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SIXTH ARMY GROUP. FRANCE. — Stringing out" isn't an. official Army phrase, but that's preciselv what the 713th Railway Operating Battalion has been doing ever sines it arrived overseas' two years ago. Pfc. Merril w. Baker of Mapleton . Pfc. Baker .,_ a carrier for The Daily News until he joined the colors. The 713th arrived at Casablanca. French Morocco, in February, 1943 and three months later the battalion was strung out along 1400 miles of rail line, from Casablanca to Mate.ur The battalion went to Naples. It'alv, m October, 1943. Following the breakthrough last June, the battalion was operating from the southern part of Italy to Rome and beyond, The 713th. commanded by Lt" Col, Ernest E, Foulks oi Los Angeles, was the first unit of the Military Railway Service to arrive on the Riviera beachhead in the Southern France invasion. And now. once again. the men are following their old routine. They are scattered in detachments alons hundreds of miles of French railroad lines, operating-trains, repairing bridges. 3av= in? track. Their job is t o . make sure (hat the thousands of tons, of supplies entering the great ports reach tn troops of the tr. S. 7th and French 1st Armies, now hammering at the Nazis' strong Siegfried defenses. One company specializes in construction', repair and maintenance of the rail line, another in the maintenance of equipment. A third company operates the trains, while the Head' quarters and Sipal Company takes care of administration and communications. Along with other units of the 1st Military Railway Service, the 713th Railway Operating Battalion was commended recently by Lt. G?n. Jacob L,. De'vers. commander of th» Sixth Army Group.

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Leadership Training School Slated For Mount Union; Opens Feb. 15
Mapleton Soldier's Captured German Flag



February *, 1945 Lieut. Swirlea L. Himes, USNR, 1825 Mifflin Street, who ie no,w stationed in North Africa, where he is doing special legal work. Plans are about completed for the are as follows: personal Religious Pfc. John Earner, .son of Mr. «^-^^^•^••••^^^JSm^^^S^BEy^jBJa^^SiiBJiBSSfr Interdenominational Leadership Ed- Living, Rev. D. D. Kauffman, Ph. D., and Mrs. F. T. Earner, 431 Moor* ucation School which will be held T*at—Bradley, "Highways of the With 5th Army In Italy Belated Birthday Wishes! Street, Pfc. Earner is stationed in the Presbyterian Church at Mount Spirit". at Roswell, N Mexico. Union, on the„Thursday evenings of i Jesus and His Teachings—mfo. -Mrs, Mrs. T. J. Moyer, 1315 Mifflin Feb. « - a1-^,,22 an « 1.'March, 1, 8, is! John— — — TexU-Branscomb, '., - •,• — • .,-H. Klnsloe, Street. and aa-^TWfi School U sponsored "The Message of Jesus". _. _2 Miss Anita Stewart Freag, 311 ., . . HQW to Administer the Sunday by the 8th. ,^,-1... . Sun day "school District Third Street. Association with pastorg, superinten- School—Rev. Ariel R. Turner, Text Judith Kay Chilcote, three-yeardents and leaders acting as t, board —Vleth, "Improving Your Sunday of manaegrs. old daughter of S 2[c Kermit School". The Leadership School offer* a j Guiding Beginners In Christian Chilcote and Mrs. Chilcote of Mapleton Depot. variety of courses for Leaders, [-Growth of Primary Children-Mrs. Trainees, Church and School Work- D. D. Kauffman, Text^-Smith Mrs. John Brewster, 919 Mif^?-.*^a- Memb*rs d«irlng t-richer "Teaching Primaries in the Church flin Street. Christian Exeprience and better pre- j School". Charles Huston, Jr., eon of Mr. paration *— service. "~- for Guiding the Religious Growth o an] Mrs. Charles Huston, Mount The school will meet on Thursday Juniors—Mrs. Martin Scholten. Tex Union, evenings for *ix weeks beginning —eakin, "Teaching junior Boys ant Mrs. Harper Monihen. Eleventh February 15 from 7:30 o'clock to Girls. Street. 