe on over! We’re ready for your viSit riGht noW!
for reservations and any details you need
to know before you go!
Offer good through July 31, 2010.
’ s
e for Tain
uS $174
per person
Call toll free 1-800-824-6623
based on double occupancy
By: Jon Wood Co-Publisher, Coastal Angler Magazine - Bahamas
aving recently made a visit to Grand Bahama
Island to learn more about the Island and
its people, I had the pleasure of meeting a group
of angler afcionados at a property named Taino
Beach Resort and Clubs in Freeport.
As with most tourism-related properties in
the Bahamas, its location was amazing. With it’s
inviting sandy beachfront and close proximity
to the Bell Channel, it was convenient for us
Flahama boaters to cruise straight in. Plus, it’s
only a short ferry ride over to the Port Lucaya
Marketplace where you can enjoy shopping,
entertainment and dozens of dining options.
Te Taino folks were friendly, warm and very
accommodating. In fact, afer my arrival, they
whisked me of for a great breakfast in the main
restaurant, which was right on the beach.
Te President of Taino Beach Resort and
Clubs, Sean Basden, is active in promoting the
Resort and will be sponsoring a FREE fshing
tournament this year. We at Coastal Angler
Magazine are excited about the opportunity to
work with this Resort and the prospect of a flotilla
of anxious anglers going to a Free Tournament in
Freeport is exciting. What a great way for boaters
and locals to get involved in what will turn out to
be a groundbreaking event!
Mr. Basden stated, “Taino Beach is also
excited about our new relationship with Coastal
Angler Magazine and the Port Lucaya destination
is ready to welcome a new tournament.”
Te Taino Beach Resort facilities include the
hotel, the suites and villas, the pool grotto with
bar, and the marina, with a full complement of
water sports activities available. It’s obvious that
they have put a lot of thought into making this a
complete resort destination. Tey cater to anglers
and their party members, some of whom may
not be anglers, but get to enjoy all the benefts of
coming along on the adventure.
As our relationship with Te Bahamas
continues to grow, the distance seems to get
shorter and shorter. In our quest to bring in
a new generation of anglers to the sport, we at
Coastal Angler Magazine, are pleased to see a
facility like Taino Beach Resort, one that truly
understands the needs of the angler, as well as
their non-angling companions. One trip to this
Resort, and they’ll all become anglers!
Stay tuned for upcoming dates and special
tournament rates.
For more information visit
Taino Beach
APRIL 2010
By: CAM Staff
onnected to Florida by the Gulf Stream
and a scant 49 miles from Miami, Bimini
is considered by many to be the sports fshing
capital of the world and a favorite destination
for most big game anglers. Bimini has a
long-standing reputation for its relaxed and
informal atmosphere and its world-class
fshing tournaments. In the late ‘60s, the
Bimini Big Game Club was purchased by
Bacardi International Limited, and from the
1970s, hosted numerous fshing competitions,
including the Frankie Brown, the Hemingway,
the Bacardi Rum Billfsh Tournament and
various blue fn tuna tournaments.
Now, Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts has
announced plans to reopen the famed Bimini
Big Game Club in time for the summer 2010
boating season. Te Bimini Big Game Club
represents the company’s frst in a system of eco-
tourism resorts the company intends to develop,
that target fshing and diving enthusiasts. Te
property has 51 rooms and bungalows and a 75-
slip marina.
Internationally renowned marine scientist,
conservationist and artist, Guy Harvey, in
announcing the reopening, noted: “Afer an
exhaustive search through out the Bahamas
and the Caribbean for our frst property, we’ve
returned to Bimini and the legendary home of
modern-day sportfshing for our frst project.
I personally am both honored and humbled to
stand among the legendary fgures of Bimini.
For the Big Game Club, ours is an expedition
to restore the Club’s reputation for incredible
experiences and memorable fshing and diving
Te company expects to start hiring staf
within the next 30-60 days, afer a change
in property ownership is fnalized with the
Bahamas government. Veteran Caribbean
hotel manager and Guy Harvey Outpost Resort
executive, Mr. Christopher Pollock, will relocate
to Bimini and serve as general manager for the
In commenting on the reopening, Mr. Pollock
noted, “Te frst task is to restore professional
hotel management which had been lacking
since the days of Bacardi ownership. We have
exciting plans to upgrade the property, improve
the amenities and rebuild a sense of out-island
adventure and discovery when visiting the
Club.” By summer 2011, the company expects
to have completed approximately $3,500,000
in property renovations including a new fuel
dock, expanded food & beverage and renovated
guestrooms and public areas.
