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Type of Wood

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All wood species are

Wood Garden Furniture

made of 60% cellulose
Wood Bedroom Furniture

and 28% lignin that are

Wood Home
Furniture for making
Wood Antique
up the
fibrous and

walls of
Wood Living
plants and trees. These

Wood Dining Room Furniture

substances are held

Wood Outdoor Furniture

together by cementing
Wood Restaurant Furniture

properties. The wood

Wood Hotel
are distinct from each other on the basis of their

individual consistencies and color variations that comprise of
remaining 12%. Still other variances are the result of the
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Wooden Stools shrinking and warping. fine furniture and woodenware file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Narayanan/Desktop/type-of-wood. It is extensively used for quality furniture Wooden Mirror Frames such as cabinets. Wooden Racks Wood Sideboards Mahogany This variety of hardwood is finely grained and has a reddish Wooden Sofa brown color. The deciduous trees Wooden Bookshelves have broad leaves. The hardwood is good for furniture. Wooden Beds Wooden Benches Hardwood Hardwood is taken from deciduous trees. cabinetry and wall paneling.Different Type of Wood. Certain Wooden Planters hardwood species are not hard enough to withstand heavy wear and tear and thus. Being highly durable. Oak possesses good bending qualities in addition to its durability. Wooden Console Table Oak An exclusive variety of hardwood. produce a fruit or nut and generally go Wooden Desks dormant in the winter. this lumber machines well and is best used in flooring. maple and much more. mahogany resists swelling. It is Wooden Almirah used for making gunstocks. solid and veneered furniture.Wood Types. trimming. ash. boat construction.html (2 of 6) [8/12/2008 12:45:50 PM] . It finishes well and resists moisture absorption. The lumber Wooden Boxes resists shrinking and warping and is very easy to work with. Excellent quality lumber is reserved for use where good Wooden Cabinets appearance and finishing are required and the common lumber that has defects is usually used for construction and other Wooden Wardrobe general-purpose projects.Type of Wood. boat framing. Wooden Tables Walnut Wooden Chairs Walnut is a very strong and finly textured hardwood.Furniture Wood Types. desks and flooring. are not recommended for flooring. With moderate shrinkage. Maple Maple is a finely textured wood variety with immense strength and hardness. wood facings and veneers. novelties.Type of Wood in India different ways in which the wood is sawed and cured. They grow well in temperate climates Wooden Cupboard include oak. cherry.

Rosewood Rosewood is very hard wood variety with a dark reddish brown color. cracking and decay and is best used in fine furniture. Cherry Being close-grained.Type of Wood in India such as bowling alleys. It ages well and is extensively used in cabinet making. pine. this type of hardwood resists warping and shrinking. doors. It is a part of the rosewood family. It resists warping. veneers and furniture. Softwood Softwood is a general term used for needle-leaved coniferous tree species and for the wood produced from such trees. The wood variety is highly is durable. window framing.html (3 of 6) [8/12/2008 12:45:50 PM] . novelties and solid furniture handles. Shesham Shesham is a rich medium brown wood with deep grains. shipbuilding.Type of Wood. easily carved and is exclusively used for making furniture. Coniferous trees are evergreen cone-bearing trees.Different Type of Wood. hemlock. They are often used as structural lumber with limited decorative applications. The wood type possesses exclusive fragrance and is close grained.Wood Types. when exposed to sunlight. redwood and spruce. boat trim. fir. It is hard to work and takes high polish.resistant wood variety. They include cedar. piano cases. Pine Pine possesses a uniform texture and is very easy to work with. paneling.Furniture Wood Types. almirahs and cabinets. The wood has a distinct feature of reddening. It is good for use in making musical instruments. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Narayanan/Desktop/type-of-wood. art projects. tool handles. Teak Teak is a hard and moisture. flooring and general construction.

The wood variety is widely used in house construction. furniture. aircraft. It is nonresinous. molding and for making boxes. It possesses moderate shrinkage and is light in weight. frames. Cedar is extensively used in chest making. veneering and paneling. paneling. it is uniformly textured and has low resistance to decay. It is used for construction lumber. plywood.Wood Types. windows. sub flooring and crates. crates. uniform in texture and is resistant to decay. Being nonresinous. novelties and Venetian blinds. general millwork and interior trim. doors.Type of Wood in India It finishes well and resists shrinkage. Cedar Cedar has a sweet odor and is reddish in color. Fir Fir is a wood variety with uniform texture and low resistance to decay. Hemlock This wood variety is lightweight and machines well.Furniture Wood Types. general millwork and ladders. file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Narayanan/Desktop/type-of-wood.html (4 of 6) [8/12/2008 12:45:50 PM] . house siding. works easy and finishes well. Redwood Being light in weight. dock planks.Type of Wood. interior finishing. Fir is food for use in furniture. fencing. Redwood is durable and easy to work with. Spruce Spruce is a strong wood variety that finishes well and has low resistance to decay. good for use in making for masts and spars for ships. swelling and warping. shingles. veneer. planks. posts. It is very easy to work with. paneling. It has a natural resistance to decay and is good for making outdoor furniture.Different Type of Wood. boxes. Thus. doors. closet lining. boards.

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