8:30 o'clock with two periods each Rev. Arthur D. Smalley lc the Anthony Ciccarelli, 1518 Moore evening and 20 minutes between Dean; Chairman Administration Street. periods of Devotions. Committee; George W. Radle, Treas A fine group of instructors have urer, Chairman of Finance Com Pfc. Jack W. Lang, now in Engbeen secured for this school and It mittee, Cloyd B. Ewing, Registrar I land, twenty years old. Pvt. Lang will be a privilege to git with the of the Chairman Promotion Com j is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clair teachers who will teach the text*. mittee. Lang of McConnellstown. The Courses, Teachers and Texts Shirley May Frazer, Baltimore, Md., granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Patterson of Alexandria Lucille Horton, Pitcarin now at FVT GLENN WESXBKOOK Juniata College. PVT. OBREV E. HAMJWIAN Patsy Lindsay, five-year-old Shown above is Jt-vt. Glenn Westdaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James brook, son of Frank Westbruok Pvt. Obrey E. Hamman', bettef Lindsay, 632 'Seventh Street. Westbrook Arcade, and Airs. Belle komvn to his friends as "Ivan," John Durno, stats industrial Harry Kyle, Huntingdon R D Westbrook, 408 llth St., who en- of Rockhill Furnace, observed ' hie Thos. B. Weyant of Mount Union secretary and eexcutlve of 3, Box 237. tered the service on September 8, nineteenth birthday on Febiuary has been appointed Chairman of the Southwest District of the Young Maxine Ramsey, 752 Allegheny 1943 and received his training at 2nd, somewhere in England Pvt Disaster Committee under the Civil- Men's Christian Association, me the Street. ian Defense, to work in conjunction on Tuesday afternoon at five Camp Wheeler, Georgia. Glenn Hamman, son of Mr. .a.nd Mrs. the young Mapleton soldier's possewfon we o n n o t knm, u n n n" were under whi ch the flag came into with the American Red Cross In o'clock with the advisory commitCharles B. Kelley. Newton Ham- was sent overseas in February William Hamman, enlist?d in ths 8 W r 1S OVer and Pfc Boohel ca us the whole story. By the way Ss' are Sine on ,T w t * ' ' " ilton, one year old. case a disaster should occur. This tee o£ the Y.M.C.A. of Hunting1944 and is now in the Quarter- army when he was seventeen ro perhaps ^ "'hd OI? Ule Eastern Frollt area over which Mr. Weyant will don, which sponsors the Hi Y and from thiswe shall W tbfe t& In toe not-foTJutant fut^ I Doris Lee Brown, Three Sprinsrs master Corps in Gen. Clark s Fifth years old, but was not -called for o area-and the 31 e Ch Cled are a serve as chairman is the same as Tri Hi Y Cubs in the high school R. D. 2. ' ' " Army in Italy. He' has had the service until his eighteenth birththat covered by the Mount Union The get-together was held In the Mrs. John Holder, McConnelh- privilege of meeting Bud Beekel day. Pvt. Hamman took his trainChapter, American Red Cross. This office of W. C. Rohm on Washingtown Road. and*- Thomas Jackson, both oi ing in the following camps: camp includes Mount Union, Newton ton Street, with the president Earl Snook. Pennsylvania Av- Huntingdon, since being overseas. VV heeler, ,Georg-ia; Camp Shelby, Hamilton, Kistler, Shirley Town- Harry Minsker, in charge. enue. Smithfield. Pvt. Westbrook is married and his Mississippi; f!.om there he was ship, Orbisonia, Three Springs, SalCHEERING NEWS FROM Mr. Durno told of the work beMrs. Warren Henderson, Ber- wife lives in Hollidaysburg. He is sent to New York from, which tillo, the Broad Top, Shade Gap and ing done in the 218 Hi Y and Tri PFC. JAMES DE ARMITT gantz Apartments, Smithfield. Blairs Mills. a graduate of Huntingdon Hign place he sailed for overseas. Many Hi Y Clubs of the state and reMiss Joan Bashore, Saxton. Mr. Weyant will ask for the co- ported on the establishment of 14 School in 1931 and was engaged mo:e happy birthdays, Obrey 1 operation of all those in the district Gradale Clubs, new groups which Mi's. I. M. Eichelberger. Saxton in the drug business in Huntingdon Pfc. James DeArmitt, son of Mr Anyone wishing his address who worked so faithfully and patri- are