With Guy Harvey’s marine research
credentials, the company also intends to ofer
unique dive programs and packages through
an expanded on-site dive shop operation,
developed with and supervised by scuba
diving legend and world record holder, Neal
Watson. As founder of Neal Watson Undersea
Adventures, he brings to the Bimini Big Game
Club over 40 years of experience in resort dive
operations. Mr. Watson sits on the Board of
the Dive Equipment & Marketing Association
and is currently President of the Bahamas Dive
For more information, contact:
Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts, LTD
(954) 524-2225
Mark Ellert, President;
Chris Pollock, VP Operations;
Guy Harvey Outpost Resorts to
Re-Open the Bimini Big Game Club
Pete’s Pub & Art Gallery
An Abac o Tr adi t i o n
f o r Ove r 30 y e ar s !
954-353-2465 • www. Pet esPub. com
Li t t l e Har bour , Abaco Bonef i shi ng Packages Avai l abl e
cottage rentals
Solar Power
Art Gallery
Art, Sculptures,
t was time to get away from computers and cell phones.
Te rigors of fghting traffi c to get to the offi ce each day
had taken a heavy toll. It was time for an escape to a special
place. We wanted to see new people, catch and eat fsh taken
from Caribbean blue water. We wanted to be somewhere
where no one recognized or cared who we were. We never
knew how close this place was to us, until we made our way
to Bimini!
Te westernmost district of the Bahamas, Bimini, is
located only 53 miles east of Miami. Bimini is the closest
Bahamas point to the U.S. mainland and has been a popular
stopping spot for Americans, for more nearly a century.
Our plane seemed to float over a smooth swath of air
wedged between us and the Gulf Stream. Only a thirty-
minute flight from Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport in
an eight-seat chartered prop plane, it seemed like we were
seeing Bimini just as we lost sight of Miami. We landed on
a single airstrip on South Bimini, quickly made our way
though Customs and took a short ferry ride directly to the
Bimini Bay Resort on North Bimini.
Te kind and courteous staf of Bimini Bay Resort had
ofered to put us up for a few days so we could better establish
the distribution of Coast Angler Magazine's Flahama edition.
It took us fve minutes to settle into our family suite, before
we took the thirty-second walk across to the beach.
Within minutes, we began to realize why Bimini has long
been considered one of the world's greatest sport fshing
destinations. Right there, across the road, were two college
boys catching bonefsh, one afer another from the clearest,
bluest water you could ever dream of seeing. Te cool thing
was they had never caught a bonefsh before and each time
they put one to the beach, they celebrated like the school
boys they were. Funny yet, they caught these gray ghosts
with pieces of cut squid on a light bottom rig. Te magic
only started there.
Before venturing of the premises of Bimini Bay Resort,
we stopped at Sue and Joy's and picked up our golf cart for
traveling around town. Derek, the owner, clued us in on the
dos and don'ts of cart travel, where it seemed like 99 percent
of Bimini's population and visitors drove around with these
kinds of carts.
As we made our way west along Te King's Highway
through Porgy Bay and Bailey Town, towards Alice Town,
we met the kind and interesting people of North Bimini.
Up the hill in Alice Town, we came to the Dolphin House,
conceived and built by Bahamian visionary, historian and
artist, Ashley B. Saunders. Ashley, who is the recipient of the
2000 Cacique Award, which is the highest honour given in
the Islands of Te Bahamas for achievement in the tourism
Industry, and part of a family with Bimini roots since 1835,
spent the better part of the afernoon touring his museum
and the Island with us.
Te next day, we had a very memorable experience fly
fshing Bimini's flats for bonefsh and permit with our guide,
Tommy Sewell. A Bimini native, Tommy knew his fshing
very well. Te weather was perfect and the fsh were equally
Later that day, we met Ashley’s brother, Ansil Saunders.
Ansil, who was wearing a pair of Obama sunglasses when
we arrived at his boat building yard, is a top custom boat
builder in the Bahamas. For many years, Ansil, as a fshing
guide, earned the title, Bonefsh Legend. As a child, Ansil
knew Earnest Hemmingway and throughout his life has
met other internationally recognized celebrities including
Margaret Tatcher, President Richard Nixon, Bahamian
Prime Minister Lynden Oscar Pindling and Dr. Martin
Luther King. Ansil took Dr. King out on his boat only three
days before Dr. King’s death, on April 4, 1968. It's a story all
of us need to hear.
