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krones RotoCheck

Rotary full bottle inspector

Safety: more than an easy feeling krones RotoCheck

Even if, according to a saying, broken

glass brings good luck: We don‘t want
it in beverages. RotoCheck ensures
maximum safety for your products.
The full bottle inspector checks the
contents of filled and closed bottles
for undesired particles, reliably
detecting even flat glass fragments.
Combine the RotoCheck with the
KRONES Checkmat for fill level and
cap inspection, and you will obtain a
filling result with zero fault tolerance.
Figures, data, facts krones RotoCheck

Method of operation

The RotoCheck‘s bottle infeed can

be equipped with a cap inspection
unit. This optional device checks the
cap design and detects slanted caps.
Faulty bottles are rejected right at
the infeed. Before the bottles are 5
fixed on the container plates, nozzles
blow away lubricant and foam resi- 1 10
dues from the container bases. 6
For the inspection process, servo- 8
motors rotate the containers with 3 1 Slanted cap detection
600 revolutions per minute. After
2 Cap design detection
an abrupt stop, possible foreign
3 Infeed starwheel
particles continue to spin in the
4 Base blower 1
product. The bottles are blown off
5 Container table
once more. Then, cameras positioned
6 Suspended matter detection unit
underneath the bottle base record 4 7 9
7 Base blower 2
the movement of the particles in an
8 Inspection starwheel
image sequence. RotoCheck elimi-
9 Particle detection
nates faulty bottles on up to two
10 Discharge/distribution starwheel
Application Output range
If required, the inspector can also be
equipped with a suspended matter Inspection of filled and closed non- ■ 12,000 – 72,000 containers/h
detection unit for spotting foreign returnable and returnable bottles ■ Detects glass fragments from a
particles floating in the beverage. with a diameter of up to 100 mm size of 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 mm onward
and a height of up to 350 mm
Figures, data, facts krones RotoCheck

Design features

■ Machine design with two bottle

■ Centring bells fasten the contain-
ers on the bottle table
■ Servodrive with one motor for 2
three bottle plates
■ Neck handling and body clamps
guide the bottles in the inspection
■ Semiautomatic bottle carrousel
and inspection starwheel height
■ Illumination of bottles in the
inspection starwheel through LED
light alley
■ Bottle rejection on up to two lanes

3 4

Additional equipment Bottle guidance during particle detec-

■ Detection of cap design
■ Slanted cap detection 1 Clamping starwheel
■ Suspended matter detection unit 2 Guide belt
3 Outer LED light alley
4 Inner LED light alley
5 CCD camera
Operation and change-over krones RotoCheck

Screen Change-over

■ 15“ touch-screen ■ The clamping starwheels need to

■ Displays and explains all operating be replaced only if the container
data. diameter difference exceeds
■ Display of all camera images for 20 mm.
adjustments and monitoring ■ Height-adjustable machine head
■ Secure access to user interface via for easy handling.
individual passwords - optional as ■ The height of the bottle carrousel
number code or with coded trans- and the inspection starwheel is
ponders adjusted semi automatically.
■ Different access levels for indi-
vidual operators depending on the
assigned authorisation
Your advantages krones RotoCheck

■ Maximum safety ■ Performance

With RotoCheck, you obtain maxi- RotoCheck inspects up to 72,000
mum product safety and quality. containers per hour, thanks to the
You avoid claims and protect your proven rotary machine principle
product‘s brand value. and dynamic servo drives.

■ Detection of the smallest foreign ■ Uniform operating concept

objects. All krones inspectors and moni-
The highly precise control system toring units are equipped with a
reliably detects flat glass frag- uniform operating concept for
ments, organic foreign objects, as maximum user friendliness.
well as aluminium and plastic par-
ticles. ■ Remote diagnostics and
maintenance via teleservice
■ Easy operation and maintenance The krones teleservice provides
RotoCheck is conveniently operat- specialist consultancy and service
ed on a touch-screen. Change-over around the clock. If required, a
to different container types is KRONES technician can access
extremely quick: Little action is your inspector via a secured data
required to get the RotoCheck line. This way, parameter settings,
back into operation. software updates and malfunction
analyses can be performed cost-
efficiently and quickly.

The light corridor in

the inspection star-
wheel illuminates the
krones RotoCheck

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