composed of older girls rangand Mrs. William DeArmitt of Miss Jane Elizabeth Williams, and then iii Hollidaysburg before his otically under the Civilian Defense, ing in age from eighteen to twenp , Turtle Creek, formerly of HuntingAltoona. granddaughter of Mrs. entering the Army. Rockhill Furnace. set-up and will contact at once all ty-five. C. H. Williams, Saxton. Five boys from this a;ea—four don, who was wounded in action chairmen in the area. Mrs. Margaret Krieger of 2945 Chester Fleegal, manager of SGT. FRANK JONES Plans were discussed for a Dis- rrom Huntingdon County and one in Luxembourg, is now in a hospi- loikway, Baltimore, Md., formerThe general duties will work In the Saxton Shaffer Store The DeArmiLts PARACHUTE RIGGEK CPL. FORREST conjunction with the American Red trict Tri Hi Y and Hi Y Conference :rom Bedford County we< e amo.g tal in England. the Miss Terry Gould, Saxton.' NOW IX EUIIOPEAX AREA word direct from ly of Coalmont, has received son, Fort Banning, Ga.— Frank T. Cross and will include rescue work, to be held in the near future at .he men of the quaitei-naster have received Purple -Heart awarded to her s> Mrs. Forrest Sgt. "oruia A. LJa. I?r>h D ^ » \f • , ' " Harold A. Davidson, son of Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben McMuilen 1505 evacuation 'and policing in case of Juniata College. This conference company Of Peiuisylvania's 2Hth their son, telling more about his inRobert B. Kneger, for w imcls Mr. and Mrs Alex Davidson of Washington Street, juries, and also reporting the good will include clubs from a number a disaster. Huntingdon Division who autogiaphed the news that he is getting along fine received .^Germany on November | Sal'lillp, Sergeant Davidson who Jones of Broad Top R. D. 1, upon The Red Cross Disaster Committee of counties In this part of th« captured Nazi flag pictured he;e. completion of five weeks o f ' i n - i pn?'r Orrcst d t h a t hel: hus band TM 22, 1944. She also received a form is with He was hit while fighting at from the War Department ov i )n<= i, ^ <• Vemon Wall, chairman, has for its state. engineers '" Belgium tensive training has graduated| ,?fi,.'. in ~^-J61"" «*Iullen has ",?Y The flag was sent to Mr. and Luxembourg . during an Miss Anna Mitchell, leader of work in case o£ a. disaster the work attack vvhich she could send her son a ! if- ha(1 - four blr thdays overseas, from The Parachute Rig-»in» d u •, ,,„„,, birthdays overseas. and „. _,.,„_ Course. This fi=* = " J-neaire. Corporal McMullen was -. _.. . of housing, feed and clothing unfor- the Tri Hi Y in Huntingdon, re- Urs. Eldei Booher - of Mapleton when a German shell landed "too five-word radiogram Lana Sue Atherton. one-year-old Packing tunate folks who may be the victims. ported a membership of eighty 3epot by their son, Ffc. Robert close." He had also been fMrUne sage was promptly sent This TIIPS- daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry one of the five specialist schools! '"a1 :d into the service" January All Disaster Chairmen will work ?irls and ths Rev Dr. T. F. Henry, Booher fiom someivheie on the in Belgium. -. He ''^"'^ Pfc. Krieger, a griduat- of Atherton. Lucy Furnace. - • offered to Uie parachutist at Foiti^' An-'r^Pu received his training directly under E. Blair Shore, oi .eader of the • Hi Y, announced b r d veste.n front where it was taken Pfc. DeArmitt was wounded Saxton-Liberly ' High" Seh.ol In Cpl. Doyle Price, son of Mr. BennJii-. They include, in «rl-' £,L.^ A . « ^ Provln * Grounds, _ Sell ol in ^cj^ujj 5 . j.uiy inciuae, m aa- p a m n f i ^*^"Jlu^, Huntingdon, who is the County Co- "orty members in this group. Miss before the big German diive January 5 at Luxembourg was 1940, woiked for th= Bethlehc.ni f{ . Mrs' Clarence Price. Mount dilion to rigger.,, communications, | S/wliV °r£™ a_n* C,amp Bethlelu ordinator. Ruth Anderson, a teacher in the vhich hit Uie 2Hlh Division in full first taken to a hospital in France Shipyards at Sparrows Point, Md. j Ul11o.»