Ansil has a wonderful Island outlook and our time
together with Ashley was unforgettable.
Bimini is a haven of culture. Te Island's laid-back life
style is like no other with its inshore and ofshore fshing,
diving, beach combing and history
Bimini Bay Experience
By: Rodney Smith
For more information visit or call 800-468-4799
All Release Boat Harbour Billfish Challenge
April 14 - 17, 2010
Bertram Hatteras Shootout
April 27 - May 1, 2010
Boy Scouts Bahamas Open
May 12 - 15, 2010
Abaco Beach Resort Classic
May 25 - 29, 2010
Abaco Beach Resort / HMY Billfish Blast
May 31 - June 4, 2010
Abaco Beach Resort leg of the Bahamas Billfish
June 9 - 12, 2010
Penny Turtle Invitational
June 15 - 19, 2010
Named one of the top 5 fishing spots in the world by Marlin Magazine, the Abacos is a dream location for top anglers.
The premier tournament resort in these waters is the Abaco Beach Resort at Boat Harbour.
This tradition continues in 2010 with the Resort hosting the most renowned, world class tournaments in the Bahamas.
Make Abaco Beach Resort your home base this tournament season.
Take advantage of our new 90+ day marina rate; $1.50 per ft. per day!
APRIL 2010
here are many islands that make up the islands of the
Bahamas. Each seems to have its own unique identity,
whether it be their natural beauty, resort opportunities,
accessibility, fshing…, each one seems somehow unique.
During a recent frst trip to the Island of Exuma in the
Bahamas, I was immediately taken by the inordinate number
of twin-hull Cat boats that seemed to be everywhere I looked.
In fact, I told my guide that surely we must be on Cat Island
and not Exuma. Knowing that the actual Cat Island was
roughly 120 miles to our north, he laughed and assured me
that we were indeed on Exuma, and agreed that the name Cat
Island would be more appropriate here than there.
Afer some research on the Island of Exuma, my initial
observations were proven correct. Georgetown, Exuma, with
a total population of 900 plus people, had over 45 Cat hull boat
owners. Tis fact, in and of itself, is amazing. One out of every
20 persons there owns a dual-hull Cat boat. More amazing
however, is the fact that when taken as a fgure against the
total number of all vessels on the Island, the fgure goes to
almost 90%.
We were staying at February Point Resort Estates in Great
Exuma, Bahamas. For those unfamiliar with this pristine
resort, you should know that this resort is a fantastic choice
for a get away island experience. In fact, Te Wall Street
Journal has called it, "One of Te Top Five Hottest Properties
in Te Caribbean." February Point is an exclusive boutique
resort with eighty acres of prime oceanfront properties and
upscale villas.
Speaking with February Point’s General Manager, Matthew
Marco, I asked about the inordinate number of Cats on the
Island. His response has changed my perception of a vessel
class that I had somehow overlooked.
According to Matthew, the majority of the Cats on Exuma
were primarily Twin Vees. Manufactured in Fort Pierce,
Florida, by legendary boat builder, Roger Dunshee, these
super-shallow draf, double-hull vessels are not only perfect
for the shallow waters of Exuma and many of the Bahamian
Out Islands, but because of the excellent stability aforded by
the dual-hull systems, also made them an excellent choice for
ofshore fshing, as well as island hopping. Where two boats
were required to accommodate the boating needs of the local
residents and visitors in the past, the Twin Vee had been able
to achieve the same accommodation, with a single vessel.
As I rode on Twin Vees that week in Exuma, I began to
realize how totally stable and fshable these neat vessels really
were. I think Exuma’s got it fgured out: one boat, two hulls, go
shallow, go deep. I like it. In fact, I’m scheduled to meet with
Roger Dunshee at the Twin Vee’s Fort Pierce plant on May
1st to pick up my 26 footer. My intentions are to immediately
leave out of the Harborage Yacht Club in Stuart and return to
the Bahamas, where I plan on doing a combination of inshore
bonefshing, alternated with an equal amount of ofshore
trolling for mahi, tuna and marlin.
If you haven’t experienced a ride on a Cat hull vessel,
I recommend you contact Twin Vee at or
call Roger Dunshee personally at (772) 429-2525.
