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Name: Nurhanis Binti Azhar

matric number : 2013857504


Write the meaning of the given prefix/suffix/root word. Give an example of a word and write a
sentence using the word.
1. Brev
Meaning: short
Example: abbreviate
Sentence: Dr. Shahid abbreviated his lecture because he got an emergency call from his son.

Meaning: killing
Example: suicide
Sentence: The girl who found dead in the apartment was classified as suicide case.

3. Equ
Meaning: equal
Example: equivalent
Sentence: The heat transferred from one medium to the other one medium until it reaches an
equivalent state.

4 Mal, male
. Meaning: bad, evil
Example: malnutrition
Sentence: Due to the lack of food supply and vitamin sources, the malnutrition patience will
be supplied sufficient vitamin and food to get enough energy.

5. Bene
Meaning: good
Example: benefit
Sentence: A lot of benefits we can get from AMABA Society Club if we are one of their

6. Micro-

great Example: magnetic Sentence: Each magnet has their own magnetic field around it that can cause all steel objects that located in the magnetic field will attached to the magnet. 7. Nov. bathroom and hall. Sub Meaning: under Example: subway Sentence: .Meaning: small Example: microorganism Sentence: Since those prepared slide contain microorganism. they must to fill an online form to continue their study. Phobia Meaning: exaggerated fear Example: arachnophobia Sentence: Dean was classified as an arachnophobia person since she was so terribly fear towards spider. Pre Meaning: before Example: preschool Sentence: Milah sent her 5 years old daughter to the preschool. we must to observe it using light microscope. 10. Magn meaning: large. neo Meaning: new Example: Renovation Sentence: Amar house just look like a new house since he make some renovation at the dining room. 11. 9. Post Meaning: after Example: post graduate Sentence: For all post graduate student. 8. 12.

13. Amphi Meaning: Both ends or all sides Example: amphibian Sentence: Frog can be classified into amphibian since they can use both their lung and skin for breathing. aque Meaning: water Example: aquatic Sentence: Even they live in the water. hydr Meaning: water Example: hydrophilic head Sentence: Hydrophilic head are the region of the phospholipid which are more like to water. Danial is a loyal men and doesn’t want to have any polygamy in his marriage. 19. several Example: polygamy Sentence: Mr. Farhan celebrate his 5th year wedding anniversary with his wife at Dondang Sayang Restaurant. 18. . Hydro. Mon Meaning: one Example: monopoly Sentence: China try to monopoly the global market and become attracting. 17. aquatic live also needs oxygen to undergoes respiration 165 Ann. 15. Poly Meaning: many. Trans Meaning: across Example: transfer Sentence: 13. enni Meaning: year Example: anniversary Sentence: Mr.Aqua.

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