< with the Army Air Force. machine He was sent from Alfarata School, has a Gra Y Club trength at Bastogue ;and WilU. and then to one in England, to a port of embefore he was inducted into the serving overseas. and of grade school children in that Decorated with the date, Gcservice on Februaiy 17, 194:; Glen Herahey. son of Ma-, and building. Mrs. Kri-ger had a loitur from Mrs. Howard Hershey, SaltHIo Mr. Durno, during hia stay in ober 8, which 'incidentally ' is. DOROTHY CLARK her son this week and IIP told |.er Charles A. Lynn, Entriken. class will raceli-e uu» i n i . c l i o n I Huntingdon, visited the Hi Y and Pfc. Boohei-'s buthday, and the ' Cl"' M"M"1'«« SORORITY MEMBER that he is still in the hospitM in Sandra Wenniclc, 214 Walnut Tri Hi Y Clubs in the high school lamea of the countries in which outf.t rig- of — ;England but is recove.-ing- c-.ic-ly falreet, Kistler. and talked to them about pro- the division has set ved, the flag brother. is serving Trenton, N. J. February 8--Mi« ^ a n d c*Pects to go bdck to his cumwith 'the ils an impressive sloxy. rams and projects. school is divided into different Thursday February 8 daughter ol Mr ! p J n y soonThe last iettei received from Dorothy Clark, Present at the meeting were: stages of instruction. The men Marines in the Pacific. Cpl. 'MeAddresses Science Club The ladies of the Stone Church and Mrs. R. S. Clark, 1120 Mullen's address may be secured learn first to pack the different from his-wife. of the Brethren will gew in the Mr. Minsker, Mr. Durno, Miss Mit- Pfc. Booher was dated January sylvania Avenue, Smithfield Penn- . . was types of parachutes. Following Red Cross Headquarters in the chell, Dr. Henry, Miss Miriam 3 somewhere in F^at-ce. Letters recently invited to join Eta Upsil- VICTORY CLUB HAS d fr Coder, W. C Rohm, Dr. R. F. revious to that descubed vividly ^™n^*^ ' °ni the afternoon. academy of Natural Science, phila- that, students' become acquainted SUCCESSFUL BENEFIT Beatty, Clyde Stayer, and John H. he battles of Wiltz and Bastog-ne on Gamma Sorority, at Rider Colspoke before the Franklin with the sewing machines and belege. Biddle. i which he lost uea.ly all o£ his When the Orbisoiua-KoekluU Club of the Mount Union gin the- fundamentals of repair MAPLETON MAN WITH Th-5 Confer Class of the FifMiss Clark is a freshman in th= Victory Club met last Friday the ersonai possessions, including Wednesday, January work. The third step entails inteenth Street Methodist Church 713TH R. R. BATTALION ais Christmas gifts from the administrative secretarial science president, Mis. Beatrice Ca'-oth- O i n l , ^ . . j - -—i--- *•* •-"& «.uuui. jyxr. struction in hand sewing. Finally will hold its regular monthly meet- AMOS D. MEYERS dep&rtment at the college. She en- ers. turned over to the organiza- Richards, who is a pathologist and they are ready for maintenance amily. ing- in the home of Mattie Thompupo WINS COMMISSION Pfc. Jack R. Leffaid, son of tered in June 1944 upon h«i- tion 544.23, the proceeds from the geologists, has traveled over the work. Using blue-prints, the dif- SIXTH ARMY GROUP. FRANCE. son, 1211 Washington Street, at — Stringing out" isn't an. official graduation from Huntingdon 7:30 p. m; benefit show held at the' Strand to a Mexico , and South America. He ferent harnesses are built and all Army phrase, but that's preciselv Mrs. Haniet Leffa.d of 415 Tenth School. l M , v - ' Amos D. Meyei-g of Aitch R. Street, also wrote a letter on Theatre, January 31. This active showed types of equipment are construct- what the 713th Railway Operating pictures Camp No. 265, Patriotic Order D. 1 on Febiuary 3 was organization, which has been doing- had .been interesting his trips. which ed and repaired. The last sta^e Battalion has been doing ever sines January 13 which was received taken on Miss of Americans, will meet in the missioned a second lieutenant in by his mother on Sunday. It .was T. E. SWIVEL HOST I such