For more information on February Point in Exuma visit or
contact Matthew Marco direct at (242) 422-7022.
Island of Cats
By: John Beringer
Treasure Coast Airlines
Scheduled Service out of Ft. Pierce and Stuart, FL to Marsh Harbour Bahamas
Capt. Jerry Lawless
J.E.L. Boat Sales
Georgetown, Exumas Bahamas
Notice something special about this Georgetown Marina?
All the boats are Twin Vee Catamarans!
New 26’
Center Console
apt. J
erry at w
ork in h
is offi ce.
Capt. Jerry has logged more than 15,000 miles
bringing Twin Vee Catamarans to the Exumas.
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APRIL 2010
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Waterways, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond. The richly appointed
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Full Service Marina... Elegant Yacht Club
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At marker 22A on the Okeechobee Waterway • 7 miles from the St. Lucie Inlet 68 nautical miles from W. End,
Grand Bahama • Monitoring Channel VHF 16 • Latitude: 27º 12” 48’ | Longitude: 80º 15” 21’ • 300 slips capable
of accommodating vessels from 30 feet
A Dream Come True by Sarah Reader
By Tracy Patterson
Ladies Landings is a monthly column dedicated to female anglers, boaters, and
conservationists everywhere. In addition to seeking out new products, I am also on
the hunt for great catch photos, as well as inspirational stories for the female outdoor
enthusiast. I met a young lady named Sarah Reader at a trade show in California last
month who exemplifies the emerging element of female anglers in our industry. Here’s
her story…
Ifrst started fshing of the docks and the
Barge in Redondo Beach. When I showed a huge
interest in fshing, my dad decided to take me to
the Fred Hall Fishing Show. I was 8. I don’t really
remember much about the show except for two
things: learning how to tie knots and collecting
stickers. Pete Haynes taught me how to tie my frst
fshing knot, the San Diego Jam Knot, and then
told me that I tied it pretty well and he wanted me
to enter the frst annual Izorline knot-tying contest.
I qualifed to come back to the fnals on Sunday. I
ended up taking third in that contest the frst year.
One of the prizes that year was a three-quarter
day fshing trip on the Endeavor, which my dad
upgraded to a full day. I caught my frst albacore
on that trip and know that was the moment I
absolutely fell in love with the sport. I returned
to the fshing show every year and continued to
participate in the knot-tying contest. I qualifed
every year afer that frst year and always took
third place or better. As I became older, we went
on longer fshing trips, all the way up to 10 days. I
really did fall in love with the sport. It was partially
because I have two siblings and this was something
I could do with just my dad.
In 2005, my dad went out on a ten day fshing
trip. My mom and I woke up early to meet him
at the docks because we heard it was going to be
a record day for the amount of 200+ pound fsh
that were caught. Tere were SO many fsh over
200 pounds that it was unbelievable! I looked up
to my mom and told her, “I’m going to get me one
of those.” Every year afer that, I begged my dad
to take me on a 10 day fshing trip with him. He
fnally caved in and took me over winter break my
senior year. Te trip was on the Red Rooster 3. Te
three-day boat ride to the big tuna fshing grounds
was brutal because the whole boat was ready to
catch a big tuna and become part of the 200 pound
It had been a pretty slow trip. We had already been
in cow country for a day, without a cow to show for
it. It was frustrating because there were big tuna all
around our boat; just none of them were interested
in our bait. I was on the balloon. Te balloon is a
special set up where you attach a balloon flled with
helium to your line and fsh on the upwind side of
the boat. I had been on the balloon for about half
an hour and was starting to get bored. Suddenly, I
heard everyone yelling, and then it hit me. I WAS
BIT! As the fsh took its initial run, all I could do
was stand there and hold on tight to the rod. I kept
thinking in my head, “don’t let go of the rod, and
hang on for dear life.” Te fght took me about half
an hour. When the fsh frst came over the rail, I was
totally speechless. I had never seen anything like it
in my life. Te frst thought that came to my mind
was, “it’s not 200 pounds!” And then Captain Andy
Cates had measured my fsh. Te measurements
showed that it was somewhere around 240 pounds.
When I heard that, I wanted to cry. I had fnally
achieved my goal. When the trip was over and we
actually weighed the fsh, it was 234 pounds. I was
probably the happiest girl alive.
