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ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit

The Counter Terrorism Local Profile (CTLP) is a product

which drives the sharing of two-way information and
enables police and partners to understand and identify
at a local level the threat from all forms of violent
extremism in our communities.The CTLP aims to
identify where violent extremist activity is or has the
greatest potential of occurring and provide suggested
recommendations to address any risk.

he Government’s Prevent strategy aims to help build This is an evolving process based on the ‘need to share’

T stronger, safer communities who feel empowered to

reject violent extremism in all its forms.
information at a local level which is driving forward police
and partnership engagement activity. Increasingly, this
should involve a wider range of partners, including local
The nature of the threat can vary greatly from place to councillors and MPs where appropriate.
place. This means that our Prevent response should be
community based, specific and relevant to local needs The ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit, in close consultation
and circumstances. with the Home Office, Communities & Local
Government (CLG) and Local Government Association
Local Authorities, in conjunction with police, are taking the (LGA), produced guidance and a communications
lead, working closely with other voluntary and statutory toolkit in April 2009 for police BCU Commanders and
sector partners to help strengthen communities to deliver Local Authority Chief Executives to inform them of the
the Prevent agenda. CTLP product and process.

Effective information sharing, with a strict protocol, is key We must help to support those individuals, organisations
to the success of local partnerships, to ensure that our and communities that are most vulnerable. By working
response is risk based and proportionate to local needs. together and supporting our communities we can
strengthen our resilience to counter the threat from
Sharing information between police and local partner violent extremism and terrorism.
agencies is not a new concept; since the introduction of
Crime Disorder Reduction Partnerships (CDRPs), the A national CTLP review has taken place to identify
sharing of information on criminal activity has taken place best practice and key issues in the production and
for over a decade. The introduction of Counter Terrorism dissemination of CTLPs. The findings from this review
Local Profiles (CTLPs) builds on and replicates this two- will inform and update the current CTLP national
way information sharing process. This allows police and guidance and will be circulated to police and partners in
partners to identify the threat from violent extremism so early Spring 2010.
that, together, appropriate action can be put in place.
For further enquiries about CTLPs or more information
about the work of the ACPO Prevent Delivery Unit

Publication Date December 2009