fine woi k sending boxes Lenpra Reeder and Mrs. Reefer are IS a week of instruction in aerial it arrived overseas' two years ago. camp room at 8 p. m. Degree team the ordnance department upon headed "France" and said the Pfc. Merril w. Baker of Mapleton to the men and the advisers delivery of The lives TO PAPER BOYS community who women from ser- wh.r-h of the Franklin Science Club many men supply. the hands rehearsal. graduation from Uio Oidnance 2Sth was "going stiong" aga^i. . Pfc. Baker .,_ which are in the a very mterestin organf_° are in a carrier for The Daily News until Officer Candidate School at the the riggers. vice, will- continue its work until zation. MjSgl. Ted Cullinan has been he joined the colors. The Women of the Moose will Ordnance School, Aberdeen ProvThomas E. Swivel, manager of injured since the flag was taken the J. D. Shafer News at Fourth the war is over. The 713th arrived at Casablanca. meet in the Moose Home e.t & p. ing Ground, Maryland. The club has been receivin? CLUB MEETS AT but has tecovered and is on his and Washington Streets, HuntingFrench Morocco, in February, 1943 Lieutenant Meyers is the son way back to join his company. wonderful support from the confthe battalion don, entertained the boys who carry munity right along and wishes'! HOME IN KISTLER of Mr. and Mis. John W. Meyers Wi^ffi™ C> AWKERSIAX and three months later 1400 miles of WIJNS RAMv OF SERGEAXT was strung out along The Woman's Auxiliary of St. who reside at Aitch R. D. 1. He He was hurt in a jeep accident at the morning papers at a chicken to thank Mis. Earl GaJbraith for Cpl. Charles C. Awkerman, U. S rail line, from Casablanca to Mate.ur John's Church will meet at 2:30 Ls married to the former Mis« the height of the German diive dinner in the Penn Koffee ShopV paying- a postage bill of 510.26 The Kistler Community club met Mr. and 'Mrs. The battalion went to Naples. It'alv, and was hospitalized in England p. m. Julia Chung of Honolulu, Terri- for somewhat over a month. His on Tuesday evening. Everybody at Christmas time, Mrs. Elva at toe home of Mrs. Floyd Treaster Alarme Corps son of of W. Shirley m October, 1943. Following the enjoyed the excellent food and al- Pyne for a contribution of 55.00. i for their regular meeting when the Marshall Awkerman toiy of Hawaii. A graduate of paienU, Mr. and Mrs. John Cul.iStreet in Mount Union has been breakthrough last June, the battalion so the fun of being together. was opened with the The combined missionary o u -, ~~^>.^,,-^, so- Saxton-Liberty High School Mrs. Kephart for one of 5120.; in _ _ promoted to the rank of Sergeant was operating from the southern of Mr. Swivel's dinner guests were- and John Miller for Sl.OO. cieties of the Presbyterian Church , 1933 and ° f the Philadelphia nan, aie now living in Hollidayapart of Italy to Rome and beyond, ,, , . buig. Sergeant Awkerman will have dm reports were given by the secreRichard Croft, Denny The 713th. commanded by Lt" Col, About fifty thank-you letters tary, treasurer and heads of com- served four years in the church at 6 p. m. There will 1an Myers Bible i" W«, Lieutenat 6 n « T?uUpper ?!| Sch001 of later attended Marine Ernest E, Foulks oi Los Angeles, Pvt. Andrew Guineaidge, son Freddie Grove, Carl Grove, Tommy cnuren t West- of Mr. and Mrs. Nimrod GuLh- Swivel, Dickie Olivo, Jimmy Spiii- have been received to date by th mittees. The pig was won by Mrs Corps on April 7, 1.945. He is at was the first unit of the Military be a panel discussion on the book mont College club. The most recent ones were Dorothy Heastcr. in LOJB Angeles,, ndge of Saxton west of the Date Line." present with the Fourth Marines Railway Service to arrive on the D. has been Calif. Until his entrance into the reported missing R. action in Lux- elli. Gerald Campbell, and Jimmie from Miss Bette Kephart, John Dainty refreshments were served. somewhere in the South Pacific. Riviera beachhead in the Southern Smith. in Black, John Morris. John