A few days later, my dad received a call from
Pete Haynes. Pete informed my dad that I was
the youngest girl in San Diego long-range history
to catch a tuna over 200 pounds. A few months
later, my dad received another call from Pete. Pete
wanted to know if I would be interested in joining
the Knotty Ladies. I was honored. I love being a
part of the Knotty Ladies because I truly have come
full circle. I started by learning how to tie knots at
age 8, and now here I am, teaching them 10 years
later. Te Fred Hall Fishing Show has become an
important part of my life. I hope to be part of the
Knotty Ladies for the rest of my life, and hopefully
I can inspire more girls to go out and fsh.
By Sarah Reader
APRIL 2010
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s unbelievable as the suggestion might seem, residents
of the Gulf Coast have more to celebrate than the
Saints’ victory in Super Bowl XLIV and an even greater
concern than the loss of Saints players to free agency.
Long known as the Gulf of Mexico’s premier destination
for anglers seeking trophy catches or merely to catch
their limit, Louisiana’s plenitude of fshes is worthy of the
celebration it receives in our myriad of fshing tournaments
and seafood festivals. However, the state’s abundant
fsheries resources are inextricably linked to an even more
abundant and increasingly endangered natural resource –
the state’s coastal wetlands. At times, the link between
wetlands and sport fshing is intuitive. Casting for fning
redfsh in the marsh shallows with a cocahoe minnow
or blue crab as bait, establishes the connection between
marsh grass productivity and fsh populations. Spawned
in tidal passes, currents carry redfsh eggs to the shallow
margins of coastal marshes where juveniles develop by
feeding on microscopic crustaceans, then grass shrimp,
blue crabs, small fshes and other common marsh species.
Te redfsh’s food sources subsist on the abundant grasses
that characterize Gulf Coastal marshes. For example, grass
shrimp and blue crab diets are based on decaying organic
matter (detritus), and the bulk of organic matter in coastal
marine detritus is marsh grass.
Te contribution of coastal wetlands to ofshore fshing
seems a bit more tenuous. However, one example highlights
the critical relationship between coastal wetlands and
the ofshore species we prize. Consider life for the most
valuable Gulf of Mexico fsh that nobody eats, the Gulf
menhaden or pogy. Spawned ofshore, juvenile pogies
develop in coastal marshes, where they consume, among
other things, detritus. As they mature, menhaden return
ofshore, where they eat planktonic algae and themselves
are consumed in abundance by king mackerel, bluefsh,
tuna, sharks, and other large predatory fshes.
Answering the question of why Louisiana is a fsher’s
paradise is, on one hand, a simple matter of applying
wetland statistics to the above relationships. Louisiana
is home to about 40% of the coastal wetlands in the
continental U.S. and the majority of coastal wetlands
along the Gulf of Mexico. Our extensive wetlands are the
product of Mississippi River sediments being distributed
across our coastline as the river changed course repeatedly
during its history, much like the spasmodic movements
and spray from an untended garden hose. Nutrient-rich
sediment from the Mississippi River promotes marsh grass
growth that in turn, supports grass shrimp, pogies, redfsh,
and beyond.

Although the logic that associates Louisiana’s fsheries
abundance with coastal wetlands productivity is as simple
as the Saints’ general objective of scoring more points
than their opponent, ecological interactions are more
complex than Sean Payton’s ofense. Many more species
and features of coastal wetlands contribute to fsheries
productivity than suggested by the simple examples of
redfsh and pogies, and therein is the cause for concern.
Conservatively, Louisiana is losing a football feld of
wetlands every thirty seconds or about 24 square miles
per year, because levees constrain the Mississippi River
to the point that most of its sediment now flows onto the
continental slope. Without sediment to replenish the
marshes, erosion and subsidence consume the resource
that sustains our fsh populations and the fshers they
attract. Te question we now must consider is how long
Louisiana will remain a premier fshing location and, by
extension, what will happen to fshing across the Gulf of
Mexico without the nutrients and sediments that are the
lifeblood of the wetlands, grass shrimp, pogies, redfsh,
king, ...
Jim Grady is a Professor of Biological Sciences at the University
of New Orleans, where he has taught and studied the biology of
shes since earning his Ph.D., in Zoology from Southern Illinois
University at Carbondale in 1987.
Louisiana’s Treatened Riches: Saints, Sediments and Fishes
By Jim Grady, PhD.