Boozel by Mrs. Dorothy Heaster and Mrs Army in September, 1942, he WM em bouig- gjnce December 20 France invasion. And now. once aThe American Association of John Allender, Silas Madden, Stet Regina Treaster to the following pergain. the men are following their University Women will m64 t at employed by the Railway Express Subscribe for The Daily News. son Ott. Horace Corbin, Cpl. Edwatd Sheats H the son sons present: Mary Hicks.' Margaret Agency. Cai old routine. They are scattered in the home of Mrs. I. Wallace Fleck Three cents per copy. Price, :Katherini Dickinson, Lydia Smith, and Richard Black. detachments alons hundreds of One hundred ard thirty-seven of Wood. They recently received 414 Fourth Street, at 8 p.m. Price. lona Treaster, Katherine miles of French railroad lines, operother new second Ueutsnanta Stallman, Betty Price, Blanche Stall* telegram from him sayine that ating-trains, repairing bridges. 3av= The Alexandria Book Club will were graduated with Lieutenant he U well and jafe. man, Rebecca Allen, Anna Treaster in? track. meet, in the Memorial Public Lib- Meyerg, and Mrs. Treaster. Their job is t o . make sure (hat rary at 2 p.m. the thousands of tons, of supplies entering the great ports reach tn MRS. LYNN HOSTESS The Pythian Sisters will hold BIRDS AND ANIMALS Six downtown churches of Hunt- troops of the tr. S. 7th and French their meeting at 7:30 p. m. TO ORBISONIA CLASS 1st Armies, the FED BY AIRPLANE ingdon will hold united services Nazis' strongnow hammering at One Siegfried defenses. during the Wednesday evenings of 8 1 m The Delta Alpha Class of the company specializes in construction', ^LAI " " «tinff of the Birds and animals of the moun- Lent. All services are at 7:30 p.m. repair and maintenance of the rail Brethren Sunday School will held The schedule for the series is as line, another in the maintenance of tains in the vicinity of Mount Union Its monthly meeting in the baseh f held at the home of Mra. Viola are being fed1 with grain and other follows: ment of the church at 7:30 p. m. equipment. A third company oper- ynn I". 0rbJs°nia Tuesday evenFebruary 14, First Methodist ates the trains, while the Head' food dropped by airplanes. Many February g, 1945 ing. The meeting was called to of the mountainous places have been Church, the Dr. Rollin H. Walker quarters and Sipal Company takes The Youth Fellowship group of ?t. Robert J. McGse and order by the president, Mrs. Lynn. because February 21, First Presbyterian care of administration and comsnow the First Methodist Church will Mrs. McGee of Orbisonia have The Scripture lesson was Ukert i, has piled up to many feet In Church, the Rev. A. R. Turner. munications. hold a Valentine Party in been married six years. Sergeant from Matthew 4 verses 1-15, and th* the mountains. The Mount Union Along with other units of the 1st February 28, St. James Lutherchurch at 8 o'clock. a y Mrs Nor McGee is somewhere in Belgium. Sportsman Association have been an Church, the Rev. John G. Vork. Military Railway Service, the 713th u- u * CMlcoat w 1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Heffner of joined in DIOISTIVUOICIS Whlch the group ?. J, *d ab°ut the welfare of the1 Railway Operating Battalion was Maiph Friday, February 9 Saxton have been married thirteen The Lord'i Prayer. wildlife and have cooperated with Dr. Dtan 7, First Baptist Church. commended recently by Lt. G?n. <• >t*nt«ch '. Miller. Following the routine business +% TTte.gVlar monUlly meeting of years today. William Hammond and Charles Jacob L,. De'vers. commander of th» the Hartslog Valley Grange will March 14, The Abbey Church, Sixth Army Group. Huston, Jr. pilots, who are just us Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zauzig ason, delicious refreshment* Dft h'ln S n rr, TII,- -_ i be h*ld at 8 p. m. The speakers 1022 Moore Street, are marking were aerved by the hostesses Mr> anxious to save the wild game Dr. Edmtfnd L. Manges. wili be the Rev. F. S. Miller of their twenty-fourth anniversary. Viola Lynn. Mts. Carrie Varner through the. winter months when Alexandria and Private Donald they are unable to find food for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jacka of and Mrs. Mae Chilcoat to the folKyis, home on furlough form Three Springs R. D., are themselves, regardless of the cost. p, ' May Hammond, Mrs France. On Butler's Knob and other high their forty-second anniversary Ruth Bemhardt, Mrs. Nora Chilplaces where men have been able to today. Best wishes! £?