APRIL 2010
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By: Stan Manly
fer spending a lifetime fshing and guiding,
TV Show Addictive Fishing host, Captain
Blair Wiggins, understands the value of using
sharp hooks for better hook up success, and a
circle hook for easier and less stressful releases.
“I pretty much am always using a Lazer Sharp
circle hook. With size limits on the fsh we love
to catch, we’re always going to land some over
and some under the slot limit, and with the
use of circle hooks, a released fsh has a greater
chance of surviving.”
Blair uses whatever it takes to catch fsh, but
whenever possible, he usually goes with plastic
baits. “When fshing with live or dead bait, I will
generally use a Lazer Sharp circle hook. I’ll use
their swim bait hooks on plastic-like baits and
when the fsh are aggressive, I’ll use a circle hook
on plastics.”
Tere are many choices of hooks, thousands
of styles and variations, coming from companies
like Daiichi, Mustad, Owner, Eagle Claw Hooks,
Gamakatsu, Tru-Turn, and VMC. One group
of selective anglers may be loyal to one name
brand or the other, while other anglers are not
as picky. Tey’ll use whatever hook is handy. I
prefer using Daiichi Bleeding Bait circles when
fshing with cut or live baits.
Much more important than the maker of
the hook is that the hook’s tip stays sharpened.
A small triangular-shaped fle works well to
sharpen hooks. You can quickly touch up the
point of a hook that has been dulled on a rock
or a fsh’s jaw.
Tere are several types of battery-powered
hook sharpening devices on the market. You
can keep a small, inexpensive one in your boat
or tackle box to use for a quick sharpening, but I
prefer using the small triangle fle. On the water,
you ofen want to touch up the point of the hook
to keep it sharp. It is quicker to touch it up, than
to tie on a new hook, and much cheaper. A fle
or stone is best for this, but in an emergency,
you can use a nail clipper fle or emery board.
Just fle around the point to take of burrs and
sharpen it up. You ofen need to do this when
fshing around rocks. Test your hook sharpness
by dragging it lightly across your thumbnail. If
it slides, it is not sharp enough. If it catches with
very light pressure, or scratches your nail when
you slide it with very little pressure, it’s sharp.
Keep your hook sharp and increase your
Hooks Need to Be Sharp
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benefcial to billfsh that tournaments are requiring all hooks to match the
specs of the Lazer Sharp L2004EL Circle Hook.
More hook-ups. More conservation. More tournaments won. Hey, it wouldn’t
be the frst time we changed the sport.
Lazer Sharp
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P. Cowen 3.4.10 P. Cowen 3.4.10 D. Long 3.4.10
D. Long for client 3.4.10 April ’10 Coastal Angler Magazine
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Fishing Tips
Best Days to Fish in April: 1-3, 6-13, 20-21, 24-31
Best Days to Fish in May: 4-10, 17-19, 22-31
Best Days to Stay Home in April: 4-5, 14-19, 22-23
Best Days to Stay Home in May: 1-3, 11-16, 20-21
Kevin Van Dam may have won his 3rd Bassmasters Classic, but the real story was Pam Martin-
Wells, fshing at the 40th Bassmasters Classic on Lay Lake in Birmingham, Alabama, and becoming
the frst woman in the Classic’s history to make the fnal cut.
As the Women’s Bassmaster Tour’s Angler of the Year, Pam, was competitive from start to fnish
with a winner’s attitude stating, “I enter every tournament expecting to win.” Te Women’s Bassmasters
Tour is made up of a feld of incredibly strong anglers. Tey’re the type of anglers that have made
fshing second nature to them. Many of them work in demanding career felds, as well as maintain
their family and home. Tere are few others who make their living bass fshing.
Peacock Record?
Bill Gassmann of Des Moines, Iowa, landed a world record-sized speckled or three-bar peacock
bass (Cichla temensis), while fshing a clown-colored Luhr Jensen Big Game Woodchopper Slim
topwater bait in a tributary of the Rio Negro River in northern Brazil.
“We were fshing in a little wooded backwater area of a main tributary,” said the 44-year-old CEO
of BGS Enterprises. “When the lure hit the water, it just disappeared. Te fsh went straight to the
bottom and started spooling my line. Immediately, the guide with more than 12 years experience,
began jumping up and down and started yelling, Grande! Grande! I had no idea how big it was or that
it might be a record. Ten, the fsh stuck its head out of the water and I realized how big it was.”