*• lsobel CnHcoat, Mra. reach, feeding places have been proThe Women's Guild of Christ Shmgler, Mra. Nora Barber. vided and the airplanes drop the Evangelical and Reformed Church Mra. Gwendolyn Lynn, Miss Ftorfood for the men to fix so that th» of Alexandria will hold fU regular cnce Smyers, Miss Evea Ridley, birds and other wild game can get meeting in the church at 8 p. m. «nd a guest, Mrs. Rita Kerstette^. Jay F. Pollock, of Mount Union. Saturday, February 10 -is educated taste. It is the reis president of the local Sportsman Valentine Party for the priAssociation. mit of discriminating effort to excel NOTED BIBLE TEACHER mary department of the St James Anyone knowing of wild turkeys • the body Lutheran Church Sunday School r •gorating '' "?* nch in your undertaking. That is why fr TO BE AT SMITHFIELD or other wild life that needs feeding «J. «"gorating ox oxygen for tissue energy and ta the social rooms of the church. should contact Mr. Pollock or any the minute you taste Knighthood You wtllbe better able to make use TM« Old Treatment Often Everyone bring a fiv*-cent Valenmember of the Association. Pastor William McCamll' of tine. Brinf. Happy R«Urf Coffee you will agree with the ex-. 'cero, niinob, will be at Hunting* iufftre™ blood ave no Worry of pertj thaf it is o fine blend of delion, in the Smithfield Fundamen. , -. «.-,---" -- ^ organic comnliFrederick Brenckman, national cation or intection, SSS Tonic may be just what you cious coffees, expertly roasted, and Nfl ure •tli v"c»wCeUrch' Jllnlala Avenue Grange representative of WashFALSE TEETH *«y of tut " *• ' "-» c and Ninth Street, on Wednesday n«d. It helps Mature woVk faster when extra help is needed ington, D. C., will »peak at the The: delivered regularly so that you may P edecU Slipping or Irritating? February 14, 1945; services 2:30 Thus you get fresh vitality.. .pcp... do vmir work ™ Pomona Grange meetfcg In the and 7:30 p. m. . , have a fresh cup of coffee alwoyj. Don't he embarrassed by loose I. O. O. F. Hall at the afternoon Better . become animated... more attractive! SSS Watch this pap^r "for further false teeth slipping, dropping or For o cup of good coffee, ask your session opening at i:so p m Tonic has.helped millions... you can start today notices. The public is invited. .vabbling when <-ou eat, talk 'or Buamew session at 10 a. m. tit </ea/er for ... « drug stores in 10 and 20 02. siz«©S.S.S,Co. augh Just sprinkle a little A horse and burgy \vere parts FASTEETH on your .platei. This Fidelia ciaa*, St. James of the equipment fiist purchased pleasant powder gives a remsrkUIIB STUIDT HIAtfH AlWAIT . $TIAOY . Sunday School, will hold by the Oklahoma Geological Surable sense of added comfort and after its e Party for tht Junior ^ establishment -Jn security by holding plate* more In tto« .ocial Motna ol the .irmly. No giirnmy, ffooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (nonSTURDY HEALTH VACUUM PACKED IN 8LASS JAR OR ECONOMICAL AIRTIGHT IAO acid). Get FASTEETH at any drug

State YJVLC. A. Thomas B. Weyant Leader Visits To Head Disaster Huntingdon Group Committee


Pfc. Bob Booher Sends Nazi Flag To His Family

Mother Receives Pfc. R. Krieger's Purple Heart



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Churches Plan Joint Services During Lent


to on amazing NM VITALITY

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Knighthood Coffee

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