Gassmann fought the river monster for approximately 12 minutes with his three-piece 6.9-foot
G Loomis Escape model ETR81-3HC20 heavy rod attached to a Shimano Curado 300E reel. Finally
bringing the beast to the boat, the Iowa bass angler grabbed its gill plates and snapped a Boga Grip on
it. On the IGFA-certifed Boga Grip, the fresh speckled or three-bar peacock bass weighed more than
28 pounds, but Gassmann still did not realize the signifcance of his fsh.
Caught while fshing from a smaller skiff connected to the Captain Peacock, a 95-foot luxury
mothership, that accommodates anglers for such adventures, the fsh, weighing more than 28 pounds,
was enough to beat the existing 27-pound International Game Fish Association All-Tackle World
Record caught by Gerald “Doc” Lawson, on Dec. 4, 1994.
“Tis is exciting news,” exclaimed Billy Chapman, Jr., owner and founder of Anglers Inn International
and a 2009 inductee into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame for pioneering peacock bass fshing in
the 1980s. “I was in Brazil in 1994 when Doc Lawson caught the 27-pound peacock. If anyone wants to
fsh these record-breaking waters, we can make that happen together with the Captain Peacock.”
In the coming years, a diferent approach to fshing tournaments
will be giving the old catch and kill tournaments a run for their money.
Catch and release has not only become a useful and necessary tactic
for today’s recreational angler, it’s becoming the normal for competitive
Take for example the rules mandated for the second annual 7
Mile Marina Marathon Sharkathon, to beneft the Forgotten Soldiers
Outreach. Te use of non-ofset circle hooks is mandatory and the
killing of a shark, whether intentional or not, will result in automatic
disqualifcation of the entire team. Te Inaugural Guy Harvey Ultimate
Shark Challenge follows similar restrictions. Single, non stainless steel
in-line circle hooks are the only hooks allowed to be used during the
competition. No treble or J hooks are allowed.
Te future of fshing tournaments will be mandated by the way we
treat, catch and release fsh.
EARTH TIP: Proper boat, trailer and tow vehicle
maintenance will help conserve energy and save you those extra bucks
needed to spend more time on the water. Now is the time to address
maintenance projects.
A recent report from the Boat Owners Association of Te United States which combs through the
BoatU.S. marine insurance claim fles for important accident trends or lessons to learn, has identifed
the top fve reasons for springtime sinkings. It’s a sad fact: Every spring, shortly afer being launched
and commissioned for the season, boats sink while safely tied up at the dock.
Te Top Five Reasons Why Boats Sink in the Springtime:
1. Missing or damaged hose clamps: Tese clamps are ofen removed in the fall to winterize the
engine, and then forgotten about in the spring when the boat is launched. Tight spaces in engine
compartments make it diffi cult to see some unsecured or deteriorated clamps.
2. Unsecured engine hoses: Over the winter, freezing water can lif hoses off seacocks (valves).
3. Spring rains: Combine heavy rains with leaking ports, deck hatches, cracked or improperly
caulked fttings, chain plates and even scuppers clogged by leaves and your boat could be on the
bottom soon.
4. Broken sea strainer: Glass, plastic and even bronze strainer bowls can be cracked or bent over
the winter if not properly winterized, allowing water trickle in when the seawater intake seacock is in
the open position.
5. Leaking stuffi ng box: If equipped, a steady drip from an improperly adjusted stuffi ng box (the
“packing” around the prop shaf) has been known to swamp a boat.
Te Boat Owners Association of Te United States has created a free Spring Commissioning
Checklist. Visit to help boaters start the
spring season right.
Te NOAA Fisheries Service’s planned red snapper closure has
helped motivate waves of angler action.
Te Angler’s March on the Capitol on Washington was considered
by the majority of those who attended, to be a huge success. Reportedly,
dozens of congress persons, as many of 5,000 recreational anglers,
commercial fshing fleets and charter Captains all met with one goal
in mind, re-do the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Tis would demand better
science, consideration of the economic impact in coastal communities
in accordance with their decisions, add flexibility to the Act to keep
thousands of jobs from being eliminated and help allow recreational
anglers to feed their families while enjoying their favorite sport.
As part of the Angler’s March on Washington, recreational anglers,
heads of fshing rights groups, commercial fshermen and charter
captains had over 100 meetings in two and a half days with Congressional
Delegates and Senators, in hope of keeping thousands of jobs from being
eliminated and to help allow recreational anglers to feed their families,
while enjoying their favorite sport.
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